5 Photo Tips for Capturing Tricky Materials

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Trying to list an awesome item, but having a tough time photographing it perfectly? Some of the best clothing and accessories are sometimes the most difficult to capture. Don’t fret! We have you covered with snapshot solutions for your covershot troubles. Below are some common items that can be tricky to photograph and a few skillful ways to get the perfect shot.

1. Patent Leather and Reflective Materials

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You know it’s all about good lighting to get the perfect shot, but what happens when the item is shiny? Metals and patent leather can often times pose a problem for photographing. The key to these shots is to avoid using flash. We definitely recommend taking photos during the daytime in natural light to avoid any glare.

2. Sequins and Glitter

112014_posh tip_glitter

Capturing true iridescence is important with sequins and glitter. Be sure to take photos closer up to show craftsmanship details and use natural lighting. Taking photos outside in partial shade or near a window can also be helpful in diffusing harsh, direct sunlight. We again recommend avoiding flash as sparkly items are also reflective!

3. The Color Black

112014_posh tip_black

Capturing the true color of a black item can be tricky. More contrast can lose the details of your item, while too much brightness can fade out the color. The best way to capture true black is to take the photos outdoors in even light against a lighter backdrop. Even natural light will help highlight all the details and represent true color. A well-lit room with a swivel neck lamp to maneuver light may also help with indoor photos.

4. Pants

112014_posh tip_pants

Photographing pants in their entirety can be tough in square photo formats. Aerial views can be used by taking photos standing on a chair or higher level surface, and pointing the camera downward at the item. Hanging items on a wall and taking a more distant shot is also effective. There are also great photo editing apps such as InstaSize which will convert any regular size photos to fit into square photo format.

5. Texture

112014_posh tip_texture

Items with great texture and detail can get lost. We recommend laying the item on a flat plain surface in a basic contrasting color. Close-up photos from different angles can help show the details and material, along with photos of the item in its entirety.

Posh Tip: Bring on the Bundles

Bundle can be a magical word in the Poshmark community. For buyers, it’s an opportunity to buy a little more for a little less. For sellers, it’s a chance to move more merchandise and, in turn, increase earnings. But what and when should you bundle? (Hint: everything and often!) Read on to see three times you can get your bundle on.

111314_posh tip_bundle stylemate

Cutomize Bundles For Your Stylemate

When a Posher falls in love with multiple things in your closet, you’ve just found a new Stylemate! Make your buyer’s day and set up a bundle for them by creating a new listing with a price and description that reflects your agreed upon deal for multiple items. Pro tip: Many Poshers offer a small discount on bundles.

111314_posh tip_bundle multiples

Offer Bundles of Multiples

We’ve all done it: loved something so much that you bought it in every color. But when you’re ready to give someone new a chance to love those pieces, what do you do? Try creating a listing with these multiples at a discounted price. Pro tip: You can always offer to sell off individual items if someone is only interested in one color.

111314_posh tip_bundle outfit

Style a Complete Look to Sell

Have two or more items that are so good together that it seems they were made to be worn with one another? Do your buyers a favor and, on top of the individual listings, create a premade bundle listing with the entire outfit to save you both a little time. Pro tip: Utilize these listings to give your potential buyers styling ideas and buy more!

When bundling, keep our weight limit in mind. The default shipping label on Poshmark covers a package up to 5 lbs. If your package weighs more, you can upgrade your label directly in the app. Now what are you waiting for? Get to bundling!

Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Avoid Shipping Mishaps

102914_posh tip_shipping

1. Process All Orders Individually

Handle all orders separately to avoid swapped orders. We know Poshers are awesome sellers and multitaskers, but things can get confusing when handling multiple orders. Packaging orders one-by-one will ensure all packages go to the correct buyers.

