Posh Tip: How to Gain New Followers

071515_posh tip_more followers

Whether you’re brand spankin’ new to Poshmark or a seasoned veteran Posher, we know you’re looking to grow your following. And why wouldn’t you? More followers leads to more exposure for your listings, which can lead to more sales – cha-ching! But how do you go about making that magical number climb? We’ve got five great tips for you.

Closet on point

First thing’s first, make sure your closet is putting its very best face forward at all times. Of all the tips we recommend, this is the most important. If your closet doesn’t catch the eye of others, they may not follow.

Make sure to fill your closet with a lot of inventory a variety of sizes, if possible, and ensure your covershots are clean, clear, and stylized. Plus, the more listings you have, the better. Need inspiration? Here are 10 items you can list right now! Finally, if you do a little research on what brands and trends shoppers are looking for, so you can make sure you’re stocking coveted items that will lead to more eyeballs on your closet.

Follow on

Following others is a very simple way to get people to notice your closet. You can find Suggested Users to follow on our people search page by tapping on the people icon in the top left corner of your feed. And if fellow Poshers like what they see when they take a peek at who just followed them, they’re more likely to tap that follow button right back!

Share, share, and share some more

Sharing other Poshers’ items is a great way to show off your personal taste (hello, Posh Stylist!), expand your network, and contribute to the amazing Poshmark community. After all, when you share the love, it always comes back to you.

Additionally, if you share closets that are new to Poshmark, you can establish yourself as a Posh Mentor. (Hint: find a list of new closets to follow by going to My Closet Stats and clicking on New Closets Shared.) All of this sharing means more opportunities for someone to take a look at your closet, love what they see, and follow.

Get your social on

Take your sharing efforts beyond Poshmark for maximum potential. By sharing your closet and listings on other social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, you have the potential to catch new eyes.

Also, did you know that if your Facebook friend joins Poshmark, they’ll automatically follow your closet? Boom, instant new follower! Just don’t forget to spread the love and follow back! Pro tip: Be sure to find your referral code in the app under “Invite Friends, Earn Cash!” Your friend will get $5 Posh Credits and you will, too, once they make their first purchase. Win win!

Get engaged

The more active you are in the Poshmark community, the more opportunities for other Poshers to discover and follow your closet. Attend virtual Posh Parties, become a Poshmark Suggested User, attend or host a community meet-up in your area, and co-host a virtual Posh Party. These activities can establish you as an influencer in the community as well as give your closet exposure to other Poshers (and potential new followers!).

Now it’s your turn. Do you have tips on how to get new followers? Share in the comments below!

Posh Tip: How to Pause Your Closet For Vacation

The sun is out and everyone is ready to relax, explore and enjoy the long summer days. But what does this mean for closets on Poshmark while sellers and buyers are away? If you are busy jetsetting the globe or simply taking a road trip and can’t maintain your closet while you’re gone, don’t worry. We have a few tips for sellers (and a bonus tips for buyers!) to help make this summer a smooth one.

vacation 2

Creating a vacation or closet closet listing is a fun
and helpful way to let buyers know you’re away.

Set each listing to ‘Not For Sale’

For sellers, we recommend setting each listing as Not For Sale. Simply head to the app, edit your listing and scroll to the bottom to change the availability to “Not For Sale” and save your listing. This will prevent buyers from purchasing your listing and wondering why the item has yet to ship.

If you’re a buyer interested in a item but it’s marked for “Not For Sale,” we recommend liking the item and leaving a comment to let the seller know you’re interested in purchasing when her closet’s back open. That way, the seller can get back in touch when they’re back.

Add a ‘BRB’ note at the end of each listing

While you’re on the edit page, why not add in the description of your listing that you are away and let them know what date you will be available to ship? This way if a user comes across your listing but see’s it’s ‘Not For Sale,’ they can know when to come back and purchase.

Create a vacation or closet closed listing

Get creative and create a sign for temporarily closing your closet. Consider a cute image or clip art with a text overlay saying that you’ll be back soon. This is also a great communication center to tag potential buyers and those who have bought a listing while you’re on vacation to let them know that you’ll be shipping as soon as you get back.

Keep open communication

Maybe you took a spontaneous road trip (anything goes during the summer!) or you’re a buyer who’s taking a quick getaway next weekend and found a super cute dress that you’d like to take with you. Either way, communication is definitely the key to a successful transaction. It only takes a quick minute to communicate with a buyer to let them know that you’ll be able to ship when you get back.

Buyers! Keep this in mind during vacation months

Are you buying something for an upcoming vacation? We recommend buyers make purchases in advance and communicate with sellers if there is a time sensitivity. While Poshmark sellers do often ship faster than most major retailers and shipping includes USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail service, you should give about a week to expect your item. Sellers may need time to prep the item and package it with care before shipping.

Also, buyers should keep in mind their travel schedule when making purchases. You want to ensure your item to be delivered when you’re at home so you can inspect your item within 3 days of delivery before our system automatically releases the funds to the seller. If you won’t be home in a few days from when a purchase is placed, we recommend commenting on the listing to see if the seller can delay shipment by 2-3 days.

Now go on and have a blast this summer as you Posh, eat, sleep and repeat all across the globe. With these tips, you’re officially Posh Summer Ready. If you have any more tips, please share them in the comments!

