A message from our SVP of Seller Experience.

Dear Poshmark Community,

As you may know, we recently rolled out a new default sort option for search to launch a more relevant search experience for all Poshers. Recommended sort takes into account sharing as well as a number of other aspects. Since rollout, we’ve seen huge improvement in the buyer experience and seller sales across the board. But we have heard your feedback. This new sort order is simply not working for many of you.

As a result, today, we will be switching back to just shared as the default sort option for most users. We will continue to improve our search to provide a better experience for shoppers and help sellers get more exposure via sharing and relevance. We will re-release a new version after further test and iteration.

In closing, I value your partnership in creating a space fueled by the voices of our community and propelled by the work of our team. Please comment below to share feedback. We will be monitoring and actioning them, we are here to listen.


Tracy Sun
SVP of Seller Experience, Poshmark

404 thoughts on “A message from our SVP of Seller Experience.

  1. Our sales are the lowest ever and almost none. We never experience like this since 2016. We always have steady sales. We are doing same on our closets. What happen Poshmark?

  2. I’ve noticed that although I spend a lot of time sharing my items multiple times a day, my listings are not going to the top of the search. I just shared and had several items above me that had not been shared in days. I feel like a schumck sharing four hours a day when others list and forget about it and get superior placement.
    At the last free shipping event I made 5 purchases. 3 of them cancelled because they weren’t on the site anymore. Although they hadn’t shared their listings in days or weeks they were all listed near the top. That’s pathetic that 60% of my orders were not filled. Maybe if you put active sellers near the top like you did in the past it would improve things.
    I feel like I’m being forced out. I’m no looking at other sales platforms, as this one has become time consuming and no worth the personal effort.

    1. signed up too. No thoughts at this moment. I haven’t made money as my closet is completely dead. All I get is people, no like nor purchases as most are in the same boat. We are giving this brainwash SHARE, LIST & REPEAT which I’ve been doing for years. Nothing changed in my process until now. Why?
      Numbers don’t lie!!!

      Let’s address the big elephant in the room which is the people with Bots & Virtual Assistant. They have a huge advantage over the manual daily sharers.
      This new SEO only benefits SHARES, Right? Sellers with BOTS &/or VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can SHARE a thousands more times than manual sharers.
      Some brag about it as these software keeps them under the radar where PM can’t freeze their account. PM is aware it’s being use & trying to discourage it by freezing Sellers accounts. The problem is they are only frozen for a few days. I can’t compete against a Robot.

      It would be nice if PM gives up all the same fighting chance for following their guidelines vs those who don’t.

      Another big issues, I’m started to notice is Sellers having multiple Accounts on PM. I’m told one IP address per Sellers.

      I listed my questions to them & I am now reporting any & all accounts with my above concerns. Other must do the same. Screenshot & send to PM. I am sick & tired of following rules that only benefit ones who don’t. Somehow they get rewarded. I checked out weeks ago on PM. No longer motivated.

  3. I can appreciate a business trying new things, that can be when growth occurs. However, when the implemented changes are not working, does it not make sense to revert to the “old way” of doing things? The sellers have spoken (loudly I might add), but our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

    I, personally, have spent more time uploading to eBay, Mercari, FB Marketplace, etc. More sellers will follow suit, and eventually won’t waste valuable time posting on a site where they make minimal sales.

    I share my entire closet 5-10x daily, post 5-10 new items daily, and send offers to every like within minutes. The advice of postmark has been to “work harder”. Why suddenly is what I have been doing for years not working? I love postmark, my favorite platform by far. However, my patience will soon run out, and I will focus my efforts on sites where I can make sales.

  4. I have never gone 8 days straight without a sale in 3 years solid!!!! I had to google my concerns to see if I can find out what the heck is going on because of the sudden drastic drop in likes, offers, bundles and simply sales. Now I see its because of the changes Posh has made. Its all a bit confusing but whatever they are doing is not working. This is a huge loss for myself and especially Posh. I have joined another site in hopes to sell the inventory I purchased as a seller based on the way things were moving before the change. I can not afford to sit on thousands of dollars of inventory just because of a computer search change. What an awful mistake Posh has made for the loyal top sellers like myself. Time to move on.

  5. My sales are also down, they were non existent, then we found out you had changed the algorithm, you changed it back to normal, sales were normal, now again, I can share like crazy, maybe get a like if I’m lucky, new items stay static. I even tried searching keywords to find items only to be rewarded with a whole plethera of hodgepodge items. Really? This you think is better? Well I can definitely say you are not earning any money off of my closet! With all the other closets sales down, It will be interesting to see your income in the next 1/4! Please fix it back! I’m looking at other sites now, I guess they prefer our money and custom, because as another seller advised you, WE are Poshmark, without us sellers, there is no PM! So please listen to us.