2. Reference Order Emails

  • Check the date on the sale confirmation email to verify the label is for the correct order
  • Make sure the item referenced on the email is correct
  • Print and confirm the label information matches the email

3. Confirm All Items Are Included

  • If the order is a bundle, make sure all items are packaged by referring to the conversation in the listing.
  • Does the item come with accessories? Make sure all listed belts, original packaging, duster bags, additional bracelet links, authenticity cards, etc. are included.

4. Verify Items Are Correctly Packaged

To avoid hitting your buyer with additional fees and “Return to Sender” issues, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Is the item in the correct Priority Mail or standard box? (Please refer to our Posh Guide for more details.)
  • Is the item the correct weight? Be sure the item matches the weight listed on the label.

5. Cross Check Before Sealing

Do a quick once over inspection before sealing your package and make sure the correct label is affixed securely. If everything is a-OK, you’re good to ship!

How to Master the Flat Lay Covershot

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Looking to elevate your Covershots but don’t have a photographer to snap a pic for you? Or does the item you are selling no longer fit properly so modeling is out of the question? Flat lay to the rescue! These clean and simple layouts are eye-catching, stylish, and can showcase an item just as well (if not better!) than wearing or hanging the garment.

We caught up with two Poshers and flat lay masters to share their tips. Find more gorgeous shots in their closets for even more inspiration!

Kaitlyn | @Lynwol

101614_posh tip_flat lay lynwol 1

Lighting, editing & staging

Lighting is EVERYTHING, I take all my pictures in full, natural light. I LOVE to use my ig filters of my pictures (hint: I don’t use the pre-set filters, but I filter the pictures manually). Last, I usually find at least one other item that will complement the beauty of the item I am selling.

Style it to stand out

Styling: Just because you aren’t modeling an outfit doesn’t mean that you can’t put an outfit together for your flat lay Covershot.

Backdrop is everything

I take all my pictures on my desk, which I may or may not have painted white just for that purpose.

Kristin | @fancypantsmcgee

101614_posh tip_flat lay fancy pants

Focal point, details & fun

Let the item that is for sale be the star of the show. Use a clean background and style your merchandise with other items that will enhance its beauty. Pay attention to detail. Smooth out wrinkles and tuck price tags away to ensure a crisp and clean covershot. Have fun! Play around with different layouts of your items, try different angles, and style your items the way you’d wear them. Let your personality shine through!

Let the item take the spotlight

I use a simple, clean background (for me, a white table) that gives me a blank canvas to showcase the merchandise. I also try to style the items with other on-trend pieces and change my covershots periodically to keep them current.

Bright light is best

I take my covershots on a white table in front of a set of large windows in my home. Natural lighting is the key to getting bright, eye catching photos.

first image via hey_im_kate

Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Be a Positive Posher

101415_posh tip_postive posher

One of the reasons we love Poshmark so much is its community. At PMHQ, we enjoy being active and spreading the PoshLove with our fellow fashionistas. The community is what you make it, so that’s why we wanted to share some tips to ensure a positive and happy experience for all Poshers.

1. Communicate With Courtesy

Interacting with all users in a respectful manner, maintaining common courtesies when leaving comments, and keeping a kind and tolerant tone creates a supportive forum for all users.

2. Spread Positivity

The love you spread will get returned. Share each others listings, leave love notes and compliments, communicate openly, and follow all guidelines. The more encouraging feedback, the more likely you are to build relationships with lifelong stylemates.

3. Put Your Best Face Forward

Always keep in mind you are a brand ambassador, and consider yourself an extension of your closet. Remaining flexible and considerate means more positive transactions and happy buying experiences.

4. Keep Calm and Contact Support

We understand issues with transactions can arise. When issues with a transaction or conversations escalate, support is always here to help! Please be sure to remain level headed and understanding, and contact support@poshmark.com immediately for assistance.

5. Patience is Power

When waiting for your package to ship or funds to be released, please remember to remain patient and aware of potential delays. When awaiting a response from a fellow user, please allow ample time to respond and keep it cool and composed.