Posh Tip: 5 Insider Tricks You Need to Know

You have mastered Make An Offer. You ship packages like a pro. You may have even earned a coveted Host Pick or two. But do you know these nifty tricks? Whether you’re a veteran or a certified newbie, we’re here to share some lesser-known info to make sure you’re at the peak of your Posh game.

1. Print Labels From Your PC

Did you know that you can print your shipping labels directly from the website? No more digging through your emails to locate a shipping label! Now you can simply click on your username at the upper right hand corner of your screen, select “Orders,” and go to your sales to locate your label.

2. Make Your Closet Go Viral

If you’re like us here at PMHQ, you’re addicted to Pinterest (DIY, anyone?). Bring more eyes to your closet when you share your listings to this popular social platform. Click the share icon on your listing or your closetand simply choose “Pinterest.”Extra tip: The better your Covershots, the better chance you have at being “repin-worthy.” You never know – someone admiring your pins could also be your next PFF!

3. Rise in the Ranks

Ever think that you would make a fabulous Suggested User, a stellar Posh Party host or know someone who would? Well, we want to know! Shoot an email to support@poshmark.com and we can get you in touch with the right people!

4. Track Your Order or Refund In-App

Did you know that you can easily track your order and refund directly within the app? Simply head to your account tab and scroll down to My Purchases to see up-to-date tracking information as well as a detailed breakdown of your refund for each individual order. (Sellers, this can be helpful to you, too, as it can keep you updated to any shipping issues and delivery confirmations.)

5. Customize Your Shopping Experience

When shopping your PFF’s closet, you can turn their closet into a personalized shop when you see only listings in your size. When using the ‘My Size’ filter, your results will show items available in your pre-selected preferences. (Haven’t selected your sizes yet? Head to your account tab and select “My Size.”) Want more customizations? Use the rest of the filters to sort items by brand, category, price, even condition and availability!

Posh Tip: How To List Luxury Handbags For Resale On Poshmark

021115_posh tip_celine

Do you have a luxury handbag that you love, but don’t wear? With thousands of items from top brands – including Balenciaga, Hermès and Celine – Poshmark is the perfect place to sell it. Plus, with our exclusive Posh Concierge and Posh Protect services, you can buy and sell luxury with confidence.

How do you get started? When selling luxury items online, it’s important for sellers to know the item is authentic. While verification practices vary by brand, we’re here to help with this handy listing photo guide for sellers.

First thing’s first: be sure that your photos are on point. Photos should be taken in a well-lit area with plenty of natural light so that your pictures are crisp and clear. We recommend avoiding the use of filters that would alter the appearance of the item for sale. Want to share more photos of your item? Consider adding a separate listing for extra photos.

Logo and Hardware

021115_posh tip_logo hardware

Capture a clear, straight-on photograph of the logo that is labeled on the handbag. Don’t forget the small, but important details such as the zipper and hardware. Make sure that the images are focused and bright enough to read any small inscriptions!

Serial Number, Date Code or Hologram Sticker

021115_posh tip_serial hologram

Buyers will feel confident in purchasing from you when you display the unique code for your bag. Most of these codes are located in secretive areas like the bottom of the bag or deep down in the interior pocket. Can’t find your code? Call up the store where you purchased your bag and they will be able to help you locate it.

Documentation and Extras

021115_posh tip_misc authentication

Do you still have the tags, dust bag or box for your bag? Include it in your photos and mention it in the description.


021115_posh tip_condition

Make sure to disclose any wear and tear on your bag through photos and in the description. Hiding flaws can jeopardize your sale on Poshmark. We recommend creating another listing to provide more detailed photos for your prospective buyers.

Brand Photo Checklist

While each brand has its own standard for verification features, we can look to some of our top brands to see what photos should be included when showcasing your item’s authenticity:


  • Foil Logo Stamp
  • Serial Hologram Sticker
  • Zipper back
  • Quilt pattern and Stitching
  • Hardware/screws
  • Authenticity Card

Louis Vuitton

  • Heat stamp (made in tag)
  • Serial/Datecode (usually embossed on a tag or to the lining)
  • Hardware/screws
  • Base of handle (for stitching)


  • Tag with GUCCI stamp
  • Serial number (located behind the tag)
  • Material/fabric tag if applicable
  • Zipper Back
  • Clean Stitching

Still have questions when it comes to listing luxury items on Poshmark? Get in touch with us at support@poshmark.com.

Posh Tip: Keep These Copyright & Trademark Issues Out Of Your Closet

When it comes to growing and developing a business through your Posh closet, do you ever wonder about trademark infringement and copyright issues? Okay, these might not be the most glamorous topics, but they’re important ones. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The legal nitty gritty, that is.

