Posh Tip: How to Measure Your Items


Like you, the Poshmark team is eager to buy and sell fashion on the app. There’s nothing better than snagging a major find from a fellow Posher, except maybe when you make a sale.

When it comes to clicking “Buy Now” on those listings we have liked, we too wonder about how the item will fit. As a seller, it can be tricky to know how to best answer fit questions for a potential buyer since sizes can vary.

So whether you’re buying or selling, we’ve come up with this trusty measurement guide to help accurately describe the fit of your item!

How To Measure Shoes

092514_posh tip_heel height

Want to know if a heel is the perfect height for a night out? Be sure to measure from the base of the heel to the tip!

092514_posh tip_insole 092514_posh tip_sole length

Measuring the sole for flats and insole for heels can also help buyers and sellers get a better idea of a shoe’s true size.

How To Measure Dresses & Tops

092514_posh tip_dress bust

Fit can be tricky and can vary by brand and item. To make sure a dress or top is sized just right, the bust can be measured from armpit to armpit.

092514_posh tip_dress arm

Arm length can also be determined by measuring the top of the shoulder all the way down to the sleeve.

092514_posh tip_dress length

Want to make sure the dress is just the right length for the buyer? Measure from the top of the shoulder down to the bottom hem.

How To Measure Bottoms

092514_posh tip_waist

Trying to snag the perfect jeans? Be sure to measure the waist to determine size accurately.

092514_posh tip_inseam
Measuring the inseam from the crotch to the hem can also help determine the right length for bottoms.

How to Measure Bags

092514_posh tip_bag height

092514_posh tip_bag width 2
092514_posh tip_bag height 2

To be sure that bag in your “likes” can fit all your everyday essentials, be sure to get measurements! Height can be measured from the base to the top of the item. You can also measure the length from left to right at the base of the bag, and measure the width of either side.

How to Measure Watches

092514_posh tip_watch

When measuring a watch or bangle, be sure to measure the circumference of the interior to be sure it fits the wrist perfectly!

Success Story: How She Made $5,000 in 30 Days on Poshmark

Our Poshers have made their closets into full-blown businesses and with the recent release of PoshMatch, business is booming, especially for Alexandra! Known as @alvictoria on Poshmark, you will find her shopping, sharing and making tons of sales (on sales on sales) using some very savvy strategies.

091814_success story_alvictoria

So just how does she do it? Thankfully, she’s spilling her secrets so you can start making some serious cash by selling your closet on Poshmark.

What is your favorite feature of the new release and why?

I have started making more consistent sales because of the new update, thanks to how easy it is to explore the brands you love as well as shop the shares of other stylish women! Because I focus mostly on designer items in my closet, the new brand search adjustments have been very helpful in directing new attention to my closet.

What strategies have brought you success in selling?

Even with all of the fantastic new updates with PoshMatch, I’ve always noticed that the more you share and the more active you are on the app, the more sales you make. After 2 years on Poshmark, I now use it as a small business and it works in my favor to be as active as possible and share other stylish closets as well. I also have to add how much I LOVE the new Price Drop Notifications! I have sold up to 12 higher priced designer items in one day because women who liked the item were notified (with a lower shipping rate) about the new lower price!

How has following brands changed the way you shop and sell on PM?

I have to admit that along with selling, I also do a TON of shopping on Poshmark. I spend a crazy amount of time looking for new steals and sharing new closets with my Poshmark pals! I also love being able to pass on deals I find that aren’t in my size or price point to my friends who I know would love them. The new brand follow feature and the “just in” addition has been tremendously helpful in introducing me to fab new closets and letting me be the FIRST to find items for up to 90% off of retail. Crazy, right?

091814_success story_alvictoria 2

Now that sharing is styling, how do you utilize this feature?

One of the most noticeable features of sharing with PoshMatch is the log of your own shares “kept on file” in your closet. I have always tried to keep my shares to only things that I think are super stylish, a great deal, or something I would love to wear myself. By having a way to keep track of my previous shares, it shows all of my followers what I think is stylish, and hopefully inspires them to follow along with my favorites!

What are some notable deals that you’ve gotten recently?

Okay, need I say more than “Chanel Espadrilles for over 50% off”? On my most recent trip to NYC, I was dying for a pair of them but obviously they’ve been sold out everywhere for months and are selling for up to $800 on eBay and other sites! Well, as I was doing my usual brand stalking with the “Just In” feature, I saw a glorious black and white pair in my size that had been listed within an hour of me discovering them. Of course I had to snatch them up as quickly as possible!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make the most of Poshmark?

I talked about this a little bit at PoshFest 2013, but I honestly feel that Poshmark can be anything that you want it to be! The app definitely works for you based on the way YOU want to use it. For me, I recently decided to leave my corporate job in pursuit of other ventures, and Poshmark is now, more than ever, used as a small business! In addition to wonderful support from the Poshmark team, I honestly credit my success on the app to being active, honest, and fashion educated. I think the easiest way to maximize your sales within the app is to make sure to have beautiful cover photos, have at least 15 items listed in your closet, and to share, share, share as much as possible! Reality TV and cleaning have taken a backseat since my start on Poshmark. ;)

What types of items do you see as best sellers?

