The 2021 Canada Holiday Trend Report

Welcome back to the Poshmark Canada Trend Report, holiday edition! This festive time of year is not just filled with family, food, and cozy days at home, but it brings massive opportunity to you as a seller. Gift shopping and prepping for holiday festivities have officially started, and the season is bigger and better than ever with average individual holiday spending projected to be upward of C$1,800…and you can have a slice of that pumpkin (apple, pecan, whatever you prefer) pie! 

The Canada Trend Report features exclusive data from Poshmark Canada, charting shopping behaviours across the platform, and is designed to help you make informed business decisions while sourcing inventory for your closet and broadening your knowledge of trending items and styles. These trending brands, categories, and department highlights are based on growth rates in order volume—it has everything you need to know and more! 

Read on and get ready to have the best holiday season yet! 

Canadians Are Ready to Get Their Shop On

From pillow-like plush toys to classic Canadian brands, the Poshmark Canada community is hunting for a diverse swath of goodies this holiday season. For women’s and men’s shoppers alike, nostalgia and values-driven items are increasingly in demand, while kids’, home, and luxury categories are taking on TikTok inspiration. With Canadian shoppers poised and ready to spend this holiday season, the time has never been better to stock up on these buzzworthy items to make sales.

Search Demand: From Après-Ski to Activewear

Get ready to ride that ski lift and watch your sales soar when you list these in-demand, top-searched items. Whether it’s an action-packed weekend hitting the slopes, or an evening spent closer to home, dressing for the elements is definitely top of mind as temperatures drop across the country. Colder weather is here and influencing purchases as searches skyrocketed for winter wonderland staples—from the oh-so-popular puffer to slope-worthy ski gear and a cult fave, The North Face jackets, up 27%.

Women’s Top Brands + Categories That are on the High Rise: Canadian Classics, Girl’s Night Faves, & Boho Must-Haves

In a post-loungewear world, women’s styles aren’t taking leggings, Love is Blind, and fluffy slippers for an answer any longer (jk, long live Bach nights with wine and sheet masks). This holiday, you can count on seeing all the Babaton dresses, high-rise denim and trousers, and edgy leather jackets—they are here, more stylish and welcomed than ever. 

From Babaton, to Wilfred, to all the brands in between, it’s no surprise that Aritzia’s in-house brands are sweeping the top 5 list for year-over-year order volume growth. The Vancouver-based Canadian favourite is known for its buzzworthy pieces and aspirational lifestyle branding that shoppers just can’t get enough of. Did you even live through 2021 if you didn’t buy, sell, or dream about the Wilfred Ganna Jacket?

Men’s Top Brands + Categories: Casual Cool Carhartt meets Sophisticated Jackets + Sporty Soles

This holiday’s menswear of the moment is a cocktail of casual-cool and sporty sophistication, with dress shirts from classic brands like Ralph Lauren trending alongside activewear brands and streetwear staples with appearances from Carhartt, Vans, and Lululemon

Jerseys have long been a fundamental part of the male wardrobe, thanks to public figures ranging from Canada’s favourite artist, Drake, to sports superstars like LeBron James. The jersey is the Everyman’s wardrobe favourite, and if a 132% year-over-year increase in order volume tells us anything, it’s that they’re not just wearing them to sporting events. Sure, you may proudly don it every week (or multiple times a week) between October and June to cheer on your hockey team of choice, but the jersey’s nostalgic vibes also make it the perfect item to toss on for a family dinner or happy hour beers with the boys. Not to mention, it’s excellent fodder for conversation over whose team is going to win whatever match is on the books for the coming weeks.

Kids’ Top Brands + Categories: The Stuffed Animals that Broke the Internet 

The Posh Minis are bundling up and preparing for the elements this holiday season, leaning into cozy items like puffer jackets and joggers from familiar brands like Roots and H&M. But, taking the cake are the perfect giftables from all things Disney, dolls and accessories, and the viral TikTok stuffed animals, Squishmallows

The enormous interest in Squishmallows stuffed animals rose to popularity last year and hasn’t slowed down since, with the number of orders totalling in the thousands in the last year. The squeezable, pillow-like toy has grown into an international phenomenon thanks in no small part to one of TikTok’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio, who has been known to take to the app to post her own collection of 30 rare squishies. Followed not far behind by all-things Disney, dolls (Hello, American Girl!), and classic winter apparel.

Home Top Brands + Categories: Entertaining Essentials and Delightful Decorations

As more and more shoppers head to Poshmark Canada to shop for the latest homewares and decor, one brand—Rae Dunn—has emerged as one of the hottest brands for holiday decor and drinkware essentials alike. Year-over-year order volume for all-things Rae Dunn is up a stellar 108%. We’ll be honest: their holiday-themed mugs are hard to resist.

Luxury Top-Selling Brands: Louis Vuitton Just Never Gets Old

Of Poshmark Canada’s most in-demand luxury brands, legacy fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel have long maintained stable positions in the top three. But what about the rest of our top 10 this holiday? In year-over-year order volume, Burberry (+22%), Canada Goose (+70%), Tiffany & Co. (+135%), Prada (+72%), and Christian Louboutin (+50%) are creeping up on the aforementioned mainstays, with one demographic to thank: Gen Z. Poshmark Canada’s new top luxury brands have landed big-name Gen Z influencers as ambassadors, including Elle Fanning for Tiffany & Co., Yara Shadidi for Dior, and Blackpink’s Rosé for YSL.

Sustainable Staples and the Brands That Are On The Rise

Shoppers are increasingly gravitating toward brands that share similar values—inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability among them—and we’re tracking that evolution in consumer behaviour as it shows up on Poshmark Canada. 

On the sustainability front, demand for brands prioritizing the practice is on the rise, with consumers willing to pay a premium for well-made (i.e., contemporary-priced) goods that actively help heal the planet. Shoppers are making investments in buzzy, environmentally-driven brands, with year-over-year order volume for sustainability-focused fashion labels Karma, Tentree and Eileen Fisher up 1,350%, 108%, and 71%, respectively. 

Outside Influences: What’s Old is New Again

Over the past two years, we’ve seen search demand for “vintage” increase 162%, and we don’t expect it to let up anytime soon. Amid an era defined by social, economic, and political uncertainty, the market is charting a shift away from flashy logomania of pre-pandemic times to all things nostalgia—from the flashy punk of the ‘80s to the blingy Y2K aesthetic. Plus, the pandemic has made consumers more keenly aware of their own environmental footprints, which only further cements the benefits of shopping pre-loved.

To date, orders for “vintage” have seen a significant 102% year-over-year sales growth in the men’s category, with nostalgic heritage brands drumming up interest all across Poshmark Canada inventory. This is true for specific brands, too, like Converse, which has seen a significant 233% year-over-year sales growth owing to its uber-classic, all-American Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Trend Report Methodology

All data is based on the shopping behaviour of Poshmark Canada’s 2.5M+ members.