App Update: Introducing PoshMatch


Exciting news! We have released a new and oh-so-gorgeous version of the Poshmark app into the App Store.

Introducing PoshMatch, a dynamic and new personalized shopping experience that constantly updates to reflect what you and your network are styling, following, and liking, alongside items that match your unique style.

What’s New

  • Shop Your Shares: Sharing is styling! Your shares are now collected in the Shares tab in your closet. Not only are you now curating the best PoshFinds like a personal stylist, but you can shop the shares in other closets.
  • Follow Your Favorite Brands: Don’t miss out on the latest from your favorite brands. Follow your brands and click “Just In” to shop recently added items first.
  • ‘About’ Section on Profiles: Now all closets now have a dedicated page that features your profile photo, location, website and brands you follow.
  • Personalized Home Feed: Your feed is now prettier and more functional than ever. The more you interact with Poshmark, the faster we can learn about your style and enhance your shopping experience.

Head to the App Store to download the latest version of Poshmark so you can enjoy the new personalized shopping experience. Stay tuned as we work to roll out these enhancements for all users and those Android devices, as well!

Let’s get shopping!

Friends don’t let friends pay full retail. Invite your friends to shop their favorite brands on the new Poshmark. Bonus! You may get some referral money in exchange. Win-win!

28 thoughts on “App Update: Introducing PoshMatch

  1. Reblogged this on wenrella and commented:
    Poshmark is defiantly “THE BEST” Re-Sale app of all Re-Sale sights. I have researched and tested most other App’s. If you want the best, make the most money, build lifelong friends & POSHFEST PARTY🎉 once a year? Poshmark is the app for you. Love to live❤️ Live 2 Love (POSHLOVE✌️, nothing can replace or copy it”

  2. Love what I’ve been hearing, the only sad thing I can’t wait to be able to also experience the updates. Android Users are patiently waiting:)

  3. Thanks Posh Team!! You are always improving! I enjoy both buying & selling in the app!

    Regarding sharing is styling..,I share to “care”. I would not necessarily recommend all of my shares for styling however. I don’t want my shares to paint a picture of my style as they aren’t always.

    What do you think? If people follow my shares as my style suggestions, it might make me change the way I share.

    Love to hear your thoughts:)


      1. Hi Jan! Of course you can utilize these features in any way you like, whether it be to show love to friends or to express your personal style – or both! Since your shares are now a part of your profile, they have a unique ability to appear as recommendations of good Posh Finds more than before. Hope that helps!

  4. Wow. This has been an amazing couple of years for Poshmark. Its been such an awesome experience to be a part of Poshmark and watch it grow. This app speaks to to special way Posh mark and its team has focused in personalizing every shopping experience for Online shoppers by creating a boutique feel to its app. I really know this was one of the reasons I chose to shop and sell on Posh. I know many of the sellers, myself included really try to personalize every purchase we have through our Poshmark closets. kudos!!!! Thank you all for giving me such an awesome format to shop and make s little money from. You guys Rock!! Leslie AKA fashionaddict69

  5. I need help with the app and don’t know where to leave a comment/question! Any PM user can answer me, and I’d be super happy. What’s a normal amt of time for downloading the app on an Android device? After at least 30 min., I got concerned something wasn’t working properly (and my limited data was getting sucked up for no good reason), so I crashed the download. Anyone else had any problems with this download? Is it normally a long one? Is it supposed to be 4mb huge, or did I select something wrong? Again, since PM doesn’t have a technical support line, I’d appreciate anyone answering me with any help! Thank you so much gals! I love to shop here and want to set up a closet now. But how, if I can’t get the app on my new phone!?

  6. Another great version of the best and so-addicting app. Thank you for always make things better 💋💋

  7. still gushing over this fabulous new update! major thanks to PM crew for your continuous hard work to make shopping/selling effortless and oh-so-posh to women nationwide! <3

  8. Its PoshTastic, I’m trying to update so I can really see how PoshTastic it is. 😖 I’m really slow these days. Lol I’m LOVING what im seeing so far. Its classical FUN and lots of Poshinistia Love floating around. 💞💖💕💓💓✌

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