Poshmark’s 10th Birthday Recap: A Decade of #PoshLove!

This year, we celebrated a major milestone—a DECADE of Poshmark! From our community-hosted Posh N Sips, to a global virtual celebration, and even an IRL event at PMHQ, you all made this monumental birthday extra special. 

We are so grateful for our community who has been with us since the very beginning. Thank you so much to every single Posher who has made this decade absolutely amazing. The best is yet to come! 

Check out what happened behind the scenes at some of our birthday bash activities:

We’re also sending a huge thanks to all the Posh N Sip hosts who helped bring our community together from around the globe.


Had a great time attending a Posh N Sip? Tell us about your experience.

4 thoughts on “Poshmark’s 10th Birthday Recap: A Decade of #PoshLove!

    1. Look I have been waiting for weeks for a verification code why don’t you have a direct number so people can get help like with the changing of the number,I cannot even get my deposit number for the card ,what kind of app is this and I’m missing money I had at first 44.80 on there now it says only 15.66 there is something wrong there ,that’s not right I hope nobody is stealing from the account cause there should be more then that on there and for it not to be that’s dishonest,and it take way to long for anybody to get in contact with anybody what kind of an app is this ,it reminds of wish ,they and the money gets taken , please call me 254 345 8909, and nobody knows what’s going on,

  1. GREAT! Now that I’ve started re-writing my item titles!!!!! This rollout, the lack of transparency and communication from Poshmark, and the blase’ response to the backlash are so incredibly disappointing, and it has spoken for you in letting sellers know where we rank on your list of priorities. I will definitely be looking to cross list even more from now on! Easy shipping doesn’t make up for a company that keeps things from their users and rolls out massive changes to a platform that sellers use for their livelihoods without letting people know up front that it was coming or how to optimize the new features. SO SO DISAPPOINTED IN POSHMARK! SHAME ON YOU!

  2. IDEA: When sending an offer to potential buyers can Poshmark put the original price & the discounted price instead of just a percentage. Showing the dollar amount off is more appealing. Thanks

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