NEW: Boost Productivity by Creating or Editing Multiple Listings at Once with Bulk Upload 

The wait is over! We announced an exciting suite of brand NEW seller tools at this year’s Hackathon. Each of these tools was carefully developed and designed to give our seller community even more resources to drive business growth.

Bulk Upload is one of the three major features in this suite of tools and is now available on web EXCLUSIVELY for Posh Ambassadors as a way to support you in scaling your growing businesses. Bulk Upload makes listing creation, organization, and inventory management more efficient than ever before! 


1.Head to Sell on Poshmark from your computer and click Bulk Upload at the top-right corner.

2. Pick and download a template based on whether you want to use photos saved in a zip or from an online cloud. 

#PoshTip: You only need to download a template once, and can save it for future uploads or for quick reference when answering buyers’ questions about your listings.

3. Read the legend directions carefully and fill out the required fields on the Listing Details tab and press Save.

4. Select the template type you are uploading and add your zip file with photos, if applicable, then hit Upload Listings

#PoshTip: If you prefer attaching photos from your phone, we got you! Choose the Photos in an Online Cloud template and select Draft as the availability for your listings. Once uploaded, the listing information will be stored in your drafts, and you can then upload images from your phone before publishing the listing.

5. You will be notified when the file is finished processing. Check out the Manage Listings page to view the status of your uploads.

Boost Your Listing Efficiency 

  1. List more: Have inventory sitting around that you haven’t gotten around to list? With Bulk Upload, you can list more inventory utilizing spreadsheets to create multiple listings at once.
  2. List faster: You no longer have to copy and paste your listing details into our Single Listing Creation form. With Bulk Upload, you can quickly copy your listing details into our spreadsheet templates. If you’re creating multiple listings with similar listing details, replicate the listing details easily using Excel’s copy and drag feature.
  3. Quickly import your catalog: Does your catalog exist on another platform? Export your catalog and map to our template for easy inventory import and upload.

Manage Your Inventory 

  1. Organize your closet: Use our templates as your inventory management system and think of them like your closet in spreadsheet form that you’re able to easily reference, search, and edit. Once you determine the template(s) that suit your business needs, you can continue to use the same template by adding new inventory into your existing data files. Listings that already exist in your closet will not be duplicated.

Connect With More Shoppers

  1. Grow your reach: Create thousands of listings at once to reach even more potential buyers.
  2. Streamline your welcome messages: Create formulas to quickly add notes to your listings’ description (e.g. ‘Thank you for shopping my closet! Please leave a comment with any questions about this item.’), update inventory quantities, or lookup listing details for inquiring customers.


Q: Who can use the Bulk Upload tool?

A: This tool is exclusively available to Posh Ambassadors.

Q: How can I tell if I am a Posh Ambassador?

A: Head over to Account Tab > My Posh Stats to check out your individual journey to becoming a Posh Ambassador.

Q: Is Bulk Upload compatible with any version of excel?

A: For the best experience, please ensure you are using an up-to-date program compatible with csv files such as Google Sheets, Numbers, or Excel. If using Excel, please ensure it is version 2019 or newer.

Q: Can I download the template from my phone?

A: At this time, the tool is  web-only.

Q: I take product photos with my phone, can I upload them from my phone as well?

A: You sure can! This would mean you would use your computer to upload the listings template and mark them as drafts. Once uploaded, the items will remain in your drafts and you can edit listings, upload photos, and post listings all from your phone.

Q: How is Bulk Upload different from Bulk Listings Actions?

A: Glad you asked! Bulk Upload is focused on creating and editing listings. Bulk Listing Actions (link) is a great way to take promotional actions on your listings once they’re already published, by allowing you to edit listing prices, send Offer to Likers, and share listings.

Are you a Posh Ambassador ready to list more efficiently? Head over to Sell on Poshmark via desktop now. 

Not a Posh Ambassador? Not a problem. Head to Account Tab >  My Posh Stats to see where you are on your journey to becoming one and accessing this  new tool.

Want more information? Check out How to Use Bulk Upload for a full guide or How to Use Bulk Upload Templates for a step-by-step guide. 

Policy Update: Introducing Electronics on Poshmark

You can now buy and sell electronic gear and stylish wearables on Poshmark!
Check out the full list of electronics items included below.

Questions? Learn more through our FAQs.

Can I list electronics items that do not fall within the electronics catalog? 

Can I ship electronics items of any size within the supported categories? 

What are the conditions of electronics items on Poshmark? 