    1. I echo all sentiments shared as well. My sales have been nonexistent these past two months even though I am even more active on the site, sharing, listing daily, following, etc. I have already switched my efforts to Depop, Curtsy and Mercari and have seen an increase in sales. It’s unfortunate that Poshmark has made the changes that clearly do not benefit those active users. Hopefully they will “see the light” when their quarterly earnings tank.

  6. My sales have also tanked since y’all made the changes. And then you switched back and things started to improve… then again you changes were implemented and sales tanked. Why would you change something that was already working? You are hurting SO many sellers and honestly that hurts your income from us. When we don’t sell.., you don’t make money. It seems like a no brained to me. Stop changing things that aren’t broken!! I’m going to be looking into selling on other platforms.

  7. I know I’m late to the party here, but I’m a very active seller and my sales have tanked since you changed the algorithm. I go on a search and see things from inactive closets way higher on the search results than mine. I guess some people have benefited and thats awesome, but I’m looking to expand my business, and instead its getting smaller. I feel like I’m being given no choice but to move outward onto other sites, something I don’t want to do, because I love posh. But I’m not making any money.

    1. I usually have at least a couple sales a day. The month of march ive had a couple for the whole month. My sales have dropped so bad, im forced to go to another platform.
      You were my go to #1 app. Now your not.
      Please change it back. If we dont have sales, you make $0. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    2. I’ve had so many issues. I’ve literally sold 5 items in the last two months. I share daily, share via Posh parties and nothing….I’m so disappointed – I’ve recommended Poshmark to so many people and now, I’m going to explore other options too.

  8. Today is the last day of March. I sold 55 items on poshmark – significantly less than the 150 average I sell each month. I listed 475 new items, and sold close to 200 items on mercari, Facebook, and ebay. So, the lack of sales isn’t *me*/bad listings/prices/etc. It’s extremely frustrating and disheartening to see how poshmark is completely ignoring sellers with valid concerns. I hope you change it back or at least communicate with us on how to Optimize this new algorithm. This is how I feed my children, and it’s terrifying.

  9. Please fix whatever has changed again! My sales and likes have slowed significantly. I have a great closet with really good prices and was having so much success and now it has slowed to a trickle. I don’t want to have to move back to other platforms but don’t know what else to do.

    1. Same! I have been selling daily for almost a year. Top sales, 1 day shipping, Posh Ambassador, etc. And no sales for almost 2 weeks now. Just horrible, insulting offers from losers! Hey, Poshmark, can we put a stop to the insulting offers?!

  10. The reason I do love Poshmark (or I Did) is because Poshmark cares about their sellers, but now… Is Poshmark becoming a new kind of eBay? I had left eBay on “pause ” and put all my dedication on Poshmark, but since there’s no answer,  no feedback,  no attention, no interest from Poshmark I’m just moving on. This is my full-time, I’m the whole day on Poshmark doing everything they encourage us to do and now my sales were reduced to 1 or 2 per week. I feel like been in a toxic  relationship, is like when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you anymore but he doesn’t say anything, he is just awful with you, trying you to end the relationship.

  11. The reason I left Ebay after 10 years was because in order for them to bump my items to the top, I had to offer free shipping, 30 day returns, and offer steep discounts. Sadly, I was no longer making any money at that point.

    When I found Poshmark, 3 1/2 years ago, I was super excited because I controlled the algorithms. If I worked hard by sharing my items, sharing other closet items and posting new items frequently, my hard work would pay off with sales.

    Unfortunately, it is no longer true. I just shared 800 of my active items and had only a hand full of shares, couple of new followers and 0 likes and that’s with the title of Ambassador ll where I was promised that they would guide customers my way.

    Disappointed as I will once again have to look for a new platform where my hard work pays off.

  12. Can you please share with users what changes you have made recently to the platform? I share almost every hour and add 1-5 items to my closet per day, but my sales have slowed dramatically in the last two weeks. Is sharing no longer important to Poshmark? I don’t mind if you make changes to your platform, but it would be nice if you explained to your users what changes you have made and what you are prioritizing moving forward.

