#PoshNation: The Seller Stylist Tour is coming to Houston & Dallas

That’s right, #PoshNation is back and better than ever. We’re on the road again and heading to good ole’ Texas! Y’all get ready for…

Houston & Dallas!

When: Tuesday, July 18th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Hotel ZaZa Houston, 5701 Main St, Houston, TX 77005

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When: Thursday, July 20th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Hotel ZaZa Dallas, 2332 Leonard St, Dallas, TX 75201

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Not only are we going to party the night away, but we also have an amazing workshop planned! These workshops will be chalk-full of insider tips to help you grow your Poshmark business. Work hard, play hard right?!

#PoshNation events are the perfect way to learn and network with fellow Poshers while enjoying a night out with the your PFFs and Team Posh. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our Seller Stylists had to say in the #PoshNation: San Francisco recap!

New Feature Alert: Introducing The Dressing Room

Get ready! We just launched our coolest feature yet, the Dressing Room! We are so excited about this incredible new tool that’s going to take the Poshmark experience to a whole other level!

Do you seek out fashion advice from your friends? Can’t buy anything without your trusted PFF’s approval? Us too! That’s why we’ve created the Dressing Room: a new way for buyers and sellers to connect and share their style with ease, right in the Poshmark app. Here, you can directly share listings to other Poshers, get styling advice, and so much more!

Latest additions to the Dressing Room:

  • Offer special discounts: Now, you can make an offer to buyers to give them a private discount on bundles. Say goodbye to forgotten bundles!
  • Style with confidence: Tailor suggestions to your buyers by reviewing their Style Card! Style Cards are a new, easy way to learn about your shoppers’ favorite brands and pick up on trends they love.
  • Share without a care: With our latest update, directly sharing listings won’t reorder listings in your closet and will not be broadcast to the feed of all your followers.

Want to learn even more about the Dressing Room? Get up to speed by watching the video below:

So, whether you’re a passionate seller who loves styling and product recommendations, or a fashion-obsessed buyer looking for the best listings (or both!), the Dressing Room is perfect for Seller Stylists and shoppers alike!

General FAQs

How do I get to the Dressing Room?
From the Feed, simply tap the double hanger in the top right hand corner. From a specific closet, tap the hanger in the top right hand corner.

What if I want to see ALL of my active dressing rooms?
Easy! Access all dressing rooms from the Feed by tapping the double hanger icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will give you a view of all your dressing rooms with different Poshers, ranked by the closets that you have most likes in!

I see that there are two views to every dressing room. How do I know which view to use? Once you enter the dressing room, you can switch between From @username’s Closet and From My Closet by tapping on the drop down at the center top of the screen. If you’re shopping and looking for some styling suggestions, you’ll want to use the From @username’s Closet. If you’re selling and want to send some shares directly to a PFF, you’ll want to use From My Closet.

FAQs for Seller Stylists

What if I’m a seller on Posh? How can I send shares directly to help style my PFFs?
Live for fashion (and makin’ sales)? The Dressing Room is a perfect tool for you! As a seller, Poshers can request styling advice from you. In return, you can send them listings directly from your closet that you think they might like! With the Dressing Room, every seller is a stylist.

Wait… now we can share our listings directly to another Posher?
Yes! You heard that right. If you want to send a PFF one of your listings, you can now share it directly to their dressing room. It’s just like sharing, except instead of clicking Share to Followers, you’ll click on the Posher you want to share the listing to!

How can I give my buyers a special discount?
Simply pop into a Dressing Room and tap Offer to make an offer on a bundle and give your buyer a private discount. Don’t forget, this feature is only available in the Dressing Room and only works on bundles.

Where can I view all my buyers’ bundles so I can send them a private discount?
Tap the double hanger icon from the Feed, select By Me and use the filters to view all bundles.

What’s a Style Card?
Style Cards are a new, easy way to learn about your shoppers’ favorite brands and pick up on trends they love. Style Cards help you tailor your recommendations to your buyers. They include purchases your buyer has made from your closet, brands they follow, their About Me, Love Notes, and their My Size. Your buyers’ size info is only available to you once they interact with your closet (think bundling, liking, requesting styling, purchasing, and following).

