A message from our COO regarding Silicon Valley Bank

To our Poshmark community:

Some of you may have seen the news regarding Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and its impact on some marketplaces’ ability to issue customer redemptions. I want to assure everyone in our seller community that all accounts on Poshmark continue to be safe and secure. We do not use SVB to store customer or marketplace funds, and your ability to process payments and redemptions is not affected. 

John McDonald
Chief Operating Officer, Poshmark

Your Guide to Posh Shows

Shop LIVE with Posh Shows—the simple new way to connect and shop together. We’re currently in beta and can’t wait for you to try it out. Find out how to get the most out of shows below.

Preview Show Listings:

  • Preview the listings a seller will be featuring during their show by selecting the upcoming show and heading to the waiting room. Then, tap the featured listings icon in the bottom-right corner. 
  • Tap the heart icon to like a listing and get notified when the item is about to be auctioned! 
  • Tap to preview the listings in the show and then search for a specific brand or item to see if that will be featured in the show! 
  • Get a sneak peek of an upcoming show by tapping into a show’s waiting room and the preview (if the seller chose to add one) will automatically play.

Discover Show Tags:

  • View Show Tags on the All Posh Shows page to find shows with the theme, styles, or brands that you’re interested in.
  • NEW! In addition to being able to view Show Tags beneath each show’s Covershot, you can now explore even more shows by tapping on tags at the top of the All Posh Shows page.

View & Save Upcoming Posh Shows: 

  • NEW! Tap the dotted icon in a show’s waiting room to view all of the host’s upcoming shows in one location.
  • Tap the bookmark icon next to a show’s title or in the show waiting room to be notified when it starts. Never miss out on shows you’re interested in watching! 
  • View your saved shows in one area by tapping on the bookmark icon in the top right-hand corner of the All Posh Shows page, which will take you to the My Saved Shows page.

Explore Different Show Types:

  • NEW! Discover the types of shows that interest you most with live and silent shows in their own designated areas. 

Receive Show Notifications: 

  • Get notified when sellers you follow go LIVE. Make sure your push notifications are turned on by going to Settings > Notifications > Posh Shows.
  • Get notified when your liked items are in a show, so you never miss out on a chance to bid on items you like. 
    • #POSHTIP: Check out the number of likes a listing has to get a sense of buyer demand and how quickly the item may sell. 

Add a Show to your Calendar: 

  • Add a Posh Show as an event on your calendar to make sure you never miss out. Head to the show waiting room and tap Add to Calendar to get started!

Access a Posh Show: 

  • Tune in to a show by heading to the All Posh Shows page on the Shop and Feed tabs. A banner will also display in a seller’s closet when they are hosting a show, and on specific listings when they’re being auctioned.

View Available Listings: 

  • Once you’re in a show, tap the featured listings icon to check out the items for sale. Tap on a listing to get quick access to its detail page for more info. 
    • #POSHTIP: Ask the seller any outstanding questions LIVE and get real-time answers!
  • Tap the seller icon to view their closet and browse other available listings.

Connect with the Community: 

  • Ask questions or share comments about an item you’re interested in by typing in the show chat.
  • Show the seller how much you love an item by tapping the heart eyes emoji.
  • See an item that a fellow Posher would love? Mention them in the chat by typing @ and then searching their name so they’ll be notified. 

Watch Shows and Browse: 

  • Tap the minimize icon in the top-right corner to watch Posh Shows while you browse.

Place a Bid and Purchase: 

  • Auctions make it fun and easy to purchase items during a show. You can use the suggested bid price or tap Custom Bid to enter your own.
  • Pay for your Posh Show purchases using all accepted payment types except Affirm.
  • Once you’ve made a purchase, you’ll automatically be eligible for bundled shipping. Keep shopping to get bundled shipping for all additional purchases from the same seller in the show! 

Receive Order Support:

  • In the event of payment failure, you can update your payment details from the Order Details page.
    • #POSHTIP: The seller can reauction this listing to another shopper, so be sure to update this information as soon as possible.

Swipe to Watch More Shows:

  • Interested in easily switching between shows? Once you’re in a show, swipe up to easily tune in to the next!

Ready to try it out? Head to the All Posh Shows page to shop LIVE now!

For any issues with your purchases, please contact support@poshmark.com.

If you have questions about Posh Shows, please reach out to us at poshshows@poshmark.com.

 Latest Feature Updates on Posh: November 2022

Update alert! In case you missed it, check out our newest features and announcements below to stay on top of the latest and greatest from Poshmark HQ.

‘Tis the season for family, friends, festivity—and, of course, features! Check out the newest resources available on the blog to help get your closet ready for a successful season of sales. 

  • Poshmark’s Holiday Trend Report gives you data and insights to the hottest trends of the season so that you can source and cash in for the holidays. Check out the Trend Reports available in the US and Canada below!

Shop Posh Shows (US)
Check out some of the latest feature updates that make it even easier to shop Posh Shows and support your fellow sellers. 

  • Shop + Browse: You can continue watching a Posh Show while navigating the Poshmark app, letting you view listing details and the seller’s closet while you continue watching the show.
  • Save Upcoming Shows: Tap the save icon next to an upcoming show you’re interested in to be notified once the seller goes LIVE.

Reminder, that we’re currently still testing this feature and can’t wait to involve more sellers—stay tuned for updates. 

Head to the All Posh Shows page on the Feed to explore! 

Shop Posh Shows (CA)
We’re excited to share that Canada just officially launched their own Posh Shows beta this month! Learn more here.

Shipping QR Codes

Did you hear? Shipping QR Codes are now on Poshmark – A faster and easier way to ship your packages. Follow these simple steps: 

Update Your Settings
Head to My Account Tab > My Seller Tools > Shipping Label Settings to make this your default setting.

Access QR Code
Once enabled, you can access the QR code for all future orders in the order page or sale confirmation email.

#POSHTIP: Before heading to USPS, please generate your QR code ahead of time, as it may take 2-3 minutes for the code to be scannable at a USPS store location.

Head to the Account tab to get started. Please note, this feature is currently only available in the US. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Faster Payout Options Have Arrived!

Now, sellers in the US can get paid faster than ever with added payout options! 

– Instant Transfer
– PayPal
– Venmo 

Coming Soon: Sellers in Canada will be able to cash out with PayPal. 

If you haven’t yet, head to My Balance to get started.

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