Posh Shows: The newest way to shop and sell LIVE.

Explore shows happening now in the US and Canada.

Review some FAQs below, including more on how to become a host!

What is a Posh Show? 
It’s the newest way to shop and sell LIVE on Poshmark! Shoppers can bid on their favorite styles during fast-paced LIVE auctions. Hosts can connect with shoppers, reach a wider audience, and accelerate sales. The community can also experience the magic that happens when the Posh community sells together.

How does bidding work during a Posh Show?
Once a host starts an auction, anyone in the show can join the fast-paced live auction! Simply tap to bid or enter a custom bid. Please note that all bids are binding. Items will ship just like any other purchase on Poshmark.

Where is Posh Shows currently available?
Posh Shows is currently available in the U.S. and Canada. We are exploring how to bring Posh Shows to our other markets where Poshmark is available! 

Can anyone watch a Posh Show?
Yes, anyone with a Poshmark account can watch Posh Shows! Create a Poshmark account by downloading the Poshmark app. Please note that a US shipping address and payment information is required to purchase from a Posh Show hosted by a seller located in the US. In addition, please note that a Canada shipping address is required to purchase from a Posh Show hosted by a seller in Canada.

Who can currently sell on Posh Shows?
We are continuing to expand to more of our community and we are excited for everyone to experience selling LIVE on Poshmark! We encourage anyone interested in selling live in the U.S. to sign up by completing this form. To sign up to sell live in Canada, please complete this form. We’re continuing to expand on a first come, first-serve basis and growing our host community each week.

Please note that all sellers must also be in good standing with Poshmark’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. We may, for example, consider prior account restrictions in determining eligibility.

Have more questions?
Head to our Support Center (US) article and Support Center (Canada) article for answers to even more FAQs.

48 thoughts on “Posh Shows: The newest way to shop and sell LIVE.

  1. I visited several live shows last evening and will not be viewing any more. I saw more of the host’s cleavage and facial close-ups than merchandise I would be interested in buying. I realize it is in the early stages, but seemed very disorganized and unprofessional. Not the upscale platform I have always thought Poshmark to be.

  2. Your going to hurt small business sellers ! Where does this leave us as sellers? Stop rolling out new ideas an fix the problems that exist already within the Poshmark app platform !!!! Your going to push us aside , we are what made Poshmark !!!

  3. I actually really like the idea of being able to bid on an item but not so much on the live aspect. I don’t like the idea of having to be somewhere at a certain time to get a chance to buy some thing and I don’t want to have to do it impulsively. But I do like the idea of bidding an item… but perhaps for a week or so

  4. Not every seller on the site is living and breathing poshmark. The few that do that’s great for them. Spending all your time on the site sharing , sending offers and adding new items is enough. Selling live is a full time job!! 98% of sellers are just trying to make a few bucks not be a HSN full-time hostess for second hand goods .

  5. I always like to try new ways to sell. Live shopping via the internet is catching on throughout many platforms. Buyers can see their purchases in real life before buying. Great idea!

  6. I worked in direct sales for 30 years, I enjoy the somewhat anonymity of Posh. I won’t personally be using the new format and if it is site wide I will have to find another site, which would be a shame since I just started.

  7. Poshmark hasn’t done enough to fix what it already has, let alone making itself into an auction site. I hate this idea. So many details missing from the actual app with plenty of suggestions from actual users – including myself when they opened up to Poshers – that could improve shopping on this app.
    The bidding aspect is only going to allow cheap, China-based shops to overtake and completely ruin this market as it has done to QVC, eBay, and even Amazon. Prices of real, substantial items are going to be higher. More fakes and replicas sold through scammer profiles. Posh needs to pay attention to what it’s already got.

