Posh Party 101

Want to get more eyes on your Poshmark closet? Look no further. Posh Parties are your go-to for sharing, shopping, and connecting with like-minded Poshers.

What are Posh Parties? 

Posh Parties are real-time, virtual shopping events where Poshers (like you!) meet up on Poshmark to shop, share, and sell clothing, beauty products, home decor, and more. 

Why should I join a Posh Party?

Snag your next #PoshFind from a curated selection of listings by joining a Posh Party. Sharing your on-theme listings to a Posh Party is a great way to get more visibility for your items (more eyeballs = more sales!). Plus, you can connect with other Poshers and spread the #PoshLove by sharing their listings that match the theme. 

Can’t make the Posh Party? No worries. After the Party ends, you can check out different showrooms that are curated with items based on what was shared during that Party.

When do Posh Parties happen? 

Posh Parties happen 4 times a day and each Party has a different theme. 

9 AM PTBRAND PARTIES: Feature some of the community’s favourite brands like Louis Vuitton, Patagonia, lululemon athletica, Aritzia, Levi’s, CHANEL, and more.

12 PM PTCATEGORY PARTIES: Showcase specific product categories like “Best in Bags,” “Best in Jeans,” and “Best in Home.”

4 PM PTDEPARTMENT PARTIES:  Highlight some of the different departments such as Men, Kids, Plus Size, and Home.

7 PM PTSTYLE PARTIES: These Parties focus on styles, seasons, and trends, such as “Athleisure Cool,” “Fashion Favorites,” and “Winter Must-Haves.”

How do I join a Posh Party? 

Find upcoming and past Posh Parties in just a few simple steps: 

In the App:
1. Go to the Shop Tab.
2. Scroll down to Parties.
3. Tap All Parties.
On the Web:
1. From the top navigation
bar, click on Parties.

How do I share listings to a Posh Party?

After a Party begins, head over to your Poshmark closet and follow these steps: 

  1. Select a listing that matches the Party theme 
  2. Tap Share 
  3. Tap Share next to the name of the Party

Bam, you’re done! As long as your listing matches the Party theme, it will be shared to the Party.

What does it mean to co-host a Posh Party? 

As a Posh Party co-host, you get to be a part of creating a highly-curated showroom within the Party with items you love from fellow Poshers’ closets! This is your chance to showcase your personal style, build connections, expand your network, and drive more eyes to your closet.

How do I apply to co-host a Posh Party? 

Are you a Posh Ambassador and interested in co-hosting a Posh Party? Check out the hosting criteria and then apply here.

How can I connect with upcoming Posh Party co-hosts? 

Check out the Posh Party Line-Up for a list of this week’s co-hosts!

Questions? Head over to our Posh Party FAQs for more details.