  • Poshmark allows users to shop and sell both new and pre-owned electronics items. For pre-owned items, sellers must log out of and delete any linked accounts and personal data, and if possible, restore to original factory settings.  

Will my electronics items be covered by Posh Authenticate? 

  • Poshmark offers free item authentication on all items valued at US$500, A$700, C$700, ₹9999, or more. 

Will Poshmark honor warranties on electronics items? 

  • Poshmark will not be able to honor manufacturer warranties or be a part of the redemption process.

How can I protect my personal data stored on electronic items? 

  • We recommend resetting relevant electronics items prior to shipping to prevent the transfer of personal data and allow for an easy change of device ownership.

Head to the Support Center for the U.S., Australia, Canada, and India for full details on our updated policy.

App Update Alert: Engage and Close Customer Leads with My Shoppers

Did you hear? We just announced an exciting suite of brand NEW seller tools at PoshFest’s Hackathon! Each of these powerful tools was carefully developed and designed to give our seller community even more resources to drive business growth.

My Shoppers is one of the three major features in this suite of tools. My Shoppers is a first-of-its-kind, customer-focused tool that enables sellers to identify, engage, and close the sale—including both potential shoppers and past buyers. 


Poshmark will generate a personalized list of past and potential shoppers based on who have liked, commented, or bundled within your closet. 

You can filter and sort this list to target shoppers with certain characteristics. For example, you can filter this list based on if you want to see only past likers, past bundlers, or even past buyers. You can also sort based on things like most recent activity, most likes, or most items in Bundle. 

With these insights on who your shoppers are, you can then perform mass actions on the personalized list to drive those shoppers down the purchase pipeline. These mass actions include:

Adding shoppers’ likes to Bundle

Create personalized Bundles for all shoppers at once based on their past likes.

Sending offers to those Bundles

Sweeten the deal by offering your shoppers a discount on the personalized Bundles.

Sending comments to those Bundles

Close the sale by reaching out to your shoppers directly and giving them great customer service.


Understand your customers.
You can leverage information about who engages and purchases from your closet to develop marketing strategies, promotions, and inventory planning. Use your personalize My Shoppers list to:

  1. Dive into customer details: With this list, you can quickly and easily tap through to buyers’ profiles to better understand how long they’ve been on Poshmark, where they live, and more.
  2. See what shoppers are interested in what inventory: Use the customer list and likes information to see what types of shoppers are drawn to what inventory in your closet. For example, new shoppers may shop for certain brands while veteran shoppers focus on others.

Supercharge your customer acquisition strategy.
Customer acquisition is the process of bringing new shoppers to your closet and converting them to buyers. You can use My Shoppers to do this by:

  1. Welcoming first time shoppers: You can make your customer service stand out by using Send Comment to Bundle to greet new likers at once and provide information about your closet.
  2. Simplifying the shopping process: Consolidate shoppers’ likes in one place with Add Likes to Bundle, so that you can streamline their shopping experience. Then, use Send Comment to Bundle to initiate conversations with these shoppers.
  3. Providing private discounts: Quickly and easily Send Offers to Bundles to show shoppers that you’re serious about closing the sale.
  4. Follow up to drive urgency: After creating Bundles, use Send Comment to Bundle to let shoppers know that you will be sending exclusive offers with reduced pricing.

Turn past buyers into repeat buyers.
Re-engage previous customers with personalized offers and communications. My Shoppers can help you do this through:

  1. Running a win-back campaign: Filter your shopper list according to past buyers, and then use Send Comment to Bundle to give them a compelling offer, such as “I know you’ve purchased from my closet before. As a thanks, I can offer you 30% off of your next purchase!”
  2. Giving special access to promotions: Offer exclusive closet-wide sales for past buyers by reaching out to them via Send Comment to Bundle, such as “I’m running a weekend sale! Add any two items to this Bundle and I’ll give you a private 50% discount.”

App Update Alert: Get Even More Data About Your Closet with My Closet Insights

Did you hear? We just announced an exciting suite of brand NEW seller tools at PoshFest’s Hackathon! Each of these powerful tools was carefully developed and designed to give our power seller community even more resources to drive business growth.

My Closet Insights is one of the three major features in this suite of tools. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of sales and inventory data from a seller’s closet in a format that is easily digestible and highly actionable.


Poshmark will generate sales and inventory data for your closet in real-time. This includes sales and inventory summaries and insights, so you can dig deeper into data on orders, brands, listings, and more. Each of these will be created in a visual chart format, and you can filter your charts based on time period and other specific criteria.


