Poshmark Turns 8

Let’s pop some bubbly—we’re celebrating our 8th birthday in San Francisco! Get ready to meet Team Posh and party with your PFFs. Space is limited, so snag your tickets now to secure a spot.

When: Thursday, December 5th from 6:00 PM  – 10:00 PM
Where: Bluxome Street Winery (53 Bluxome St., San Francisco, CA 94107)
What: Cocktails, music, photobooth fun, and more! 

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Not in the Bay Area? No problem! There are live events all over the country, hosted by YOU—our amazing community. Click here to learn more about our parties happening in Canada.

Take a look at the list of live parties happening to find one in your area. Keep checking back, we’ll be updating this page with more cities.

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Atlanta, GA hosted by @caslemfinks

Birmingham, AL hosted by @poshjeepgirl 

Cypress, TX hosted by @shanhoover

Houston, TX hosted by @poshchronicles

San Antonio, TX hosted by @lonestarfinds16

San Diego, CA hosted by @mimisdbest 

Windermere, FL hosted by @sophiaroseshop

Irvine, CA hosted by @mizfabulousity

New York, NY hosted by @fashionista21

Sterling Heights, MI hosted by @katjo

Woodstock, GA hosted by @blackturtle7

Austin, TX hosted by @everydeystyle

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Apple Valley, CA hosted by @marissa1978

Atlanta, GA hosted by @justjewels4u 

Las Vegas, NV hosted by @kimcity 

Los Angeles, CA hosted by @covetedcloth

Los Angeles, CA hosted by @laretrogirl 

Maumelle, AR hosted by @scooterrenee 

Newark, DE hosted by @passionreseller

Newport Beach, CA hosted by @jill555

Port Orchard, WA hosted by @ohthatssnazzy

San Antonio, TX hosted by @glitter_assoc

Denver, CO hosted by @ex_globetrotter

Charleston, SC hosted by @thrifty_cactus

Minneapolis, MN hosted by @millyandmonica

Christiana, DE hosted by @americangirl66

Chicago, IL hosted by @thefancyllama

Philadelphia, PA hosted by @skirtssewpretty

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Pineville, LA hosted by @thejanismarie

Appleton, WI hosted by @momandsonduo 

Ave Maria, FL hosted by @meeshdsy 

Charlotte, NC hosted by @poshliketheboss

Chula Vista, CA hosted by @noy2312

Cincinnati, OH hosted by @trendsetchic

Corona, CA hosted by @joyamarino

Doylestown, PA hosted by @violet507

Federal Way, WA hosted by @travelinggirl68 

Fort Worth, TX hosted by @goldenpolkadot

LaBelle, FL hosted by @sofisticata 

Las Vegas, NV hosted by @kittynsincity 

Los Angeles, CA hosted by @bellanblue

Somerset, NJ hosted by @xstinebelle

Baltimore, MD hosted by @styledbysamona

Phoenix, AZ hosted by @cloudscloset

St. Louis, MO hosted by @slyisom

Baton Rouge, LA hosted by @poshglamgirl

Marlton, NJ hosted by @maryfashionista

New Orleans, LA hosted by @ravenleigh524

New York, NY hosted by @ornamentalstone 

Parkland, FL hosted by @fancyfloridians 

Pembroke Pines, FL hosted by @jennpages

Portland, ME hosted by @keepinitrad

Portland, OR hosted by @embrace_sisu

San Antonio, TX hosted by @allzedetails

San Diego, CA hosted by @jenn_sd

South Hadley, MA hosted by @shopnccloset

Syracuse, NY hosted by @queensa

Union, NJ hosted by @thefashionloft 

University Place, WA hosted by @cjrose25

Woodstock, GA hosted by @javamomscorner

Woodinville, WA hosted by @cchow19

Hammonton, NJ hosted by @_tattooedbarbie

Spokane, WA hosted by @girlygrrlstyle

Canada Posh N Sips

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Victoria, BC hosted by @karasposhkloset

Oakville, ON hosted by @_shopdesigner

Edmonton, AB hosted by @kirsten_bee780

Toronto, ON hosted by @ashleydtl

Hamilton, ON hosted by @mpalombella & @rainbowpoops

Toronto, ON hosted by @lizlist

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Canyon, BC hosted by @noramcloset & @sierra759

