How to Buy on Poshmark!

Step 1: Poshmark makes buying very simple and secure. See an item you like and want to buy? Tap the ‘Buy Now’ button on the listing. If you see an item within your Feed, click the blue ‘View details and buy’ link on the bottom right-hand corner of the listing to get to the blue ‘Buy Now’ button.

Step 2: Enter your credit card, your shipping, and your billing information. We always require a credit card to purchase an item on Poshmark. Rest assured that we will not charge anything to your card in the event that the total price of the item (after taxes and shipping) is covered by your current balance and any credits you may have in your account.

Step 3: Carefully review your order information. If all looks good, submit your order.

Please refrain from paying or buying outside of Poshmark through PayPal or other offline means, as we cannot protect you if the item you purchase is damaged, lost, or misrepresented. You may also be banned from the Poshmark community.

2 thoughts on “How to Buy on Poshmark!

  1. I placed an order 9 days ago and have heard nothing to indicate the vendor is going to ship my item even though I see that my credit card has been charged. If I am not going to receive the shoes I ordered I would like to know and would like a refund so I can shop for the shoes somewhere else.

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