  8. Poshmark hasn’t done enough to fix what it already has, let alone making itself into an auction site. I hate this idea. So many details missing from the actual app with plenty of suggestions from actual users – including myself when they opened up to Poshers – that could improve shopping on this app. But no, let’s get into a different area altogether. 🤦

    The bidding aspect is only going to allow cheap, China-based shops to overtake and completely ruin this market as it has done to QVC, eBay, and even Amazon (which is why I quit eBay years ago). Prices of real, substantial items are going to be higher. More fakes and replicas sold through scammer profiles. Posh needs to pay attention to what it’s already got.

  9. Yay!! This is so awesome!!! I’m very excited and can’t wait for it to officially launch! I’M ALL IN!!

  10. Great idea moving into an area that eBay – the original online selling site – has pretty much abandoned. /sarc

    How about some features that are actually useful, like giving sellers a way to advertise on all or selected listings/categories that they’re holding a limited time sale, or enabling us to set a minimum price we’ll accept on an item, with anything under that automatically countered, because the lowballers with a sense of entitlement are out of control with their insulting offers! Even Mercari, which I don’t care for, is doing that.

    I love selling on Poshmark, but you fal wayl short on RESPECT for sellers. A lot of time and effort goes into each listing (shopping, steaming/ironing, taking measurements, writing a description, taking photos, packing, mailing) yet you place NO value on our time or monetary investment (COG, equipment like lighting, shipping supplies, etc.). Your ridiculous ‘suggested price’ feature is the perfect example of this. I got a suggested price of $18-22 for a NWT $180 sweater! Kiss my grits, Poshmark! And while I’m on a roll, how about a NWOT option? You assume everything without tags is used, but many of us buy store returns or overstocks. Something without tags might have been worn 100 times…or it might be brand new!

  11. Horrible idea! Hate everything about this! Don’t add more things to complicate your platform. It’s already cluttered up enough! This will only make it worse!

  12. PLEASE fix your existing problems before rolling this out!! I am cross listing to EBay because of such slow sales on Poshmark.

    1. As a seller on eBay, Posh and a couple of other sites for years now, I think that this is a horrible idea. It doesn’t make for a level playing field which is what made Posh so great. Anyone could get a sale. Trust me when I say that it will be the more known closets who benefit from this feature. This is exactly why I don’t put all off my eggs into one basket. One new feature being added to a platform can totally change the game and you could be done overnight. You are always at the mercy of the platform to have your best interests at heart. Which no platform will ever do. It will always be about what they want. Nothing more and nothing less.

  13. Blechhh
    QVC already exists and there are already sellers who buy massive amounts of merch on sale and inflate the prices back up to retail (and higher).

    1. So would you say QVC a good place to buy nice brand named clothing without having to break the bank? I’m sorta new to selling on Poshmark, because Ive noticed I can only sell my clothes way faster on Mercari or sometimes even surprisingly offer-up. But not only do I want to sell, but I’d really would love to find a place where I can buy clothes Id like to purchase. But posh (I feel like) is always asking a little to much $$ for used item.

    2. Exactly this whole stupid insta-story sales, what not and now this is stupid. QVC pays people to be there and they are professional and able to speak. These people are laughable seriously MAJOR Lularoe Desperation vibes…….I watched like 4 mins MAX I came back over an hour later the same person was still blabbering away LOL what a joke. Because being on successful isn’t hard enough on poshmark so much that people started using those bots and breaking the rules….. Maybe posh should have enforced their own rules but banning the people using the bots instead of the free sharing tool they created for us and sales wouldn’t have suffered MASSIVELY for most sellers because of the cheaters. Now they have these sellers looking like side show jokes — sorry but middle aged women (I am one) attempting to seem relevant while trying to figure out the camera and interacting and all that – they look even less professional and more of a joke. Sorry this is a hard pass for me it is as lame as the video listings that everyone thought would be so amazing and now are passed over. Stick to what poshmark was based on sharing, listing, repeating and no bots and no reels and no lame shows. Your golden girl looked dumb in her show last night seriously you figure since she is poshmarks man pet they would have tried to train her how to not look dumb on the live show. Far from fashionista is all I can say.

