Meet the Posh Ambassador

From passionate side hustlers to inspiring full-time #PoshBosses, our Canadian Posh Ambassadors are role models and mentors in the Poshmark Canada community. Read on to get to know some of our dedicated Posh Ambassadors in Canada and their tips and tricks on growing their business!

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Melanie, @md6440

Posher since January 2020

Melanie discovered Poshmark because she was tired of the heavy fees that consignment stores would take from her high-end items and needed an alternative. She immediately loved the social connection and has made many PFFs. Her #1 tip is to make sure to be kind, honest and professional—a great attitude can make buyers want to shop your closet. Poshmark has given Melanie a way to connect to others across the country during the pandemic. Sending out packages and talking to customers has helped make the last year easier and more fun.

Bethany, @wrenandrome

Posher since March 2020

As a person who’s passionate about sustainable fashion, Poshmark was an obvious choice for Bethany to sell the stuff she no longer needs. Her #1 tip is to add personal touches like thank you notes to your packages. Bethany’s favourite feature is Bundles, as it lets customers see the added value in your closet. She loves that Poshmark has allowed her to make extra cash while decluttering and making room for the things that matter.

Pablo, @funkess

Posher since May 2019

Pablo started on Poshmark to make his full-time selling dreams a reality in Canada.  His #1 tip is to be consistent and to source, list, share, offer even when your sales are slow. Pablo balances his Poshmark business with being a dad by communicating effectively and knowing when to unplug from work to spend time with his family.

Kelly, @gracefullilywpg

Posher since Sept 2019

Kelly first got started on Poshmark while on maternity leave and wanted the challenge of starting something new—she was instantly hooked after learning how easy it is to list. Her #1 tip is to list daily, no matter if your draft is perfect, because you can always add to the listing later. Kelly loves that Poshmark allows her to bring in additional income as a stay-at-home mom and build her empire while also being at home with the kids.

Jessica, @projectrelove
Posher since Feb 2020

Jessica first heard of Poshmark after stumbling upon a YouTube video of a U.S. Posher, went thrifting the next day, and started listing right away! She believes in responsible and sustainable shopping and has always purchased secondhand. Poshmark has changed her life as she started her closet right before the pandemic hit and the money she’s earned over the past year has saved her from heading to the food bank. Managing her closet kept her mind busy, prevented her from stressing too much, and has kept her going.

Sarah, @poutineandprada
Posher since May 2019

Sarah first heard of Poshmark from her blogger friends from the U.S. and signed up the day Poshmark Canada launched—she hasn’t looked back since. She uses Poshmark because she only shops sustainably, and since there isn’t a thrift store in her area, Poshmark is perfect for her. Sarah’s #1 tip is to be consistent and share your closet every day and other Posher’s items frequently.

Beth, @boredtobeth
Posher since July 2020

Beth first started using Poshmark after cleaning out her closet and realizing she had a lot of cute clothes she didn’t wear. Ever since then she’s been hooked—adding new pieces to her closet, loving the selling and packaging process, and enjoying the side money it brings. Her favorite feature is Bundles because she can give discounts to her customers when they buy more than one item—plus, she likes this feature as a shopper too!

Chelsea, @chelseacarter21
Posher since Oct 2019

When Chelsea first started using Poshmark, she was a full-time student. Now it’s her side hustle, where she resells clothing and declutters her closet. Poshmark has allowed her to ship with simplicity, making her life and selling journey easier. Her favorite feature is Bundles because it allows shoppers to buy multiple items from your closet at once with only one shipping fee, a win-win. Poshmark has helped her afford things as a student, purchase school supplies, and even score a few things for herself.

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