App Update: Introducing The Bundle Feature

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Buyers and sellers, rejoice! While bundles have been a part of the Poshmark experience for some time, the process is now streamlined and easier than ever, thanks to the new Bundle feature.

Buyers can now quickly and easily arrange the purchase of multiple items from a favorite closet. Stocking up on great finds is also a great way to save, since multiple items ship with one low price. Plus, sellers who want to sweeten the deal for buyers and move more items can also offer customized bundle discounts.

Ready to get started? Just open the app or visit and you’re ready to go.

How To Buy A Bundle:



When a purchase is completed, sellers will receive a confirmation email that includes the single shipping label and a list of which items from their closet have sold in the bundle.

In a browsing mood? Not to worry. Your bundles are saved even if you haven’t completed a purchase. To access them, go your Account, click “My Likes” and then select the “My Bundles” tab.

Learn more about this amazing new tool and how sellers can get started with their customized bundle discount settings by checking out our Bundle FAQs.

37 thoughts on “App Update: Introducing The Bundle Feature

  1. What about sellers with one item in multiples sizes/colors …basically with variations or more than one of an item? A dropdown menu would be a GREAT feature so buyers could select their choice or quantity and still leave the remains pieces for sale. Also how about a cheaper shipping option for items 13 oz and under? First class mail is perfect for small items…of course the seller is responsible to be sure the weight is correct 🙂

    1. Hi Maquez, at this time, these are two separate ways to purchase items on Poshmark. Sellers can set a bundle discount (Account > My selling Tools > Bundle Discount) and when using the bundle feature, note that there is only one shipping fee. So there is likely to be a significant savings when going through the bundle feature. If you need more direct help, reach out to

  2. I have the latest version on my iphone 6 and on the selling tools screen under My Bundle Discount, it will not allow me to enable the bundle discount the little switch is white and will not move to green. Why is that????

  3. I just downloaded the Poshmark App on my IPad and do not see the bundle feature. Is it available on the IPad?

    1. Hi Danica, yes, it is available on iPad. If you go to a listing in someone else’s closet, click the action button and see if there is an option to add to a bundle. If not, please reach out to and someone can help you directly.

  4. What a cool feature! I hope it comes to Android soon. I would love to see a sort price feature (low-high, high-low) feature available on individual closets or the search.

  5. Many of us have multiple bulk items where we have a “master listing” then make a separate listing for each seller. With this feature it will ruin each “master listing.” So I would have to constantly re list the item again correct? It’s a great feature for a single item but I can see where power sellers will have to re list each item now. Please correct me if I’m wrong. You know I love you guys!! <3

  6. This is so helpful!! I’ve often been frustrated when adding items to my “likes” but can’t see everything I’ve liked from that seller in the past. I’ve missed items when I’ve gone to purchase that I would have otherwise bought from that seller. Thank you!

  7. I can’t find the bundle feature! I looked in my about page and had no options to set it up.. I have the iPhone 6…. What do I have to do? Thanks

  8. I feel like you should have done it for android at the same time. It’s an unfair advantage that people with apple have. Poshmark has made it clear they favor people with apple, because androids are always a second thought

  9. Is the bundles only for one closet? Is there a way to make a bundle from multiple people or it doesn’t work like that?

    1. Yes, bundles feature is only available for purchases from a single closet. For more, please see the FAQs post linked to at the bottom of this one.

  10. I understand this feature was not available on androids/ Desktop etc. yet.
    But what can you do for those seller who don’t have IOS (iphone) thing.
    What can you do if they have a possible buyer that who wanted to bundled some items because they saw this announcement promotion as “free shipping” if they bundled items or spent for the amount of $50.
    To be honest with you guys, its hard to believe that they’re some other people who still don’t understand what’s the meaning of IOS and don’t have (iphones).
    Since they don’t have those access features yet that you guys are talking about, there’s a chance that they can lose there buyers and get left behind by other IOS users.
    And to addition to that as for my understanding please correct me if I’m wrong that our buyers will have to pay the regular shipping for $4.99 bundled item?
    And in addition to that, Seller will have to pay extra fee for the excess lbs and it will be deducted from the sellers income as well.
    And including from the sellers income they will also get deducted by your 20% commission.
    For me as a seller and a buyer at the same time. That’s kinda sounds UN FAIR to me. I do understand and respect you guys this new updates which really looks cool and exciting for both buyer and seller.
    But I just don’t understand why launched a new update like this if the other party’s can’t have the fun right?
    Why launched it at the same time with the non IOS users so everyone could have fun don’t you think?!?
    I apologize for this long comment i have but yeah that was just my curiosity about this new update.
    I really hope this new update that you guys have won’t creat a lot of confusion and hassle to everyone.
    Thanks and I would really appreciate if someone can explain to me about the new system update. God bless.

  11. The new bundle feature sounds great! I have a question though. Is the buyer also entering the seller’s bundle discount amount??? In the article it indicates the buyer is entering all information regarding the bundle. If so, they could enter a discount that is not authorized by the seller. Please clarify. Thanks!

    1. Sellers control the discounts offered on a bundle purchase using the new feature. Please see the FAQs post linked in this one for more.

  12. Many times buyers ask about a bundle price discount. Is there a way to enter the total for the bundle price or do we have to change the prices to ensure they get a discount.

  13. This is a great feature! Can’t wait to get it for Android! In the meantime, can the bundle feature be used on computers or only through the App?

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