  14. I don’t think it’s a good idea. The whole point of online selling is that you can sell quickly and anonymously and everyone is afforded the same playing field. As long as you can snap the pictures in decent lighting and give a decent description everyone can sell . I’m not sure what your platform is going to be exactly , but it looks like the better looking people with better looking set ups will fare better than then the other sellers. The whole point behind online sales is that anyone can play this game and everyone is equal as long as they have the item that’s marketable or the item that someone wants . I think life selling I will put a lot of people at a disadvantage.

    1. POSHMARK once again trying a gimmick instead of focusing on increasing the customer base and vastly increasing each sellers Follower base. Sales are slow on POSHMARK and gimmicks do nothing to help sellers profits.

    2. I agree Marina! I have worked for years on my closet for this platform. As a middle aged Posh Ambassador, I feel it would definitely not help my closet or others who have a lot too sale like me. There r so many who already cater to young social media influencers. After closing my brick and mortar boutique, this platform has been great for me. I know a lot of Poshers who r not as comfortable with live selling. I have great merchandise and don’t want to have to start all over on a new platform. Will not be interested in live sales. Much easier to take a pic and sale. Thanks!

  15. When I first heard that Poshmark was going to try to emulate whatnot, I was very skeptical. Poshmark does not have the best history of thoroughly debugging their code for the process they are implementing or how it may break other processes within the site. Even whatnot still has bugs in it… it is not an easy coding to run a live auction and all the parts that go with it.

    I am also concerned that the live auctions will conflict with other business models currently being used on Poshmark. The type of inventory and price points of live auctions are generally significantly lower in order to capitalize upon the impulsivity of buyers. Will this draw buyers away from traditional closets? Or maybe they will get frustrated with the live auction and come shop closets lol

    Live auctions do not fit into my lifestyle as a part-time reseller or my business model. I am very concerned that Poshmark is moving away from the platform I tried to grow on. I wish they would use all the money being invested on fixing what they already have and becoming the best in their current niche.

    1. I totally agree with you! My experience on Whatnot has not been good however their customer service responds quickly and are professional. I have received complete refunds on all purchases I made that I was unhappy with. Stick with what you know and do best Posh!

      1. I don’t like this Poshmark new initiative.
        I believe It will cause a lot of problems for the poor and elderly people trying to effectively establish their part-or-full time businesses here on this Poshmark platform to earn a decent living.

        I am a senior citizen selling on the Poshmark platform in order to help supplement my husband’s household income. I am not healthy enough to tackle live auctions or any live sales for that matter. Please consider your elderly patronage.

        Thanks, for the opportunity to respond, may you all and have a Great everyday despite these perilous times.

  16. I hate this idea. This is going to hurt a lot of sellers who don’t want to do live shows. What going to happen to us?

    1. I am not a fan of live sales either. I much prefer the traditional listing. Hopefully, you will not implement the new feature permanently.

  17. I don’t have any idea how this will work for those of us who don’t own I phone but use iPads or laptops so it’s not very inclusive. As it is I can’t really see videos of items and rarely does it entice me to buy. This will not make me want to buy and I won’t be able to even use this feature anyways

  18. This is seriously one of the dumbest ideas you guys have come up with.

    Buyers have been asking for YEARS for the ability to save searches (like literally every other selling platform lets you do). You never listen to what your users actually want.

  19. How exciting! I ESPECIALLY like the bidding option! I’ve seen it done on a different platform, it’s a FANTASTIC idea! Encourages me to build my Posh Closet 🙌😀

  20. Love that we are keeping up with other sites!!! Can’t wait to see it take off and soar and be a part of it!!!

  21. Love the idea, but not sure how I feel about the bidding. Why not just let customers buy it for the listed price? I sell multiples of certain items, so there is no point in doing an auction if it isn’t a single quantity item.

  22. Awesome idea! I was hoping this would happen! I look forward to this with much enthusiasm, and will definitely participate, Thank You!

  23. This is gross. Have you guys seen the prices on live sales? You’re going to ruin our market!! Please stop and stay in your lane!! Do what you’re good at.