We know that it’s not always clear how to describe the beautiful item you have for sale, and sometimes, pulling inspiration from others seems to  be the best way. But let’s talk about best practices when borrowing from other people – be it a fellow blogger, another website, or even a brand name!

Avoid ‘Inspired’ Brand Names in Descriptions

When describing a listing, be sure to reference only the brand that manufactured the item. We know it’s tempting to describe your boucle jacket as “Chanel like,” “similar to Chanel style” or “inspired by Chanel,” but that’s actually a violation of trademark law, even if that item isn’t explicitly counterfeit. The clear and simple rule is: if it’s not made by that brand, leave it out of your listing description.

Have Permission to Use Photos

For photos, we recommend using original photos. If you’re borrowing an image that you didn’t create, however, be sure you have permission from the copyright owners – that means the website, brand or user who took the photo. These owners have the rights to those pictures, even if it seems like the photo is widely available with one easy Google image search. Most people will be a-okay with the use of their image, as long as you cite the source, but getting permission is always best. If an image is used without permission and the owner of that image reaches out to us, we are legally obligated to remove the listing.

Whew! We hope that was pretty painless and chock full of helpful information for you. Now go forth, list items, and be on your way to growing a business through your Posh closet!


Posh Tips: 5 Steps to Start Selling on Poshmark

New to Poshmark or simply want to step up your selling game? We’re here to help! We’ve collected some of our most popular Posh Tips to get you on your way to filling your wallet with cash made from your closet. Are you a seasoned seller? Share your tips in the comments below.

012915_posh tip_start selling1

1. Learn which items to list

Poshmark is a place to buy and sell women’s fashion, but what about swimsuits, electronics and makeup? Here’s the guide to what you can list.

2. Provide an accurate description

When selling pre-loved items, it’s important to provide as much information as possible. What’s the difference between “like new” and “good condition”? Here are a list of helpful terms to include in your listing. Plus, you’ll want to be sure to cover your bases with a detailed description.

3. Take a great Covershot

Do your items justice and take photos that will entice Poshers to click that “Buy Now” button! Here are some mobile photography tips and a collection of some of our favorite Covershots for inspiration.

4. Consider a second listing for more photos

Whether you want to show off special details, possible defects or proof of authentication, we recommend creating a second listing of additional photos. Instead of a collage of smaller images, your item can really shine in a larger format.

5. Market your item on social media

Let the world know about your amazing closet. Sync your social media accounts and share, share, share! One of our favorite ways to promote is on Pinterest.

New to Poshmark? Tips For Selling Success

012015_posh tip_selling success

A new year means lots of new Poshers! We couldn’t be more excited to see our amazing community grow. You’ve got your listings up, you’re sharing and spreading the #PoshLove when, boom! You’ve made your first sale! We know your heart is racing and you might be wondering what’s next. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Poshmark has made it easy for sellers to ship their sales. Look for the shipping label in your inbox, print it out and attach it to the package. When you’ve carefully packed up your item, simply take it to a US post office location, drop it off in the blue USPS mailbox, or schedule a pick-up.

Here are a few extra tips to help with the process:

1. Communicate with the buyer

Communication is key to connecting with your buyers and being an amazing seller. Poshmark automatically sends communication emails, but it’s also helpful to let them know by a comment in the listing when you’ll be shipping the item.

2. Ship your sale right away

Keep your buyers satisfied (and coming back!) by shipping your item as soon as possible. Buyers can cancel their orders if the order remains unshipped after the seventh day, so you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through your first sale to avoid any additional shipping mishaps.

3. Use the right USPS boxes

Poshmark’s shipping labels are Priority Mail and using the wrong box could cause a delay in your order. You may use any brown or white boxes, but we recommend using Priority Mail (not Priority Mail Flat Rate) for shipping. Plus, did you know the USPS will send you the correct boxes for free when you order them online?

4. Check in on your shipment

Depending on how and when you dropped off the order, USPS may take some time to scan the order in. If you’re taking it to your USPS post office, we recommend asking for a receipt so the package is scanned in immediately. If you’re dropping it off at the blue USPS mailbox or scheduling for pick-up, USPS will likely scan the package at the processing facility. Once the order is scanned, our system will be notified and an email will be sent to you.

5. Need help? Email us!

Last but not least, if you ever have any issues (like the buyer has told you the shipping address is wrong or any USPS tracking issues), reach out to us at support@poshmark.com so we can help you!

image via wearinla