A message from our SVP of Seller Experience.

Dear Poshmark Community,

As you may know, we recently rolled out a new default sort option for search to launch a more relevant search experience for all Poshers. Recommended sort takes into account sharing as well as a number of other aspects. Since rollout, we’ve seen huge improvement in the buyer experience and seller sales across the board. But we have heard your feedback. This new sort order is simply not working for many of you.

As a result, today, we will be switching back to just shared as the default sort option for most users. We will continue to improve our search to provide a better experience for shoppers and help sellers get more exposure via sharing and relevance. We will re-release a new version after further test and iteration.

In closing, I value your partnership in creating a space fueled by the voices of our community and propelled by the work of our team. Please comment below to share feedback. We will be monitoring and actioning them, we are here to listen.


Tracy Sun
SVP of Seller Experience, Poshmark

404 thoughts on “A message from our SVP of Seller Experience.

  1. Please go back to the old way!!!! I’ve had no sales compared to my steady flow. Please a lot of us depend on this income to survive.
    @Redbull1985 my closet

    1. Here is my theory. I am a Poshmark Ambassador II. I think PM is giving the sales to newer Poshers bc the active, high sellers are already “in too deep” with the amount of listings, amount of followers ect. PM knows it would be hard for the very active sellers to pull out now bc it has taken so much time, energy and money to get to where they are at PM. They are trying to get the new users “sucked in” by giving them the sales. I will be taking my business elsewhere soon. PM has been a time and energy sucker with hardly any sales at this point.

  2. My sales were good, not great when I first started around April 3rd. I have a fairly small closet and am just starting out. 2 1/2 weeks in, they absolutely plummeted. It is May 7th and I am being faced with a tough choice of either withering here or pulling up and giving my business to a different platform. Would you PLEASE switch me to the test group that is selling? Obviously whatever you’re doing to help them must really be working. @Tangie4242

  3. Hello,
    My sales have recently dropped way off just like they did in Feb when you changed how search was done. Have you changed it back again? What is going on please as I have gone from pretty decent sales again since you reverted to search ‘just in’ to now absolute zero for the last ten days or so. This is just terrible. Where can I find out what’s going on? Also please, please make a share all button for the closet. Debbie @dalinn1

    1. Since you changed your format for selling I have gotten much more drop in sales.
      I wish you put it back to the way it was I hardly saw anything in the shipping is high. I don’t think people need 3-day shipping they could do a 7-Day shipping to make the amount lower. I find that most buyers want the very lowest cheapest item they nickel and dime to the bottom ,we are only making minimum money. I am unable to use Twitter an Instagram it says whoops not working.
      Not understanding why that keeps occurring

  4. Please, please, please – create an option to report/remove inactive sellers. Annoying the amount of items you go through that have been posted for YEARS!

  5. Hello!! I love the new search field !! However, I noticed something odd that could be greatly improved. When I search in my closet for, let’s say, “sale”, and maybe I want to share all of my sale items… it doesn’t allow you to share (then) next. like when your normally sharing your closet, it automatically refreshes to the next item. I hope this makes sense. I’d love to be able to share from this tool. But with it not refreshing, its very difficult.
    Thanks for reading
    Wendy pepe

  6. Right now most retailers that sell goods have been the hardest hit by inflation as well as lack of consumer confidence. However, the ones that supply services are at least seeing some growth. If you check out Macy’s, Belk, Nordstrom etc. you can see this occurring because their prices are WAY down. They are even lower at their discount stores. I have never seen brand new designer fashions sell for so low (You can find brand new Ugg boots all day long for $60-$80!) Most of my items I sell are brand new and I am unable to compete with those prices on my Posh app. Along with the suggestions mentioned, Poshmark really needs to make changes in their outreach marketing department. I had to increase my advertising budget on my ecommerce store to try to stay competitive with the bigger stores.

    1. I feel that posh has been banking on new sellers to grow. But I don’t understand why they’re not promoting posh as a means to PURCHASE awesome items. They advertise only for new sellers. I never see an add regarding shopping on posh. This doesn’t. Make marketing sense to me since the top sellers are the the ones who have been loyal and consistent with posh and making posh Money. Also, they never mention that you can buy new items on posh at a fraction of the tag price. This baffles me. Why spend so much $$ advertising for casual, used clothing sellers, when used clothing sold by new poshers probably makes up less than 10% of posh profit?? Why not promote posh as a great place to shop?? This would AUTOMATICALLY increase the number of sellers. Right?? Seems logical to me.

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