Posh Tip: How To Market Your Closet on Pinterest

When we’re not Poshing, you can often find us pinning – or both! We can’t be alone in our app addictions, yet is it so bad when it can mean cash in your pocket?

Today we wanted to share the inside scoop on how to market your closet on Pinterest. After all, the more eyes seeing your drool-worthy items, the more likely you are to get them sold! There’s a reason why Pinterest has been shown to boost sales for traditional retailers, so why not tap into that pinning power when it comes to selling your closet? Here are some ways to get started.

1. Share From Your Closet

share to pinterest from poshmark

In the app or on web, open your listing and click share. Under the social options, click Pinterest and follow the steps to add the item to a Pinterest board.

2. Create a Shop My Closet Board

shop my closet pin board

In your Pinterest account, create a new board called Shop My Closet. If you have certain styles or brands that you typically sell, be sure to include this in the board description as it helps make your board searchable.

3. Spread the Word to Your Friends

Let your followers on your other channels – like Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Poshmark – know that you are on Pinterest. Share your pins when possible and be active on the site. When you work to grow your social networks, even more potential buyers can see your items!

4. Take Advantage of Pinterest’s Price Drop Notifications

Just like Poshmark, Pinterest utilizes Price Drop Notifications! When you have pinned an item that features a price, Pinterest will alert those who have pinned the item when you lower the price.

5. Ensure Your Photos Are Pin-Worthy

For an image-rich channel like Pinterest, it is imperative that your photos stand out from the rest. As always, ensure good lighting, composition and styling to entice buyers. Need inspiration? Check out our Covershot Inspo board on (where else?) Pinterest!

11 thoughts on “Posh Tip: How To Market Your Closet on Pinterest

  1. I was having the same problem with Pinterest, and found that it only showed up as an option on my iPhone – not on my Android phone or my laptop. I hope that option will be available for all platforms soon.

  2. I am having the same experience as Donna in the previous comment. How do I get the option to share to Pinterest? Thank you for your time and help.

  3. Hi , When I click on a listing to share it does not give me option to share on Pinterest ? How do I get that option to share on my listings. I have all other but Pinterest


  4. I do not have Pinterest and I nstragram in my social settings how can I add them to my share socials I am on both all the time? Thanks

    1. Hi Marnie! When you go to a listing and click share, click the social platform that you’re on (Pinterest and Instagram) and you should be directed to connecting the apps and share.

      1. thanks should have looked better before I posted, I found out how to do it after I posted the question. Thanks a lot for getting back to me.

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