ICYMI: Latest Features Announced at PoshFest 2022

We just announced an exciting roundup of new features at PoshFest. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, don’t worry—we got you! Along with the beta launch of Posh Shows, we announced more seller features to keep on your radar. From listing to getting paid, check out these highly-requested features below that will be rolling out over the next few months to ac-SELL-erate your sales.

  • My Saved Searches: The wait is almost over! Coming shortly, we’ll automatically share listings to the most relevant shoppers who are looking for items like yours.
  • Scale to Fit Photos: Cropping photos when creating listings? Soon, you’ll be able to pinch and zoom out so that your full item is visible in the frame!
  • Update on Search: Starting this weekend, we’re rolling back our recent changes to Search—get your listings ready!
  • No Printer Shipping: No printer? No problem! Sellers in the U.S. will be able to take your package directly to USPS and show them a QR code that’ll print and ship it all in one go (goodbye printing labels yourself!).

Added Payout Options: We’re adding faster payout options for you to access your earnings faster than before. Coming soon, sellers in the U.S. will be able to cash out with Instant Transfer, PayPal, and Venmo. Sellers in Canada will be able to cash out with PayPal. 

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, be on the lookout for recordings of must-see sessions from this year’s PoshFest to level-up your seller knowledge:

It’s an exciting time to be a Poshmark seller. Whether you’re full-time or selling to make room for next season’s styles, we’re giving you the tools to sell, ship, and get paid faster than before. Want to be the first to see more posts like this? Subscribe to the blog and follow us on Instagram

Introducing Secondhand Sunday: Encouraging Everyone to Shop Secondhand this Holiday Season

Today, we announce the creation of National Secondhand Sunday, the first-ever holiday dedicated to supporting secondhand sellers, circular fashion, and the planet during the peak holiday shopping season. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed Secondhand Sunday will be observed on the first Sunday following Thanksgiving annually. The inaugural Secondhand Sunday will take place Nov 27, 2022.

But, this is so much more than just a holiday to us—it’s a movement encouraging everyone to shop secondhand.`

This holiday season is primed to be the biggest on record for secondhand gifting. Inflation is making secondhand gifting more appealing than ever with about two in five consumers concerned rising costs will result in spending more when it comes to holiday shopping this year. Yet, they still want to find those extra special gifts. Couple that with the independent research**, showing more than 90% of US adults are open to receiving a secondhand or resale gift this holiday season, yet only a third (34%) are likely to buy them for others, and our community has a unique opportunity to support shifting shopping habits and encourage consumers to think secondhand when they’re crossing off their holiday list. 

Enter Secondhand Sunday: a movement to encourage everyone to experience the magic of shopping personal – buying unique and one-of-a-kind items from individual sellers instead of traditional retailers. As a seller, be on the lookout for a series of opportunities, promotions and events leading up to Secondhand Sunday on 11/27. Today is just the beginning, but here are a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Spread the Word
  • Go to Secondhand Sunday to share your story about why you will shop and sell secondhand this holiday season—we would love to feature you! Encourage friends and family to choose secondhand and share the love on social by using #SecondhandSunday.
  1. Shop Secondhand: 
  • Poshmark is the ideal one-stop-shop to find must-have gifts for everyone on your list (and for yourself!). TikTok famous Stanley cups? Yes, we have them. Birkenstock Boston Clogs? We have those too. Vintage Betsey Johnson? Absolutely. By choosing to shop from a Poshmark seller, you’re supporting an actual person and their hopes and their dreams. Plus, buying secondhand is just straight up better for the planet. 
  1. Stock Your Closet: 
  • When it comes to gifting this holiday season, the top motivator for secondhand shoppers is to find deals (60%), especially on luxury (42%) and unique/vintage items that can’t be found elsewhere (54%). Buyers are gearing up to shop, so the time to list is now! By selling your preloved styles on Poshmark, not only are you contributing to the circular economy but you can make extra cash to pay for all of the gifts on your list.

Mark your calendars—Secondhand Sunday is happening 11/27—right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We can’t wait to see how you make this holiday your own!

** Independent research commissioned by Poshmark and conducted by global research firm Morning Consult

New Beta Test: Posh Shows

Posh Shows is a new feature currently in beta, designed to bring the community together to shop and sell LIVE.