  13. Sales are down for me dramatically. Please tell us what we need to do to fix this! I love poshmark but I don’t know why you are not supporting your sellers

  14. My sales are the worst they have ever been in the entire time I have sold on here. Im lucky to make a handful of sales a week where I used to make that in a day. You need to do something.. lower the shipping… advertise for your sellers.. this is ridiculous people can’t make a living this way

  15. Posh please listen to your sellers that work tiresome all day trying to promote not just for ourselves but mainly for poshmark. Everyone on here including all of my friends, PFFS, long time sellers, buyers, trading buddies are doing awful. Everyone’s sales has dropped significantly. The algorithm is NOT working. I am starting to believe this has nothing to do with us but with Posh’s revenue solely. So many people are leaving and I’m considering to do so as well. It’s impossible to make any sales when the shipping price has drastically and continuously increased by a ridiculous amount. That is definitely one of the biggest issues, no one wants to pay such a high shipping fee. Other sites let you adjust the amount of shipping and carrier to help sellers profit. Obviously after weighing the item and inputting the shipping fee that is feasible for the item being sold. This should be an option. If we cover a percentage of shipping for the buyer we lose money once again. It seems we don’t get any incentive whatsoever for the amount of work we put in all day everyday. If we are not continuously on here sharing, listing, price dropping, sending offers, we don’t make sales. I believe long time poshers, as well as Poshmark ambassadors || (such as myself) should receive some sort of recognition/incentive to how much we help not just each other but posh itself. Yes there are chances to win posh credit but it is impossible to even win at that. I can post 200 listings and still I have not won anything. It seems as though it’s a sales tactic for posh itself. Not for your “valued sellers/buyers. I have invested a lot of money on this platform just from purchases alone. I’ve probably spent more than I’ve sold in the past 4 years. Something needs to change because everything that has changed has only had people walk out the door. 20% of our sales is just way too much. Maybe for poshmark ambassadors || we should have a 15% profit cut. We have amazing stats. 1 day to ship, 200 + 5 star reviews, 60k followers, 25k shares, mostly all my sales have sold because I offer almost a 70% discount. Sorry to vent but I just don’t understand why things get worse and not better for the ones who work 24/7 to give Poshmark an amazing reputation.

  16. So, I’m not going to even sugar coat this. I’m down 80% in sales. I’m a Posh Ambassador ll. I’ve been selling on here for 6 years now. I have had a handful of sales this month when I usually have 3-5 a day. I’ve started using other platforms now. Poshmark is/was my bread and butter. From the looks of this blog and social media feed you all better start listening because sellers are leaving in droves. We are not making any money. Please switch it back. It’s not working.

    1. Same for me. 75% drop in sales. Hardly any likes. And as a buyer, finding current listings that I am actually searching for is a chore. Seriously considering jumping ship. Kidizen has been doing far better at this point. This is my first weekend in over a year that I haven’t had a sale since Thursday.

  17. I have learned to use some of the new tools for sellers. I love the purchase contest drawings and free shipping flash hours. I think I am adjusting to the change after long periods of no sales or even offers. I have been consistent in sharing, listing, etc. during the down period. I hope Poshmark will consider the set back in sales when evaluating Poshmark Ambassador II for next quarter. It definitely made me try to reach higher goals. But after the sales slump and all the effort I put in, I might not be so encouraged to try to get it back.

  18. Change happens and we need to adjust – tell us as sellers what you changed so we, as seller can make adjustments and actually sell something!!! PLEASE!!

  19. What happened to the results of the contest from the whole king of January 2022. The one with the grand prize of $10,000 and chances to win for every 10 listings. I don’t see any results for that even though the rules stated it would be announced within two months of the end of contest which would have been the end of February.

  20. If this SVP seriously thinks this update is benefiting anyone, she needs a new position. This is ridiculous. Your search isn’t even pulling up relevant items when buyers search. I’ve done it multiple times. Google produces better Poshmark results which is telling. And your algorithm is messing up sales for so many long term sellers. Mine have significantly dropped on your app since this useless update. When will you listen to your customers and appreciate them?! Quit screwing with things that were perfectly fine.

    1. Exactly. I can’t believe they did another horrible update. My sales have dissappeared. It’s so disheartening. Makes me and my fellow poshers I’ve talked with want to quit. It’s just not worth it. I do depend on poshmark but this change is making it impossible.

      1. If you go on Instagram, so many have already quit. It’s very sad. I can’t take another month like this, it’s not worth it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. When will you start to listen to us, your sellers, who bring you revenue? yes the search function worked fine before you fiddled with it. But you know what’s worse? You refuse to entertain our constant plea to get rid of the required 10% reduction of the listed price every time you host CCO or when we send offers to buyers. You require us to nibble away at our listing price until our profit margin (AND YOURS) is next to nothing. THEN we have to wait 61 days to relist! This platform has the craziest rules of any I list on. That’s why once I sell my higher-priced inventory, I’m done. Closing my closet. Thanks for nothing, Poshmark.

