NEW: Boost Productivity by Creating or Editing Multiple Listings at Once with Bulk Upload 

The wait is over! We announced an exciting suite of brand NEW seller tools at this year’s Hackathon. Each of these tools was carefully developed and designed to give our seller community even more resources to drive business growth.

Bulk Upload is one of the three major features in this suite of tools and is now available on web EXCLUSIVELY for Posh Ambassadors as a way to support you in scaling your growing businesses. Bulk Upload makes listing creation, organization, and inventory management more efficient than ever before! 


1.Head to Sell on Poshmark from your computer and click Bulk Upload at the top-right corner.

2. Pick and download a template based on whether you want to use photos saved in a zip or from an online cloud. 

#PoshTip: You only need to download a template once, and can save it for future uploads or for quick reference when answering buyers’ questions about your listings.

3. Read the legend directions carefully and fill out the required fields on the Listing Details tab and press Save.

4. Select the template type you are uploading and add your zip file with photos, if applicable, then hit Upload Listings

#PoshTip: If you prefer attaching photos from your phone, we got you! Choose the Photos in an Online Cloud template and select Draft as the availability for your listings. Once uploaded, the listing information will be stored in your drafts, and you can then upload images from your phone before publishing the listing.

5. You will be notified when the file is finished processing. Check out the Manage Listings page to view the status of your uploads.

Boost Your Listing Efficiency 

  1. List more: Have inventory sitting around that you haven’t gotten around to list? With Bulk Upload, you can list more inventory utilizing spreadsheets to create multiple listings at once.
  2. List faster: You no longer have to copy and paste your listing details into our Single Listing Creation form. With Bulk Upload, you can quickly copy your listing details into our spreadsheet templates. If you’re creating multiple listings with similar listing details, replicate the listing details easily using Excel’s copy and drag feature.
  3. Quickly import your catalog: Does your catalog exist on another platform? Export your catalog and map to our template for easy inventory import and upload.

Manage Your Inventory 

  1. Organize your closet: Use our templates as your inventory management system and think of them like your closet in spreadsheet form that you’re able to easily reference, search, and edit. Once you determine the template(s) that suit your business needs, you can continue to use the same template by adding new inventory into your existing data files. Listings that already exist in your closet will not be duplicated.

Connect With More Shoppers

  1. Grow your reach: Create thousands of listings at once to reach even more potential buyers.
  2. Streamline your welcome messages: Create formulas to quickly add notes to your listings’ description (e.g. ‘Thank you for shopping my closet! Please leave a comment with any questions about this item.’), update inventory quantities, or lookup listing details for inquiring customers.


Q: Who can use the Bulk Upload tool?

A: This tool is exclusively available to Posh Ambassadors.

Q: How can I tell if I am a Posh Ambassador?

A: Head over to Account Tab > My Posh Stats to check out your individual journey to becoming a Posh Ambassador.

Q: Is Bulk Upload compatible with any version of excel?

A: For the best experience, please ensure you are using an up-to-date program compatible with csv files such as Google Sheets, Numbers, or Excel. If using Excel, please ensure it is version 2019 or newer.

Q: Can I download the template from my phone?

A: At this time, the tool is  web-only.

Q: I take product photos with my phone, can I upload them from my phone as well?

A: You sure can! This would mean you would use your computer to upload the listings template and mark them as drafts. Once uploaded, the items will remain in your drafts and you can edit listings, upload photos, and post listings all from your phone.

Q: How is Bulk Upload different from Bulk Listings Actions?

A: Glad you asked! Bulk Upload is focused on creating and editing listings. Bulk Listing Actions (link) is a great way to take promotional actions on your listings once they’re already published, by allowing you to edit listing prices, send Offer to Likers, and share listings.

Are you a Posh Ambassador ready to list more efficiently? Head over to Sell on Poshmark via desktop now. 

Not a Posh Ambassador? Not a problem. Head to Account Tab >  My Posh Stats to see where you are on your journey to becoming one and accessing this  new tool.

Want more information? Check out How to Use Bulk Upload for a full guide or How to Use Bulk Upload Templates for a step-by-step guide. 

