Posh Parties: How to Become a Host

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One of the most common questions we get at PMHQ is how to become a Posh Party host. The coveted spot not only allows for major closet visibility, but is also a fun way to shop and share with the Poshmark community. If you have ever been curious about how hosts are selected and what you can do to qualify, we’re here to dish on the details.

Your account should:

  • Be a Posh Ambassador. At this time we ask that all co-hosts be a Posh Ambassador. To become a Posh Ambassador, you must meet a criteria based off a number of things, including engagement, rating, sales, and a history of spreading Posh Love. You may enroll in the Posh Ambassador program through the Poshmark app, under your Posh Stats page after you have completed all the criteria.
  • Be in good standing. As hosting is a highly-visible position, we’re looking for Poshers who know our rules and follow them. A few helpful hints? Do not have unsupported items or coordinate offline transactions.
  • Be Active. Meet and follow Poshers. List items for sale. Browse, like and share your favorite listings. Getting connected and keeping in touch with the Community will make you a well-rounded Posher!
    • Have shared 100 lifetime new Posher’s listings
    • Have 7500+ lifetime Shares
    • Shared >500 community listings in the past 30 days
  • Have personality! Nothing makes us grin wider than clean, clear, creative Covershots (say that 10 times fast!). Wear your garment and take a selfie (or grab a friend to snap a pic for you!) or even create a layout of pretty items on an attractive, clean surface. And don’t forget the key to all amazing photos: good lighting! Bright, uncluttered images presents your listings in the best way and ensures they will capture the attention of potential buyers. Need inspiration? See our blog post on amazing Covershots for ideas.


Does the above criteria sound like you? Then be sure to contact the proper channel:

  • Fill out the application (US or Canadato let us know that you’re interested in participating in the Host Program–we’d love to hear from you!
  • Once we’ve received your request, we will add you to our list of interested candidates and reach out as soon as we’ve had a chance to take a look at your closet.
  • Please do wait patiently. We have a long list of eager candidates and are working hard daily to ensure every eligible Posher is given the opportunity to host.


Have you already hosted before but are ready to do so again? Great! We are always happy to have a Posher host again. We generally ask that you wait at least one month before reaching out to host again to allow time for other Poshers to get in on the fun. Once that time has passed, simply fill out the application (US or Canada) again and we’ll get you on our repeat host list. Please note that we do have a limited number of spots available for repeat hosts so it may take some time before we are able to get you a party date.

Already have your party hosting date? See how to be a stellar Posh Party host. Still have questions? Be sure to check out our Posh Party hosting FAQs.

16 thoughts on “Posh Parties: How to Become a Host

  1. Just recently, i was notified that i had been contacted to host a party.Apparently the initial contact happened a few days prior.It was sent at 11PM PST at night and the links inside( confirm to host link or the reschedule link) the email was only “good” for 24 hours from that late time. doesn’t give much time for anyone really to first see the email by normal email habits, let alone respond within 24 hours if sent so late at night. could it be possible that these notices be sent with a great deal more logic and rationale… to afford the members YOU have chosen to be a host to within human capacity actually see the notice let alone ,respond properly? I would appreciate that, instead of being told I need to fill an application out again and it will be several months before another opportunity rises.

  2. Ive grown to LOVE you guys at Poshmark. Amazing how strangers can become like family. Merry Christmas and Thanks to all of You who help enrich our lives at Headquarters . I have hosted twice before and it has been a fulfilling experience. I recommend it to all who are driven to achieve..Thanks @Scarlettstained

  3. Thank you for information about hosting a party, I just sent an email about being a host. I absolutely love Poshmark and look forward to being considered a host.

    Thanks for the information =)


    1. Hi Julie, there’s definitely a benefit to hosting. It gives visibility to your closet to gain more followers as well as make new friends. Plus, it’s also fun!

  4. I already AM the successful business woman I have a cleaning business where I make $25 an hour but its very very hard physical labor work I enjoy taking photos and editing and putting together outfits and making jewelry I also love going to flea markets and buying unique items to sell on Poshmark I think I would be a wonderful candidate to work for you

  5. Hello, Please put me on the list to host a Posh party. I do meet all the requirements. I only made my closet recently, but have been purchasing for quite awhile. I have many followers aleady and follow many members, and share items daily! I enjoy Posmark tremendously and have a great idea for a Posh Party, that would include most types of items! Put me on the list! Thank You, Scootermama2

  6. i would love to be considered a Host. I’ve bin picked a HP pick a few times and that was such an honor but to be on the committee that would be the best. My closet gets so many likes an tons of shares so I already have tons of traffic experience and most share my closet so I respond to Many email comments a day. I am constantly on Poshmark and it buy far is my favorite site. Please consider me.
    Thank you,
    Happy Poshmarker Nicole Christianson @Nicole1155 Poshmarker address

  7. Hi I have been on Poshmarks for 11 months.. actively buying and selling items..I love the community of awesome women coming together to cheer each other on ..I’ve made lots of friends an Poshmark , I abide by posh rules, share an support my fellow posh sisters.. I would love to be considered to host a party or come part of the suggested user program … Thank you an Posh On,..

  8. Hi! I have been a posher for about 6 months. Poshing has become part of my daily routine… Actually many times a day! I have purchased many items, sold many items, and share like crazy! I would love to host a posh party! Please consider me when making your hosting selections!
    Thanks so much!

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