For me, I think that the most important thing to remember when selling on Poshmark is that women LOVE a good deal! And if it’s designer and over 60% off then you’re doing even better! I try to remember to keep my items as far away from retail as I can possibly stand in order to maximize my sales. Also, cute, styled items for under the $40 price point are always great sellers for me. As far as brands go, Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff, Vince Camuto, and Sam Edelman have always been big sellers in my closet. And I promise you, if you don’t know if it will sell, stick a cute styled cover photo on it and give some styling suggestions for different seasons and it will sell in no time!

Posh Tip: How To Market Your Closet on Pinterest

When we’re not Poshing, you can often find us pinning – or both! We can’t be alone in our app addictions, yet is it so bad when it can mean cash in your pocket?

Today we wanted to share the inside scoop on how to market your closet on Pinterest. After all, the more eyes seeing your drool-worthy items, the more likely you are to get them sold! There’s a reason why Pinterest has been shown to boost sales for traditional retailers, so why not tap into that pinning power when it comes to selling your closet? Here are some ways to get started.

1. Share From Your Closet

share to pinterest from poshmark

In the app or on web, open your listing and click share. Under the social options, click Pinterest and follow the steps to add the item to a Pinterest board.

2. Create a Shop My Closet Board

shop my closet pin board

In your Pinterest account, create a new board called Shop My Closet. If you have certain styles or brands that you typically sell, be sure to include this in the board description as it helps make your board searchable.

3. Spread the Word to Your Friends

Let your followers on your other channels – like Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Poshmark – know that you are on Pinterest. Share your pins when possible and be active on the site. When you work to grow your social networks, even more potential buyers can see your items!

4. Take Advantage of Pinterest’s Price Drop Notifications

Just like Poshmark, Pinterest utilizes Price Drop Notifications! When you have pinned an item that features a price, Pinterest will alert those who have pinned the item when you lower the price.

5. Ensure Your Photos Are Pin-Worthy

For an image-rich channel like Pinterest, it is imperative that your photos stand out from the rest. As always, ensure good lighting, composition and styling to entice buyers. Need inspiration? Check out our Covershot Inspo board on (where else?) Pinterest!

5 Ways to Be A Stellar Seller

With our recent updates, including the new blog, exciting new features and an all-new version of the app, Poshmark continues to be all about empowering women to sell from their closets. Today we’re collecting some of our favorite Posh Tip posts to help get those listings sold!

090414_posh tip_stellar seller

1. Get Social

One you list an item, let people know by sharing them with your Poshmark followers and to the in-app Posh Parties that take place three times daily. Also, connect to your social network and share your listings outside of the app. If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to install our handy Closet Widget!

2. Utilize Price Drop Notifications

With our new Price Drop Notifications feature, you can reach out to Poshers who have liked your item and entice them to click “buy it now.” It even helped one seller make 47 sales in 24 hours!

3. Entice With Great Photos

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a great Covershot could be worth a lot more! Making the extra effort to ensure great lighting and composition could mean making more on your item. After all, there’s a reason why photo styling is a burgeoning profession – it works!

4. Maintain a Full Closet

Shoppers are looking not only for variety, but for a seller they can trust. Find those pre-loved items in great condition and get them listed! Plus, a closet with 10 or more listings earns more.

5. Provide a 5-Star Experience

Buying from fellow Poshers and not large companies is part of what makes Poshmark such a great place to shop. When you take time to ensure a great experience – by accurately describing an item, being responsive and sending sales off in style – you’ll receive positive seller ratings and repeat customers!

Have tips of your own to share? Leave them in the comments!

Posh Tip: Package in Style Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no secret that packing your Poshmark sale is a very important consideration, especially if you’re seeking that 5-star rating! But we also know it can be quite an investment to stock up all the cards, tissue and accessories needed to make your #PoshPackage really special.

081414_posh tip_brenda pack 2
This week, our Posh Tip comes from community member @bschuler who has shared five ways to beautifully package your sales by repurposing items you already have on hand.

Tissue Paper

Keep tissue from gifts or other packages to decorate future sales. Insider tip? “If you want to use colored tissue on lighter clothing,” Brenda says, “wrap it in white tissue first and then colored. I even tape scraps of tissue that I cut on pieces that are too long and tape around another item wrapped in a coordinating color.”

Gift Bags

An easy way to package is to put a clothing item into a nice gift bag you have on hand from another occasion with a bit of tissue paper then place inside of the shipping box. “Gift shops sometimes give away free bags so don’t toss them, they are perfect for this,” Brenda says.

081414_posh tip_brenda pack 4

Greeting Cards

Reuse greeting cards you receive by cutting off and discarding the portion with the writing. Then, write your own message on the reverse side. Brenda says: “I’ll trim the edges or use scalloped-edge scissors so it doesn’t have raw edges on one side. I also use cards to cut out things such as cupcakes from birthday cards and stick them on cardstock for a cute hang tag.”

Ribbon & String

Hold on to any length of cord, pretty rope, strips of fabric or even yarn to tie up packages. “I once purchased balls of yarn at a rummage sale for $0.25 cents apiece and it lasted forever,” Brenda said. “If you sew or know anyone who does, ask for scraps to use to tie around items.”

081414_posh tip_brenda pack 1

Pretty Paper Scraps

Embellish your packaging with scraps of pretty scrapbook or craft paper. “If you scrapbook, use your scraps to wrap around a package like you would ribbon,” Brenda said. “You can also cut out flowers, hearts, and other shapes to tape onto a package or make hangtags. You can also make your own envelopes out of scrapbook paper for jewelry items.”

What tips do you have for putting together a great #PoshPackage? Share in the comments!