Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Closet & Full Wallet

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‘Tis the season for some closet cleaning! Might as well make some cash while you’re at it, right? It’s time for a Poshmark listing spree and we’ve got tips to help you get started.

First, be sure to carve out some time this weekend to clean, sort and list. If it’s a big closet purge, you may even need a couple hours. Before diving in, set the mood with lots of light and a killer playlist to blast. Now you are more than prepared for a little adventure through the depths of your closet.

With that settled, here are some tips on what to list.

New clothes you never got around to wearing

It happens to the best of us. You had the best intentions to wear it, but never did. This is a big sign that you most likely won’t be wearing it at all. List it!

Clothes you only wore once

Feel like you can get a few more wears out of it, but we haven’t worn it for over a year? Chances are you won’t. Make room for something you love. List it!

Trending styles that you’re not wearing

Check out Lily Pulitzer. The brand is hot this spring! If it’s not a trend you’re into, we bet someone else is. Is it hanging in the closet untouched? List it!

Pieces that reflect your past style

Not only is Poshmark a place to earn some money, it’s a chance to show off our past and current style. It is okay to let go of some pieces that you’ve only wore a few times in order to grow and change up your personal style. Won’t be rocking it again? List it!

Now you’ve spent some time dancing around your room and you’re on your way to making cash Want to learn more about what to list? Don’t miss this helpful guide.

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Posh Tip: Shipment Checklist

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You’ve just made a sale on Poshmark–congrats! Now what’s next? You’ve got get that baby ready to be packaged up and sent off. Here is a helpful checklist to run through as you’re shipping off your sale to ensure a successful experience for you and a delightful experience for your buyer.

  • Clean? Make sure your item is laundered or dry cleaned and free of any odor of fragrance.
  • Lint Free? Remove any lint or hairs that may have landed on your garment. Pro tip: Don’t have a lint brush? Try rolling a loop of packing tape over the fabric to de-lint your item.
  • As Described? Take a moment to look over your garment to make sure it’s the right size and that you didn’t miss any stains, holes, or loose threads when listing your item.
  • Nicely Wrapped? Once your item is ready to send, take the time to nicely package up your item. It’s amazing what a little tissue paper and a note card can do for your ratings
  • Boxed Correctly? Make sure you’re using the right box for your sale. Hint: regular Priority Mail boxes!
  • The Right Label? Double check that you’ve printed off the correct label for your sale to avoid shipping mishaps. Ensure your label has the right weight, date, and, if you’re shipping multiple sales, name. If you need to get a new label, request one in the app!

Once you’ve checked off each step, you’re ready to schedule a pickup or drop your package off with USPS and wait for the cash to come rolling in!


Posh Tip: How To Be A PFF Mentor

Here at Poshmark we talk a lot about PFFs, a.k.a. Poshmark Friends Forever, and spreading the Posh Love. As our community grows, it’s the perfect opportunity for longtime Poshers to help newbies learn the ropes. But what is being a positive mentor really all about?

041515_posh tip_mentor

How to Be a Poshmark Mentor

To start, we have some of the most inspiring, kind, and knowledgeable women on our platform. We truly love our community! Seriously, we’re head over heels obsessed. Every day we see strong, powerful women reaching out to each other to support and be supported. Being a good mentor is taking this Posh Love to the next level and leading by example.

So continue the positive energy and be a stellar leader. When you see conflict, work to be a mediator, not an instigator. Even if your intent is to assist, it can sometimes exacerbate the situation by defending another user. Instead, work to diffuse the issue, and encourage people to reach out to Poshmark’s support team to seek help. We have fully trained staff to step in and assist in any type of situation.

Respecting your fellow Poshers is incredibly important. Never forget the golden rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated! So be sure to show care and compassion in your interactions. Everyone’s situation is different, and that’s part of what makes Poshing so wonderful. We are privileged to have women from all across America on our platform, and it’s important to learn from and connect with each other. Respectful and friendly encounters are the foundation of our community and can open the door to lasting friendships.

Do you have tips on being a mentor? Looking for a mentor to help take your Poshing to the next level? Share in the comments!

And as always, if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@poshmark.com.

Posh Tip: Can I Sell It on Poshmark?

There’s truly nothing better than giving women across America the opportunity to sell fabulous new and pre-loved fashion in a social marketplace. That strapless dress you bought even though you don’t wear that style? List it. The bright yellow eyeshadow you purchased to be daring, but has been left untouched and unopened in your makeup box? List it.

Yet, there are some things that shouldn’t be sold on Poshmark. What are they and why can’t you list them? Consider the mystery solved.


Flammable Liquids

Did you know that it is illegal to ship perfume, nail polish and aerosols through USPS Priority Mail? All those products can start a serious fire! Even though that CHANEL N°5 that your mom gave just isn’t you, please don’t sell or include it with purchases on Poshmark. We want you looking hot, but not starting fires! So if it’s flammable, don’t ship it.

