Introducing: The Makeup Market

The Makeup Market is here! You can now shop new products and tools from your favorite brands, closets, and boutiques—all in one place.
From your Feed to Showrooms and beyond, every screen is tailored to help you snag the hottest new makeup finds.

Give your shopping experience a makeovertap the menu on the top left to switch to the Makeup Market now!

Shop Makeup

Don’t see the feature in app? Be sure to update to the latest version. This update will rolling out to all users in the coming days. See the Poshmark Support Center for more details on what items are included in the Makeup Market.

App Update Alert: Posh Bundle is Here


The next evolution in styling is here. The Dressing Room is now Posh Bundle! With our latest update, Bundles are now social—making shopping and styling easier than ever.

  • Chat: Easily chat with Seller Stylists and work together to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.
  • Share Style: Check out your buyer’s likes and share items directly to their Bundle to style them and make sales.
  • Get Inspo: Get style suggestions from your favorite Poshers and PFFs; plus, check out what other Poshers are bundling.

To access Posh Bundle, tap the Bundle icon on the top of any closet.

Want to learn more? Get up to speed by watching the video below:



How do I get to a Posh Bundle?
Easy! Tap the Bundle icon in the top right hand corner of any closet.

What if I want to see ALL of my active Bundles?
Access all Bundles by tapping the Bundle icon in your closet. You can also access the same list from the Feed by tapping the My Likes icon in the top right hand corner and tapping the Bundle icon on the next page.

FAQs for Seller Stylists

What if I’m a seller on Posh? How can I share items to Bundle to help style my PFFs?Love sharing your style and making sales? Posh Bundle is the perfect tool for you! As a seller, Poshers can request styling advice from you. In return, you can send them listings directly from your closet that you think they might like! With Posh Bundle, every seller is a stylist.

How can I give my buyers a special discount?
Simply pop into a Bundle and tap Offer to make an offer on a bundle and give your buyer a private discount.

Where can I view all my buyers’ bundles so I can send them a private discount?
Pop into your closet and tap the Bundle icon. From there, you can view all your buyers’ Bundles on the Sell tab.

What’s a Style Card?
Style Cards are an easy way to learn about your buyers’ favorite brands and pick up on trends they love. Style Cards help you tailor your recommendations to your buyers. They include purchases your buyer has made from your closet, brands they follow, their About Me, Love Notes, and their My Size. Your buyers’ size info is only available to you once they interact with your closet (think bundling, liking, requesting styling, purchasing, and following).

FAQs for Shoppers

I’m mostly a buyer on Posh, how can I use Posh Bundle to help me find new things?
Posh Bundle is a great way to discover listings and get outfit inspiration! If you have a style crush on a Posher, tap the Bundle Icon at the top of their closet and request styling by tapping on Style to Bundle. From there, you can choose a style theme and leave a comment with details about what you’re looking for. That Posher will respond by adding items directly to your Bundle and may even offer you a private discount!

You can also get outfit ideas by checking out what other Poshers are bundling in the Feed. If you like what see, request styling from that Posher and they’ll create a Bundle just for you!

I don’t want my Bundle visible in the Feed. How do I turn that off?
No problem. You can edit your this by going to the Account Tab, selecting Poshmark Support Center, and tapping on Bundle Preferences. Keep in mind that if you switch your Bundle Features off, you can’t comment on Bundles, request styling, or share outfit inspo in the Feed.

What’s a Style Card?
Style Cards take personalized styling to the next level! Your Style Card includes purchases you’ve made from that specific Posher’s closet, brands you follow, your About Me, Love Notes, and your My Size. Sellers only have access to your size info if you interact with their closet (think bundling, liking, requesting styling, purchasing, and following).

Awesome, how do I get started?
To visit your Bundle with a specific Posher, simply click the Bundle icon at the top right hand corner of their closet. If you want to ask that Posher to add items to your Bundle, simply tap Style to Bundle, leave a comment with additional details, and watch the listings roll in!

Introducing: Posh Markets


Posh Markets is a new way to tap into different communities on Poshmark. It’s like having multiple apps—all in one!

  • SHOP in a snap. Every screen is tailored to the Market of your choice—from your Feed to Showrooms and beyond.
  • CONNECT with Poshers who specialize in Womens, Mens, Kids, Plus, Luxury, and Boutiques.
  • DISCOVER new brands, items, and closets by exploring different Markets.

Transform your shopping experience and easily switch between Markets by tapping the menu on the top left of the app. Ready to get started?

 Update the App!

New Feature Alert: Introducing My Sales Report

Web@2xAsk no more, this new feature is a game changer for all you Seller Stylists! With My Sales Report, you can have the details of every sale you’ve ever made, right at your fingertips. Use this feature to:

  • Learn what brands sell best in your closet.
  • Figure out top selling categories and subcategories based on season.
  • Track your earnings and so much more!

To get started, simply go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Sales Report.

Try My Sales Report

Questions? Check out the Support Center for more information.

New Feature Alert: Offer to Likers

Seller-web@2xReady to hold your own private flash sale and make some major bank? Try our latest feature, Offer to Likers! Start with the Price Drop button on any listing and select Offer to Likers. Next, drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. Easy, right?!

Hold your own flash sale and Make an Offer to Likers now!
Got questions? Check out our FAQs below!


Offer to Likers for Sellers

Q: How do I make an Offer to Likers?
A: Go to any listing and tap on the Price Drop button. Select Offer to Likers and drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. It’s that’s easy!

Need more info? Check out our Support Center article for more details.

Q: Do I have to send an offer to each Liker individually?
A: Nope, once you make an Offer to Likers, we’ll send your offer to everyone who has ever liked the listing.

