Introducing: Kids and Mens on Poshmark

kmlaunch_640x485Are you ready for something MAJOR?! We’re excited to announce that Poshmark will now offer kids and men’s fashion (and the crowd goes wild)! Poshmark is officially a one-stop shopping experience—we’re all for fashion, and fashion for all.

With this new app update, you can choose your shopping interestsWomen, Kids, Men—for a personalized Feed experience. Only looking to shop for your fabulous self? The Poshmark you know and love will stay the same. Check out our demo to see how it works!

This update is currently available on iPhone and will be supported on iPad, web and Android in the coming days. Hang tight!

App Update Alert: New Seller Tools

App Update Alert_New Seller Tools_1400579

We’re dedicated to helping our sellers succeed. That’s why we’ve created a brand new suite of seller tools to help you sell MORE. Our newest update features:

Expanded Size Selection
Say hello to Plus, Petites, and Juniors. Help your buyers find the perfect fit with our expanded sizes. P.S. Don’t forget to update your My Size too!

Multi-item Listing
We know this has been at the top of your wishlist. Now, you can include various quantities and sizes in a listing. Give your thumbs a rest — we just made listing easier than ever!

If you don’t have multi-item listings, not to worry! Nothing changes — but if you ever need to change any of your listings to a multi-item listing, it’s as easy as editing the quantity. For more information check out our demo and FAQs.

Ready for a whole new selling and shopping experience? Update your app (and My Size) now!

Multi-Item Listings: FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about the multi-item listings:

Q: What is a multi-item listing?
A: A multi-item listing allows you to list various quantities and sizes of the same item in a single listing.

Q: Can I change my single-item listing to a multi-item listing and vice versa?
A: Absolutely! If you want to change a single-item listing to a multi-item listing, simply edit the quantity of the listing. If you want to change a multi-item listing to a single-item listing, edit the quantity to 1 and all sizes will be cleared. Please note you are only able to do so if none of your inventory from the multi-item listing has sold.

Q: How do I sell a multi-item listing?
A: Once you have listed a multi-item listing, a buyer can purchase one item from that listing in any of the sizes you listed. You no longer need to create a separate listing for each buyer. Hooray!

Q: What happens when I sell an item from a multi-item listing?
A: If you still have inventory available for the multi-item listing, that listing will remain available and a new sold listing will also be auto-generated for your sale. If you have sold out of all inventory in your multi-item listing, then a sold flag will appear on the original multi-item listing.

Q: I’m looking at my sold listing, why don’t I see comments?
A: For each individual item that you sell from a multi-item listing, a new sold listing will be auto-generated. However, comments from the original multi-item listing will not be transferred to the sold listing. You can always reference the comments on the original multi-item listing!

Q: I just sold an item from a multi-item listing, why can’t I edit certain aspects of my listing?
A. Once an item sells from your multi-item listing, you are no longer able to edit the category, sub-category, condition, or brand info. However, you are still able to edit the price, quantity, title, description and color.

Q: What do I do if my multi-item listing says “sold” and I just restocked?
A: Not to worry! You can still edit the quantity and sizes of a previously sold multi-item listing. Simply click edit — once you’ve successfully added the new quantities/sizes to your listing, the sold banner will be removed and the listing will automatically become available.

Q: As a buyer, can I make an offer on more than one item in the multi-item listing?
A: Currently, you can only make an offer on one item at a time.

Q: As a buyer, can I bundle more than one item from a multi-item listing?
A: Currently, you can only purchase one item from a single, multi-item listing. However, you can still bundle an item from a multi-item listing with any other listings in the seller’s closet.

App Update: New Ways to Pay

Mercury 1400579

Here at Poshmark, we’re committed to bringing you innovative tools to provide the best shopping experience possible. Our newest update has made buying easier than ever! In addition to payment via credit card, when you make an offer or click buy now, you’ll see new options available at checkout: Apple Pay, PayPal, and Android Pay — oh, hey! 

Say goodbye to memorizing that 16-digit credit card number. Now, you can pay your way with Poshmark. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQs!

If you’re on the app, download the newest version to get started. If you don’t see the new options at checkout, don’t worry! It will be available to all users in the upcoming weeks.

Introducing the Boutiques Section on Poshmark

Boutiques Launch 1200x497

Are you ready for this major update?! The Poshmark Boutiques Section has arrived!

Now at the top of your newsfeed you will be able to simply tap on the Boutiques section and shop from sellers that offer a curated selection of brand-spankin’ new merchandise.

It’s like shopping your favorite boutique in person, but better. You can now access thousands of diverse boutiques straight from your phone. Hello, messy bun and sweatpants.

Poshmark Boutiques. All brand new, all the time.

<<Upgrade Your App!>>

Want even more information about the Boutiques Section? Check out our FAQs.

Download the newest version of the app to get started! If you don’t see the Boutiques Section in your Feed just yet, don’t worry. It will be available to the entire community (including Android!) in upcoming weeks.