  22. It’s become more than a little obvious that the search change you made a few weeks back is back in place, and what’s worse is that you KNEW it was having a negative effect for both buyers and sellers and yet you STILL tried to sneak it all by us again. Shame on you, Poshmark— I have never seen a reselling platform so carelessly throw their users under the bus so willingly. The bare minimum we were asking for weeks ago was TRANSPARENCY, and we received NONE of that… again! Poshmark has been my favorite reselling platform up until now, and quite frankly, if you don’t care enough to work on improving the user experience and choose to keep ignoring our feedback, then you deserve to fail.

    1. Yes, all of this is exactly what I have been thinking and experiencing …..again. Absolutely no communication from Poshmark, it feels as if sellers are of little value to Poshmark. I am not a large seller but I have been working on growing my little business and using Posmark exclusively to do that. I have had only 3 sales this week and what is sad about that is that I know there are others that have had less. I am discouraged, disgusted and disheartened by the lack of respect and transparency and yes it does feel as if we are being thrown away.

      1. As a buyer, I can 100% tell you that this is NOT making it easier to find what I’m looking for. When I search American Eagle Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans…. That’s what I want to show up. Instead I get every title with just JEANS as the entire title and none of them are the brand, cut, color, or style I typed in the search. I don’t want to have to go in to the filters and filter for every little thing! So, I found my items elsewhere. So frustrating.

  23. This is just sad. I finally got myself into a nice rhythm of consistent activity-listing, sharing, better inventory, better photos, daily goals set for myself and suddenly poshmark has decided to 100% conk out. It’s totally dead. No sales. No offers. Just silence. I’ve never worked harder on reselling and gotten so little back, actually nothing back. All of March 2022 has been horrible on poshmark for me. Whatever is going on I wish it would reverse. Supposedly things have switched back, but clearly somethings still off. I’ve done less and gotten more. Had I done this much work before I’m positive my sales would have been great. Lately it’s just felt like a waste of time and energy.

    1. They changed the search again. Items under just shared are old and irrelevant again. They did not even warn or tell us but the old search from weeks ago is back again except it is under just shared instead of recommended.

  24. I also am in complete agreement with all of the commenters on this thread as well. My sales have absolutely positively TANKED. There is no other reason to explain this than the recent changes in searchability and algorithmic metrics.

  25. I’ve been on poshmark for almost 4 years. I usually sell at least 5 items per day. In the last week, I have had 4 days of 0 sales. This is disheartening, for sure, but this income is also how I feed my children, which makes this down right terrifying. I love poshmark and it is my preferred reselling site, but I’m grateful that I’ve been crossposting to be able to make money. I sincerely hope that whatever is going on is remedied immediately.

    1. When will you let us know what is going on? I’ve experienced zero sales for the past 37 days with hardly any activity. The closet has been open for almost 3 years now, and I am extremely active on Poshmark and have Poshmark Ambassador II status. Please do not delay any further in communicating with us and remedying the situation.

    2. Back with stats.. I’m now going on THREE days of 0 sales on posh. Sales on other sites have been normal (so its not me/my items/prices). Poshmark generally makes up approximately 60% of my sales, and this month is hovering around 30%.

    3. Never seen such slow sales in the past 2 weeks and we’ve been doing this for 3 years actively .. We depend on this money to live on so please
      switch back..

    4. THIS is how you feed your children? How about get a real job then lol. I sell clothes I don’t use like a garage sale and that’s all I need it for. But damn, relying on this to actually keep your kids alive?

      1. It so happens I’m disabled. I chose to sell online than collect disability. I’m a very hard worker with high standards. Unlike you I see.

  26. I am a purchaser (not a seller yet) but the recent changes such that I can no longer select or filter by multiple sizes (e.g. XL, 2x) are making it not worth my effort to search through items. Also, I make changes to the selection criteria and need to input them repeatedly. It has significant reduced my interest in browsing and has decreased my purchasing as a result.

  27. Poshmark – It is now March 10th…. 8 days shy of when you posted that it would be transitioned back to the original algorithm.
    I don’t see the change back. My sales have been so bad, now, consistently for 2.5 months, that I am going to have to find other means of income (switching to a different platform to sell on) to make ends meet.
    I am working harder than I’ve ever worked on Posh and making less than I’ve ever made (with even 1/4th the effort)
    This is wrong. I am truly disappointed.
    Please COMMUNICATE WITH US! Please make a change!

    1. I have to agree with other sellers. I recently have started increasing my listings and time on the app but despite that my sales have been way down. When I put in this amount of effort/ hours in 2019 I’d say I was making about 4-5x what I am now. I’ve reluctantly branched out to 2 additional platforms because of this slowdown but I’d prefer to focus on posh if the issue resolves. Please tell me whatever change was just made is not permanent.

