The 2021 Holiday Trend Report

Welcome back to the Poshmark Trend Report, holiday edition! This festive time of year is not just filled with family, food, and cozy days at home, but it brings massive opportunity to you as a seller. Gift shopping and prepping for holiday festivities have officially started, and this season is bigger and better than ever with total holiday sales projected to be upwards of $1.3 trillion…and you can have a slice of that pumpkin (apple, pecan, whatever you prefer) pie! 

The Trend Report features exclusive data from Poshmark, charting shopping behaviors across the platform, and is designed to help you make informative business decisions while sourcing inventory for your closet and broadening your knowledge of trending items and styles. These trending brands, categories, and department highlights are based on growth rates in order volume—it has everything you need to know and more! 

Read on and get ready to have the best holiday season yet! 

The Trillion Dollar Holiday Marketing Opportunity

From pillow-like plush toys to next-generation “It” bags, Poshmark shoppers are hunting for a diverse swath of goodies this holiday season. For women’s and men’s shoppers alike, nostalgia- and value-driven items are increasingly in demand, while kids, home, and luxury categories are taking on TikTok inspiration—and the Gen Z audience—in a whole new way. In fact, 50% of shoppers aged 18-34 plan to spend more this season compared to last year. 

Search Demand: From the Slopes to the Soirees

Get ready to ride that ski lift and watch your sales soar when you list these in-demand, top-searched items. Whether it’s an intimate holiday dinner at home with loved ones or attending a sparkling soiree, dressing to impress is definitely top of mind as we all start venturing out again. It’s also clear that the seasonal shift to colder weather is here and influencing purchases as searches skyrocketed for winter wonderland staples—from the oh-so-popular puffer vests to slopeworthy ski pants and a longtime fave, North Face jackets, up over 50%. 

Women’s Top Brands + Categories That are on the High Rise: Celebrity Brands, Sustainable Standouts & Cozy Outerwear

In a post-loungewear world, women’s styles aren’t taking leggings, Love is Blind, and fluffy slippers for an answer any longer (jk, long live Bach nights with wine and sheet masks). This holiday, you can count on seeing all the Reformation dresses, wide-leg denim and trousers, and daring bodysuits—they are here, more stylish and welcomed than ever. 

The “Kardashian Effect” always makes its way to Poshmark with appearances from Khloe and Kim’s booming brands. Since Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered in 2007, the Kardashian sisters have grown into bona fide business moguls, with empires spanning fashion, beauty, and even alcohol. They’re as big on Poshmark as you might expect: year-over-year order volume for SKIMS, Kim’s shapewear line, is up 65%, while Khloe’s size-inclusive clothing company Good American saw even bigger numbers, with 75% year-over-year order volume. 

Men’s Top Brands + Categories: Casual Cool Carhartt meets Sophisticated Jackets + Sporty Soles

This holiday’s menswear of the moment is a cocktail of casual-cool and sporty sophistication, with sports coats and blazers from classic brands like Ralph Lauren trending alongside activewear brands and streetwear staples with appearances from Converse, Wrangler, and Lululemon. 

Sneaker culture is also as strong as ever and clearly not going anywhere. Jordan topped the charts with 53% and 25% year-over-year order volume growth for women and men, respectively. It’s safe to say when it comes to Jordan sneakers, the true classics never go out of style.  

Kids’ Top Brands + Categories: The Stuffed Animals that Broke the Internet

The Posh Minis are following suit and dressing up just like their parents leaning into holiday party wear—from formal dresses to button downs and Vineyard Vines topping the list. But, taking the cake are the perfect giftables from all things Disney, dolls and accessories, and the viral TikTok stuffed animals, Squishmallows. 

The enormous interest in Squishmallows stuffed animals rose to popularity last year and hasn’t slowed down since showing a whopping +3,517% increase in order volume. The squeezable, pillow-like toy has grown into an international phenomenon thanks in no small part to one of TikTok’s biggest stars, Charli D’Amelio, who has been known to take to the app to post her own collection of 30 rare squishies.

Home Top Brands + Categories: Entertaining Essentials and Delightful Decorations

Holiday ornaments are as good as gold. As more and more shoppers head to Poshmark to shop for the latest holiday decor, one brand—Lenox—has emerged as the hottest place for delightful ornaments and festive flatware alike. The houseware company has been around since 1889, but according to our data, it’s just as relevant today as it was 13 decades ago. Year-over-year order volume for Lenox is up 44% this holiday, with its opulent holiday ornaments in particular interest for shoppers. Year-over-year order volume for “Lenox holiday ornaments” is up a stellar 183%. We’ll be honest: the precious Disney collection is, admittedly, hard to resist!