FAQs for Shoppers

I’m mostly a buyer on Posh, how can I use the Dressing Room to help me look for new things?
The Dressing Room is a perfect way to discover listings! If you have a style crush on a Posher, you can request some styling suggestions by pressing Share to Me in your dressing room. That Posher can respond by sharing listings directly to you!

AH-mazing. How can I ask for these amazing customized shares?
Easy! It all goes down in the Dressing Room. If you want styling recommendations or simply need help choosing listings, you can ask another Posher for style help by simply clicking Share to Me in your dressing room! You’ll also be able to see all your likes and bundles with a particular Posher in your dressing room.

WOW! How do I get started?
To visit your dressing room with a specific Posher, simply click the hanger icon at the top right hand corner of their closet. If you want to ask that Posher to send you some shares directly, simply hit Share to Me at the bottom of the dressing room, and watch the listings roll in!

#PoshNation: San Francisco Recap

The #PoshNation: The Seller Stylist Tour brought the party back to the Bay with a stop in San Francisco. Needless to say, our community of Seller Stylists brought the love and energy, truly making this event unforgettable!

See it for yourself with our recap video:

Highlights from our Seller Stylists


  • “@samjanerocks and I met on Poshmark and have been friends IRL ever since!”  -@juliannecronin
  • “#PoshNation is just getting me even more excited this year’s PoshFest!”
  • “I just joined a few weeks ago and have already sold 25 items! I just love Poshmark and want to start buying clothes for my new son. I’m staying home with him right now and have had so much time to clear out my closet!” – @alyce156
  • “My sales are on fire lately, I’m so obsessed with Poshmark. I got all my coworkers hooked and we go to the mail room and ship our packages together every day.” – @lcornelius

See all the photos from the event in our Facebook album, be sure to check out all the fun from the photobooth, too!

#PoshNation: LA Recap

#PoshNation: The Seller Stylist Tour hit Los Angeles and what a night! California knows how to party, we had SO much fun with all our SoCal Seller Stylists!

See it for yourself with our recap video:

Highlights from our Seller Stylists

  •  “I’m a comedian and I bought this gold ‘LOL’ ring that I’m wearing tonight from another Posher. I love it and it inspired me to pursue my dreams, I hope I see her tonight to thank her!” – @colorfuljessica
  • “I just joined the app this week! I’m so inspired to keep making my closet better and to make some sales. My friend @meetthemosleys who’s here with me tonight has been doing this for years and is my inspiration!” – @nylanovadova
  • “Absolutely looooved spending time with all my #bossbabe friends from @poshmark at the #PoshNation event in LA last night🌴💕🍸” – @wearinla

See all the photos from the event in our Facebook album, be sure to check out all the fun from the photobooth, too!

Andddd with #PoshNation comes a MAJOR giveaway. For each city we go to, we’re giving away one PoshFest ticket to an attendee of the live event AND one ticket to someone who enters via Instagram. Without further ado, happy to announce that our two winners are @oscilatey and @meethemosleys!

Stay tuned for our next city reveal coming SOON!

Posh N Sip Winter Recap


We are thrilled to see inspiring Poshers from all over the country Posh N Sip during the winter season! We want to thank all of the amazing Poshers who are sharing their passion for Poshmark through Posh N Sip with Poshers in their area.

Check out the photos from those Posh N Sips below!

1/27/17 – Greensboro, NC
Hosted by @sassbadger
3/2/17 – Philadelphia, PA
Hosted by @lindsokay & @ atroyanoski
fox valley
3/11/17 – Fox Valley, WI
Hosted by @imadiddleys, @kheling & @kclane7
huntsville3/16/17 – Huntsville, AL
Hosted by @laurabethm & @poshjeepgirl
hawaii3/23/17 – Honolulu, HI
Hosted by @alohaalex & charnelleyap
3/25/17 – Waco, TX
Hosted by @1smalltowngurl

These Poshers are spreading the word of Poshmark while earning referral credits, becoming  Poshmark influencers, and, of course, getting their hands on exclusive Poshmark Swag – including a special host thank you gift!

Interested in hosting your own Posh N Sip? Reach out to us at
hosting@poshmark.com to see how we can help promote your get-together!