Posh for the Planet: Invest in Secondhand, Invest in Your Future

Together, we’re reimagining the future of shopping by putting sustainability, circularity, and connection at the heart of everything we do.

This Earth Week, we’re celebrating and spotlighting you, and the impact this community has on shaping the sustainable, secondhand fashion industry.

From using eco-friendly packaging and upcycling, to keeping vintage and unique clothing in circulation, to building awareness for sustainable brands and using the Reposh feature, the Poshmark community puts sustainability at the forefront and redefines what the fashion industry could be. 

Can you guess how many items have been Reposhed since this powerful tool launched? Or what items are the most popular to Reposh? We’re reflecting and celebrating the impact of the Poshmark community (aka all of you!) has made in fueling the circular economy and reducing fashion’s footprint in this special Earth Month Data roundup!

Community Secondhand Style ‘Zine 

Our community is made up of secondhand sellers, fashion gurus, creatives, thrifters and upcyclers with a passion for sustainability. 

Meet some members of the Poshmark community that #PoshForThePlanet through their amazing secondhand style, and head to the caption below to explore their Instagram and Poshmark profiles.

Meet these Poshers (from left to right!): @VintijMarqui of @style_marqui, @gardenvintageshop of @gardenvintage, @missmadisonlynn of @missminniemuse, @alexisamundson of @shop_relovely, @aresellerspassion of @ireworkedit & @aresellerspassn, @th3ymak3m3smil3 of @th3ymak3m3smil3, @infinitelyposhla of @infinitelyposh, @brittzacko of @brittzacko, @akdkasana of @ak_poshmama, @betweenthebells of @aprilstyle4, @nicoleeremy of @nicoleeremy

How to Celebrate Earth Week with Poshmark

Sustainability is always something to celebrate. Join us all week long for livestreams, in-app Posh Parties and more this Earth Week.

4/18 Community Sustainability Insights Report | Click here to check it out.

4/19 Sustainable Brands Posh Party & Instagram Live | Join  sustainably-minded community members hosting the in-app Sustainable Brands Posh Party, for an IG Live talking about all things sustainable fashion with an added bonus – giving out host picks to those who join! 

4/20 Community Style ‘Zine | Celebrate the community’s secondhand style with a special #PoshForThePlanet Style ‘Zine. Poshers will be featured in Posh Stories, PM_Editor and across social media, rocking their perfect #PoshStyle. Be sure to show them all the love!

4/21 We love to see your sustainable #PoshPackages tips! How do you keep things eco-friendly when shipping out your packages? Check back on 4/21 on @poshmark’s Instagram for community tips on recycled Posh packages.

4/22 Happy Earth Day! Thank you for Poshing for the planet not just today, but everyday. Keep the sustainability celebration going with us on Instagram.

Catch it all on social media.

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7 thoughts on “Posh for the Planet: Invest in Secondhand, Invest in Your Future

  1. I am somewhere being “amused” and insulted… Poshmark informed me that I was not desirable as a seller related to “previous selling history” records. Rather than being insulted, it was a wake up call as to how I would/could be dealt with IF accepted. FIRST, I WANT YOUR ON GOING EMAIL PROMOTIONS, ETC. TO STOP SENDING TO MY ADDRESS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, AND I HOPE I AM MAKING THIS CLEARl I have peviously complained about this annoyance; should I inform Consumer Protection Agencies? Seeking the purchases of someone who is not acceptable appears to be incongruous, doesn’t it?

  2. I am curious about Poshmark’s wholesale business. Are those new items “excess” or unsellable for whatever reason or are they made for PM to sell to their sellers? If the latter, “Posh for the Planet” is nothing less than hypocritical hype.

  3. There is no going back. Poshmark has decided that this new algorithm is the new way forward. They have told us what the future is and that future does not include you. Unless you are a casual seller who hasn’t logged onto the app in quite some time, a new user, or an influential Gen Z Tik Toker, then Posh doesn’t want your 20% anymore. Their investors want to see new revenue paths beyond the 20% fee. There’s been speculation on IG that includes the selling of your user data. Which would make sense for those of you making amazing sales likely have more valuable data than their OG users.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out long term. Because the resale market seems to be all over younger people who have money to burn. But what about the rest of us? It’s very ageist of Posh to toss aside their OG sellers in favor of the gorgeous young things from TikTok. But it’s another facet of American Fakeness. America glorifies faking it because it sells. And Posh is all about that money now.

    Also, they are never going to fix the search engine. Apparently, their coders are quite proud of the new just-shared sort. For every 4-6 just shared listings, there are 2 older listings being promoted further up than they should be. So buyers are taking the risk of buying an item that’s never going to ship.

    It was inevitable that Posh was going to destroy the selling aspect of their platform. They are public now and only investor interests matter. For those of you that have been hurt by this, I see you. For those of you that have cried daily about this, I see you. I share your pain. And it’s going to take time, but we are going to have to let Poshmark go. They are not going to bring back the sales for you. Your time in the Posh spotlight is over. Ignore their toxic positivity posts because they aren’t going to help you if your closet is invisible. It was a good app while it lasted.

    ……but hey, if Poshmark wants to prove me wrong, then DO IT.

  4. I love my closet on Poshmark, they are fair, have the best interest of their buyers and sellers and know how to run a business. They don’t keep raising their fees every year like some of the platforms do giving the small sellers a chance to make some money. You get out what you put in.

    1. Poshmark, you guys do realize the reason for the high number of reposhing is because people reposh items that dont fit or because they tried to return the item and poshmark denied it LOL. Rarely are people reposhing for other reasons, Plus, any experienced poshmark user knows not to reposh and to make their own listings.

      Do you guys actually pay ANY attention to your app and what happens on it?

    2. “You get out what you put in.” If only that we’re true in Poshmark’s case. No matter how much you share, list, realist, buy, etc., little to no traffic will be sent to your site. Apparently, the key now is to be inactive.

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