The Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Guide

Congrats, you made a sale! Now what? Packaging and shipping your items is the last step in closing your sale and ensuring your buyer has a positive shopping experience (we’re talking customer satisfaction). In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about shipping and packaging, along with tips, tricks, and all the perks that come with shipping through Poshmark.

The Basics

PoshPost – The Poshmark Shipping Label

Once you’ve made a sale, a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label will be immediately emailed to you. This label, paid for by the buyer, is a USPS Priority Mail shipping label that covers a package of any size up to 5 lbs. That’s right, no stamps and no hassle required. 

Package more than 5 lbs? No problem. Upgrade your shipping label right from the app.

  • Step 1: In the app, go to the My Sales section in your account tab and tap the order that needs a label upgrade.
  • Step 2: Tap Need New Shipping Label.
  • Step 3: Next, select Need Heavier Weight Label, then Please Select Weight, and input the new desired weight for your label. Any extra costs will be deducted from your earnings/credits.
  • Step 4: Lastly, tap Next, then Send New Label, and the new label will be sent to your email.

Find the Right Shipping Parcel

Our partnership with USPS lets you use Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate, and Priority Regional Rate boxes and mailers. Pick them up for free from any USPS store or have them delivered right to your door! Please note, our label does not support Express Mail boxes. You can also reuse a previously used shipping box to ship your items. Just be sure to remove or cover up any previous labels before shipping.

With Canada Post, you can purchase any Priority envelopes or boxes. Please note, our label does not support Xpresspost boxes. 

Packaging & Shipping Fragile Items
Shipping out a fragile home item or delicate makeup? Make sure your fragile items get to their buyer in one piece by protecting them with extra padding. Bubble wrap, old newspaper, or tissue paper can go a long way by keeping your items safe while in transit.

Branding & Personalized Packaging

Personalize Your Packaging
Let’s not deny it—we’re suckers for good packaging. With just a few extra touches, you can surprise, delight, and even put a smile on your buyer’s face (and possibly convert them into a repeat customer)! All you need is some tissue paper, ribbon, thank you cards, and anything else you’d like to use to help spice up your package, such as stickers, stamps, business cards, etc.

Branding is Key
Marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business. Showcase your brand through your packaging by including a business card (or writing it on a thank you card) and asking your buyer to show off their latest #PoshFind on social media and tag you. Plus, buyers are more likely to flaunt their favorite items if the packaging is on point.

Want Poshmark-branded thank you cards? Find some designs available to print at home here.

How To Ship
Your item is packed, your packaging is eye-catching, and the label is secured—now it’s finally time to ship your package. Here are 3 easy options:

  • Drop your package in a USPS or Canada Post mailbox, if the package fits.
  • Drop your package off at your local post office.
  • Schedule a pick-up online via USPS. Easy! If you’re in Canada, you can register as a small business (for free!) and schedule a pick-up for a small fee on the Canada Post site.

Shipping & Packaging FAQs

What are the shipping rates on Poshmark?
Poshmark provides a flat rate fee of $7.67 (paid for by the buyer) for expedited shipping for all orders. Each order is shipped using 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail. Multiple items from one seller can be added to the order for the same fee as long as the total weight of the order does not exceed 5 lbs (see Bundles). 

Can I print my shipping label on adhesive labels?
Yes, shipping labels can be printed on adhesive labels. To select your shipping label format: 

In app

  1. Go to your Account Tab
  2. Select My Seller Tools
  3. Select Shipping Label Settings
  4. Select a page dimension

On web

  1. Select your profile picture at the top-right of the page
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Select Shipping Label Settings
  4. Select a page dimension 

4’’x 6’’ (Adhesive Labels)
This paper size works for specific printers that allow printing on self-adhesive paper. Check your printer settings for compatibility. 

Examples: Dymo LabelWriter 4XL, Rollo Direct Thermal Printer, etc. 

8.5’’ x 11’ ’(Standard Printer Paper)
This paper size works for all standard printers.

Do you support international shipping?
We currently do not support international shipping. US sellers will only be able to ship to a US address and Canada sellers will only be able to ship to Canada addresses for the time being but we’ll keep you posted when this changes. 

Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Yes, we support shipping to PO boxes.

I can’t find my shipping label in my email. What do I do?
Not to worry! First, double check that we have the correct email address on file for you. You can check this in the app by going to your Account Tab and selecting Edit Profile. We also recommend checking your email’s Spam folder to see if the email was routed there. 