Of Poshmark’s most in-demand luxury brands, legacy fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and especially Gucci, have long maintained stable positions in the top 3.

But what about the rest of our top 10? In year-over-year order volume, Burberry (+22%), Prada (+22%), YSL (+36%), Tiffany & Co. (+13%), and Dior (+8%) are creeping up on the aforementioned mainstays, with one demographic to thank: Gen Z. Poshmark’s new top luxury brands have landed big-name Gen Z influencers as ambassadors, including Elle Fanning for Tiffany & Co., Yara Shadidi for Dior, and Blackpink’s Rosé for YSL. Plus, shoppers—roughly 72% of them, according to our own internal data—are increasingly considering an item’s resale value before purchasing. 

“It” bags are back, and they’ve hit the resale marketplace. In the early 2000s, you couldn’t flip through an Us Weekly without clocking a Balenciaga Moto or Marc Jacobs Stam bag on the arm of the latest PYT. And while status bags have never really left (Hermès Birkin, anyone?),they’ve taken up less residency in shoppers’ closets for the last 2 decades. Now, they’re back in a big way.

This holiday, Telfar’s iconic shoulder bag is seeing a 1,107% spike in year-over-year order volume because let’s not forget when the style icon Beyonce herself was seen toting a Telfar Bushwick Birkin. Poshmark instantly saw an over 8x increase in order volume of the brand’s bags. All hail Queen B.

The newly-reinvented Bottega Veneta is up, too: year-over-year order volume for its “shoulder bags” have grown 29%. But it’s not just “It” bags that are amidst a renaissance: year-over-year order volume for Rolex watches,  the ultimate stealth-wealth accessory, are up 94% this holiday.

Now more than ever, luxury pieces are accessible this season for you or as a perfect gift for someone special thanks to Poshmark.

Top Selling Sustainability-Driven Brands: Poshing to Preserve the Planet

Shoppers are increasingly gravitating toward brands that share similar values—inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability among them. And, not only is Poshmark helping build a more sustainable world with every sale of a secondhand item, but we’re also seeing that evolution happen through the rapid growth in sales of sustainability-driven brands. Rothy’s and Reformation make another appearance on this list and are joined alongside chart toppers like Pact, Ganni, and the whimsy and nostalgic Doen showing a +97% increase in orders year-over-year.

Many of us have experienced one or many “TikTok made me buy it” moments and the power of the platform is proving time and time again to fall at the center of the zeitgeist, with trends continuing to quickly and directly populate on Poshmark. 

The numbers don’t lie: People searching for “TikTok” increased a whopping 1,556% over the past two years! It’s no surprise, then, that TikTok’s impact is making a mark on all things holiday.

Everything old is new again. Over the past two years, we’ve seen search demand for “vintage” increase 53%, and we don’t expect it to let up anytime soon. To date, orders for “vintage” have seen a significant 31% year-over-year sales growth in the men’s category, with nostalgic heritage brands drumming up interest all across Poshmark inventory.

Trend Report Methodology

All data is based on the shopping behavior of Poshmark’s 80M+ members

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5 Ways to Increase Your Closet’s Visibility This Season

Looking for ways to get your listings in front of potential buyers? Follow these tips to create more opportunities to match your items with buyers’ searches and improve your placement in Poshmark search results.

1. The proof is in the listing details.

Make sure to enrich your listing details to maximize your closet’s exposure. How exactly does one “enrich”? It’s simple: 

  • Make sure your titles are descriptive. Instead of “leather handbag,” boost your title with more details such as brand name, material, style name, etc. A title like, “Black Leather Gucci Marmont Crossbody Bag” is more descriptive, and more importantly, more searchable. Did you know including 4-5 words in your title increases your chances of a sale by 60%?
  • Put your best photo forward (and take advantage of the multiple photo options by showing off all angles). Covershots, or the main photo of your listing, are the first thing a potential buyer sees as they’re browsing Poshmark search results. Capture your item in multiple angles and include those photos as well. Listings with more than 4 photos are 70% more likely to sell! 
  • Include the Brand Name. Letting your potential buyers know what brand your item is increases the likelihood of its sale by a whopping 110%.