Celebrating 10 Years of Poshmark: Our First-Ever NFT Collection + Exclusive Giveaway

To celebrate our 10th birthday, and make it last, Poshmark is launching our first-ever collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We hope to share this moment with our amazing community, and look forward to the next frontier of innovation as we shape the future of shopping together.

Our 10th birthday NFTs not only celebrate our journey as a company, but are also designed to unlock exclusive perks and benefits for the next decade, including annual tickets to PoshFest, Posh Credit, and more!

Yesterday, we auctioned off one NFT exclusively on Bitski, raising more than $4,000 dollars for Mission Bit. Poshmark is also matching the total amount raised to further our commitment to bridging the tech divide and empowering the next generation of innovators. 

It wouldn’t be a Poshmark celebration if we could not share our legacy and this special moment with the community that made it possible. That’s why we gave away the opportunity to win one of nine additional NFTs to YOU—the amazing Poshmark community on Instagram and Twitter!

Just In: the NFT Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the following Poshmark community members!

A special thank you and congrats to our auction winner @trueretro!

See NFT Social Giveaway Official Rules here and Official Terms for Poshmark 10th Birthday NFTs here.


What are NFTs?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital collectibles that can be owned, sold, and traded. They are stored on the blockchain, and come with a certificate of authenticity and ownership, giving you bragging rights for years to come! 

With NFTs you’ll not only own a one-of-a-kind piece of Poshmark’s legacy, but also unlock rare content, benefits, and opportunities for the next decade. You can buy or sell the NFT, or hold onto it to redeem exclusive annual benefits.

How do I own an NFT?

Winners will be contacted after the contest closes via email. We are partnering with Bitski to help ensure your NFT wallet is set up, and that the NFT is transferred. After that, you can buy or sell the NFT, or hold onto it to redeem exclusive annual benefits.

How can I bid in the auction?

The Bitski NFT auction is now closed (auction ran one day only on Dec 6) but you can check out the NFT on Bitski here

Stay tuned for more exclusive updates about the future of NFTs at Poshmark, and more exciting giveaways and events.

What are my rewards and benefits?

Owners of the NFT will be entitled to the following perks and benefits, redeemable annually for the next 10 years.

  • 1 ticket to PoshFest 
  • $100 dollars in Posh Credit
  • Annual Posh Swag gift boxes (est. value $100)

Poshers outside the U.S. can redeem the following rewards:

  • 1 virtual ticket to PoshFest 
  • $200 dollars worth of Posh Credit annually 

See here for detailed terms and conditions.

About Bitski

Bitski has been preparing for the metaverse since 2018. They want it to be easy for anyone to own and trade digital creations, whether it be one-of-a-kind AR sneakers, digital collectibles, or special in-game gear. Bitski’s platform also allows creators and brands to easily create and sell NFTs.

About Mission Bit

Mission Bit is a San Francisco based non-profit organization which provides free after-school coding courses, workshops, and summer bootcamps to high school students from underserved and underrepresented communities. Their program’s inclusive community fosters positive relationships between students, their peers, and our experienced classroom leaders. Mission Bit brings like-minded individuals together to form long-lasting meaningful connections and gives students all the tools they need to succeed in the tech industry.

When will the NFT Giveaway winners be announced?

Winners will be announced right here on this blog post on Monday, 12/20 and on our social media channels—be sure to follow along!

Follow Poshmark on Instagram & Twitter.

The 2021 Poshmark Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to turn up the festive vibes because the holiday shopping season is here! Whether you’re looking to shop for your bestie who loves all things vintage, your dad who could use a new smartwatch, or just need some unique stocking stuffers, Poshmark has it all. Not only will you find the most-unique and sustainable gifts, but when you shop on Poshmark you’re supporting real people. 

Shop the Gift Guides

Not in the US? Check out these other gift guides!

Policy Update: Introducing Electronics on Poshmark

You can now buy and sell electronic gear and stylish wearables on Poshmark!
Check out the full list of electronics items included below.

Questions? Learn more through our FAQs.

Can I list electronics items that do not fall within the electronics catalog? 

Can I ship electronics items of any size within the supported categories? 

What are the conditions of electronics items on Poshmark? 

  • Poshmark allows users to shop and sell both new and pre-owned electronics items. For pre-owned items, sellers must log out of and delete any linked accounts and personal data, and if possible, restore to original factory settings.  