If your email address is correct or you have changed it in the app, please re-send this label to yourself. 

  1. Go to your Account Tab
  2. Select My Sales 
  3. Select your order 
  4. Select Need new shipping label. 

An updated label with the current date will then be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Spring Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Closet & Full Wallet

042315_posh tip_spring clean

‘Tis the season for some closet cleaning! Might as well make some cash while you’re at it, right? It’s time for a Poshmark listing spree and we’ve got tips to help you get started.

First, be sure to carve out some time this weekend to clean, sort and list. If it’s a big closet purge, you may even need a couple hours. Before diving in, set the mood with lots of light and a killer playlist to blast. Now you are more than prepared for a little adventure through the depths of your closet.

With that settled, here are some tips on what to list.

New clothes you never got around to wearing

It happens to the best of us. You had the best intentions to wear it, but never did. This is a big sign that you most likely won’t be wearing it at all. List it!

Clothes you only wore once

Feel like you can get a few more wears out of it, but we haven’t worn it for over a year? Chances are you won’t. Make room for something you love. List it!

Trending styles that you’re not wearing

Check out Lily Pulitzer. The brand is hot this spring! If it’s not a trend you’re into, we bet someone else is. Is it hanging in the closet untouched? List it!

Pieces that reflect your past style

Not only is Poshmark a place to earn some money, it’s a chance to show off our past and current style. It is okay to let go of some pieces that you’ve only wore a few times in order to grow and change up your personal style. Won’t be rocking it again? List it!

Now you’ve spent some time dancing around your room and you’re on your way to making cash Want to learn more about what to list? Don’t miss this helpful guide.

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Posh Tip: How To Get Paid Selling On Poshmark

There comes a day in a woman’s life when you realize the items in your closet could earn you money! Money to spend on amazing things…like more things to put in your closet.

Seriously though, now that you’ve found Poshmark, the largest destination for buying and selling fashion and accessories, let’s get you on track to earning some major cash. Read on for the full rundown on how the Poshmark selling process works.

031215_posh tip_how to get paid

Create a listing in your closet

You can’t make money without selling items! Once you’ve looked over what you are able to sell on Poshmark, use the app to create a listing. Each of your listings automatically comes with the option to “Buy Now” and a “Make An Offer.” Note that you won’t see these buttons on your own listings since you can’t buy your own items. Rest assured, everyone else can. Make sure your items are seen and share, share, share within the app and to your social networks.

Made a sale? First things first…

You’ve made your very first sale? Congrats! Now it’s time to get the item to your buyer. Our system will automatically send you a shipping label for you to print, just ensure that your profile information is complete. If you didn’t get the label or can’t find the email, that’s no problem. You can download it directly from the app or the web.

Sold Details

web order status

Carefully package your item in the correct box

Now that you’ve made a sale and located your shipping label, you’ll have to package your item. make sure that you package your item with care. You want to make sure that it gets to the buyer in pristine condition.

It’s important that you take the proper steps to avoid any shipping mishaps. Poshmark sends all packages through USPS Priority Mail, so make sure you a Priority Mail box or envelope or another sturdy box you might have around the house. Just be sure you don’t get a USPS box that says “Flat Rate” on it, as it’s a separate class of mail than just Priority Mail. Using a Flat Rate box could cause delays and your buyer might not receive the package. Pro tip: you can order the correct boxes directly from for free!

Ship your item to the buyer

Now that you have your package ready to go, securely tape the shipping label to the box and either take it to your local US Post Office or have your postal carrier pick it up right from your house. Once the USPS has received the package, it is scanned into our system. It’s that easy!

Get paid when the item is accepted

Once the buyer receives your package and has accepted the item, your earnings will be automatically deposited into your Poshmark account. Buyers have up to three days to accept the item and after that, the funds are automatically released to you, the seller.

Note that Poshmark takes a commission for each sale, which is used to ensure credit card safety and provide support from Poshmark to help create a fun, safe and ever-improving platform for our Poshers. For every sale over $15 that is made, you keep 80% of your sale. For any order under $15, there is a flat commision fee of $2.95. When you list an item, we make sure you know exactly what you’re making. Just check out the “My Earnings” section on the listing and you can see how much you will make for that sale price.

