Bundle FAQs: Make the Most of Poshmark’s Newest Feature

Now that you know about our new Bundle feature, it’s time to make the most of it. Sellers, consider setting up a bundle discount for your closet, which is displayed on your About page. While not required, it can be a helpful selling point for buyers and you can adjust your settings at any time.

How To Set Up A Bundle Discount:

  1. From the app, go to your account tab, then “My Seller Discount”.
  2. Enable a bundle discount.
  3. Select the discount percentage you would like to offer and the minimum number of items in a bundle needed for the discount to be applied.

Note that all “for sale” listings in your closet will be eligible for a bundle discount. Your earnings on a bundle order will be calculated based on the total of the items less your bundle discount.

Now that you’re all set to utilize the new Bundles feature, we’ve collected some frequently asked questions by buyer and seller to help you better understand how it works.

070215_bundles_seller faq

How will I know when a bundle has sold? Just like any other sale on Poshmark, you will receive an email notification with an attached mailing label.

Can sellers create bundles for a buyer using this feature? No.

What if a bundle weighs more than 5 pounds? The $5.95 shipping fee only covers up to 5 pounds. If it’s heavier than 5 pounds, you can upgrade your shipping label from the My Sales page within the app. Note that any extra overweight label costs will be deducted from your earnings.

Should I still respond to buyers who request bundles in comments? You can still make bundles manually, but you can always request via comment that buyers use the new feature to make a bundle purchase.

How does Posh Concierge work with bundles? A bundle will go through Posh Concierge if at least one of the items in the bundle is eligible (costs $500 or more). If the bundle subtotal is $500 or more, but every item is under $500, the bundle will not go through Posh Concierge.

Are bundle discounts automatically applied? Can I change my bundle discount settings? Bundle discounts are automatically applied when a buyer makes a bundle purchase. You can adjust your bundle discount settings at any time. Simply go to Account > My Seller Discount.

Can I edit an individual listing’s price in a bundle before it’s sold? Yes. You may edit an unsold listing at any time.

070215_bundles_buyer faq

How do I add an item to a bundle? To start a bundle, click on the action icon in the top right of the listing page. Click on “Add to Bundle” and the listing will appear in your new bundle. Repeat with other items from the same seller’s closet.

Can I combine items from different closets into the same bundle? No, bundles can only be created with items from a single seller.

How long does Poshmark save my bundles? Where can I find them? Bundles are saved indefinitely, even if you don’t go through with the purchase. Find them under My Likes and then My Bundles. Note that adding an item to a bundle does not reserve it and its availability cannot be guaranteed. If an item in your bundle is no longer available, it will be shown as such during checkout.

How many bundles can I create?  As many bundles as you would like!  However, you can only make one bundle from a specific seller at a time.

Can I make an offer on a bundle? Currently, buyers can only use the Make An Offer feature on a single listing, not on a bundle.

What happens if an item sells before a bundle order is placed? Adding an item to a bundle does not reserve the item. If an item saved in a bundle sells out, it is no longer available.

Will a seller know if I’ve added items to a bundle before going through with the purchase? Yes, sellers are notified when buyers add items to a bundle.

Will placing an item in a bundle mark the item as reserved? No. Listings will remain available for anyone to purchase until you are ready to check out. When you click “Buy Bundle,” all items in the bundle go into a brief reserved state to give you the chance to complete your purchase.

Do price drop promotions apply to items in a bundle? No. If an item eligible for a price drop promotion is added to a bundle, the bundle purchase will not be eligible for the individual item’s shipping discount.

How can I know a seller’s bundle discount before creating a bundle? If a seller has chosen to offer a bundle discount, it will be featured in her closet’s About page.

63 thoughts on “Bundle FAQs: Make the Most of Poshmark’s Newest Feature

  1. Hello. I just created a bundle for a buyer and submitted an offer. I do not see that I offered the bundle in my news feed, like I do for all other individual offers. I am not sure if the offer reached the buyer????.

  2. Good morning,
    Is it possible to see what a buyer places into a Bundle? I have a customer right now who is wanting to make an offer on a bundle, and unless I scroll through the comments, I cannot see what she’s added to the Bundle feature. Help?

  3. It would be nice to know what has been put in the bundle so when someone bundles six tee shirts I don’t have to go through every item in my closet to see which ones she has “liked”. I know that I may “like” many things in a person’s closet but will only bundle two or three things to buy at a time. How does a seller know what to ship out?

    1. Hi Wendy, when you receive an alert that an item has been added to a bundle, please note that you’re able to see which item when you locate the notification in your app’s news feed. You’ll only need to ship out items that have sold, which will include a confirmation email. An alert that an item has been added to a bundle does not confirm a sale. If you need help, please reach out to support@poshmark.com.

