New Posh N Coffee: Holiday Edition Series

The holidays are just around the corner and we want to make sure your business is ready for this busy season. We’re excited to announce our latest series, Posh N Coffee: Holiday Edition! 

Every month will feature a holiday-focused topic to help you get prepped for the upcoming season and beyond. Check out the topics below: 

October 10th: Trend Forecasting and Sourcing for the Holiday Season
November 14th: How to Prep Your Closet for the Holiday Season
December 12th: Planning and Goal Setting for the New Year

Ready to prep your business for the holidays with support from experienced Seller Stylists? 

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P.S. Spread the #PoshLove by encouraging your friends to join even if they aren’t on Poshmark and share your experience on social media by using #PoshNCoffee.

Interested in hosting a virtual event? U.S. Posh Ambassadors apply through Posh Affiliate via Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Campaigns and Canadian Posh Ambassadors apply here.

How to Prep for PoshFest 2020

With PoshFest 2020 just around the corner, we’re getting you prepped so you don’t miss a thing. Our annual conference looks a little different this year, and whether it’s your 1st time attending PoshFest or your 8th, we want to make sure you’re set. 

Create your space 
You’ll want to be comfortable for 2 days worth of networking, attending sessions, and all the Posh Love! Get creative and set up your own PoshFest corner. Whether it’s decorating your Posh Office or creating a sign to let the people you live with know you’ll be busy (i.e. Do Not Disturb, Currently Poshing), create your ideal setup so you can tune in easily and comfortably. 

Pick your style
You know we love a good #PoshStyle! Put on your party shoes—the best part about our annual conference being virtual is that you get to choose between PJs or wearing your latest Posh find. Better yet, why not wear the PoshFest shirt that was specially delivered in your swag box? 

Prep your tech
Make sure you have your tools READY. 

  • Keep your charger on hand so you’re fueled up the entire day
  • Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection
  • Install the latest version of Zoom ahead of time

Download your background
Show your devices some Posh love—download official Poshmark mobile, desktop, and Zoom backgrounds!

Fuel up
It’s going to be a long morning! Make sure to keep your favorite snacks (or brunch!), drinks, and goodies on hand while you listen to our stellar lineup of community and guest speakers. We recommend a cup of coffee so you can Posh and sip your morning away. 

Plan ahead
Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure you map out your PoshFest and choose your breakouts ahead of time so you know exactly where to go. Note: All items are listed in Pacific Time. (Here’s a time zone converter just in case!) 

Get social
While we wish we could see you IRL, we still want to see where you’re tuning in from! Here’s just a few ways to stay in the loop: 

  • CONNECT: with your fellow Poshers on Instagram to see how they’re preparing for our virtual event. Don’t forget to tag us @poshmark and use the official hashtag, #PoshFest2020, for the chance to be featured in our Instagram Stories throughout the day. 
  • SHARE: a photo of your setup, your #PoshStyle, or however you’re celebrating the weekend and share it on social media. 
  • PLUS, stay tuned for exciting announcements and giveaways. 

First time attending PoshFest? 
We are so excited for you to experience PoshFest for the first time! Get ready to soak up the Posh knowledge, learn tips and tricks to level up your business, and meet new PFFs. Need some #PoshTips for prepping? Think about any questions you have and areas of your business you want to grow. Grab a notebook and take lots of notes! We recommend connecting with other Poshers during and after PoshFest to keep the conversations going.  

We’re so excited to kick off PoshFest 2020!

Virtual Posh N Coffee Recap: Meet the Hosts–Julia, Emma, & Jennifer

This summer, we hosted our second round of virtual Posh N Coffee events! These virtual meetings are a series of educational events hosted by Posh Ambassadors geared towards helping YOU level up your business.

We reached out to 3 rockstar virtual Posh N Coffee hosts to learn more about their host experience. Check out their responses below! Interested in becoming a host for the next round? Head to our official website.

JULIA (@jvells)

Introduce yourself, with your name + closet name, where you are from, how long you have been on Poshmark.
Hello Poshers! My name is Julia, my closet name @jvells. I’m from the amazing city of Chicago & have been Poshing for just over a year and a half.

Why did you choose to become a Posh N Coffee host, and how was your experience? 
I became a Virtual Posh N Coffee host as an opportunity to share, learn, mentor & empower other women to grow their businesses & become leaders in their own way. This experience has been a great way to connect with other Poshers around the country and to learn from each other.