Your Earnings

Spend or save your earnings

Your purchase is complete and there’s money to spend. Woohoo! You can keep your earnings as credit in your Poshmark account and spend it within the app. Or if you’d prefer to have your earnings as cash, you can either set up direct deposit to your bank or have a check sent to you. On the app, you can simply go to My Account and choose My Balance. From there, you will be able to see your Posh Credit, Redemption Amount, and your Pending Amount. Just click on Redemption Amount and let us know if you’d like a direct deposit (which takes 2 to 3 business days) or a check (which takes 8 to 10 business days).

Need help?

Whether you missed a step or have a question about a particular transaction, be sure to reach out to so someone can work with you directly.

Posh Tip: How To Make PFF Connections

The beauty of Poshmark is that it’s not just about making money, it’s about the wonderful connections made with women across America. But how do you take a connection to the PFF (Posh Friends Forever) level?  Read on for some tips on making friends within the Poshmark community.

1920223_837201442963395_1105735093_n (1)

Be a Positive Posher

Never underestimate the power of positive Poshing and the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. Respectful and friendly encounters are the foundation of the Poshmark community and can open the door to lasting friendships.

Find a Stylemate

Love another Posher’s closet style? Found your stylemate (someone who shares a similar taste in style and wears the same sizes you do)? Share and comment to let them know! Friendships can begin just by a mutual affinity for specific designer or style.

Get Super Social

The love of fashion and shopping goes beyond Poshmark. Keep the social love going on and find fellow Poshers on Instagram, Twitter and more! Try searching through hashtags such as #PoshStyle, #PoshPackage and #PoshFind. Plus, when you follow Poshmark’s social channels, you can discover new PFFs that way, too. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube.

Attend a Meet-Up

Take your Poshmark relationships to the next level and attend a local Posh N Sip meet-up. Meeting with your favorite Poshers in real life is sure to deepen the connection and helps everyone remember there are real, awesome people on the other side of that screen. Pro tip: Don’t see one near you? Reach out to us for information on how you can host one!

Already have a PFF? Tell us how you met yours in the comments below!

Posh Tip: How To List Luxury Handbags For Resale On Poshmark

021115_posh tip_celine

Do you have a luxury handbag that you love, but don’t wear? With thousands of items from top brands – including Balenciaga, Hermès and Celine – Poshmark is the perfect place to sell it. Plus, with our exclusive Posh Concierge and Posh Protect services, you can buy and sell luxury with confidence.

How do you get started? When selling luxury items online, it’s important for sellers to know the item is authentic. While verification practices vary by brand, we’re here to help with this handy listing photo guide for sellers.

First thing’s first: be sure that your photos are on point. Photos should be taken in a well-lit area with plenty of natural light so that your pictures are crisp and clear. We recommend avoiding the use of filters that would alter the appearance of the item for sale. Want to share more photos of your item? Consider adding a separate listing for extra photos.

Logo and Hardware

021115_posh tip_logo hardware

Capture a clear, straight-on photograph of the logo that is labeled on the handbag. Don’t forget the small, but important details such as the zipper and hardware. Make sure that the images are focused and bright enough to read any small inscriptions!

Serial Number, Date Code or Hologram Sticker

021115_posh tip_serial hologram

Buyers will feel confident in purchasing from you when you display the unique code for your bag. Most of these codes are located in secretive areas like the bottom of the bag or deep down in the interior pocket. Can’t find your code? Call up the store where you purchased your bag and they will be able to help you locate it.

Documentation and Extras

021115_posh tip_misc authentication

Do you still have the tags, dust bag or box for your bag? Include it in your photos and mention it in the description.


021115_posh tip_condition

Make sure to disclose any wear and tear on your bag through photos and in the description. See our handy guide to help you know how to describe the condition of your item. Hiding flaws can jeopardize your sale on Poshmark. We recommend creating another listing to provide more detailed photos for your prospective buyers.

Brand Photo Checklist

While each brand has its own standard for verification features, we can look to some of our top brands to see what photos should be included when showcasing your item’s authenticity:


  • Foil Logo Stamp
  • Serial Hologram Sticker
  • Zipper back
  • Quilt pattern and Stitching
  • Hardware/screws
  • Authenticity Card

Louis Vuitton

  • Heat stamp (made in tag)
  • Serial/Datecode (usually embossed on a tag or to the lining)
  • Hardware/screws
  • Base of handle (for stitching)


  • Tag with GUCCI stamp
  • Serial number (located behind the tag)
  • Material/fabric tag if applicable
  • Zipper Back
  • Clean Stitching

Still have questions when it comes to listing luxury items on Poshmark? Get in touch with us at