  28. I wholeheartedly agree with so many posters on how the change in search negatively affected sales. More transparency is really the only way to fix this kind of mishap going forward. I reiterate what many have already said in so many words. Please NEVER make a change without announcing it first and being completely transparent on what exactly will happen in the change. Additionally, ALWAYS give your sellers detailed information and insight on how to take advantage of any changes in order to benefit from said change.

    Secondly, I also have another suggestion that I would love to see implemented in future updates. Currently, there is only one way in which to automatically apply discounts. 10% for 2+ items -or- 15% for 3+ items, etc. What I would love to see is a customizable tiered offering, where we can automatically implement a 10% for 2 items, -and- 15% for 3 items, 20% for 4 items, etc.

    Thanks! I appreciate the amazing platform Poshmark has historically been, and I hope it can remain amazing while adhering the majority feedback from your main revenue feeders – the sellers.

  29. The new thing that was done when sharing our closet is bad! I am a mom, business owner and a wife. I don’t have time to share each individual item. When I was able to share my whole closet I loved it and had more sales. My sales have dropped dramatically.

  30. My sales are dead and I keep getting suggestions to leave a reply on this blog post from posh support and instagram comments. Things with poshmark for a while now have been absolutely terrible. This is my full time job and I work really hard. It’s no mistaking there are still many changes going on and the algorithm is completely screwed up. Y’all have killed my sales and it doesn’t seem to matter. I’m not the only one voicing this and I have been terribly disappointed with poshmark for a while. My weekly goal has still not been met for the month of March and it’s taking double the time now. Activity is also extremely slow and messed up. I get shares on the same item over and over again.

    This is not the platform I loved and this is not a platform that cares about their users anymore, nor is it a platform that is making good decisions. Your sellers have been leaving numerous comments, messages and emails and they are going unnoticed. I can’t make my bills and I’m struggling as a single young adult woman. I don’t rely on another income, it’s just me. Please start doing right by your people because this is ridiculous and depressing.

  31. I am an avid buyer on Poshmark. My pet peeve is not getting a response because the seller is INACTIVE and there is no real way for me to know. The date the seller was last active does not work because it lists the month, day but NO year. Also, I understand the seller does not have a lot of control of when their ‘for sale’ items may be purchased at a discount with reduced shipping, or how long the discount will be offered.

  32. I’m glad to see that this change has been rolled back.

    As a buyer, I purchased > $300 worth of merchandise from eBay during the week that this switch was active. I normally would have gone to Poshmark first, because for heavy items like the $125 shoes, Poshmark’s shipping is advantageous. However, I could not find these items on Poshmark. Searching for “New Balance Fuel Cell Rebel v2″ (the brand, model name, and model number as listed by the manufacturer” produced too many listings labeled “New Balance New Balance New Balance.” It was not worth my time to wade through these or apply multiple other filters to find the specific model I wanted. My eBay purchase was straightforward. In comparison, when I use the same keywords on Poshmark today, I have 3 results in my size. So, a Poshmark seller missed my sale, and Posh itself missed my commission.

    As a seller, I have several concerns with the way you rolled out this change.
    1. There was no communication. That meant that it was impossible to identify if this was a glitch or an intended behavior. That also meant it was impossible to optimize my listings to be performant with the change. WHAT I NEED FROM POSHMARK: Clear communication to all sellers, in advance of a change, including suggestions for how to leverage the new behavior.

    2. The behavior of the feature appeared to DECREASE engagement and item visibility, not increase it. “Recommended” (the default on mobile) and “Relevant” (on desktop) both appeared to make it harder for buyers to find items using rational search terms, as I shared above with my experience as a buyer. How is this advantageous? WHAT I NEED FROM POSHMARK: Clear explanations for why you are making a change and why it is beneficial, backed up by data made public to your user base.

    3. The behavior of the feature appeared to CONTRADICT one of Poshmark’s value propositions, which is that Posh supports guest buyers who find items via Google Shopping. Search engine optimization in titles is key to attracting these guest buyers, who can find a desirable item, purchase it, and create an account later once they’ve been satisfied by their shopping experience. (This is how I started with Poshmark about 8 years ago!) The way to get items to show up as “Recommended” or “Relevant” appears to be to minimize the number of keywords in the description, which minimizes the chances of guest buyers finding the item. WHAT I NEED FROM POSHMARK: Tell me how to use your feature to preserve my sales as a seller and your value to me as a buyer.