Sales Summary & Comparison Chart

An overview of sold listings and earnings. Data can be filtered by a specific time range, and compared to the prior period.

Brand Insights Chart

An overview of sold listings and earnings. Data can be filtered by a specific time range, and compared to the prior period.

Sales Insights Chart

Top-selling categories according to sales, average sales price, and listings sold. You can also filter your sales by item condition to get even more information.

Order Insights Chart

Determine how buyers typically purchase items in your closet: Buy Now, Bundle, Bundle Offer, or Bundle Buy Now.


Inventory Summary Chart

Similar to the Sales Summary Chart, this is an overview of your current and past inventory counts.

Brand Insights Chart

Brands that make up your inventory. You can filter these brands by value, average item price, or available listings.

Listing Insights Chart

Categories that make up your inventory. You can filter by value, average item price, or available listings.


Focus AreaLeverage My Closet Insights to…
  • Understand average order value by brand or category to optimize pricing strategies. (Sales – Brand Insights chart)
  • Merchandising 
  • Determine which trends, brands, and inventory are relevant based on time period comparisons. (Sales – Brand Insights chart, Sales Insights chart, Inventory – Brand & Listing Insights charts)
  • Track the highest performing brands by GMV and volume. (Sales – Brand Insights chart)
  • Understand the most impactful composition of brands, categories, sizes, colors in your closet. (Sales Insights chart)
  • Marketing &Promotions
  • Review sales trends on days that you run promos such as Offer to Likers, Price Drops, or Seller Discounted Shipping. (Order Insights chart)
  • Understand which strategies positively impacted traffic and sales. (Sales Summary & Comparison chart)
  • Poshmark’s Heart & Hustle Community Fund Winners | Spring 2021

    We’re excited to announce the winners for the spring cycle of Poshmark’s Heart & Hustle Community Fund—providing our seller community with the funds and fundamentals to support their business goals this year and beyond.

    Head to our United States or Canada website to learn more and check back here for quarterly updates to our winner’s list—you could be next!


    Poshmark’s Heart & Hustle Community Fund Advisory Council considered hundreds of inspired submissions from 40 U.S. states and 8 Canadian provinces and territories prior to handpicking final winners. Selected recipients represent a wide range of sellers—from a daughter balancing a full-time business while taking care of her sick mother to a college student paying for tuition with their Poshmark earnings.

    All grant recipients will receive an economic boost alongside the resources to take their businesses to new levels. 

    Cheers to our spring grantees! 

    Watch their live reactions to the announcement and check out the full list of winners below:

    Winners of the Spring 2021 $5,000 Grants

    Winners of the Spring 2021 $500 Grants

    Desiree Allen, @bopjandg

    Grace Alonsabe, @gracealonsabe 

    Ayara Anouchka Amani, @girlsanouchka 

    Jamie Amos, @shop_sonder 

    Katelyn Anderson, @ktanderson88 

    Samantha Andrews, @funruntights 

    Angel Arriaza, @retrend11 

    Christine Beauchaine, @flamingopurple  

    Ashleigh Bell, @abel6583 

    Jamie Blakely, @lunaticklecycles  

    Alisyn Blank, @thequalityshop 

    Mariah Bliss, @ryfearless 

    Kimberly Bolles, @migirlsells  

    Tracy Boutot, @a_la_mode96  

    Donna Boyle, @lilstyle23  

    Nadine Brookes, @vintagebloom712 

    Tene Brown, @tencb 

    Lakeidra Buchanan, @simplyladieeb 

    Macy Burke, @macyburke15  

    Nancy Burns, @cookinginheels 

    Jason Butler, @jbutler_7 

    Crystal Campanella, @crystal_finds  

    Amanda Carner @mandamantis 

    Gloria Cervera-Torres, @fromtexaswl0ve 

    Kaitlyn Chan, @shopwithkait 

    Irma Chavez-Ramirez, @mirror8mirror 

    Chantelle Chenard, @chantelle_1992 

    Rose Chery, @armoireshop 

    Rachel Chin, @rachelachin 

    Amanda Cuffie, @mimiardelle78 

    Mariah Dalton, @mariahcherish

    Jessica Davis, @sashababyandco 

    Kristina DeVesty, @neutralstripes 

    Brittany Dodds, @bybrittanydawn 

    Jennifer Dombrowski, @imjenchen

    Ariane Dusome, @arianedusome 

    Susan Eberhardt, @sueylove 

    Melissa Elkins, @primsnpropers 

    Kymm Ernst, @kymmernst 

    Emma Faris, @emmalynnnnnn 

    Maria Fery, @urban_morena 

    Ceci Finney, @curatedbyceci 

    Erin Flynn, @nopishposhmama 

    Lily Frampton, @capitalposher 

    Bailey Gent, @cobai 

    Christina George, @steeniescloset 

    Briana Gerdeman, @magpie_resale 

    Jenn German, @happysharkie 

    Christian Goodwin, @rebjorn 

    Sari Gordon Zimberg, @xoxosbg 

    Carolyn Grad, @poshmima 

    Shelleigh Harris, @shellbellposh 

    Karen Hawes, @triscuithawes 

    Shelbie Hoddle, @shellemenopee 

    Neva Howell, @abigdealhere 

    Demitria Hubbard, @textilesandhues 

    Maggie Ilicheva, @whataboutmaggie 

    Marianne Irish, @marianne1367 

    Jennifer Ivey, @jennyviv 

    Courtnye Jackson, @ohshethrifts 

    Marie Jean Baptiste, @maisonfleurant 

    Diva Jefferson, @divascloset13 

    Jennifer Johnston, @jenmcgillis_808 

    Audry Kim, @prettyforpetite 

    Emma Kirks, @preppytrendy 

    Nicole Knicker, @nicoleknicker 

    Shellie Kozbial, @beautyloungeca 

    Allison Kroeker, @threadjourney 

    Walter Kruse, @dogbert000 

    Amy Lagotte, @alagotte 

    Bianca Lee, @reutilizzo 

    Sara Leibold, @bungalowapparel 

    David Lichter, @fabfashion123 

    Stacey Lowe, @lowecinco 

    Danielle Mallett, @thedemeffect 

    Jane Marcinkiewicz, @janeannm 

    Tabatha McCaffrety, @theurbangoddess 

    Dolores Montalvo, @lola791 

    Rosalyn Moore, @rmoore_26 

    Annamarie Moot, @annamanoodle 

    Nadia Niazi, @fitrah 

    Carly Oishi, @ohisshe 

    Marianne Oleson, @wifeoferic 

    Shannon Olivera, @shannjposh 

    Diamond Orso, @sereneminence_ 

    Anna Owenby, @abeth2015 

    Haley Page, @thetealshelf 

    Kera Panni, @keracap 

    Amy Peters, @fabulousfinn 

    Jae Pezzullo, @jaepea17 

    Amelia Piercy, @mimister 

    Hannah Preston, @hannahjpreston 

    Kaitlyn Raitz, @mythrifthabit 

    Natalie Ramsey, @naturally5star 

    Regina Ricci, @reggiethrifts 

    Megan Riddell, @chrissy52 

    Salene Riggins, @sriggins12 

    Angela Ringhand, @afaith555 

    Paige Salvato, @twistedpr1ncess 

    Gladys Sandoval, @posh_n_thecity 

    Stephanie Santana, @sunny32120 

    Ella Seet, @aronditevintage 

    Elizabeth Shaw, @lizshaw1974 

    Baylie Sheppard, @bayliesheppard 

    Dana Skalin, @danaskalin

    Anastasia Socolnicova, @nlandfillydeal 

    Lauren Stafford, @twins19380 

    Annika Stahre, @inabluemoonco 

    Sophia Sun, @missliteracy 

    Jessica Svensson, @broomsticked 

    Christine Tankersley, @realmuddytruck 

    Sunny Taylor, @sunbun33 

    Shaelagh Thurston, @shae2424 

    Amy To, @cupcakes016 

    Andes Toruno, @andes_t 

    Natalie Turner, @isellformycats 

    Monica Vasquez, @green_eyes_fit 

    Tamara Verdejo, @notesoflavender 

    Jessica Waddell, @moxieapparel 

    Maggie Weber, @maggieandripley 

    Arielle West, @wishuponastyle 

    Friendship Committee of West Penn Hospital, @wphfriendship 

    Cheryl Wheeler, @cheewhee 

    Ariel Williams, @elisea2001 

    Lauren Williams, @naturegirlfinds 

    Alanna Winder, @poshing_owl 

    Sarah Winton, @poutineandprada 

    Lorraine Yashin, @mile_luxe 

    Karen Yim, @5econdhome 

    Alyzon Zavestoski, @alyzavo