ICYMI: PoshFest 2023 Features Announcement

Whether you’re a full-time seller or listing to make room for next season’s styles, there are so many ways to cash in on Poshmark. At PoshFest 2023, we announced another round of exciting features for sellers of all types, so that you can continue to sell, shop, and connect with one another.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, don’t worry! Watch this year’s main stage sessions covering the latest feature announcements and seller insights on YouTube:

The State of the Posh Union
Founder and CEO Manish Chandra shared an exciting new vision for the future of Poshmark, with a focus on recent innovations designed to empower our community.

Hackathon Feature Reveal
Members of Poshmark’s product and engineering team took to the stage to share a demo of Posh Party LIVE and gave the community a sneak peek into the newest features that are coming soon.

Let’s get the Posh Party started in a whole new way! Posh Party LIVE combines the magic of Posh Shows with parties, giving you more ways to discover your favorite styles and sellers, connect and expand your network, and drive more traffic to your coset. We’ll be testing this next evolution of Posh Parties in the US and Canada. We invite everyone to come shop, share, and sell during this new party time happening throughout each week! 

Earlier this year, we began beta testing Promoted Closet Beta in the US to increase the visibility of their listings to millions of shoppers on Poshmark. This beta program is a part of our ongoing efforts to empower sellers with more tools to make sales and grow their businesses.

Since launch, beta sellers using Promoted Closet experience an average of 80% increase in total listing views. That means more shoppers are seeing and engaging with listings and as a result, that’s more shoppers to close a sale with!

Interested in the beta? We’re inviting all US sellers to join the waitlist now!

Gift Cards (US only)
Coming soon by popular demand: send and receive Poshmark gift cards to make gifting and purchasing your next favorite find even easier.

Multi-Label Shipping (US only)
We’ve simplified the process for splitting bundled orders while giving you a more cost-effective way to ship multiple packages by allowing sellers to purchase additional standard shipping labels.

Host Summary Report
Posh Show hosts now can see a summary of their show performance with a list of key metrics across viewership, engagement, and sales.

Take a picture of an item and auto-generate listing details

Closet Redesign
We’re reimagining the closet as a destination for shopper discovery. We’ll be releasing changes over time but you can expect to see an updated interface soon.

Your feedback continues to fuel the future of Poshmark and as Manish shared in The State of the Posh Union, we are in the business of empowering you.

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