Poshmark System Status

Update December 4th, 4:00pm PT: If you have received spam comments related to Rewards/Prizes or other spam comments claiming to be from Poshmark, please be aware that they are from spammers and not from Poshmark.

We understand your concerns and frustration regarding the recent spam.  Our team has been working around the clock in taking corrective actions to both remove these spam comments from your listing and News feed, and also disabling the accounts of the spammers. Please do not click on the links or go to the third party website and give personal information.

If you have gone to the third party website and given them your password, please change your Poshmark password. If you took no action, then there is nothing else needed and your Poshmark account remains safe and secure.

What is Poshmark doing to prevent spam?
Poshmark is addressing spam by blocking the accounts responsible for this activity, removing their comments from your listings and News feed, as well as developing stronger tools to prevent further spam.

What can you do to help?
Please report these accounts as spammers.  Go to the specific profile that left the comment or tagged you in the comment and use the “report” feature (the top right button on a profile) and report the account as “spam”.  Because the Poshmark team is aware of the issue, there is no need to write into support.

Rest assured it is our top priority to keep your information safe and prevent spam.  We appreciate and thank you for your patience!

#PoshLoveFest: Sharing for a Good Cause

#PoshLoveFest (aka Poshmark’s 5th birthday) is going to party beyond the walls of PMHQ on December 6th — we have Poshers throwing parties across the country, AND Posh Parties happening all day in the app from 9am to 9pm PST. That’s 12 hours of Posh Partying across the entire country. Now,
this is a celebration!

Not only are we celebrating across the nation, we’re asking YOU, our community, to come together to break our one-day sharing record of 10 million. That’s right, if when we break this goal, our 5th birthday will go down in Posh history as our highest sharing day to date. No sweat — we got this!!

It gets better! Once we smash the 10 million shares goal together, Poshmark will be sharing the love by making a donation to the Dress for Success foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with Dress for Success, it’s an incredible organization that works with women to achieve their economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the tools to help them thrive in work and life. By sharing on December 6th, you’re supporting not only your PFFs, but a great cause to match!

So get your sharing thumbs ready, we’re about to make Posh history together!

From the CEO: Today and Every Day We Give Thanks for You



 As we gear up for our fifth birthday, I reflect on all the people who have been part of our story. The millions of women (and now men!) who join us every day to connect with and support one another and the team here at Poshmark who work to create a delightful experience filled to the brim with love. Thank you for all you do every day as a seller, a stylist and a shopper to nurture and support this amazing community.

Let’s take a look back at what we’ve accomplished together over the past 5 years:

In 2012, our first full year together, there were less than 50,000 Seller Stylists on the platform. Today less than five years later we have grown 40-fold to over two million Seller Stylists. Each of you selling, sharing and curating to make the world a more loving and stylish place. You curate nearly 5 million times a day and will share more than a billion items just this year alone. Not only do you share but you create boutiques, essentially designing the mall of the future on Poshmark. In 2012, it would take you more than a month to create enough listings on Poshmark to fill a department store. Today you do that in less than two days!

You have turned your closets into boutiques and your boutiques into fashion brands. There are now over 100,000 Seller Stylists who have opened a boutique on Poshmark in less than one year. In just six months, over 130,000 of you have expanded, opening up a men’s section in your closets, making Poshmark one of the largest men’s fashion stores online. Two interesting facts about this new category – 3 out of 4 sellers of men’s merchandise on Poshmark are women but men are shopping fast and furious. One man alone bought over 75 items in less than 4 months on Poshmark!

And all this love brings money. In just the last few years by shopping on Poshmark, you have put nearly half a billion dollars in the pockets of women (and men!) just like you all across America. This year alone the community will sell more on Poshmark than the last four years combined.

There are no boundaries as to what is possible for the future of our community. I am touched every day as I hear stories: women turning their love of fashion into six-figure businesses, Poshers mentoring each other and helping those in need, and people accessing a creativity they never knew they had in them.

Thank you for letting us be part of your story. We couldn’t have done this without you.

