Your Guide to Posh Shows: Sell Together

Get ready to experience the magic of selling together during your Posh Shows! 
 As a host, you can now easily add listings from other sellers in seconds. 

Sell Together On-Screen

Now, you’ll be able to invite fellow Poshers to join you on-screen during your Posh Show!

Sell Together FAQ

Why should I Sell Together?

We can’t wait for you to experience the power of selling together! Now only on Posh Shows, hosts can feature other sellers in their shows and auction items directly from their closets. As a seller, it’s a great way to give your closet and listings more exposure. As a host, Sell Together helps you increase the volume and diversity of listings in your show and spreads the #PoshLove to other sellers in the community. 

How do earnings work in a Sell Together show?

As a host, you will receive earnings just like any other show! If you feature another Posher’s listing in a show and that listing sells, that seller will receive earnings for their listing(s). 

As a host, how will I know when I have the ability to invite Poshers on-screen during my show?

We are currently in the process of testing and slowly rolling out this feature to the community, meaning that the feature may not be available for everyone at this time. We are employing a process that allows us to reach different segments of our user base, ensuring that we can monitor and address any potential issues that may arise during the rollout. 

Rest assured that we are working diligently to make it available to all users as soon as possible! Make sure to update your app regularly and follow the instructions above to see if you have the feature.

As a host, how can I let sellers know they can share listings to my show? 

Once you create your show, tap the three dot icon from your show’s page and select Accept Shared Listings to toggle this feature on. Your show will then be featured on the Sell Together: Accepting Shared Listings area of the All Posh Shows page. This will allow sellers across Poshmark to discover your show! 

How many listings can be in a Posh Show?

As a host, you can add up to 50 listings to your show! This includes any shared listings that you add from other sellers across the community. 

As a seller, how can I find hosts who are ‘Accepting Shared Listings’ during their show?

Sellers in the US and Canada can head to the All Posh Shows page to find hosts accepting shared listings. Look for shows with listings that match the brand, theme, and styles of your closet! Once you join the show, tap the listing tray icon in that show, then the blue + button to share listings to the host. The host will review and select the listings they’d like to feature!

I’m interested in becoming a host, how do I sign up?

If you’re in the US, please sign up here to become a host! If you are in Canada, please sign up here. We’re expanding on a first-come, first-serve basis.