App Update Alert: Promoting your listings just got easier with Bulk Listing Actions

Promoting your listings just got easier with Bulk Listing Actions! Now you have the ability to multi-select the listings you want to share, send offers, and edit the price—saving time, increasing visibility, and helping drive sales.

Bulk Share to Followers & Parties

With Bulk Share to Followers & Parties, sharing your listings is a breeze. By sharing in bulk you will:

  • Save time. Sharing your items in bulk is over 2x FASTER than sharing each listing individually (that’s cutting your time by over 50%!).
  • Increase visibility. Bulk sharing to followers keeps your listings at the top of search results, brand pages, feeds, and more.
  • Reach more shoppers. Bulk sharing to Parties allows you to reach a large number of motivated buyers all at once.

Bulk Offer to Likers

Hold your own flash sale even faster by using Bulk Offer to Likers. Send offers in bulk to:

  • Save time. Send multiple offers in just a few clicks.
  • Speed up sales. Holding your own flash sale is now easier than ever.
  • Easily enter giveaways. Sending Offers to Likers in bulk comes in handy during events like Make a Deal Days, where you could win big!

Bulk Edit Listing Price

Use Bulk Edit Listing Price to  adjust your listing prices all at once. This can help you:

  • Save time. Edit multiple prices in a snap—helping reduce your time spent editing individually by over 90%.
  • Attract potential buyers. When you drop prices in bulk, each listing’s Likers will be notified of the price drop.
  • Easily enter giveaways. Dropping your prices for days like Closet Clear Out is now quick and simple.

P.S. Don’t see this feature yet? Stay tuned and be sure to keep your app updated—Bulk Listing Actions will be rolling out to everyone soon!

One thought on “App Update Alert: Promoting your listings just got easier with Bulk Listing Actions

  1. I just found I am unable to share something (Not a new listing) due to the character count being too large. Mind you, I’d previously shared this listing as is with no issues. Why is it suddenly too high a character count with NO changes?

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