Calgary, AB hosted by @thrifty_stew & @reidthis

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Vancouver, BC hosted by @stylevancouver & @gracelee338

Winnipeg, MB hosted by @winnipeg_posher 

Yellowknife, NT hosted by @mermaidandmoon

Ottawa, ON hosted by @thriftologue_ca

Toronto, ON hosted by @poshtoronto, @anaaa_d & @rocktheglow

Kingston, ON hosted by @rags_forriches

Kitchener, ON hosted by @bekahdoesdisney & @poshglamca

Montreal, QC hosted by @nawelsfn

Halifax, NS hosted by @taracarver & @haley_crowell 

TBD hosted by @thriftysh_

October Posh N Sip Recap

Happy Fall! Our October was jam-packed with incredible Posh N Sips at PoshFest and throughout the community. Huge thank you to all of our amazing hosts this past month.

We have a huge group of Posh N Sip hosts who have achieved milestones this month. Congrats to @maryfashionista for reaching her 5th milestone Posh N Sip!

Our 4th milestone hosts for October are @ex_globetrotter, @beadshine, and @makersgirl78. We’ve got a huge group of 3rd milestone hosts this month to shout out! Congrats to @javamomscorner, @newyorkposher, @cchow19, @southshorebtq, @nikkis_place, @moongoddess7, @infinitelyposh, and @glitter_assoc.

Last but not least, let’s give a round of applause to our 2nd milestone hosts: @ornamentalstone, @styledbysamona, @charocloset, @_tattooedbarbie, @ohthatssnazzy, @thefancyllama, @sequinstiletto, and @tatycloset.

We are truly in awe of how much our Posh N Sip community has grown. We’re so grateful to all of you who pour so much Posh Love into every event!

Check out the photos from this month’s Posh N Sips below:

These Poshers are spreading the word about Poshmark while earning referral credits, becoming Poshmark influencers, and, of course, exclusive Posh swag–including a special host thank you gift!

Interested in hosting your own Posh N Sip? Reach out to us at hosting@poshmark.com to see how we can help promote your get together!


Style This: Holiday Attire

‘Tis the season to RSVP to holiday parties! Stressing on what to wear? We got your back! Team Posh showed us how it’s done by styling festive looks and dressing to the nines.

Look #1 – Anneke (@awnickuh



Anneke incorporated one of this season’s trendiest items — animal print — to her outfit and did not disappoint. She paired it with the cutest pair of brown booties and her Chloé crossbody to bring the whole look together!

Shop Anneke’s Look:

Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 1 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 2 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 3 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 4

 Look #2 – Jay (@jives2)

JayWe’re here for Jay’s calm, cool, and collected holiday outfit. Dress up your blazer with a pair of Chelsea boots and a fun hat to top it off! 

Shop Jay’s Look:

Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 9 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 8 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 10 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 8 copy

 Look #3 – Laura (@lgrav)

LauraWe are obsessing over Laura’s old Hollywood glam inspired look. Nothing seems more festive than her faux-fur coat, dazzling accessories, and a signature bold red lip. Be ready to strike a pose in this showstopper!

Shop Laura’s Look:

Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 6 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 5 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 7 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 14 copy 2

 Look #4 – Archana

ArchanaArchana’s look is simple yet so stylish! Take notes by pairing your everyday striped pants with wedges and a chic pair of gold hoop earrings like she did. You’ll be ready to dance the night away in no time!

Shop Archana’s Look:

Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 15 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 16 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 17 copy Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 17


 Look #5 – Adam (@adamcrouch

AdamGrab yourself a top coat like Adam’s to prep yourself for the winter weather. All of Adam’s layers, from his wool coat to his leather gloves, will be sure to keep him extra warm this holiday season! 

Shop Adam’s Look:

Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 11 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 14 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 12 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 13



Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 18 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 19 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 20 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 21 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 22Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 23 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 24 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 25 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 26 Showroom Icons ST HolidayArtboard 27

How are you getting ready for your holiday parties? Tag us, @Poshmark, in your #OOTDs so we can see!

Posh Party LIVE | St. Louis & Orlando



And that’s a wrap on #PoshPartyLIVE for 2019! 🎉 We had the best time with you, St. Louis + Orlando. Our hearts are full of #PoshLove. Weren’t able to make it? Check out all the highlights below. 