2. Participate in promo days.

Joining in on promo days means offering discounted or free shipping to buyers and gaining closet exposure. What does that equal? More sales. Plus an added benefit, for every Make a Deal Days and Love or List Challenge, you’re entered to win awesome prizes just for participating. Get the details on the three types of promo days we offer:

  • Closet Clear Out: Offer (and market!) free and fast shipping to put your buyers at ease. During Closet Clear Out, lower your prices by at least 10%, and Likers get an email with the price drop notification AND discounted shipping (on us!). 
  • Make a Deal Days: Make sales and be entered to win BIG when you use Offer to Likers. Drop your price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing—plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win hourly prizes!
  • Love or List Challenge: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it! From last season’s looks to giftable finds, take part in this challenge and automatically be entered to win big.

Posh Tip: Using the Price Drop feature on a promo day increases your chance of making a sale by 80-90%. 

3. Source your inventory with holiday buyers in mind.

Think about what you’d shop for during the holidays. Stocking your closet with unique, one-of-a-kind items or non-sized items makes it instantly shoppable for gifts (the 2021 Holiday Trend Report is your go-to guide on how to turn your closet into the ultimate gifting destination this season!) Adding seasonal items to your closet helps you appear in relevant searches (both on Poshmark and search engines) thus increasing your visibility and shoppability.  

4. Tell your Story.

Use the Stories feature on Poshmark and Instagram to drive traffic to your closet!

  • Anyone can now add a direct link to their Poshmark business on Instagram Stories using the new Link Sticker feature. Head over to our Instagram for a step-by-step guide.
  • Use Posh Stories to bring your listings to life. Posher, @evolvingalways, mentioned she takes advantage of Posh Stories to advertise what’s for sale in her closet and further drive potential buyers there.

Our teams at Poshmark are always looking for ways to make your listings more discoverable! We partner with different platforms to bring new eyes to your listings, here’s how to optimize on this. 

  • Turn on your search visibility for Google and Facebook. Go to Sharing Settings > Search Visibility > and toggle on to enable this feature. By opting into search visibility, your products are featured in Google and Facebook ads targeting new and returning Poshmark customers.
  • Use relevant keywords that paint the picture to describe your in the listing title and description to optimize your listings’ discoverability on search engines. Note: It’s not a best practice to just throw in buzzy keywords; creating a successful listing and description is about providing real value for your potential customer. Use the title to describe the basics of your item (the brand name, the style) and the description to get into the nitty-gritty (the condition, measurements, style code, etc.) Bonus Tip: Don’t include special characters like emoji.
  • If your item is New With Tags (NWT) don’t forget to snap a photo of the price tag itself and include it in your listing. Posh Tip: Make sure all 4 corners of the barcode are captured.

Keep these tips in mind this holiday season to make sure your closet gets the most visibility possible!

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Your 2021 Poshmark Holiday Checklist

Ready to crush your holiday goals? Buyers are shopping secondhand this holiday season more than ever before! Earn extra cash this gift-giving season with the checklist below.

1. List what shoppers are buying this season.

Check out our 2021 Holiday Trend Report to discover valuable data around the most-searched and top-trending items of the season so that you can offer what’s hot right now.

2. Stock up on supplies and ship like a pro.

Due to the supply chain disruption that’s affecting all aspects of delivery, make sure that you’re on top of sending out items. This means stocking up on supplies, communicating with your buyer, and being aware of shipping delays.

3. Use the 2021 Holiday Calendar to stay organized.

Be sure to plan ahead. This calendar was made to help you learn key dates like shipping deadlines, give you access to important promo dates like Closet Clear Out Days, and attend holiday-themed Posh Parties that are sure to have gift-hungry buyers.

4. Bring potential and past customers back throughout the holiday season.

We recently launched a new tool to help you connect with your past and potential customers called My Shoppers. With My Shoppers, you’ll be generated a personalized list where you can create Bundles, send offers, and comment all at once—making giving holiday discounts a breeze.

5. Share the holiday magic.

There’s nothing more special than the holiday season, so add that magical touch wherever you can. Personalize your packages, include a handwritten thank you note or a cute small gift with your item that shows your gratitude, and encourage your buyers to share their purchases on social media.

Holiday Marketing Tips for Poshmark Sellers

 The magic of the holidays is here! Make this your best holiday season yet by ensuring you and your closet are ready for this busy time of year. We’re breaking down the ways you can promote, prepare, and perfect your closet and cash in during this gifting season.

1. Worker smarter not harder with Bulk Listing Actions.

Help make your holiday season easier by using Bulk Listing Actions to save time, increase visibility, and drive sales. 