Curious about which liquids are illegal to ship? See this guide on the USPS website.

Health & Wellness

While they may not cause fires, other non-flammable liquids and messy substances can definitely cause problems. If it can spill out and/or explode while transporting, please make sure you don’t list it. This includes all lotions, serums, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, and creams. Basically, if it can open and cause your envelope or box to get wet, don’t ship it. Plus, health and wellness items like these don’t fall under the categories of women’s fashion, accessories and makeup, so they are simply not supported.

Used Undergarments and Makeup

Safety first, in life and in fashion. Handbags and tops are great to share between friends – used makeup and undergarments, not so much. While it should go without saying, when selling things like makeup, undergarments and swimsuits on Poshmark, make sure they’re brand new and never used. This is why we require that all swimwear, lingerie, bras (including sports bras), underwear, leotards, and makeup be brand new with the tags still attached.

For cosmetics, make sure that you don’t swatch your makeup or use any brushes you plan on selling. Those are considered used makeup! We just want to make sure that there are absolutely no health risks.

Other Unsupported Items

Inspired Items: Make sure that what you’re listing is actually what you’re selling. Please use original photos and do not list any replicas or use words such as “inspired by” and “looks like” in your descriptions as it might confuse fellow users into thinking they’re buying an authentic Louis Vuitton when they’re not. For more information on our policy on replicas and trademark infringements, check out this past Posh Tip.

Children’s and Men’s Fashion: Although you may have many children’s and men’s clothing that you’d love to sell, Poshmark is currently only a place for women’s fashion and accessories.

Electronics: We also do not support the selling of any electronics, which includes DVDs, CDs, phones, tablets, video games, computers, curling/straightening irons, hair dryers, and anything else that includes a battery or outlet.

Home Goods: Along with that, we do not allow the selling of home goods. Unfortunately, many items, such as candles and candle holders, picture frames and wall art are not supported on our platform. Additionally, many of those items can break easily, which means that your buyer would not receive their items intact.

If you’re not sure if you can list it, you can definitely reach out to our team at support@poshmark.com and we’d be happy to help you figure it out or answer any questions you may have.

Posh Tip: Help Us Help You

Poshmark has changed the shopping game. It’s all about buying, selling and sharing the best in women’s fashion – and making connections with women across America along the way. We’re here for you with features to make it a fun, easy and safe way to make sales and find deals.

But what happens if something doesn’t go quite right? Mistakes happen and questions arise and we’re here for you with an all-star support team that is happy to assist you. Yet, chances are, the answers you seek are simply a click away. We’ve collected some of our most helpful links and tips below to get you the help you need.

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Poshmark 101: Our most popular resources

Whether you’re new to Poshmark or simply want a refresher, these are our most commonly referenced resources. A quick read through these will likely answer any simple question regarding how Poshmark and our features work.

The order process and how to report an issue

Many of our inquiries are related to the stages of an order. While it is simple, a lot happens from the time someone clicks “Buy Now” and receives the item. Here’s the basic run-down of the order process and what each step means:

  • In process – The order has not yet shipped and the seller is probably packaging it up in preparation for shipping.
  • Shipped – The order has shipped you can track the package from within the app! Simply go to the order page and click “Status: Shipped.”
  • Pending Acceptance – The item has been delivered and is currently awaiting acceptance from the buyer. The buyer has three days from delivery to accept the order.
  • Delivered – The order is complete and the funds have been released to the seller.
  • Cancelled – Order has been cancelled and a full refund has been issued to the buyer. Find refund details on the order page under Problems/Order Inquiry > Refund Not Received.

Have a problem with an order? Go to the order page and click on “Problems/Order Inquiry” before reaching out to support. If the options provided do not address your issue, you can reach our support team directly by clicking the “Contact Poshmark Support” link on that page.

Provide all relevant information to Support

The quickest way to get your issue resolved is to make sure that you provide us with all relevant info to eliminate unnecessary back and forth dialogue. When writing in, follow this checklist:

  • Write from the email address that is registered to your account. This helps our team better research your case and verify your identity.
  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Any relevant usernames
  • Screenshots of the issue you are experiencing. This is especially helpful for possible bugs with the app, error codes, etc.

Check your spam folder

Can’t find your label? Looking for a response from an email you sent almost a week ago? Check your spam folder before reaching back out to us! Add the following emails to your contact list to ensure our emails make it through to you: support@poshmark.com and orders@poshmark.com.

Refrain from sending multiple emails

Please note that emailing Support once is sufficient and that emailing multiple times actually causes a delay in response time because we respond to emails in the order that they were received. When additional emails are sent, your email is pushed down to the bottom of the pile.

Refrain from seeking support on social media

Please note our social media team does not have access to account/order information, and reaching out to Poshmark via social media will not expedite your claim. The quickest way to get assistance is reaching out to support@poshmark.com directly.