#PoshNation: Charlotte & Atlanta

The #PoshNation: The Seller Stylist Tour popped up in both Charlotte and the ATL! We learned all about how to level up our Posh businesses with insights from our amazing speakers and closet consultants! There was no shortage of #PoshLove on the LAST leg of the 2017 Seller Stylist Tour. Check it out for yourself with this fun recap video!

Check out all the photos from the event in our Facebook albums: Charlotte (photobooth photos here) and Atlanta (photobooth photos here)!

Let’s get social!
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Celebrate Poshmark’s 6th Birthday With Us

Cue the champagne, glitter, and confetti—we’re celebrating our 6th birthday in San Francisco on December 6th! It’s our golden birthday and we’re doing it BIG. Come meet Team Posh, and party with fellow Poshers! Space is limited, so RSVP now to secure a spot to our biggest birthday party EVER.

When: Wednesday, December 6th from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Where: Mercer—San Francisco
255 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103
What:  Cocktails, music, photobooth fun and more!


Not in the Bay Area? No problem!  This birthday celebration will be happening across the country with parties hosted by none other than our amazing community, aka YOU!

Take a look at the list of live parties happening to find one in your area:

Amarillo, TX hosted by @goodchic
Atlanta, GA hosted by @bvmarket
Birmingham, AL hosted by @poshjeepgirl & @poshboutique16
Bronx, NY hosted by @maryery02
Chattanooga, TN hosted by @watkinsashley2tomatocakes
Cherry Hill, NJ hosted by @americangirl66 & @tweisy
Chicago, IL hosted by @thefancyllama & @handmeupresale
Corona, CA hosted by @mizfabulousity, @plumkrush, & joyamarino
Denver, CO hosted by @ex_globetrotter, @reinl, & @ktftw
Escondido, CA hosted by @mimisdbest, @flylilstar & @garmetgourmet
Glastonbury, CT hosted by @shopnccloset & @citytoseaside
Glenview, IL hosted by @ehopie & @ppamprrd
Homewood, IL hosted by @gwenbielicki, @housewifie, @needt192 & @crawf204
Honolulu, HI hosted by @larochelle
Kansas City, MO hosted by @foundforyou
Long Island, NY hosted by @fashionista21, @epicstorm, & @jillianka
Los Angeles, CA hosted by @bellanblue & @infinitelyposh
Loveland, CO hosted by @wildarrow, @lynemma, & @mtnhiker
Minneapolis, MN hosted by @chicinspiration
New York, NY hosted by @theachloe & @theachloe
Newport Beach, CA hosted by @jill555
Omaha, NE hosted by @julie48
Ormond Beach, FL hosted by @q_77_love
Oxnard, CA hosted by @alohaalex & @neecolec
Phoenix, AZ hosted by @cynthaaa & @azthriftqueen
Philadelphia, PA hosted by @ringleader, @lesleyscloset & @violet507
Portland, OR hosted by @nikle714, @vthcloset, & @kirstir
Raleigh-Durham, NC hosted by @appraisol & @milosmarket
San Diego, CA hosted by @jenn_sd, @noy2312, @suanfashion & @kbbygirl
Scottsdale, AZ hosted by @adeuitch
Sioux Falls, SD hosted by @penelopejean & @mommab33
Stockton, CA hosted by @mrsmadariaga, @nessabeema & @foxarazzi
Tampa, FL hosted by @breauxmode & @apriljerseygirl
Tucson, AZ hosted by @gabriellasgrabs
DC Area (VA, DC, MD) hosted by @jenangel89, @kate_harrington, & @mvelasc8

Don’t see your city? Stay tuned — we’ll be adding more cities in the coming weeks!

PoshFest 2017: The Ultimate Posh Party, Fashion Show and PoshMARKET

At this year’s PoshMARKET, 20 of our brand partners were present to give a sneak peek of the merchandise from their latest collections. That’s right, Seller Stylists were able to check out the swoon-worthy styles all while building relationships with our amazing Wholesale brands during the event!

PoshFest wouldn’t have been the same (or as stylish) without our brand there. Special thank you to these amazing partners:

atidclothing | callahan_pm | gilliclothing | lelis_pm | nakedzebra | sweetrain_pm | infintiyraine |mystree | t_jdesigns | bondhu_pm | pinkhaley_pm | swankycoconut | kyootklothing | mabellachic_pm| Twilightgypsyco | shopwila | womanstouch

Speaking of brands that make you dance…

During the Saturday evening Posh Party,the PoshMARKET brands also hit the runway at our 2nd annual Posh Party fashion show. We had community members and Team Posh work the catwalk with DJ Miss Megs on the turntables and they SHUT. IT. DOWN.

Interested in how to get started with Wholesale but missed PoshMARKET? Check out how to get your boutique started on Poshmark today!

