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Your listing photos on Poshmark are arguably the most important deciding factor for potential customers to hit that Buy Now or Offer button. In this guide, we’ll cover how to photograph your listings with focus on the basics such as style, composition, lighting, equipment and editing. In addition, we’ll walk through what photos to include in your listing to make sure you’re stepping in the right direction (towards a sale!)

Types of Photos in a Poshmark Listing

A Covershot is the first photo in a listing and serves as the very first impression of the item you’re selling, your closet, and your style.  And like any first impression, you want to have your item stand out to potential buyers and entice them to click and buy.

Detail photos are what we call all the other photos in your listing (note: you can add up to 8 photos) that come after the Covershot. Detail photos are—you guessed it— where you want to provide photos of details of your item. Take a photo and represent your item from all sorts of different angles—the back, the front, laid full out. You should also include photos of any possible rips, stains, or signs of wear, the tag so the buyer can reference the sizing, your item next to something else for scale, a close up of the texture or cool details, etc.

Think About Composition & Lighting 

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just beginning, one Posh Tip is to learn how to effectively compose your shot. One simple way to get started is to get a plain background to shoot your items on. We recommend you use a plain white sheet or you can pick up some white posterboard or even a roll out backdrop.

Listing photography is the perfect medium to incorporate your own personal style. Doing so can help set you apart and make your personal brand come to life. All you need is any additional props or backdrops that fit your personal brand’s aesthetic. Here are a few amazing closets that are already doing this!

Lighting is essential to listing photography. When you photograph your items with proper lighting, it allows buyers to see clear details of your listings. Take advantage of the natural light in your home! Open up all the curtains or blinds, set up near a window and let that natural light shine through. Lacking the natural light? Try out a ring light to get that light just right.


The beauty about listing on Poshmark is that the only equipment you truly need is a smartphone, but you can definitely level up your shots with the following equipment: 

  • A smartphone or camera: both are great to capture your listing photos.
  • A backdrop: great for making your photos look very clean.
  • Artificial lighting: does the trick in case you’re in a space with low natural light. These come in many forms such as ring lights and box lights.
  • A tripod: super helpful if you’re shooting multiple listings in one session.


Once you’ve snapped the perfect photos for your listing the next step is to edit. A simple touch-up will go a long way (especially with Covershots!) Editing is easy in-app; play with one our out-of-the-box ready photo filters or fine tune your adjustments. Here are our top 3 tips to consider when editing:

When editing your photos the first thing you want to edit is the brightness. There are various ways to edit the lighting but the simplest way is experiment by increasing or decreasing the brightness until desired. Posh Tip: don’t overdo it on lighting or your photos will appear grainy or overexposed.

The crop tool is the easiest tool that can make a real difference. If you’re shooting your own photos on your phone or camera it’s important to note that your images will only fit in square size. Therefore, you will need to edit and crop your photos to square size upon uploading them to Poshmark. Posh Tip: if shooting on your smartphone camera, adjust your settings to shoot in a 1:1 ratio, that way you don’t need to crop manually!


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  2. How much is the one amount shipping charges? I would like information about shipping.

  3. I’m looking forward to start selling on *POSTMARK. I sold many items on eBay before, but I like the idea of One amount of shipping for any items up to 5 LBS. Furthermore, I have over 4,000 feed-backs on the other site, but this looks better!.

  4. How do some Poshers achieve the all-white background? Is there a particular app or setting? –Thanks.

    1. Mentioned in the article was to get a white vinyl photography backdrop (not cheap) OR use white poster board or white sheets.

    2. You can try a free Canva or Vista Create app to remove the background of your listing and replace it with a white background. A white sheet can also work nice.

    3. U can use the app called PhotoRoom or u can get a plain white sheet, backdrop, or even white cardboard if ur just starting out.

    4. Go to PhotoRoom and it automatically clears out your background and will also adjust the size of photo to Poshmark size! Saved me so much time

    5. Usually the white background is achieved with an app, if not all the time. The most popular one on poshmark I have seen is called photo room and that makes the background of your photos white and I believe does have some other functions it provides. It does cost money though and is billed annually. Hope that helps.

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