How Do “Reserves” Work?

What is the Yellow Reserve Banner?

This automatically appears on a listing when a buyer clicks on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. It remains there for 10 minutes while they enter their information and complete the purchase. This flag is controlled by the system and there is no way to manually add it to a listing.



How to Manually Reserve an Item

Poshmark does not currently support item reservations. However, some sellers elect to place an item as “Not for Sale,” a feature that clearly tells buyers which listings are no longer available in your closet. This includes items sold in bundles, reserved listings, notes, or purchases that you just want to share with other Poshers (#PoshFinds!). Listings that are marked “Not for Sale” don’t have a blue “Buy Now” button, but others will still be able to see, like, share, and comment on them.

To mark a listing as “Not for Sale”: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Not for Sale.”

To make one of these listings available for purchase: click the “Edit” icon on the listing details page > select “Mark as Available.”

41 thoughts on “How Do “Reserves” Work?

  1. Hi! I was trying to buy an item and somehow during the process of putting my address in the item went to “Reserved”. I think that I accidentally hit the back button. I messaged the seller, she took it off of “Reserved”, I went to buy it again and the same thing happened. We are both confused. Do you know what I could be doing incorrectly?


  2. I want to buy an item but it went to reserve instead of Make an Offer. Now I cannot buy it because I cannot get it out of Reserve. the seller states “that’s weird”. What do we do to complete the purchase?

    1. Hi Fawn, an item goes into reserve for a limited time if someone has clicked Buy Now and hasn’t yet gone through the purchase. If the purchase doesn’t go through, you should be able to purchase through Buy Now or Make an Offer.

  3. even on my new listings ISO not have the reserve option edit gives me no options just edit my item. My app is up to date.

  4. Also showing how many times an item has been ️Shared would be helpful. Give a better feel for the market and you can thank them. Plus direct messaging would help

  5. I love Poshmark 😃💗 Another suggestion that could lead to more sales: LOWER your fee Posh!! You will have happier buyers and sellers!

      1. I agree with that to, sometimes I want items but… with the added “poshmark” fee it can be to much, just sometimes, but even lowering $1.00-$1.50 can make a huge difference to some of us Poshers! Thanks for listening!

  6. hello, someone has used the “reserve” option on my listing and it has been there for over a month. I can’t erase it, and dont know how it happened. I want to sell my item! Dont like to have it reserved without my consent for such extended amount of time. Please help 🙂

  7. On thee new bundle option, (which is great) can you add a section where you might be able to make an offer on your bundle. It would help me and many others, thanks

  8. 1 suggestion for the “Reserve” I have is while a buyer is in the offer mode with a seller, could it be shown as “reserve” until either the sale is complete or offer is denied? I was making an offer and with in seconds of negotiating another buyer hit the buy now button. I lost the option to finish purchasing. The seller felt awful and was apologizing.

  9. I have been working as hard as I can to sell, but have only sold two listings to a sweet veteran posher who was helping me. I’ve followed many people’s closets, shared thousands of others listings, answered comments, thanked people…I even made my items 1/2 off for 24 hours on my birthday sale! Not one sale! I’m feeling a bit discouraged. Any help would be appreciated.

      1. I took your advice….and look at me now! Thank you so much! 😄 🌼😄 ℋᎯℙℙᎽ ℙᎾЅℋℐℕᎶ! 😄🌼😄

  10. i love posh mark. I just wish we could sell things for $1.00. I don’t see or understand why not…. Does a $1 mean anything to us here???

  11. I love Poshmark. I have had great luck! I wish I had found this app sooner!!!

    1. I absolutely love Poshing, buying and selling items, I get and have given some great deals and it makes me feel so much better about cutting down on the amount of waste the average person has! So I make it a rule, with the exception of Christmas to only buy when I’ve sold enough to cover my purchase! It’s r rewarding to watch a customer tríele love something you may have bought on a whim, or things that have life in them still! It’s a fantastic app! I’ve gotten to the point where I check Poshmark for any and everything I need first rather than running to the closest store to pick it up and pay for bad customer service, long lines, and unhappy people! That never happens on Poshmark!

  12. I have had trouble with some people . I try to help my customers all I can but it seems some people take being nice as if you were doing them wrong and a couple have blocked for no reason. While most of the people on here are very nice there are some that you just can’t please. I like to make friends on here but since some have not been very nice and it makes posh look bad. I would like to say if someone is trying to help you and they do all they can it is very rude to block them.

    1. Its a crying shame, but you just can’t please some people! I would just not do business with them anymore

  13. How do I bundle items. I read about it on the Postmark site but I did not see instructions on how to actually do it with my closet Items. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hi Adriane my name is Shari and I trade all the time! Yet Poshmark does allow this but they have to protect themselves too as there are people who will rip you off in many ways. Been there, done that too! But I have a excellent trading reference listed in my closet. If you’d like to know more I’d gladly walk you through it if you find something in my closet you want to trade with. 😊

  14. How do I update my app? I do not have a button that say “currently not for sale” only a delete choice.

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