  • Bulk Edit Listing Price – Give your listings a holiday discount by dropping the price of multiple listings at once, which helps reduce time spent editing individually by over 90%. Plus, when you drop prices in bulk, each listing’s Likers will be notified of the price drop.
  • Bulk Offer to Likers – Attract more buyers by holding your own holiday flash sale. Sending Offers to Likers in bulk also comes in handy during events like Make a Deal Days. Keep an eye out for special holiday promotions where you can win big!
  • Bulk Share to Holiday Posh Parties – Get your listings in front of gift-hungry shoppers and do it 2X FASTER. Bulk sharing to our holiday-themed Posh Parties allows you to reach a large number of motivated buyers all at once.

2. Use social media to promote your holiday sales.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips and is a great way to amplify your Poshmark listings to reach more people and drive even more sales. Here’s how it can help you cash in on the holidays.

  • Connect your social media accounts to your Poshmark closet. This is a great way to drive traffic to your closet from different social media sites that have highly-engaged users who visit the site frequently. To connect your social media channels to share your Poshmark listings directly to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, tap the Account tab, then scroll down to Sharing Settings and let the sharing begin. 
  • Stay up-to-date on memes and social media trends. Trends come and go (we’re talking about you Red Flag meme, #NoBonesDay, TikTok challenges) but the best ones stick in your mind forever. That’s why we suggest getting on TikTok or Twitter, exploring the trends, and partaking in whichever trend is relevant for your business.
  • Bring your listings to life with video. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes Reel of the day in the life of a reseller, or a how-you-styled-it TikTok video of your favorite listings for sale—short form videos can help shoppers get to know you and what you’re selling a little better. Plus, whatever videos you use on social media can be cross-posted onto Poshmark as a listing video or a Posh Story.

Not sure what to list this holiday season? We’re here to help. Take the guesswork out of what shoppers are looking for with our NEW Holiday Trend Report. This guide gives you data and insights to the hottest trends of the season so that you can source for your closet and cash in for the holidays.

4. Participate in Poshmark promo days to make SALES.

Did you know that Poshmark puts on weekly promotional days to help sellers make sales? Joining in on promo days means making offers, giving discounted or free shipping to buyers, and listing on specific days to gain visibility and more closet traffic (aka more sales). Plus, you can even win BIG during some of the promotional days—check them out below.

  • Closet Clear Out: Offer (and promote!) free and fast shipping to put your buyers at ease. All you have to do is lower your prices by at least 10% and we’ll notify all of that listing’s Likers with the price drop notification AND discounted shipping. The best part? We cover the discounted shipping! 
  • Make a Deal Days: Make sales and be entered for a chance to win BIG when you use Offer to Likers. Drop your price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing—plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win hourly prizes!
  • Love or List Challenge: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it! From last season’s looks to giftable finds, take part in this challenge and automatically be entered to win big.
  • Holiday Sweepstakes: Be on the lookout for exclusive holiday sweepstakes you can only participate in during this time of year! They may even have special prizes that you won’t want to miss. 

How to Ship with Ease During the Holiday Season

All your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to send out your Posh Packages! Here’s everything you need to know to get those packages out on time.

Ship with #PoshLove

  • Neatly fold and wrap your items up in tissue paper to ensure everything stays put during transit. Throwing in festive decor doesn’t hurt either!
  • Double-check to make sure you’re sending your item to the correct person if you’re shipping out multiple packages! Better yet, change your settings and choose to print a packing slip so you’ll always know what’s going where! 
  • Reuse, reduce recycle, one Posh Package at a time. If you have shipping materials you can reuse such as old boxes from previous packages, use them! Posh Tip: Always make sure that the box is sturdy enough to withstand another journey. Check out 3 creative eco-packaging hacks on our Instagram.
  • Protect your packages with extra padding when necessary (looking at you, fragile home items). Think sustainably and repurpose newspaper, paper bags, and bubble wrap. Bonus Tip: Ask friends and family to save any shipping materials for you to repurpose.
  • Include a handwritten thank you note! There’s nothing better than a handwritten thank you. It’s all in the details and your seller will appreciate you going the extra mile.

Posh Tip: The last day to ship items to arrive in time for the holidays via USPS is Saturday, December 18, 2021.

Poshing in another country? Click here for international shipping cutoff dates.
  • Canada via Canada Post Last Day to Ship December 13th, 2021
  • Australia via Sendle, Last Days to Ship:
    • Remote: December 3rd, 2021
    • Nationally: December, 10, 2021 
    • Same City: December 13th, 2021