    4. The rollback notice posted above says that “Since rollout, we’ve seen huge improvement in the buyer experience and seller sales across the board.” However, this isn’t backed up by your seller communities on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook groups, or here in this thread. WHAT I NEED FROM POSHMARK: Prove it. To win my trust in this updated version of the algorithm, I need to see the data on why this is beneficial. Since you have “seen huge improvement” to cite, please share those figures with your community.

    Thank you for your consideration. I sincerely hope you will take seller feedback into account when re-architecting this and future changes and consider a beta test with your Ambassadors or another user group prior to rollout.


    1. @SCHBRIGHTLIGHTS Absolutely spot on! Very well thought out and stated. No need for me to repeat any of that but I do have a question for SVP Tracy Sun…

      SVP Tracy Sun, I have been unable to get any real response by sending emails about issues or questions. Since Posh has rolled out Ambassador ll, when will updates be made to Closet Insights to add a sort by “quarter” in addition to day, month, year etc. so that we can easily keep track of our progress towards the quarterly maintenance requirements? We need to track all of that if we want to remain Ambassador ll for the second quarter, at least according to the quick blog that we all saw I believe that is the case, pleast correct me if I am wrong. So when will this update to Closet Insights be available to us? Before the end of the 1st quarter?


  33. My February sales are the slimmest I’ve ever experienced despite listing new items, making offers to likers and sharing my closet and other sellers’ items from the feed and the parties. At this point, too much effort for no gain. Wish sales were reasonable as they were in previous years, so would be worth the work, but maybe time to consider retiring my closet if things don’t pick up radically soon.

    1. I feel the same way…..it’s not worth the effort or time and if something doesn’t change quickly, I’ll be closing my closet too.

      1. I agree. Thinking of closing my Poshmark business as well. The last 5 or so offers accepted were from buyers who hadn’t updated their payment info & never did so. It’s a huge waste of time.

  34. Hi. I have Posh Ambassador II status and continue to be extremely active. Yet in ten plus days I’ve had no offers or sales. Nothing since my upgraded status. The new features seem to have killed all activity in my closet. I know there are expected slow downs – lots of my PFFs are experiencing them – but I literally have nothing. Not even one offer. Nada. I’m getting very concerned. I’ve upped my daily listings, shares AND follows. I comment more and chat with other poshers. Welcome new poshers daily. Still nothing in what was a fairly active closet. What’s going on?!?!

    1. I am having the same issue — I have Posh Ambassador II status, am very active each day, and also participate in numerous sharing groups and parties. Absolutely no activity in my closet for many days — not even likes, which is highly unusual. Please advise.

      1. I have removed all my listings and I’m going elsewhere. The search function is so messed up even after the switch back. Search abercrombie tops…comes up with a bunch of pants. Now I know why my shirts not selling…so arrogant to make this change with no communication and zero apology after. You heard us? Really? No ones responding to emails…moving on..

    2. Can you tell us when we should expect the algorithm to return as normal? Still have zero sales since Feb. 5. Had about 5 offers that I accepted that were all from buyers with outdated pay info & who did not update it. Thank you.

    3. I did not get the Ambassador II status as I haven’t recruited anyone but it is the same for me, no sales for 2 weeks now and I was having DAILY sales. I am not sure what they did, but it is like a switch was just flipped. Same as you stated, no offers no sales and I am active, listing, sharing…but just getting nothing!

  35. I actually sort mine by Just In instead of Just Shared as a Reseller. That way I see the right up to the exact second what has sold and what has been submitted.

    1. Additional info to my post above. I had not quite realized the seriousness of this roll out at the time. Go ahead everyone and get out your worlds tiniest violins but I REALLY DEPEND on this supplemental income. A little over 5 yrs ago I was having a lot of stress at work. My EX husband convinced me to quit my job of 25 yrs, in it together, blah. 6 months later, DX with multiple chronic illnesses, a year after that, my ex said he couldn’t live like this for the rest of his life, sick wife he left. Now I make Disability and some alimony, no kids, also another reason he said to leave. But I am in-between with the govt, too much for more help, too little to pay bills and buy little things like food. Then came POSHMARK, AHHHHH. It really was helping. Until lately, not only did we get this insane roll out but we got a second punch of postage increase! REALLY! Come on Posh, you have to give us some kind of break. I am raising my prices but I don’t if my customers are not buying bc of that or they cant find my posts. OK, rant over.

      1. Finally got about 5 sales. How I got them? Had to bottom out the price, give a ship discount and take a small loss on two of them. But I hope the activity will do something…….