Highlights from St. Louis

What are your tips for new Poshers?
“Be creative. I always feel like whenever I see something, I always think, ‘Can I repaint this?’ Then, somebody else can buy it and they can be creative too. The other thing is to be very thorough in your descriptions.” – @cactusandpeony

What keeps you going?
“I have a note. […] It says, ‘Believe in your hustle.’ I want everybody out there to believe in your hustle. You can do this.” – @eddiej314

DSC_4223 DSC_4387 DSC_4226

Highlights from Orlando

Why Thursday is the best day to send an Offer to Likers:
“Friday is usually payday. I know Friday someone can say, ‘Oh, my check came in?’ and ‘Oh, someone sent me an offer for a good deal!’ How convenient.” – @thecurlycactus

What’s your tip for new Poshers?
“Don’t try and compare yourself.” – @thecurlycactus
“Stick to a routine.” – @lovembmstore
“Don’t give up.” – @taetae821

DSC_4593 DSC_4656 DSC_4765

Straight from the Attendees

Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? Stay tuned for where we’ll be heading to next!

Check out the photos from the events:
St. Louis: Facebook Album / Photobooth
Orlando: Facebook Album / Photobooth

Name a More Iconic Duo: Mister Rogers & the Cardigan, a Report by Poshmark

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on November 22 — the new Mister Rogers movie — we took a look at the rise to fame of the men’s cardigan, including the most iconic cardigan looks throughout pop culture, and how to shop for and style this closet staple on Poshmark.

Few items in fashion have as much staying power or mass appeal as the cardigan.
With fans from President Jimmy Carter to rock phenomenon Kurt Cobain to everyone’s favorite
neighbor Fred Rogers—the cardigan is a menswear classic.

Like many fashion staples, the cardigan of today originated out of necessity.
The cardigan emerged as a variation of a military jacket in the 1850s and is now considered
a must-have item.


James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, was considered a war hero and popularized his signature style: a knitted waistcoat, the original cardigan.


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted in the U.S. In the series, Fred Rogers started each episode by changing out of his work clothes and into his casual attire, including his signature cardigans and sneakers.


President Jimmy Carter famously wore a cardigan for his televised speech about the energy crisis in the U.S.


Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman, wore a vintage green cardigan for his world-famous performance on the MTV series Unplugged in New York.


Ryan Reynolds, who helped popularize wearing a cardigan beneath a blazer, was named GQ’s Man of the Year.


Tyler, the Creator, known for his style and cardigan collection, headlined his first performance at Madison Square Garden for a cardigan-clad audience.


Fred Rogers, everyone’s favorite neighbor, in his signature red cardigan. Mister Rogers started each episode by changing into a cardigan that was knitted by his mother specifically for the show. After his mother could no longer knit his cardigans, the low-cost production team procured zip-up cardigans from the same company that supplied them to the USPS and dyed them vivid colors in a soup pot.


President Jimmy Carter famously addressed the nation about an ongoing energy crisis in a tan cardigan. This cardigan is now on display at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia.


Kurt Cobain, whose style is the epitome of ‘90s grunge, wore a vintage green cardigan for his acoustic performance on MTV’s show Unplugged. The item is now a collector’s piece and in 2015, was sold for over $137,000. The cardigan was recently auctioned a second time and sold for $334,000, which set a record for the most expensive sweater ever sold at an auction. 


Ryan Reynolds, 2016’s biggest superhero who’s known as much for his style and charisma as he is for his award-winning acting, was spotted in one of his favorite knitwear staples while promoting Deadpool: a blue button-down cardigan.


Tyler, the Creator, a top artist from music to fashion, developed his iconic style as part of LA’s skater culture in the Fairfax District. In July 2019, he introduced the capsule collection Lacoste x GOLF le FLEUR* including a signature fuzzy pink cardigan that he wore to the French Open.

We took a look at how male shoppers have been finding their signature cardigan looks on Poshmark across the U.S. and Canada, just in time for the film’s release.
Since the premiere of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019, cardigan searches increased, which led to a spike in purchases.¹

Red cardigans, a favorite of Mister Rogers, have been particularly in-demand,
with purchases jumping since the premiere of the film.¹

Lacoste, Rag & Bone, Polo By Ralph Lauren, and All Saints were some of the top-selling men’s cardigan brands on Poshmark across the States.²

Finding your own signature cardigan isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. The cardigan is a versatile menswear staple that can be worn under a blazer for a winter work look or over a T-shirt for an afternoon at the park.

