Posh Tip: How to Take Your Home Covershots to the Next Level

Covershots are a first impression of your closet and style because they’re the first thing a buyer sees as they’re scrolling through Poshmark. Set your Posh Home Covershots apart from the rest by following this simple guide that will have you leveling up your Covershots in no time.


Do take advantage of the natural light in your home! Open up all the curtains or blinds and let that natural shine through. This will make your Covershot come to life. Lacking the natural light? Try out a ring light to get that light just right.

Don’t take photos in dark areas that will create shadows on your listings.


Do get creative and use home decor like plants, coffee table books, etc. to make the shot feel homier and show how the pieces fit into a larger space. 

Don’t overcrowd your Covershot. Although adding additional decor to your Covershot makes it more visually appealing, make sure you aren’t overcrowding an image with too many items that will make the buyer do guesswork on what’s actually for sale.


Do style your items. For a Home listing, similar to clothing, buyers look to sellers for inspiration on how to style, and giving a glimpse of what an item looks like in your home will do just the trick. Have fun with styling your item and be sure to include detailed shots of the item itself.

Don’t leave room for imagination. This photo is great as an additional detail shot, but there’s nothing in this photo that gives reference to the pillow’s size. Help your potential buyers envision how they can see this in their home with your Covershot.


Do use minimal editing on your Home listings. If your space was too dark make sure to bring up the brightness and make that photo Covershot-worthy.

Don’t use harsh filters on your images that could misrepresent the item you’re selling.


Do get descriptive with your listings. When crafting a description, think about how you would describe the item if your buyer couldn’t see it. Posh Tip: when your listing’s description contains more than 100 words, the likelihood of a sale increases by 40%.

Don’t write a five-word or less description. Add ideas on how you’d style the item, or share a personal anecdote about it. Poshmark is inherently social and adding these details will build a stronger connection between you and your buyers.

4 thoughts on “Posh Tip: How to Take Your Home Covershots to the Next Level

  1. As a buyer, I am very concerned about the color being true to life. Tell me the color, also. Next I am interested in an item’s size, and fabric content including a description of it’s texture — ex: polyester can be nubby, silky, woven, flat knit, or even faux leather. I would rather a description give that information than have someone tell me the item is cute, stylish, “perfect for…” or any other subjective descriptors. If it’s cute, stylish, or perfect for …” I will think those things when I look at it. I like to see sellers give as much hard info as possible in a description.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It was very informative and the pictures are so nice. They really show what your talking about in pictures which help allot. Thank you for taking time to help us poshers learn more about making our closets pop!

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