  36. I have not seen any difference in sales with the change. I would like to comment on Posh marketing:
    1. Are gift cards in the works? They would have been a great ‘go green’ gift list idea and drive after holiday sales.
    2. Party theme suggestion- Poshmark is known for branded apparel, shoes etc. many best brands parties that were successful for me are no longer happening, did they not drive enough sales? Petite party is an outdated event, stores don’t even have petite departments anymore. Can the total list of parties be reviewed for productivity? How about adding Winter vacation theme with Swim, sandals, shorts and tank tops? Parties should be used to tell the customer what she should be shopping for and sets the tone for the total Posh experience.

    1. All of your suggestions are great. As far as petite, there is a great number of people under 5’4” who enjoy great fitting clothing without expensive tailoring. The petite parties and catagory is important to me🌸

  37. Your algorithm is STILL not working correctly. I received an email from you that a listing I liked sold. Poshmark provides a link to shop similar items which I clicked on and for the following search “Universal Thread Mauve High Rise Long Sleeve Boilersuit Utility Zip Up Jumpsuit” it displayed in order the following order these items: a short romper, a pair of shorts, jeans, long sleeve tee, etc. It did not pull up one of the 8 available listing when you search boiler suit and Universal Threads.

    Your search algorithm NEEDS to be FIXED. I’ve been selling and buying on Posh for years and have never experienced this much trouble finding something.

  38. This morning I am noticing issues with search, just typing something that a shopper would type and leaving all parameters as Poshmark defaults seems to bring in items in many different catagories, typed Skinny Ankle jean and tops, jewelery homegoods etc all came in. Had to adjust size to “all” in order to bring in jeans. My new listing did not populate at all until I adjusted to “Just In” so yesterday and today new listings can’t/couldn’t be found when doing a “shopper” search. My “just shared” items (not newly listed are populating within the defaults. It seems that Key word searches although better, are still broken. SEO is still weak.
    Also, will closet Insights have a quarterly search added to data options before second quarter arrives so that the new Posh Ambassador ll maintenance needs are easily viewed and tracked?

  39. Poshmark is my go to for selling. I have been selling for years but in the past 2 I’ve become very active and serious with my closet as its 1/2 my income. I have over 3k active listings and sales were horrendous with this new change. I am hoping things will pickup again and I agree with the previous poster that more advertising needs to be done all I see for ads on tv are mercari ads.

  40. I have been a full time seller on the app for 2.5 years and during the time of the update was the worst sales I had ever had. If some people claim they had better sales then I suggest maybe have a function in the setting were you can choose between “just shared” or “recommended” and be able to switch whenever. Personally just shared has worked best for me considering the whole idea of poshmark is to shared and be rewarded for sharing

    1. Great idea, Karena: “I suggest maybe have a function in the setting were you can choose between “just shared” or “recommended” and be able to switch whenever.”

  41. Curious if anyone else is still having few to no sales even after the switch back. I literally hate when websites and platforms and Google, etc mess with stuff. Going to have to cross post a bunch if it doesn’t soon pick back up.

    1. Yes Bridget, I am still slow too, I have had only one sale since the switch back, also I am continuing with my searches as if I were a buyer each time I list an item and the older listings from inactive closets seem have thinned out, my items are still not populating in key word searches as they used to. Trying to hang in there and give Posh a chance to fix whatever they have “broken”. Unfortunately I put my closet on Vacation for a good bit of January so running a bit thin on sales for this year even without then”Posh Debacle”!! Feb is normally a tad slower but this is ridiculous. My likes have begun to increase again though, I am a smaller part-time seller, only on Posh (but considering adding other platforms because of this), I do everything manually.

    2. I have been selling on Posh for about 3 1/2 years.This is the first time I have been this slow.I mean my sales are frozen.And I am posting really great things every day. I think you’re right, even since they switched back it hasn’t gotten any better. I just think there’s so many other platforms out there, so much competition.And their fees are a lot less. I mean that’s my only guess. This is the first time in almost 4 years that my sales have just completely stopped.

    3. 2300+ listings and nothing has sold in five days. When I wrote to Support I got the same canned response that everyone else got, the search has been fixed etc. Apparently it has not!,

  42. Thanks Ms. Sun for your response to this issue! I have had pretty good success with poshmark and think it is a fine platform but last week – ugh – I couldnt understand what happened. WORST SALES EVER (3 years). I don’t think your rollout really was successful by what I saw and heard. Would be interested to hear the reasons why you thought it was. However, your responsiveness to the seller community is admirable and I really appreciate it especially these days. I too, am confused by the comment ‘most’ sellers have been switched back to default sharing – may I suggest that should be ‘all’? Also agree with other commenters – next big change like this – please communicate better. We DO know when things change in the system. 😉

  43. I have 7k live listings on PM. The STYLE drop down when listing is relatively new, so most of my later listings I never had the option to make choices there. How will this affect the relevance of my listings with the new format based on STYLE choices made by seller at the time of listing????