PoshFest 2017: Our CEO, Manish Chandra, Delivers the State of the Posh Union

The State of the Posh Union happens every year at PoshFest with our fearless leader, Founder & CEO, Manish Chandra, sharing the story of just how far we’ve come together along with some big updates coming to Poshmark in the future. This year did not disappoint as he had the crowd (and let’s be honest, us too) on the edge our seats waiting to hear the exciting news!

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset

To start, he touched on some of Poshmark’s core values…

Poshmark is All About Spreading the LOVE
This year’s PoshFest was a special one — and not to mention our first-ever SOLD OUT event. PoshFest wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing community of Seller Stylists.

Together We GROW
Poshmark started in a garage way back when in 2011 and now we’re here with over 3 MILLION Seller Stylists on the platform. #NBD

By the numbers:

  • There are over 100 listings created every minute
  • Over 60 offers are made every minute
  • A sale is made every two seconds
  • 7 million shares a day (Last time this year, we were sharing 4 million times a day. Can you say WOW?!)

You Asked, We Listened. These features came in just this past year:

But wait, there’s more! Here’s all the exciting updates to look forward to:

  • Flat Rate boxes: Soon you’ll be able to use any box to ship your #PoshPackages, thanks to our latest partnership with USPS.
  • Stylist Match: You might have seen a little experiment we ran a few weeks ago asking the community if they wanted to get styled. It generated a lot of interest so we will begin experimenting soon by asking new and existing shoppers if they’d like to get styled for a specific occasion, then match them with our community of Seller Stylists, like you, to style each shopper for their occasion.  
  • New Seller Dispute Process: We’re revamping the seller dispute process to give you a voice in your cases.
  • Posh Ambassador: We launched the Posh Ambassador program, and it’s all about, you guessed it, YOU! We’re constantly building new features and making improvements with love, people and growth in mind. Find out more about the Posh Ambassador program, the natural evolution of the Suggested User program, built with the same approach here
    • We’ve updated our matching algorithms.
    • We’ve built the Posh Ambassador program into the app.
    • And, as a Suggested User, you’re automatically included in the new Posh Ambassador program.
  • Brand New Home Page: The updated web redesign is all about you, tailored specifically to amplify your brand, increasing purchases per visitor. Best of all, you can now list on the web, further simplifying the listing process so you can sell anywhere, from any platform.

The Future is Bright
In Manish’s words,

“We’re growing at rapid speed — but we’re not growing alone, we’re growing together. And at the heart of everything we do, is the acknowledgment that we’re all a little weird. And when we embrace our weirdness, it frees us to accept each other. So I challenge you to embark on this journey with me, paving the way for the next ten years, by embracing your weirdness, leading with love, focusing on people and growing together. The future is bright, because in the words of one of my favorite music artists, Drake, “We started from the bottom and now we’re here!””

Catch part of the State of the Posh Union on our Facebook:

PoshFest 2017: Key Marketing & Branding Takeaways

Want to know how to take your Poshmark business to the next level? Marketing and branding are the keys to success! We had some marketing mavens and branding all-stars share their tips and tricks at PoshFest, read on to learn more!

Think of marketing in three areas to help your business hit different goals:

Growth Marketing:
How to attract new customers and grow your current business

  • New arrivals lists: create a listing in your closet as a place to tag and let your customers know when you’ve uploaded new merchandise.
  • Build relationships with repeat customers: Notice someone has been repeat-buying from your closet? Reach out and build a stronger connection!
  • Outbound communication: Get your closet name out there! Not only in the app, but out there in the world of social media as well! *stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on this*|
    #PoshTip: “I share my sold listings to catch eyes of new customers and reassure them I’m a great seller!” –@theamandaweiss

Product Marketing:
How to use the marketing tools built into Poshmark to leverage the existing community

  • Sharing to Posh Parties: Take note of when our daily Posh Parties are happening. Sharing to these parties will gain increased exposure for your listings.
  • Utilizing the Dressing Room: Take our shiny new feature, the Dressing Room, for a spin! There you can style your buyers, offer them private bundle discounts, and more.
  • Price Drop Notification Strategy: Wait until your listing hits critical mass aka you’ve built up your likes, then drop the price at strategic times to trigger a price drop notification.

Brand & Content Marketing:
How to find your niche and building a brand that people recognize & love (As @katjo says, “marketing is the push, branding is the pull!”)

  • Social Media: Find your niche and start promoting your brand on social media to that audience.
  • Creative Marketing: Get creative in your marketing approach! Try using videos to showcase your listings on social media. Offer styling tips in your descriptions. Get the creativity flowing!
  • Visual Branding: Find your style and stick to it.
    You know your branding is strong when a Posher can look at a Covershot and instantly tell it’s yours. “Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need a special camera or lighting kit to take killer Covershots. Just focus on clear photos and good lighting.” -@everydeystyle 

    Stay tuned for more key insights from PoshFest 2017!