Will my electronics items be covered by Posh Authenticate? 

  • Poshmark offers free item authentication on all items valued at US$500, A$700, C$700, ₹9999, or more. 

Will Poshmark honor warranties on electronics items? 

  • Poshmark will not be able to honor manufacturer warranties or be a part of the redemption process.

How can I protect my personal data stored on electronic items? 

  • We recommend resetting relevant electronics items prior to shipping to prevent the transfer of personal data and allow for an easy change of device ownership.

Head to the Support Center for the U.S., Australia, Canada, and India for full details on our updated policy.

Updated September 2022: Electronics items being transported in the U.S. must be shipped using Parcel Select. Electronics containing or packed with lithium batteries must be packed, marked and labeled appropriately. Head to the Support Center for full details on shipping electronics. 

The 2021 Holiday Trend Report

Welcome back to the Poshmark Trend Report, holiday edition! This festive time of year is not just filled with family, food, and cozy days at home, but it brings massive opportunity to you as a seller. Gift shopping and prepping for holiday festivities have officially started, and this season is bigger and better than ever with total holiday sales projected to be upwards of $1.3 trillion…and you can have a slice of that pumpkin (apple, pecan, whatever you prefer) pie! 

The Trend Report features exclusive data from Poshmark, charting shopping behaviors across the platform, and is designed to help you make informative business decisions while sourcing inventory for your closet and broadening your knowledge of trending items and styles. These trending brands, categories, and department highlights are based on growth rates in order volume—it has everything you need to know and more! 

Read on and get ready to have the best holiday season yet! 

The Trillion Dollar Holiday Marketing Opportunity

From pillow-like plush toys to next-generation “It” bags, Poshmark shoppers are hunting for a diverse swath of goodies this holiday season. For women’s and men’s shoppers alike, nostalgia- and value-driven items are increasingly in demand, while kids, home, and luxury categories are taking on TikTok inspiration—and the Gen Z audience—in a whole new way. In fact, 50% of shoppers aged 18-34 plan to spend more this season compared to last year. 

Search Demand: From the Slopes to the Soirees

Get ready to ride that ski lift and watch your sales soar when you list these in-demand, top-searched items. Whether it’s an intimate holiday dinner at home with loved ones or attending a sparkling soiree, dressing to impress is definitely top of mind as we all start venturing out again. It’s also clear that the seasonal shift to colder weather is here and influencing purchases as searches skyrocketed for winter wonderland staples—from the oh-so-popular puffer vests to slopeworthy ski pants and a longtime fave, North Face jackets, up over 50%. 

Women’s Top Brands + Categories That are on the High Rise: Celebrity Brands, Sustainable Standouts & Cozy Outerwear

In a post-loungewear world, women’s styles aren’t taking leggings, Love is Blind, and fluffy slippers for an answer any longer (jk, long live Bach nights with wine and sheet masks). This holiday, you can count on seeing all the Reformation dresses, wide-leg denim and trousers, and daring bodysuits—they are here, more stylish and welcomed than ever. 

The “Kardashian Effect” always makes its way to Poshmark with appearances from Khloe and Kim’s booming brands. Since Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered in 2007, the Kardashian sisters have grown into bona fide business moguls, with empires spanning fashion, beauty, and even alcohol. They’re as big on Poshmark as you might expect: year-over-year order volume for SKIMS, Kim’s shapewear line, is up 65%, while Khloe’s size-inclusive clothing company Good American saw even bigger numbers, with 75% year-over-year order volume. 

Men’s Top Brands + Categories: Casual Cool Carhartt meets Sophisticated Jackets + Sporty Soles

This holiday’s menswear of the moment is a cocktail of casual-cool and sporty sophistication, with sports coats and blazers from classic brands like Ralph Lauren trending alongside activewear brands and streetwear staples with appearances from Converse, Wrangler, and Lululemon. 

Sneaker culture is also as strong as ever and clearly not going anywhere. Jordan topped the charts with 53% and 25% year-over-year order volume growth for women and men, respectively. It’s safe to say when it comes to Jordan sneakers, the true classics never go out of style.  