Q: Why didn’t all of my Likers get my Offer to Likers?
A: Please note Likers will only receive your offer if it is at least 10% your lowest offer to them in them in the last 90 days. If you’d like to reach more Likers, try offering a lower price.

Q: Is Offer to Likers private or public?
A: All Offer to Likers are private and do not affect the public listing price.

Q: How long does an Offer to Likers last?
A: All Make an Offer rules apply to Offer to Likers. This means that all offers will expire after 24 hours if there is no response.

Offer to Likers for Buyers

Q: How do I receive an Offer to Likers?
A: Easy! Simply like items you have your eye on. When a seller sends out an Offer to Likers, we’ll automatically give you a heads up.

Q: How long do I have to reply to an Offer to Likers
A: All Make an Offer rules apply to Offer to Likers. This means that all offers will expire after 24 hours if you do not respond.

To qualify, Offer to Likers must be at least 10% below the current listing price and include discounted shipping, paid by the seller. Likers will only receive your offer if it is at least 10% below your lowest offer in the last 90 days. All Make an Offer rules apply to Offer to Likers. Offers expire after 24 hours if the buyer does not reply.

New Feature Alert: Introducing Stylist Match


It’s here, it’s here! We’re so excited to introduce Stylist Match! Our newest feature connects buyers and sellers in real-time, allowing buyers to request styling for a variety of occasions like date night, fall trends and more—perfect for Poshers who don’t have time to shop or don’t know where to start. We know this struggle is real which is why we can’t wait for you to give Stylist Match a try!

What exactly is Stylist Match? It’s a feature powered by PoshMatch™, our secret sauce for delivering dynamic and personalized experiences like what you experience in your Feed and the Shop Tab!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Simply open Posh on your phone. Ha, EASY!   
  2. Pop into the Feed. Ok, I’m here what’s next?!
  3. Request styling for the theme of your choice. Oh My Posh! Date Night…Fall Trends…I want to be styled for them all!

From there, we’ll match you with top stylists who’ll send recommendations right to your Bundle!

But wait, there’s more! Poshing from a different device? If you’re on your computer, head to to request styling OR if you’ve got an Amazon Echo try asking: “Alexa, ask Poshmark to style me.” And, voila! Your Posh styling journey has begun.

Ready to give it a try? Request styling now!

Stylist Match FAQs

I want to participate as a Seller Stylist! How do I join?
We’re in the process of creating a program to usher in more Seller Stylists, stay tuned for more info!

I’m a Seller Stylist, how do I know I’ve been matched with a shopper?
Make sure your notifications are on (Account Tab > Notifications) because we’ll give you a heads up via email, push, and your Poshmark newsfeed! Once you’ve been matched, pop into their Bundle, check out their Style Card, and start styling them for the styling theme of their choice!

I’m a shopper, how do I know I’ve been matched?
Make sure your notifications are on (Account Tab > Notifications) because we’ll give you a heads up via email, push, and your Poshmark newsfeed! Once you’ve been matched, your Seller Stylist will start sending recommendations, straight to your Bundle

PoshFest 2017: Our CEO, Manish Chandra, Delivers the State of the Posh Union

The State of the Posh Union happens every year at PoshFest with our fearless leader, Founder & CEO, Manish Chandra, sharing the story of just how far we’ve come together along with some big updates coming to Poshmark in the future. This year did not disappoint as he had the crowd (and let’s be honest, us too) on the edge our seats waiting to hear the exciting news!

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset

To start, he touched on some of Poshmark’s core values…

Poshmark is All About Spreading the LOVE
This year’s PoshFest was a special one — and not to mention our first-ever SOLD OUT event. PoshFest wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing community of Seller Stylists.

Together We GROW
Poshmark started in a garage way back when in 2011 and now we’re here with over 3 MILLION Seller Stylists on the platform. #NBD

By the numbers:

  • There are over 100 listings created every minute
  • Over 60 offers are made every minute
  • A sale is made every two seconds
  • 7 million shares a day (Last time this year, we were sharing 4 million times a day. Can you say WOW?!)

You Asked, We Listened. These features came in just this past year:

But wait, there’s more! Here’s all the exciting updates to look forward to:

  • Flat Rate boxes: Soon you’ll be able to use any box to ship your #PoshPackages, thanks to our latest partnership with USPS.
  • Stylist Match: You might have seen a little experiment we ran a few weeks ago asking the community if they wanted to get styled. It generated a lot of interest so we will begin experimenting soon by asking new and existing shoppers if they’d like to get styled for a specific occasion, then match them with our community of Seller Stylists, like you, to style each shopper for their occasion.  
  • New Seller Dispute Process: We’re revamping the seller dispute process to give you a voice in your cases.
  • Posh Ambassador: We launched the Posh Ambassador program, and it’s all about, you guessed it, YOU! We’re constantly building new features and making improvements with love, people and growth in mind. Find out more about the Posh Ambassador program, the natural evolution of the Suggested User program, built with the same approach here
    • We’ve updated our matching algorithms.
    • We’ve built the Posh Ambassador program into the app.
    • And, as a Suggested User, you’re automatically included in the new Posh Ambassador program.
  • Brand New Home Page: The updated web redesign is all about you, tailored specifically to amplify your brand, increasing purchases per visitor. Best of all, you can now list on the web, further simplifying the listing process so you can sell anywhere, from any platform.

The Future is Bright
In Manish’s words,

“We’re growing at rapid speed — but we’re not growing alone, we’re growing together. And at the heart of everything we do, is the acknowledgment that we’re all a little weird. And when we embrace our weirdness, it frees us to accept each other. So I challenge you to embark on this journey with me, paving the way for the next ten years, by embracing your weirdness, leading with love, focusing on people and growing together. The future is bright, because in the words of one of my favorite music artists, Drake, “We started from the bottom and now we’re here!””

Catch part of the State of the Posh Union on our Facebook: