What is a Posh Party?

Posh Parties are virtual shopping parties that happen in the Poshmark app. And guess what? You’re invited!

Join the Poshmark Team and hundreds of thousands of women across the country for a Party where you can:

  1. Share your listings to all Party goers.
  2. Shop other Party goers’ listings.
  3. Discover new people (and their closets) to follow.

We have brand-themed and category-specific Parties during the day, and trend-themed Parties in the evening.  

Look out for our special showrooms in our evening Parties where bloggers and other style addicts curate their own room for you to shop!

Read more about Posh Party Showrooms!

So get your party pants (or pajamas!) on and join us for our next Posh Party!

Happy Poshmarking!

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96 thoughts on “What is a Posh Party?

  1. I would like to join Posh Party; as I’m looking for all new clothes, shoes, purses and you name it!! This looks like a great place to begin!!

  2. How can i sell clothes on here better ?
    I dont seem to be getting anywhere with it like it said i can. An answer would be great. Thanks

  3. I’ve attempted to enter a few parties now, however I haven’t been able to see any posts. I use the hyperlink sent to me in my notifications and then I’m taken to the description screen. From there, I can no further proceed. Unless of course I am to click on the user icons? Their closets are the posts?

  4. I’ve tried to share some through the parties. I hit share, hit the party, it says shared but I never see the item go on?

  5. As other posters have mentioned, I have been unable to see my own items listed in the parties’ showrooms (I have shared at probably 4-5 parties so far). I am assuming this is just a site glitch or the product of thousands of shares going up at the same time, since I seem to be getting a bit of additional traffic on the items I’ve shared at parties.

    Additionally, I am seeing a couple of category-related glitches. In the “Designer” subcategories (usually during the “Trend” parties) I am seeing decidedly non-designer brands like Rue 21 regularly included, and from a variety of different sellers, suggesting this is not a seller issue but a site-wide issue. I also saw unshared items from random sellers popping up in the last trend party–like a pair of flip-flops in the Cold Weather party. I then asked the seller why she was including them and she said she had never shared this particular item at the party. So it looks like random items are being pulled up within the parties, regardless of whether or not the seller has chosen to share them there.

  6. I’ve been invited to several posh parties!! But I’m not sure how I join them??? Please help me with figuring out how to join all these awesome parties, so I can SHOP,SHOP,SHOP!!! 🙂

  7. PLEASE HELP! I’m trying to list an item to a current party, but when I click the Share button, the list of options doesn’t have my name at the top. It only says Followers, and then the social networks. I’ve shared to a party before, and it worked perfectly. What am I doing wrong?

    • I am not figuring out how to share my listings to specific parties, even after reading this post 😩. When I click share on a party, I only get the facebook, Twitter, SMS, email options. Did you find the answer to your related question?

  8. PLEASE HELP! I’m trying to list an item to a current party, but when I click on the Share button, the party name doesn’t appear at the top of the page. The first thing on the list is Followers, followed by the list of social networks. What am I doing wrong?

  9. I’m also new to this. Can I share my listings to current parties if appropriate? When I click on “share” only option is share to my followers.
    How can I join the parties (meaning adding my listings to the parties)? Thanks.

  10. Hi, I have brand new items for sell trying to post my jewelry, she a butter, body butter, oils and etc. How do I set up for money to go directly into my account.

  11. i share my closet at every party but i can never find them on the party site. how do i know my stuff is posting to the party and how do i find it once in the party?

  12. hello i have a question, what is a host pick and why do people make a big deal about it? someone please answer, thank you very much!

  13. I think it would be amazing if when you join a party that all of the items in your closet that fit the party description would be automatically shared.

  14. Hi there , I would like to join posh party n I’m desperately need a CL shoe box can someone help me … Give me prices thanks

    • Hi Frank, Posh Parties take place in the app three times a day. You can also shop by brand and filter by item. Prices are clearly marked in each listing and you can also negotiate with the seller through our Make An Offer feature. Happy Poshing!

    • Hi Jen, Make sure to download our app. We have three Posh Parties within the app each day, at 9am, noon and 7pm PST. You can share your listings to the party and shop other amazing finds.

  15. I agree with several people above who say they join parties and share their items but never see them posted in the party. This has happened to me many times. Do you screen the items but only pick what meets some criteria to keep only quality items in the party? Thank you, quality1

  16. I’m having issues with making an offer. When I enter my shipping info which is the same as my billing it says it’s not valid. Can someone help with this please?

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