Find one to suit your own personal style by checking out these
Poshmark-approved pieces now:

And, if you’re looking for styling inspiration, consider pairing your new cardigan with one of the most popular accompanying purchases. People who purchased cardigans often also purchased the following items. ³

1. Data represents U.S. and Canada searches and purchases on Poshmark from July 13, 2019 – Nov. 1, 2019.
2. Data represents U.S. top-selling cardigan brands from Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2019.
3. Data represents U.S. and Canada weekly purchases on Poshmark when buying cardigans from Nov. 1, 2018 – Oct. 31, 2019.

3 Holiday Tablescapes That Will Wow Your Guests This Season

With the holiday season approaching fast, we know everyone is gearing up for prime hosting time, from Thanksgiving to festive dinners to gift exchanges and more! With hosting, whether a large group or small, comes putting together an amazing tablescape which we have shared three styles below that will wow all of your guests. Added bonus: you can shop for all the featured Seasonal Decor items right on Poshmark! Read on to get all your holiday entertaining inspiration…


When it comes to having a natural tablescape, it’s all about bringing in those outdoor elements into your home. Some essentials for your table are pine cones, garlands, leaves, and crystals. If you’re looking to keep your holiday table simple yet festive, going for a natural tablescape is your best bet!

Modern Glam

Dial up the glamour with a modern glam tablescape. The key to a glam aesthetic starts with gold details, metallics, and elegant accessories. Style your table with statement pieces such as gold flatware, brass napkin rings and champagne flutes

Winter White

Dreaming of a white holiday tablescape? Create an elegant and merry table by keeping it crisp and clean with antique silverware, white pillar candles, and porcelain plates. A white tablescape will genuinely make your guests feel  the holiday spirit.

Posh Tip: How to Ship with Ease During the Holidays

All your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to send out your Posh Packages! Here’s everything you need to know to get those packages out on time.

Make sure you have all the tools you need. 

Boxes labeled “Priority” from the post office are free and a great option if you don’t have packaging materials on hand. There are a variety of sizes available—perfect whether you’re shipping out a pair of boots or sweater. Too busy to stop by the post office? No worries! You can request them online and have them delivered straight to your door.

Did you know? A standard brown box works too! Just make sure that it’s the appropriate size for what you’re shipping out and ensure the label is secured on the box.

Please note: Don’t use boxes labeled “Express Mail.” Double-check before heading out the door at USPS or ordering online because they look very similar to “Priority Mail” boxes.

Don’t forget that details matter. 

There’s nothing better than opening mail that’s packed special, just for you. Before you pack up your item, here are a few steps you might want to include: 

  • Neatly fold and wrap the item up in tissue paper to ensure the item stays put during transit. Throwing in festive decor doesn’t hurt either!
  • Double-check to make sure you’re sending your item to the correct person if you’re shipping out multiple packages!
  • Protect your packages with extra padding when necessary (looking at you, fragile home items). 
  • Include a handwritten thank you note! There’s nothing better than a handwritten thank you. It’s all in the details and your seller will appreciate you going the extra mile. P.S. download free Posh Holiday thank you card designs here.

Ship, ship, hooray!

Now that your package is ready for delivery, let’s ship it out to its new home! If your parcel is small enough, feel free to slip it in the nearest blue USPS mailbox. Otherwise, you can drop off your package directly at the post office or schedule for a pick up via USPS’ site.

Want to follow your package on its new journey? Take note of the USPS tracking number on the label that was originally emailed to you by Poshmark and plug it in here

Posh Tip: The last day to ship items to arrive in time for the holidays is Thursday, December 19th, 2019. 

(Shipping in Canada? The last day for Canada Post is December 13th)

But wait, I’m shipping in Canada!

Same rules apply as above but things are a bit different. You can purchase a box or packing slip from any Canada Post office (Note: you cannot use boxes labeled “Priority” or “Xpresspost”) or you can package your items using any standard box you have around your house already!

Once ready, simply drop off your packages at any Canada Post Office location or Canada Post mailbox (if applicable). Can’t make it to a Canada Post Office? You can request a pick up of your packages at home!

Track your packages as they go⁠—enter your Canada Post tracking number on the shipping label here to see the shipping status.

And that’s it! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get those #PoshPackages to their new homes during the holiday season.