PoshFest 2017: Key Marketing & Branding Takeaways

Want to know how to take your Poshmark business to the next level? Marketing and branding are the keys to success! We had some marketing mavens and branding all-stars share their tips and tricks at PoshFest, read on to learn more!

Think of marketing in three areas to help your business hit different goals:

Growth Marketing:
How to attract new customers and grow your current business

  • New arrivals lists: create a listing in your closet as a place to tag and let your customers know when you’ve uploaded new merchandise.
  • Build relationships with repeat customers: Notice someone has been repeat-buying from your closet? Reach out and build a stronger connection!
  • Outbound communication: Get your closet name out there! Not only in the app, but out there in the world of social media as well! *stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on this*|
    #PoshTip: “I share my sold listings to catch eyes of new customers and reassure them I’m a great seller!” –@theamandaweiss

Product Marketing:
How to use the marketing tools built into Poshmark to leverage the existing community

  • Sharing to Posh Parties: Take note of when our daily Posh Parties are happening. Sharing to these parties will gain increased exposure for your listings.
  • Utilizing the Dressing Room: Take our shiny new feature, the Dressing Room, for a spin! There you can style your buyers, offer them private bundle discounts, and more.
  • Price Drop Notification Strategy: Wait until your listing hits critical mass aka you’ve built up your likes, then drop the price at strategic times to trigger a price drop notification.

Brand & Content Marketing:
How to find your niche and building a brand that people recognize & love (As @katjo says, “marketing is the push, branding is the pull!”)

  • Social Media: Find your niche and start promoting your brand on social media to that audience.
  • Creative Marketing: Get creative in your marketing approach! Try using videos to showcase your listings on social media. Offer styling tips in your descriptions. Get the creativity flowing!
  • Visual Branding: Find your style and stick to it.
    You know your branding is strong when a Posher can look at a Covershot and instantly tell it’s yours. “Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need a special camera or lighting kit to take killer Covershots. Just focus on clear photos and good lighting.” -@everydeystyle 

    Stay tuned for more key insights from PoshFest 2017!

PoshFest 2017: Get Inspired by our Co-founder, Tracy Sun

In need of a dose of inspiration? Look no further, our resident girl boss and co-founder, Tracy Sun, took the stage at PoshFest 2017 to deliver just that.

A little about Tracy Sun:

Tracy is from NYC and started her career in neuroscience (and now she’s a leader in fashion-tech?! #girlboss). She came to Silicon Valley with an interest in fashion and technology and soon met Poshmark’s CEO, Manish Chandra, through a mutual friend. With two others,  Gautam and Chetan, the four founded Poshmark out of garage in 2011. She’s learned a lot on her path of co-founding Poshmark, which she shared with PoshFest attendees during her inspirational keynote speech.

Three Lessons we Learned from Tracy:

Just do it: When you have a daunting task in front of you, just get started. It’s mind over matter. Being scared is normal, I do things that scare me every day.

You will fall down, but you must get back up: There’s a common myth that no one told me was wrong, “you can’t fail.” Sometimes you fail multiple times in one day. You will fail, and you will fail often. If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing hard enough. Just because you didn’t make that sale today, it doesn’t mean there won’t be 10 more tomorrow. The key is to just keep going — success doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be afraid of failure — we all fail, but it’s the ones that get back up who succeed.


If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?:  You have to believe in your idea more than anybody out there. If you want to start a business, you have to believe it. I know the journey you’re on is really hard, believe in yourself, but also lean on one another. You’re not alone in this —that’s the beauty in this community!


Catch part of Tracy’s keynote presentation here:



PoshFest 2017: The Hackathon Results Are In

The Poshmark engineering team unveiled not one, not two…BUT FOUR new features recommended by YOU at this year’s PoshFest and we couldn’t be more excited about them. Read on to learn about each of these features, coming your way soon!

Your Closet Clear Out woes are no more! Ever forget your lowest historical price (aka the sweet spot you need to hit to trigger discounted shipping)?! Now, that’s a thing of the past—with this tool you’ll be able to automatically calculate what’s 10% off your lowest price.

Sharing just got quicker! When you press & hold your finger on a listing, the mini menu that pops up will soon include a single tap to share!

Get ready all you power Poshers, once you fill out your listing title, we’ll automagically fill in category, subcategory, color, and brand for you! This will be launched on the web listing feature and will work it’s way to the app.

A new feature to help you close that deal! When offering private discounts in The Dressing Room, sellers will soon be able to offer discounted shipping as well.. UM, yes!

Stay tuned, these features are coming to the app over the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!


Thank You for Coming to PoshFest 2017

We came, we learned, we Posh Partied with our PFFs all weekend long. PoshFest 2017, you were absolutely incredible! When we say this was the biggest and best PoshFest yet, we aren’t kidding. From the inspirational panels and workshops to our second-annual Fashion Show, we can’t stop thinking about how special this event truly was.

Are you ready for all the feels? When we asked you to come together and share how Poshmark has changed your lives, we couldn’t hold back the tears. Grab your tissues, you’ll need ‘em for this heartwarming video revealed at this year’s PoshFest.

The photos from the weekend have arrived! Get ready to like, comment, tag and SHARE because the official PoshFest 2017 photo album is here!

Special thanks to our lineup of sponsors who helped make this incredible weekend possible! 

We covered a whole bunch in two days so stay tuned for even more detailed recaps coming your way to learn how to take your Poshmark business to the next level!

#PoshNation: The Seller Stylist Tour is coming to Charlotte & Atlanta

Are you ready for a fun night of mingling, learning, and getting to know your fellow local Seller Stylists? Um, YES! Get ready,
we’re taking the next #PoshNation events to…

Charlotte & Atlanta!

Charlotte, NC
When: Tuesday, November 7th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Charlotte Marriott City Center
100 W Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202

RSVP to #PoshNation: Charlotte

Atlanta, GA
When: Thursday ,November 9th  from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Where: W Atlanta – Downtown
45 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

RSVP to #PoshNation: Atlanta

Not only are we going to party the night away, but we also have an amazing workshop planned! Expect these workshops to be chalk-full of insider tips that’ll help you grow your Poshmark business. Work hard, play hard right?!

Check out all the fun to be had with the #PoshNation: D.C. & Philly recap!

What are you waiting for? RSVP to join us at #PoshNation!