5 Halloween Costumes You Can Find on Poshmark

Halloween is just around the corner and you best believe we’re creepin’ it real by shopping for costumes on Poshmark. Why spend tons of your hard earned cash when you can get a deal because you know you’ll only be wearing it once!

We’ve compiled a list of noteworthy Halloween costume ideas to help you get started.

Couples: Lara Jean Covey & Peter Kavinsky

Picture: Netflix

If you’ve watched the wildly popular Netflix original movie,To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you know that Lara Jean Covey + Peter Kavinsky = couple goals.

Steal Lara Jean’s style with some seriously cute finds from Poshmark! Think a signature scrunchie, preppy sweaters and cardigans, paired with plaid skirts.

Getting the look of the Internet’s boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, is super easy. Peter’s style is simple and laid-back. Catch him a henley, jeans, and a hoodie any day. (Bonus points: go full post hot-tub robe look if you dare or accessorize with a handwritten love letter from your girl, Lara Jean.)

Best of Poshmark: USP-YES 

Two things that always win in a Halloween costume: creativity and Poshmark. Nail down this theme by creating a USPS person costume complete with #PoshPackages.

To get the look, you’ll need blue shorts or pants, a blue button down, and plenty of Priority Mail boxes.

Fashion Classics: the Devil Wears Prada

giphy (6).gif

Two birds, one stone? Treat yourself to Prada and work it into your costume! Go for the “Devil Wears Prada” look by sporting a Prada item of your choice, plus some devil horns and makeup, done.

Throwback: Bob Ross

Capture hearts and serious respect with a throwback costume! BOB IS BACK and his look is easy to steal. Two words: Denim. Everything. Dress up the look with a curly wig, fake beard, and a DIY artist’s palette, now that’s what we call a work of art.



#PoshMini: Kids Costumes + More

Mini Greaser? Extra mini Mini Mouse? Baby bumble bee? Needless to say whatever you’re dressing your minis as, they’re going to be stinking cute. Be sure to check out all the kids’ costumes on Poshmark!




Posh N Sip September Recap


September was a crazy busy month as we all got ready for back to school, PoshFest prep, and all the fall things. We want to give a huge thanks to these awesome hosts who kept our Posh N Sip calendar full while balancing everything else on their plates! Check out the photos from this month’s Posh N Sips below:

Hosted by Richera
Hosted by Nicole
Hosted by Danielle & Jazmin
Hosted by Connie & Ashley
Hosted by Shiela & Amanda
Hosted by Jillian
9-22palmspringsCA Hosted by Anna 9-22chulavistaca Hosted by Sharon
9-27sacramentoCA Hosted by Cheryl & Evgenia PNSLOGOSQUARE

These Poshers are spreading the word about Poshmark while earning referral credits, becoming Poshmark influencers, and, of course, getting their hands on exclusive Posh swag – including a special host thank you gift!

Interested in hosting your own Posh N Sip? Reach out to us at hosting@poshmark.com to see how we can help promote your get together!

Posh N Sip August Recap


We just had the best summer ever! As vacay season comes to a close, we wanted to give a shout out to our August Posh N Sip hosts for keeping the party going! Here’s looking forward to fall faves like pumpkin spice lattes, crisp leaves and more Posh N Sips as the weather cools down.

Check out the photos from this month’s Posh N Sips below:

Hosted by Lyn, Carrie, Eileen
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Daneen, Jill & Megan
Hosted by Jill & Kim
Hosted by Julia
Hosted by Missy
 Hosted by Nicole
8-18portlandor Hosted by Kirsti
8-31detroitMI Hosted by Jillian PNSLOGOSQUARE

These Poshers are spreading the word about Poshmark while earning referral credits, becoming Poshmark influencers, and, of course, getting their hands on exclusive Posh swag – including a special host thank you gift!

Interested in hosting your own Posh N Sip? Reach out to us at hosting@poshmark.com to see how we can help promote your get together!

5 Ways Team Posh is Prepping for PoshFest

PFblogWe’re counting down to the BIGGEST PoshFest ever with tips on how to prep—straight from Team Posh! From outfits to networking, we’ve got the 411 on everything you need to kill it during PoshFest weekend.

Looking for outfits, but not sure where to start? Adiel (@rosegoldlining) is here with closet shopping tips to help you find the perfect look.

  • Shop Just In. Strike listing gold by filtering by “Just In” and shopping your PFFs’ closets.
  • Check out Showrooms. Our Merchandising team curates Showrooms on the regular, check them out to discover new closets carrying the trendiest items.
  • Try Posh Now. This handy feature is located at the top of your Shop tab and helps you snag the latest listings from closets you follow!      