Kids’ Top Brands + Categories: The Stuffed Animals that Broke the Internet

The Posh Minis are following suit and dressing up just like their parents leaning into holiday party wear—from formal dresses to button downs and Vineyard Vines topping the list. But, taking the cake are the perfect giftables from all things Disney, dolls and accessories, and the viral TikTok stuffed animals, Squishmallows. 

The enormous interest in Squishmallows stuffed animals rose to popularity last year and hasn’t slowed down since showing a whopping +3,517% increase in order volume. The squeezable, pillow-like toy has grown into an international phenomenon thanks in no small part to one of TikTok’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio, who has been known to take to the app to post her own collection of 30 rare squishies.

Home Top Brands + Categories: Entertaining Essentials and Delightful Decorations

Holiday ornaments are as good as gold. As more and more shoppers head to Poshmark to shop for the latest holiday decor, one brand—Lenox—has emerged as the hottest place for delightful ornaments and festive flatware alike. The houseware company has been around since 1889, but according to our data, it’s just as relevant today as it was 13 decades ago. Year-over-year order volume for Lenox is up 44% this holiday, with its opulent holiday ornaments in particular interest for shoppers. Year-over-year order volume for “Lenox holiday ornaments” is up a stellar 183%. We’ll be honest: the precious Disney collection is, admittedly, hard to resist!

Of Poshmark’s most in-demand luxury brands, legacy fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and especially Gucci, have long maintained stable positions in the top 3.

But what about the rest of our top 10? In year-over-year order volume, Burberry (+22%), Prada (+22%), YSL (+36%), Tiffany & Co. (+13%), and Dior (+8%) are creeping up on the aforementioned mainstays, with one demographic to thank: Gen Z. Poshmark’s new top luxury brands have landed big-name Gen Z influencers as ambassadors, including Elle Fanning for Tiffany & Co., Yara Shadidi for Dior, and Blackpink’s Rosé for YSL. Plus, shoppers—roughly 72% of them, according to our own internal data—are increasingly considering an item’s resale value before purchasing. 

“It” bags are back, and they’ve hit the resale marketplace. In the early 2000s, you couldn’t flip through an Us Weekly without clocking a Balenciaga Moto or Marc Jacobs Stam bag on the arm of the latest PYT. And while status bags have never really left (Hermès Birkin, anyone?),they’ve taken up less residency in shoppers’ closets for the last 2 decades. Now, they’re back in a big way.

This holiday, Telfar’s iconic shoulder bag is seeing a 1,107% spike in year-over-year order volume because let’s not forget when the style icon Beyonce herself was seen toting a Telfar Bushwick Birkin. Poshmark instantly saw an over 8x increase in order volume of the brand’s bags. All hail Queen B.

The newly-reinvented Bottega Veneta is up, too: year-over-year order volume for its “shoulder bags” have grown 29%. But it’s not just “It” bags that are amidst a renaissance: year-over-year order volume for Rolex watches,  the ultimate stealth-wealth accessory, are up 94% this holiday.

Now more than ever, luxury pieces are accessible this season for you or as a perfect gift for someone special thanks to Poshmark.

Top Selling Sustainability-Driven Brands: Poshing to Preserve the Planet

Shoppers are increasingly gravitating toward brands that share similar values—inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability among them. And, not only is Poshmark helping build a more sustainable world with every sale of a secondhand item, but we’re also seeing that evolution happen through the rapid growth in sales of sustainability-driven brands. Rothy’s and Reformation make another appearance on this list and are joined alongside chart toppers like Pact, Ganni, and the whimsy and nostalgic Doen showing a +97% increase in orders year-over-year.

Many of us have experienced one or many “TikTok made me buy it” moments and the power of the platform is proving time and time again to fall at the center of the zeitgeist, with trends continuing to quickly and directly populate on Poshmark. 

The numbers don’t lie: People searching for “TikTok” increased a whopping 1,556% over the past two years! It’s no surprise, then, that TikTok’s impact is making a mark on all things holiday.

Everything old is new again. Over the past two years, we’ve seen search demand for “vintage” increase 53%, and we don’t expect it to let up anytime soon. To date, orders for “vintage” have seen a significant 31% year-over-year sales growth in the men’s category, with nostalgic heritage brands drumming up interest all across Poshmark inventory.

Trend Report Methodology

All data is based on the shopping behavior of Poshmark’s 80M+ members

Additional Data Sources:
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