Earth Month is here, giving us an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the impact the Poshmark community (aka all of you!) has made in fueling the circular economy and reducing fashion’s footprint. While one garbage truck’s worth of textiles is landfilled or burned every second,* each and every one of you is doing your part to decrease waste by extending the lifecycle of millions of previously made items. From the impact of Reposh to the increased demand for sustainable brands, we’re taking a look at how together, we are prioritizing sustainability and softening our environmental impacts.

Creating a More Circular, Sustainable Future Together with 3.7M Listings Reposhed

With the introduction of Reposh back in June 2020, it’s been even easier to keep items in circulation…to the tune of 3.7 million items Reposhed to date! Poshers are seeing the benefit of Reposhing their purchases—in as little as 30 seconds, they can quickly and easily list their past Poshmark purchases and give them another life. Talk about the ultimate revolving closet, who doesn’t want that?!

Calling All Brands: Sustainability Has Entered the Chat (and is Here to Stay)

Everyone is embracing sustainability—especially Millennials and Gen Z shoppers—and the pandemic has only been a catalyst for realizing our collective impacts on the world around us. As a result, consumers are wanting to support brands that align more with their values and engage in ethical business practices. Demand on Poshmark for sustainable brands––think those using sustainable materials or making environmental commitments (to name a couple)––is no doubt on the rise. That demand can’t be ignored and it’s forcing many other brands to keep up––prioritizing sustainability in order to keep (and attract) customers.

The Newest Badge of Honor: Vintage

More than ever, there’s pride in telling an outfit complimenter that you’re wearing vintage, or you bought a special piece secondhand. It shows that you don’t just have impeccable taste, but you’re part of the broader movement toward conscious consumption, too. Vintage gives people an opportunity to experiment with unique styles from past eras in a way that’s softer on the planet and wallet. The vintage boom has transcended Poshmark with the sales of vintage increasing 85% over the past 2 years. Looking ahead, we expect for vintage to continue to show us its staying power, especially as social media expedites the half-life of trends and drives us toward frequent closet turnover.

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*Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2017 Report