  44. I’ve been with Poshmark for several years now and have had reasonable success in sales. Poshmark used to advertise more on television which they need to do again to draw in an audience of more buyers since the balance of sellers are more prevalent on the site. Poshmark competitors are featured regularly promoting various brands of interest. Just a thought. Thank you for letting me share.

  45. Hi Poshmark! Are there any plans to address inactive closets? There are many items that don’t have active sellers and it dilutes the experience when you buy an item and it never ships! This will create distrust with Poshmark in the long term.

  46. This comment may not be related to your post, but you are the correct target audience. As a seller, I am frustrated with the new requirements for tax reporting on Poshmark. As someone who has only been selling mostly used items but some NWT items at a loss, I am not normally required to report this income, at least in my state. However, with the new tax rules (thanks Joe Biden and his minions), it will now force me to keep much better records in case I get audited. The seller reports are missing some key data to help me track this (and prove I am not selling things for profit.) PLEASE have a programmer update the seller report to include the original price (all my reports come up blank.) This is a required item when creating a listing, so I don’t see why it can’t be included on my seller report. Until it is, I have to go back and enter this information in the Excel spreadsheet manually. Unacceptable. Please see if you can get this done. It is a simple fix, I’m sure. If you need a programmer to help with this, I am available.

    1. Also don’t know why I have to have a WORDPRESS account for this blog, when I am a registered POSH seller and buyer

    2. I believe the original price that is in each listing is supposed to be the original cost of an item. Not what you paid for it. For example a pair of Nike sneakers originally cost $90 but I’m selling them for $60 is supposed to show the buyer that they are saving $30 off the original price.

  47. The change has been great for me. I heard the gripes in social media but I actually noticed an increase in sales. Since the search feature was changes again I noticed an immediate decrease in sales. I’m hoping it’s only temporary. Please do not stall future improvements.

  48. People in general always resist change. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for 9 years and I LOVE the new feature. January and February 2022 have been great sales months for me. This has been a welcome change after an awful December with low sales.
    The last two months I’ve been selling old and new listings. It’s been amazing. If it weren’t for all the complaining and drama about the new algorithm on social media, I would’ve had no idea there was a problem. I’m happy with the new changes and vote to keep the new search feature just the way it is! Thanks for switching things up Poshmark and breathing life into my dwindling sales.

    1. I did not know that there was even a first change. But as a 7 year veteran, I also noticed a difference! I’ve been selling more of my older listings! I say keep it. Don’t go back! Move forward not backwards. People will always have something to complain about!

    2. I agree and want to also state I support the new features. I noticed a decent spike in sales the day of the rollout of the new algorithm. I also like the new messaging system to buyers, and being able to search within closets. I want to see more changes to the site to make the buyer experience more pleasant and the seller experience easier. Thank you for not staying stagnant and pushing forward. Please let some of us opt in to the new algorithm if possible!

    3. I did not know that Poshmark made any changes but during the past two months my sales have increased to hundred percent. I have been selling consistently since 2016 and this has definitely been my best

      1. I’ve had PM for a while but only recently started selling end of last year due to job instability. I pushed hard in beginning, spent far too much time on the platform, sold a decent amount to help get by but lately its become depressing w maybe 1-2 low priced sales each week. All while working harder, and then getting consistent low low ball offers on NWT items or like new pre-owned.

        What gets me frustrated is what appears to be corporate accounts or warehouse stores making a steady stream of sales with discounts not even close to the ones i put on my items. Is this new??
        *** For instance just search @nwtbrands2love ..
        Posh Ambassador since Jan 2022 (when they started!) and if you notice they didn’t give a “love note” which is required to become PA (I took a screenshot to prove it) however they have made a killing since the end of Jan when their love notes started rolling in, over 1300+ sales that sell not even near the discounts many of us are suggested or bullied into. Ofcourse they have 16K listings somehow in 3 months, so obviously a corporate account, but still I’m just curious…. they can have a NWT item for $500 and sells near 350-400 whereas if it was a NWT item in my closet it wld be advised to sell it far lower and I often don’t sell it until it’s atleast 75% down from retail and find it even difficult to get likes when I’m already 50-60% off retail before OTL. So is there some favoring going on with these corporate large accounts? Are they being shown to the buyers who are more likely to buy at higher price? Clearly that data can be calculated and filtered. But somehow these accounts are being shown in the feed much more or are being shown as related items, pushing out regular sellers that the platform was built for. They have either swallowed up the new algorithm or some partiality is happening. I suspect it’s the latter.

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