  4. I do not see the bundle option next to like, comment, and share buttons. nor do I see my selling tools in the app?

    1. Hi Colette, the bundle option should be visible under the listing details on the app and web. Note that they are only visible on listings other than your own, as this is currently a buyer feature. Selling tools are only available from the app, clicking your account and then scrolling down. If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to support@poshmark.com and someone can help you directly. Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    I have a buyer that added 4 items to a bundle and paid for it. However, only 3 items showed paid for. Can you please help me? So I can ship out all 4 items to her.

  6. Hi! I just made a sale for $45… yet my email that I just received says that my earnings are $0. What gives? Has the buyer purchased a bundle and nothing else came through? Please help me understand!

      1. Hi – I understand that. I’ve completed multiple sales on Poshmark. What I’m saying is that the email itself says that my earnings will be $0. All of my previous sales have listed the earnings amount (less the fee). The “My Sales” portion of Poshmark also lists a sale amount of $0, when all of my other sales have listed the listing price and the earnings. Both of those show up as $0 in the app. I don’t want to ship this out until it is resolved and I also don’t want to put off shipping this item to the buyer!

  7. I just received a note stating a buyer has added one of my listings to a bundle. I’m very new to this and I am not sure what I need to do. I have a 15% discount on two items. If this person bundles two items, do I need to go in and adjust my prices to reflect this discount?

  8. My account does not have the following options available:

    1.From your account tab, go to “My Selling Tools” and select “Bundle Discount.”
    2.Enable a bundle discount
    3.Select the discount percentage you would like to offer and the minimum number of items in a bundle needed for the discount to be applied.

  9. on my notifications it says: (someone’s username) added your listing to a bundle… Is there a way I can see the bundle?

      1. So how do I know how much everything is? I’m guessing whatever each item is, totaled. No? So when they say to look at it, what exactly am I looking at?

      2. Hi Cynthia, when items are added to a bundle using the bundle feature, you’ll be able to see a subtotal for all items that includes any bundle discounts and shipping.

  10. sorry i don’t see my account tab setting that you speak of above for setting the bundling but perhaps i have it if on each listing there is a bundling option….can you confirm that…i know settings can be tricky depending on when folks joined and what you offer at a given time…many thanks.

  11. I think a seller should have a choice on whether we want to offer bundles. I personally only use Posh for lower shippijg rates. I mostly sell shoes which exceed the 5lbs if bundles and I don’t believe I should have to cover extra shipping costs. So I will cancel any bundle orders made, sorry.

  12. If someone wants to bundle items, but for one item they wanna make an offer as well, is that possible? If they make an offer on an item and I accept, they can’t include it in a bundle anymore correct?

    1. Hi Eva, currently Make An Offer doesn’t work with our Bundle feature. One option would be to add items to a bundle to indicate your interest and then comment on the listing that you want to negotiate. One option would be to ask the seller to drop the price and proceed to complete the bundle shortly after. Hope that helps!

  13. Hi! I got a notification that says a person has added my listing to a bundle!
    what does this mean? has the item sold? or do I have to wait for more information, or have they not completed their bundle?
    thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Victoria, this a recent update to let you know that a potential buyer is interested in your items. It does not mean that the items have sold.

  14. @Jamie: Sorry your going to have to probably change your selling stragetey, there are much too many people in favor of this app besides every one offers and ask for bundles, Why shouldn’t us buyers be able to add what we want automatically so that we have all the items ‘visible’ and in one place and when we can quickly create our own bundles. Only thing I don’t know yet is how to figuring out how the sellers can give a bundle discount after we choose our bundle items, which I will ask a seller that I currently have 3 special hard to find Two Faced collectable make up palettes and was going to ask for a discount on the 4th palette which is currently going for $230. Maybe the apps will get better with time and demand to meet all of our needs.

  15. It’s a good idea in theory, but I feel that Posh should have added BEFORE this was launched. I would much rather make bundles for the buyers, as I have some items that are final sale items. I like to give the best price I can, while also offering reduced shipping… I know it’s only $5, but it makes a HUGE difference in the seller’s mind, since we usually have to swallow that to make a sale, and we are already dishing out 20% of our sales… I was really upset because I had a flash sale today, marked my items WAY low (over 10% from lowest), and I just got notifications saying Posh was letting the people who liked it know I lowered the price, but NOT ONE shipping discount was offered. I had to return a shirt today, that I paid $40 for, but it was a $99 shirt, because by the time I put it on sale, I’d only be making $4, and the buyers did not buy it without a shipping discount…. Plus, now that I lowered mine to their lowest, I cannot make another price drop, if posh decides to give reduced shipping again… Today, I thought my sale would go great, but I didn’t even make one sale, all because of shipping… And there was is no way for me to even relist my items, to lower the shipping again, since I would lose all my comments and likes… And there it is absolutely not fair for the seller to pay for additional shipping, when the buyer is already getting a good deal.. That could sometimes be my only profit lately.., 20% is enough!!!! Please don’t take away a few bucks for reduced shipping, and please let the seller’s control the bundles… It’s getting absurd!