Explore upcoming Posh Shows starting September 22nd by heading to the Shop tab in the app. 

Be sure to update your app to view upcoming Posh Shows.

Check out some Posh Shows Beta FAQs below: 

What is a beta test? 
This is a test that releases a new feature to a small group of users. The goal is to gather feedback and then make improvements before it’s officially launched more broadly!

Who currently has access to create a Posh Show? 
We are currently beta testing with a small, invite-only US-based audience and plan to release more broadly once we have gathered feedback and made improvements. All registered attendees of Poshfest 2021 and 2022 were invited as participants, as well as local Bay Area Posh Ambassadors and sellers who attended our most recent Posh Party Live event.  

Is there any way to host a Posh Show if I didn’t receive an invite to the beta?
We look forward to involving our entire seller community after the beta testing period has ended. Currently, if you are a US-based Poshmark seller with previous live selling experience and would like to help us test the new feature, or have general feedback about live selling, please fill out this form. After completing the form, we will follow-up as soon as we’re ready to add you to the beta! Please lookout for updates regarding next steps sent via email.

Can anyone join and/or shop a Posh Show?

All Poshmark users can join shows. Please note that a US shipping address and payment card information is required to purchase during this beta. If you want to support fellow sellers, view shows, or shop—please head to the Shop tab in the app. Be sure to update to the latest version of the Poshmark app.

Can I purchase items during a Posh Show? 
Yes! A seller can choose to feature their listings during a Posh Show. These featured listings can be purchased by placing a bid on an item during an auction. Please note that all bids are binding. Your items will ship just like any other purchase. 

Have more questions? Head to our Support Center article for answers to even more FAQs.

Latest Feature Updates on Posh: September 2022

Update alert! In case you missed it, check out our newest features and announcements below to stay on top of the latest and greatest from Poshmark HQ.

Men’s Big & Tall Sizing

Been waiting to list extended men’s sizes? Now, you can! We’ve added men’s Big & Tall sizing to our catalog. 

  • Looking for sourcing inspiration? Take advantage of the new sizes and start your hunt today! 
  • Have these listings in your closet already? Update the listing size so your items will surface to shoppers who filter their search to Big and Tall.   
  • Join Everything Big, Tall, & Plus Posh Parties to help your listings reach interested shoppers. 

New Requirements for Shipping U.S. Electronics 

USPS recently issued new requirements and no longer allows electronics items containing or packed with lithium batteries to be shipped using Priority Mail. To address this new protocol and simplify the shipping process, as of September 12th all electronics must be shipped through Parcel Select, a USPS 2-5 day, surface transportation option. Take the following steps to pack and ship U.S. electronics items*: 

  • Securely package your item in a non-Priority Mail box and attach your Parcel Select shipping label.

If your item contains or will be packed with a lithium battery, add the below to the same side of the package as your shipping label.  

  • Add the Poshmark-provided DOT label (in color), or use your own and write “Restricted Electronic Device” and “Surface Transportation Only”.

Head to the Support Center for full details.

*Please note that USPS may refuse or return shipments containing electronics items that are not properly labeled, packed, or shipped. Poshmark is not liable for shipments refused or returned due to failure to meet USPS shipping requirements. 

PoshFest is next week! Missed out on grabbing a ticket? Here’s how you can join in from home. 

  • Check out the PoshFest 2022 agenda to find the Main Stage sessions that interest you. We will broadcast select sessions live so you can connect with us from anywhere!
  • Be on the lookout for the next ICYMI Blog post, where we will recap the newest features announced at Hackathon. 

Want more information? Head to our PoshFest homepage to learn more. 

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PoshPost Update: Shipping During the Holiday Season

Dear Poshmark Community, 

You may have seen the recent announcement that USPS will be increasing their shipping fees for the holidays, effective in October 2022. I’m happy to share that PoshPost prices will stay the same, despite the USPS rate increase. 

We’re committed to delivering features and programs to support our community and we strive to negotiate the best shipping rates so that you can rely on the fast, simple, and affordable shipping you’ve come to expect with PoshPost. 

For more information on PoshPost, please visit our website—and thank you for being a part of our community.

All my best, 

Tracy Sun

SVP of Seller Experience, Poshmark