The Poshmark Merchandising Guide


Learning the ins and outs of merchandising will help you maximize your closet to its fullest potential. In this guide, we’ll cover how trend forecasting can take your closet to the next level, how to price your items for sales, and how to attract more shoppers to your listings on Poshmark.


Look Ahead with Trend Forecasting

Listing items that you already own in your personal closet is the perfect way to get started on Poshmark. If you are looking to take things a step further, start thinking about what your shoppers might be on the hunt for and apply that knowledge to your closets. Here are some ways to do so: 

  • Get ideas for sourcing new products
  • Brainstorm content ideas for your social media 
  • Update your photos with on-trend styling
  • Include relevant, top-searched terms in your titles, Style Tags, and descriptions
  • List new items ahead of inline with upcoming seasons or key shopping moments

Today’s Trends

One great way to keep up with what’s trending is by checking out Today’s Trends found in the Feed or Shop tab. These are curated daily, so you can stay up to date on what shoppers are looking for (a.k.a. what you should be listing right this moment!). Posh Tip: Turn on Trends push notifications in the Account tab to get the scoop on new trends every morning—this can help you forecast and source for next season’s must-have items.

Once you land on a trend, tap on View Details to be taken to its Trend Guidelines. These tell you what details make up that trend like recently-trending brands, categories, subcategories, and departments to help you list. It also highlights the trend’s keywords so you can easily stay on top of what shoppers are looking for or add the relevant keywords to your listings.

Seasonality is Everything

Knowing when to list is key when thinking about how to grow your closet. While some items can be considered year-round staples, most people shop based on season. They typically look for specific items (like shorts) during certain seasons of the year (like summer). For example, during summer, you might want to think about listing sandals, tanks, and other warm-weather styles that are perfect for the summer heat! Updating your listings regularly not only keeps your closet fresh but will have your customers coming back for more.


The Price is Right with the Right Pricing Strategy

Now it’s time to think about getting your pricing strategy right. You’re free to price your items at your discretion but here are a few tips to stay competitive: 

  • Check out comps (short for comparables). Do some research on  similar, previously-sold items on Poshmark to see how much they sold for and think about pricing inline with those sold items. You can also check out similar ‘For Sale’ listings to stay competitive.
  • List your item higher than the lowest price you’re comfortable selling at. After a few people have liked  your item, drop the price and we’ll send a notification to all Likers, incentivizing them to hop in on the deal! Posh Tip: Try dropping your prices in bulk by tapping on the tool icon on the top-right corner of your closet and selecting Bulk Listing Actions > Edit Listing Price.
  • When searching, shoppers can filter by any price, but the preset filters are mostly used. Try matching your prices to the range of the search filter preset prices so they show up when shoppers use these preset filters. For example, instead of pricing an item at $55, try pricing it at $50 so that it shows up in the $25 – $50 filter.
  • Take advantage of My Inventory Report! It’s the perfect tool to keep track of all your listings in one place. Pay special attention to the ‘Number of Days Listed’ column. This may signal that it might be time to relist your item with fresh new Covershots to entice anyone browsing.

Attract More Shoppers to Your Listings

Titles and Descriptions are key

Include key components like brand, style number, and official name, if available. You can find this by locating the style number from the back of a tag and typing it into a search engine. The search engine will surface the correct name for the item, and you can use that to amplify your description more universally. 

When drafting your description, think about how you would describe your item to someone who can’t see or touch the item. Providing measurements, exact colors, and noting flaws gives the shoppers more information that they can use to make their purchasing decision.

Yes: NWT Madewell long sleeve top. Women’s size medium. Turtleneck, dolman long sleeves. 100% wool. Looks great paired with skinny jeans and booties.

No: Size small from Madewell.

The more helpful keywords you add to your description, the better the chance for your items to appear in Poshmark search. These can be popular style terms, like patterns, materials, and trends that shoppers may be searching for. Posh Tip: Check out Today’s Trends in the Shop tab to see what shoppers are searching for, and add those keywords and Style Tags to your relevant listings. This gives them more visibility and a chance to be featured in Poshmark’s marketing channels, such as email and social media!

Posh Tip: Check out Listing Descriptions That Make SALES for more tips.

Leverage Posh Parties to Capture Shopper Interest

Party with your PFFs by participating in Posh Parties—these happen 4 times per day (at times of the day with the most traffic in the app)! Parties are a great opportunity to list and share your items directly to a wide audience of interested shoppers, a.k.a. shoppers who are already looking for what you’re selling. 

Check out daily party themes below, and our Posh Party Lineup for a weekly schedule of parties. 

  • 9am PST Brand Party: From luxury to athleisure, find the community’s favorite brands such as Madewell, Gucci, Patagonia, and more 
  • 12pm PST Category Party: Centered around different categories such as “Best in Dresses, Skirts & Suits”
  • 4pm PST Department Party: These parties are specifically geared towards different departments (e.g. Petite, Men’s, Kid’s)
  • 7pm PST Style Party: Focus on sharing your items around different styles and trends

Posh Tip: Check out Sharing on Poshmark to read more about how sharing can lead to more sales.

Keep Your Merchandise Moving


Getting likes, comments, bundles, and offers on your listings? Awesome! These are signs that shoppers are interested in what you’re selling, and now is the time to show them some #PoshLove and close the sale. Here are the basics:

  • Offer great customer experience from the start. First impressions matter! 
  • Respond quickly when shoppers ask a question or make an offer.
  • If you have multiple listings, use My Shoppers or Bulk Listing Actions to engage with and respond to your customers in bulk. You can also use My Shoppers to re-engage with past and potential repeat customers with comments, bundles, and price drops.
  • Keep the sales momentum going by marketing your listings to expand your reach—check out some ways to promote yourself below: 

Limited-Time Events

Closet Clear Out: During a CCO day, head to your Poshmark closet and drop the price of your items by at least 10% of the lowest historical price. This will send a 6-hour-long shipping discount to all your Likers!