    1. Once I realized (in the small print) that the shipping discounts apply ONLY on price drops 10% lower than their HISTORICAL LOWEST price and cost at least $10, I stopped dropping prices for the sales. If there’s a shipping discount, you lower your price and increase it back to it’s regular price when the shipping discount ends, the next time there’s a shipping discount and you lower your prices it can’t just be the 10%. It has to be 10% lower than the last/lowest sale price you ever had on that item. Rather than locking myself in to ever decreasing prices, I have a listing I post as my first listing during the shipping sales that ask for the buyer to let me know if they’re interested in a price drop for the shipping discount. This has worked well for me, bu I unfortunately learned my lesson the hard way. I hope this helps you!!! I also tend to take advantage & buy when I can and I know I don’t hesitate to ask for a price drop during a shipping sale. People aren’t shy in making offers that are so low that they’re insulting, so you’re not going to have a problem with a buyer asking for a lower price to get lower shipping special. Best of luck! 🙂

  16. I’m trying to set up my bundle discount but I can’t activate the “bundle discount” button on my selling tools area. Can someone assist me with this please.

  17. Would love to see something like other stores have like a cart to put your items in from different closets then make a purchase and it will automatically add up shipping fees to buyer just an idea But great job posh still love shopping here 😊

  18. I personally am not a fan of this automatic bundling option as I don’t like to have to be responsible for the upgrade and shipping costs if the buyer adds a ton of stuff to one bundle. Last time I had to pay for upgrade shipping label it took way too much of my profit and I Don’t agree to bundles heavier than 5 pounds because of this. What am I to do as a seller to avoid this happening?

    1. I agree. I was very worried when buyers started asking about bundles that their items add up to more than five pounds. With shoes and formal dresses this can happen easily and is not the sellers fault

    2. I totally agree! Just sold my first bundle and due to increased shipping costs I incurred a loss. Buyers like reduced shipping. Sellers need to make a profit.

    3. AGREED! This auto bundle system is awful. I lost half my sale to having to upgrade shipping. I’m a same day shipper and would hate to lose that because someon bundled a bunch of stuff that I refuse to pay the shipping for.

  19. I love this new feature but I don’t think many sellers are aware of it yet. Maybe you should highlight it again!

  20. Can I make my own bundles? Discount, say , 20% and have buyers choose which bundle they might like, over $50.00 of course. I saw that this week-end was free shipping week-end and wondered if I could get my closet started by offering my own bundles?

  21. I don’t like this app because dropped shipping costs don’t apply. Shipping costs play a big factor in buying and selling with Poshmark.

      1. I think she means that bundles do not get reduced shipping. I have already had two buyers request manual bundles because the bundle feature will not give reduced shipping for my 10% bundle discount I have always given

  22. I love how the Poshmark app is constantly evolving and always taking steps in the right direction! XOXO

  23. I love it but a little disappointed that the update is only available on Apple and not available on Android. Will it eventually be available on Android? I have an Apple IPad but only use my cell phone when I’m out so not sure how that would work.

  24. Great idea but what happens to listings that have more then one size or color indicated. Will this new app put my original listing as sold. If this is the case I will constantly be adding the listing over and over till sold out of all sizes. Right now I make a bundle listing only adding size buyer requested and does not cancel out my original listing unless out of size, which I manually edit. Would like this app better if seller had control not buyer. Thanks

  25. Great idea but needs tweaking. I would like to see it based on dollar amount as well. I don’t give the same discount on a $24 sale as I do a $200 sale. Also, would like to include the ability for an item to be checked as “bundle discount applies” or not – akin to the “not for sale” button.

    1. I totally agree with Holly’s comment. I’d also like to be able to make bundles, etc. as the seller and review them prior to selling. Finally, when will edits be available through a laptop or PC? It’s a feature that is currently really a pain.

      1. I also want the ability to interact with the buyer after they’ve created their bundle and be able to offer my own bundle discount based on the items they want. I don’t want my only option in offering a bundle discount to be the automatic % discount that may be too low.

        I’ve written to Posh support several tines over the last couple of years asking for the ability to list & edit on a computer. My phones/devices have only so much memory and I don’t want pictures using it up! Especially if I’m using apps to modify the pics for listing so there are multiple copies! I always get a pleasant “thanks for the suggestion” email in response, but I’ve never heard even a rumor of it happening! When I’m home and able to share, it’s SOOO much easier not having to click on each item and scroll down to the “share” button.

  26. This is fantastic! My question: Is the “minimum $10” for reduced shipping days applied to the bundle if all items together add up to 10< $ ? Or for reduced shipping does each separate item to be $10< ? Also, is the "minimum $10<" for reduced shipping applied before or after the set discount?

  27. Great new feature, will make things less confusing for sure! It would be cool if there were a badge or something at the top of people’s closets that indicated if they offered a bundle discount/what percentage 🙂

    1. Hi Hil, sellers who have selected a bundle discount will have the details displayed on the About page in their closet. It may take some time to see as sellers add this feature.

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