Posh Tip: Take Your Covershots To The Next Level

Making a good first impression is vital, especially when it comes to listings in your Poshmark closet. The covershot is the first image that users see and can often determine whether they like or buy the item or follow you. And like your first impression, you want to show potential buyers just how awesome you and your listings are.

So how do you capture this in a covershot? How do you entice users to click on a listing and look at the rest of your closet? Lucky you, we have some tips for you to take amazing and authentic covershots.

Clean and Clear

061015_posh tip_clean clear

No, we’re not talking about the facewash. A clean and clear covershot is one where the eye naturally falls on the item you are selling. You can assist potential buyer eyes by making sure that there are no competing objects in your covershots. See the difference?

Accentuate and Highlight

061015_posh tip_accentuate

Taking a clean and clear covershot doesn’t mean the exclusion of accessories. Instead, other items can help highlight its features, such as color or texture. Just remember, there is a difference between a well styled layout and one that is haphazard. You won’t want to cover up important details that make it hard to figure out the essence of the item.


061015_posh tip_background

Choosing the right background is vital to taking a great covershot. You can even use the background to help highlight the item. By choosing a complementary color, you can help an item’s color pop and help capture the item’s true color. Whereas a white background is great to highlight texture or the details of an item, as you’ve seen in the other above examples.


With these tips, you’re sure to get your item sold in no time. Have tips of your own? Share them in the comments!


Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Communicate Like A Pro

Communication is key in every relationship – especially the kind we have with our friends on Poshmark. Whether you’re buying or selling, we know connecting with one another also leads to fulfilled orders and happy Poshers. Here are some of our favorite ways to successfully and efficiently communicate with each other.

060215_posh tip_communication

1. Leave a comment

Communication within the app is definitely the way to go. Have a question about the size or fit, shipping updates, or simply want to thank the seller or buyer for the order? Simply comment on the listing. Think your friend would love the listing or want someone else to be notified of your comment? Tag a user while leaving a comment by typing the @ symbol before their username e.g. @username and it will automatically send a notification to the user. In order to protect your privacy and enjoy full benefits of Posh Protect, we ask that you do not share personal contact information within the app.

2. Provide updates

While Poshmark provides updates throughout the sale process, it’s helpful for buyers and sellers to use comments to stay up-to-date on the process. If you’re the seller, it’s considerate to shed some light on the order status for the buyers. Don’t worry, once USPS scans the order into the tracking stream, both parties will also receive an email from us with the tracking information.

For buyers, if there is an issue like an incorrect shipping address in your order confirmation, let the seller know not to ship the item at the same time you reach out to Poshmark to request an updated label.

3. Send a shipping reminder

Sometimes the seller may need a little reminder to ship out your item. Instead of leaving a comment, did you know that you can send them a shipping reminder email?

If your order has not shipped after five days, you may send a reminder to the seller through the order page. Simply find the order under My Purchases and select Problems/Order Inquiry → Delayed Order → Send Reminder. This will automatically send a reminder email to the seller to ship your order.

4. Make an Offer

The Make An Offer feature is another way to indirectly communicate with users. Placing an offer is a quick and easy way to negotiate without having to leave a comment. This is especially useful if you don’t have any additional questions or comments about the item and you’re ready to buy. (Remember, accepted offers are binding!)

5. Leave a Love Note

This is another action that shows some love to your seller! If you’ve rated your overall shopping experience with the seller as a 5-star experience, leave a Love Note! Love Notes are a great to communicate with your seller about your shopping experience and provides additional feedback for the seller. These are also displayed on the seller’s and buyer’s profile, which helps build credibility and spread the love.

Posh Tip: How To Price Your Items

051215_posh tip_pricing

Want to take your closet selling game to the next level? Consider how you might increase your sales with an all-star pricing strategy. While everyone approaches pricing differently, these tips are sure to help you take advantage of features like Make An Offer and Price Drop Notifications to fill your wallet by emptying your closet.

Condition and Popularity

Sorting through your closet may be daunting. You may find pieces that are completely worn or in brand new condition, let alone a items that are either from high-end brands or even no-name brands. With all these factors at hand, how do you go about choosing the right price?

  • Examine thoroughly your piece of clothing or accessory for any signs of wear. Be it holes or pilling, if there are signs of wear, we recommend adding a generous discount to your listing price.
  • Is it a popular brand? Well-known brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton and Lilly Pulitzer may sell quickly and for a higher price, especially if the items are in-demand and rare.

Negotiations and Original Price

Shopping on Poshmark is all about finding stellar items for an amazing deal. When attracting potential customers, not only do you want to keep in mind the discount off the original retail value, but also if you want to keep room for negotiation.

  • When listing, be sure to consider adding wiggle room for negotiation. Some buyers may want to buy right away, but this strategy could work in your favor as a seller to fully take advantage of the Make An Offer and Price Drop Notification features. If you don’t want to consider offers or negotiations, make sure to say in your description that the price is firm.
  • When possible, include the original price of your items so buyers that they scored a great deal. If the retail price of your item is unknown, not to worry! Do a quick search in Poshmark to see what other sellers are listing similar items for to help you narrow down the original price. You can also look up the original retailer or brand to see how similar items are being priced.

Have your own tips? Share in the comments!