Now that you’ve found some great closets, we’ve got the download from Amanda (@theamandaweisson how to put together a PoshFest worthy outfit.

  • Comfort is key. PoshFest is a jam packed weekend so I start my outfits from the bottom to the top with my shoes to ensure I will be comfortable and make it through the weekendamandaposhfestlook1.jpeg. I look for either a stacked heel, a funky sneaker, or an embellished bootie to keep me stylishly strolling from day to night.
  • Make a statement. I like to think of PoshFest as the Oscars of  Poshmark so what better time to go bold! For each outfit I always like to pick something that stands out like a bright color (like this hot pink blazer in this pic that I scored on Posh!), a statement earring, fun print or something embellished with studs, fringe or sparkles!
  • Be yourself. My favorite part about Poshmark is our amazing, unique community and everyone’s personal take on fashion and style is so fun. Wear what makes you feel amazing, confident and like a million bucks! The best thing that finishes any look? A smile! #workit

So you know what you’re wearing, but what else will you need to capture those insta-worthy moments? Caitlin (@caitbela) has got the deets on suitcase must-haves!                 DSC_4503.png

  • Ditch the extra baggage. I’m a big fan of a belt bag or small crossbody—why? Makes capturing content and juggling my phone that much easier!
  • Portable chargers are a must. From all the sharing you’re about to do on social (using #PoshFest2018, duh!) you’re going to need an extra boost to last all day capturing that content gold.                 
  • Take note. Lastly, I recommend bringing something to take notes with (like a notebook and pen or an iPad!). You’re gonna be learning all the #PoshTips!

Network, network, network. Check out Kelly’s (@kellygroves) tips to make networking a breeze.

  • Determine your goals for PoshFest. Networking events like PoshFest can oftentimes be overwhelming as you interact with so many people, so I always take time to think through who I want to meet, and what I want to achieve so I can optimize my time oncposhfest-156.jpge I’m there. Pro tip: check out the PoshFest agenda to see which panels you find most interesting and which speakers you’d like to connect with!
  • Prepare talking points. Create three compelling talking points about your Poshmark business, such as the inspiring story behind why you joined Poshmark,how you’re scaling your business, and how you connect one-on-one with shoppers to curate an awesome experience for them based on their preferences.
  • Bring business cards. Totally optional but these can come in handy with all the networking! Pro tip: add your closet name to your business card so others can find you on Poshmark!

PoshFest newcomer? So, is Camille (@camveronica)! Find out how she’s prepping to make the most of her very first PoshFest.  

  • Spread the Posh Love. I’m thrilled to meet our community IRL, so I’ve been following Poshers who are speaking at and coming to PoshFest!
  • Make a game plan. There are so many exciting sessions this year! As a long time Posher, I’m figuring out my must-see panels and breakout sessions ahead of time.
  • Get excited to meet brands at PoshFest! My role at PoshFest this year is planning ways for Boutiques to connect, support each other, and grow their businesses! I’m especially excited for our new one-on-ones for brands! This will give Seller Stylists the opportunity to make private appointments with brands to receive personalized styling advice for their boutiques. Stay tuned for more info.

Want more info? Find out what’s in store for PoshFest! Check out the agenda now.

Posh Party LIVE | Washington D.C. & Philadelphia Recap

blog_header_recap (1).jpg
Add another amazing round of Posh Party LIVE events to the book. We had SO much fun with our Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia communities!

We came, we networked, we Posh partied! In D.C., we had a special Q&A with our founder and CEO, Manish, led by our VP of Community, LyAnn! And in Philly, we had some fab Seller Stylists, @cocoskin86 and @styledbyjay, share their best tips and insights to becoming successful #PoshBosses.

Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? We’re taking a break this upcoming month to gear up for PoshFest! Stay tuned for our next stops after October!

Want to see more? Check out the photos from the events!
Washington, D.C.: Photobooth / Facebook album
Philadelphia: Photobooth / Facebook album

Summer Style Recap: Men’s Edition

From the NBA Finals to Queer Eye’s second season to shotgun celebrity engagements, these were the moments that defined men’s style this season.
Where, when and what did men shop for this summer season from coast-to-coast? Poshmark has the scoop.
Temperatures may be dropping, but these items stayed hot all summer long, rising to the top of the list as the most in-demand items purchased by men this season. 

Men in California, Texas and New York shopped the most on Poshmark this season and men in every state spent more $$$ per purchase than women.
MDR 9MDR 10The Sunday Scaries are real. Men shopped the most on Sundays, with a quarter of all purchases made between 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.
MDR 13.png

MDR 11Want to make some serious cash this fall? It’s time for an end-of-summer closet purge. These best-selling men’s brands will earn sellers the most money next season.

MDR 12