With Posh Love,
Manish & Team Posh

#PoshHoliday Is Here


In the spirit of #PoshHoliday, we have some exciting surprises in store for you! First up, a major holiday takeover on the app to make shopping for presents as easy as pie! This holiday season, for a limited time only, the Brands Tab in the Feed is turning into a Holiday Gift Guide! Whoever you’re shopping for (and yes, shopping for yourself totally counts!), there’s a fabulous Gift Guide to match.

But that’s not all! The Boutiques Tab in the Feed is also getting a revamp, featuring the best and brightest Holiday Boutiques! Here’s what you can expect when you shop Holiday Boutiques:

  • Ultra fast shipping (average ship time of 2 days or less!)
  • A wide variety of styles to fit any budget
  • Boutiques with a guaranteed seller rating of 4.5 or above!

Amazing, right?! These changes make it super easy to be able to check out your fellow PFF’s Boutiques + NWT merchandise! What’s a #PoshHoliday without supporting one another?

We have one final Holiday surprise for all you gifters out there! We are thrilled to also introduce the 2016 Holiday Hub website! Think of it as a one stop Holiday shop with exclusive giveaways, Team Posh Picks and more! Your holiday shopping for gifts will fly by, and who knows, you might find something for yourself too! So what are you waiting for?

#PoshLoveFest: Poshmark is Turning 5

Go shorty, it’s our birthday, we’re gonna Posh Party like it’s our birthday! That’s right, Poshmark is turning 5 this year on December 6th, and we’re so excited to celebrate this huge milestone with you – our amazing community.

Ready to party? GREAT! In true Poshmark fashion, we’re throwing Posh Parties ALL DAY (both in the app and live across the country) to spread the Posh Love to every single community member and create the largest day of sharing we’ve ever had on the platform – let’s do this!

For those in the Bay Area, we’re having a very special party at Poshmark HQ hosted by Team Posh! You can RSVP here!

Want to join the fun in your own city? Take a look at the list of live parties happening across the country below and be sure to spread the word to your PFFs using #PoshLoveFest on social media!

Birmingham, AL hosted by @poshjeepgirl
Corona, CA hosted by @mizfabulousity and @sandy_98
Long Beach, CA hosted by @misssarom and @runwaytrash
Los Angeles, CA hosted by @cmjla
Newport Beach, CA hosted by @jill555
Denver, CO hosted by @ex_globetrotter and @reinl
Loveland, CO hosted by @lynemma @shopwitheileen @wildarrow, and @a_mcg
Glastonbury, CT hosted by @shopnccloset
Washington, DC hosted by @mrsdiva703 and @isa_wine_lover
Ormond Beach, FL hosted by @4sq
Atlanta, GA hosted by @jcradd and @atlqueenie
Honolulu, HI hosted by @larochelle/@deuxbox and @hulagirl2013
Alexandria, LA hosted by @janismarie and @poshmishmosh
Boston, MA hosted by @aflattery and @proverbs_31
Boston, MA hosted by @tweedandlace
Manchester, ME hosted by @alluck1210
Detroit, MI hosted by @ediza, @rorilima, and @allinheels
Kansas City, MO hosted by @foundforyou
Fayetteville, NC hosted by @khattie
Raleigh-Durham, NC hosted by @racktivity and @mikesdumplin
Las Vegas, NV hosted by @lizzyandjaneco
Flatiron, NY hosted by @icaton, @chicaccessories, @matadora1978, and @maidmarian
New York, NY hosted by @epicstorm and @fashionista21
Queens, NY hosted by @bthereasap and @fat10lbcat
Syracuse, NY hosted by @teenmomx3, and @lgolivardia
Skippack, PA hosted by @
ringleader, @violet507, @lesleyscloset and @poshgrl517
Nashville, TN hosted by @queenmumm
Provo, UT hosted by @kayydev and @cvandam13
Federal Way, WA hosted by @travelinggirl68
Seattle, WA hosted by @ellebee206

Lastly, get ready to share like you’ve never shared before on December 6th. We’ll be tracking our shares in real-time and updating you throughout the day as we reach towards our goal.