Make a Deal Day: To participate, tap Price Drop on any listing and select Offer to Likers. Next, drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win prizes! (US Only)

Always-On Promotional Opportunities

Offer to Likers
Notice a lot of likes on a particular item? Send them a deal they can’t refuse. Tap Offer / Price Drop on any listing and select Offer to Likers (private). You’ll need to drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. All offers expire in 24 hours! To be successfully sent, the offer must be at least 10% below your lowest offer in the last 90 days.

Social Media
Connect your social media accounts to Poshmark to easily share your listings to all your platforms with the tap of a button. Tap the Account tab > Sharing Settings to add your Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts and let the sharing begin.

Looking for photo tips? Check out the Poshmark Listing Photography Guide.

Want more listing tips? Check out these Listing Tips for More Sales.


19 thoughts on “The Poshmark Merchandising Guide

  1. I’m considering selling on Postmark, but I have some questions. How large can an item be for sale? You say you send a label for $7.95. What if the post office says that is not enough postage? Are we required to make up the difference for the shipping costs? For example, it would cost more to send a leather jacket than a sheer blouse. What about “home goods”? What can and cannot be sold? Is it only small items items such as a pillow, blanket, etc.? It seems to me that shipping could be a real problem in terms of cost.

  2. Regarding Closet Clear Out: Do I have to change the shipping price on the listing, one by one, and then change it back 6 hours later? This is very time consuming for an offer that MAY attract a buyer during those 6 hours.

    1. Hi Olga! You don’t need to change the shipping price at all. During Closet Clear Out, you just need to publicly lower the price of your item by at least 10% of the lowest historical price, and Poshmark will offer a shipping discount to all of the people that have liked your item. That discount will remain in effect for the next six hours. Happy Poshing!

      1. Thank you for clarifying, that makes it much easier. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the ‘lowest ‘historical price’ of each item so when I bulk discount 10%, the offer probably only applies to a few items. I don’t know a way around that.

      2. The problem is that Poshmark does not offer the discount on all of your closet clear outs! For some reason they randomly choose here and there to not offer the discount! The buyer gets a notice that you’ve lowered the price but no shipping discount. It’s happened to me many times. It’s very frustrating. And not fair. Especially because their information says they will offer it. I emailed Poshmark support about it and they said they just do it randomly based on an algorithm!!!! Meanwhile I’ve lowered my price!

    2. No, during closet clear out events, you just drop the price by at least 10% and Poshmark automatically offers the discounted shipping at Poshmark expense, not yours.

  3. ok, ive given up on searching for “how i get paid” in here!! lol..i’m new here so its probably right in my face…so my question is.. HOW do i get paid? Wheres the info on this?

    I sold my 1st item (wasnt expecting to so soon), yeah for me….BUT, wheres information on HOW we get paid from selling an item/items?? thanks for any help!

    1. Hi, you need to wait until the buyer accepts the item. They have 3 days to so after its been delivered. At such time the funds are deposited into you Posh account. You need to cash out those funds (into direct deposit) in order to actually get the money.

    1. Hi, No items cannot be returned if they don’t fit. It’s up to the buyer to ensure fit prior to purchase. A good way to do this is ask for all measurements if they aren’t provided. If the Sellers misrepresents measurements, example claims it’s a size 5 and really it’s a 2 then you can contact Posh (within 3 days of receiving the order) to return.

  4. on your posh online catalog , dept. womens, third page, bottom line. third item listed, should say something more like “brown or camel brown BOMBER JACKET.” WARM JACKET” does it no justice. Just a creative suggestion.

  5. In regards to closet clear out, all the info from Poshmark including this blog post says that Poshmark will offer discounted shipping to your Likers if you reduce by minimum 10% and the price is at least $10. But this is not true!!! Poshmark will randomly NOT offer discounted shipping on an item through some kind of algorithm. This is not right since all the information says they will. I end up lowering my price permanently. My average price is $15 so I strategically use CCO. I have no clue which item they will decide to not offer the discount. They should offer it on all as they said they do!!

  6. It would be helpful if Poshmark dropped the limit on when and how often you can offer a particular discount. I have never understood why Poshmark cares if I want to offer the same Posher the same discount every day.

    1. I think it has something to do with ‘spam’. PISH Does want to sellers the endlessly offer potential buyers discounts which they ultimately will never take. I agree, 90 days is a but to long to wait in between, I think a month would be better.

    1. I would also like to be clarified on this. The article above says it has to be 100+ in the DESCRIPTION but then it looks like the example they give is of a TITLE. I know for sure to use keywords in the TITLE, even if it doesn’t sound right like: “ARITZIA wool long black fall winter jacket coat peacoat Small”
      I find that brand names are what attracts buyers to the listing first so my titles all include the brand in caps at the start of the listing. Because in the thumbnail listing, the title gets cut off so the.ost important info goes first. If you click on my name, it should take you to my closet to see how I do it.

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  8. I honestly don’t understand what you mean? I always message back. Please help me to understand WHAT I’m doing incorrectly. I’d truly appreciate it. I always leave comments back. I thank them for looking at my closet also. Thank you

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