Posh Tip: How To Get a Host Pick


We often hear Poshers wondering how their listings can be chosen as a coveted Host Pick. Because Posh Parties are hosted by different users every day, it’s hard to say there is an exact formula that will guarantee your item will be shared by a party co-host. However, we do know there are a few things that come in to play.

Read on to see four ways to better your chances of getting that Host Pick email notification:

Know Poshmark’s Policies

Party hosts are asked to only share items that meet Poshmark’s selling guidelines and from closets who follow Poshmark’s policies. To nab a spot in the Host Pick showroom, read up on the rules by checking out the Posh Guide and committing the Community Guidelines to memory.


Perfect Your Covershot Style

Nothing catches the eye of a Posh Party host like a clear and stylized covershot. Check out our tips on how to create a great listing!


Be Active

Being an active and social member of the Poshmark community is a great way to get on the radar of a party host. Share, comment and like other Poshers’ listings to grow your personal network as well as your chance to have your listing appear in that showroom!


Get Your Party On

Make sure to attend every evening party and share only listings that are most relevant to the theme. Some hosts may simply choose to scroll through items that are being shared to the party. The more on-theme items you share, the greater your chances are.


With these things in mind, your chances to have a Posh Party co-host notice your listings are sure to soar. We can’t wait to see your fantastic listings in a Host Pick showroom soon!

Happy Poshing!

Community Q&A with @cvz15

Community darling Carol of @cvz15 talks with us about how Poshmark helped redefine her style during a special birthday, her Posh BFFs, and how she involves the entire family in the Posh process!

Poshmark started out of curiosity because I wanted to redefine my wardrobe due to a milestone birthday. Now I spend about 10-12 hours a day in the app, sharing other people’s listings and working on my own closet. The social networking aspect, getting to develop relationships and making connections with the outside world, is great. My Poshmark BFFs are @wenrella and @gordomom.


@gordomom helped make me addicted to Poshmark; I think she has great cover shots. @styleluxe4less is very welcoming and informative when it comes to new users. @manymurrays is great at sharing listings a lot.
love color, peacock and classic style and Kate SpadeI am a former fashion flop turned suburbanite fashionista with a hint of glitz and glamour.
My family has been a huge help. My husband bought me a portable photo booth to snap photos of my jewelry. My daughter will model necklaces and earrings for me. I don’t like to take the same types of shots because it can get redundant. 

Entering @elenaxoxo’s Closet

In today’s Community Closet Feature, we’re showcasing Elena’s assortment of budget-friendly finds. We adore her vintage-inspired style as well as her thoughtful covershots. Stop by her closet and shop now before your favorite picks are gone!

1. Pleated Pale Yellow Dress: $15

2. Cream Crocodile Embossed Handbag: $20

3. Vintage Red Button-Down Blouse: $10

4. Gold Chain-Trimmed Blazer: $30

5. Bright Blue Platform Sandals: $22

6. Armani Collezioni Top: $45 retail $105