    1. I believe that this is a great idea, specially for PM sellers and buyers who are already familiar and comfortable with PM. I would like to have an option to be able to have live shows, and my regular selling. This is updated version or a new way to move my items. Love ❤️ this!

    2. This is not a Good Idea for the elderly people on the Poshmark platform trying to effectively establish their part-or-full time businesses.
      I am not healthy enough to do the work it takes to do live sales.
      I have just enough stamina to maintain my Poshmark closet to help supplement my husband’s income for our household.

      I sincerely belive that this new Poshmark initiative will cause problems for the elderly business owners selling on the Poshmark platform.
      Please take your elderly patronage concerns into serious consideration.
      Thanks for the opportunity to respond to this matter.

  24. Hi, I am very interested in selling in the Posh Shows. I have been selling successfully on the app for approx. 5 years now and have consistently stayed as a Posh Ambassador 2.
    My entire career life has been in sales. I was a Realtor for 25 years and have a great deal of experience in front of people. I was a training supervisor of new employees in a corporate environment also in my past life.

    I am completely dedicated to Poshmark and DO NOT sell on ANY OTHER platform. My old boss would tell you that I can sell ice to Eskimos, I am a natural sales person.

    Please consider my request, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. I am here to say this is a great start I look forward to being part of it and supporting my fellow PFFs that will have shows soon.

      One thing I can say is I shared a video from Tabs on Poshmark Thrifing Facebook and the comments would be good for Poshmark to read. It mY be hard there is alot of negative vibes but sellers are concerned with lowering Poshmark Value and fixing the fact peoples sales are still slow since the big change earlier this year.

      I am a Poshmark enthusiast and look forward to taking my business in a new direction with Live Sales.

    2. I love how, instead of fixing the issues that the Posh platform has and/or improving the UX via interface improvements, you are yet again rolling out another feature that the vast majority of users will not utilize.

      Please, do something to enhance your sellers’ ability to succeed, crack down on the number of replicas that litter the app, or at least purge the inactive items that bog down search results. Do ~anything~ to improve the UX, other than roll out another niche feature. We’re begging you.

      1. Agreed! There is still a lot to be improved on the app and site itself without rolling out yet another new feature. New features are great but I can think of a ton that would be much simpler and help everyone who buys and sells. I can see live sales being big in the future, I just think it’s being rushed a bit when they don’t even have the platform at the best it can be yet. Whatnot is different because they started as a live sales platform, that was their model starting out. It’s hard to see how this will work on posh when there are other things that need to be fixed first.
        Maybe people will hate it and it will drive more traffic to our closets.

        This is why it’s important to be cross listing though, so if one platform takes a big dip in sales there are others to keep you afloat.

    1. Additional to my previous comments.

      This new Poshmark initiative will hurt the sales of our merchandise, just like your current feature in the “OFFERS TO LIKERS” menu that hinders sales to potential buyers because of the “90 day time period, in which Poshmark tells the Sellers to further reduce their prices of their merchandise. Poshmark needs to get rid of this feature. My inventory sits in my closet for months, sometimes years, because of the 90 day clause telling us Sellers to reduce our selling prices to potential buyers who liked our products for sale.
      Poshmark should not be telling Sellers to lower their prices within no time period.

      If my merchandise is already at the lowest price that I want to sell it at, and I want make an offer to to potential buyer based on that notion. Poshmark shouldn’t hinder that process. It’s not good business practice in my opinion for Poshmark to tell the Sellers to go lower than their asking price based on a 90 day time frame or any time frame.

      If I don’t want to go lower than any asking price for the merchandise that I am selling. Poshmark should not put up a stumbling block that hinders sales, which also results in Poshmark not getting their portion of the sales .

      I rarely use the “Offers to Likers” feature anymore because of the 90 dat time frame HINDERANCE.

      Please also keep in mind that I am an elderly business owner, with health problems, utilizing the Poshmark platform as a means to help supplement my Husband’s sole household income.

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