What are your biggest takeaways since hosting?
My biggest takeaways so far have been that every event is unique & works best when everyone takes the opportunity to participate. Having conversations with smaller groups has helped develop ideas of pivoting our businesses in rapidly changing circumstances. The best part is celebrating each other’s wins and to support each other as we work through challenges.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to fellow Poshers interested in becoming a host in the future? 
My goal for each event is to teach others and learn something from everyone who joins the conversation. I would recommend future Posh N Coffee hosts to prepare 2-3 topics to start the conversation and allow time for open discussion. That is the part of the event where some of the best insights and laughs happen.

Anything else you’d like to share about your Posh N Coffee experience? 
I am excited to host the next one! I can’t wait to hear what others have been up to since the last conversation and learn from others who have never joined an event. 

EMMA (@emcc1)

Introduce yourself, with your name + closet name, where you are from, how long you have been on Poshmark.
I’m Emma (@emcc1 on Posh), and I have been a full-time Posher since July 2016. I live in the southwestern part of Virginia with my husband and our 2 boys. 

How did you discover Poshmark?
A friend recommended Poshmark as a great way to make money selling clothes that I no longer wore, and within just a few short days, I was hooked!

Why did you choose to become a Posh N Coffee host, and how was your experience? 
With almost 20 years of reselling experience and a background in marketing, I was so excited to have the opportunity to be a Posh N Coffee host. I felt that it was a great way to connect with fellow Poshers, something I was desperately missing during the pandemic, and share my knowledge. 

What are your biggest takeaways since hosting?
Since hosting, I have learned just how important it truly is to our business to connect and share ideas with others. I have learned so much in these few short months and never had these opportunities had it not been for Posh N Coffee. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to fellow Poshers who are interested in becoming a host in the future? 
If I could give one piece of advice to someone interested in hosting a Posh N Coffee, I would first tell them to “Go for it!” It is such a fun way to grow and expand your Poshmark knowledge and meet new PFF. Secondly, preparation is key. Take some time to research your weekly topic and create a list of open-ended questions to help keep the conversation flowing.

JENNIFER JONES (@duchessofmalibu)

Introduce yourself, with your name + closet name, where you are from, how long you have been on Poshmark.
My name is Jennifer Jones McIntyre, and I have been on Poshmark since January 2016 as @duchessofmalibu. I am the mother of 4 sons, and I live in Westlake Village, California.

Why did you choose to become a Posh N Coffee host, and how was your experience?
When the Posh N Coffee format started in March – like many, we thought it would only last a few weeks. But our group was unique. Many of the Poshers know each other from share groups and other online events. The group of Poshers came from all over the United States. We bonded immediately and so effortlessly. During the week, in-between Zooms, there was a lot of support in sharing or helping with sales. 

When the new meeting started – there was a lot of excitement about sales and listing strategies and well-wishes as each of us dealt with the stay at home orders mandated in our differing home states. After the scheduled Poshmark dates, I decided to continue with the weekly Zooms – we have been at it since March. Initially, I followed the agenda provided by Team Poshmark – but there were so many more questions and concerns – we had so much to share that many of our Zooms lasted almost three hours.

What are your biggest takeaways since hosting? 
Being a Posh N Coffee host has benefited me more than I imagined. Whilst I enjoy the ongoing support from fellow Poshers, I have also enjoyed the additional time I have spent with new Poshers. There can be so many questions that crop up – with each concern – each of us become more confident with our closets and our listings. I looked forward to announcing the Saturday chats on both Poshmark and Instagram, keeping the discussion active and fluent. Poshers continue to contact me through bundles or DMs, and there is never a bad question. If I am unable to offer information, I find the person who can. The essence of making lives better both economically and socially has been established through the community we build, and Poshmark offers a convenient platform towards a shareable framework of like-minded resellers.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to fellow Poshers who are interested in becoming a host in the future? 
Being a part of Posh N Coffee is more than hosting – it is full-time mentorship. The outstanding relationships I am building allow me to share my professional knowledge and expertise in this collaborative business model. I have a genuine interest in the Poshers whom I have met on Zoom, and there is a willingness on my part to help them become successful. This may be a volunteer program, but my investment in each Posher’s success has helped empower each of them to develop their strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes. 

Interested in learning more about Virtual Posh N Coffee? 
Head to our events website.

The Poshmark Trend Report – Issue 1 | September 2020

Welcome to The Poshmark Trend Report, your go-to guide for seasonal data and insights. This report is based on order volume featuring trending brands and categories, department highlights, #PoshStyle straight from you (our community), and so much more. In Issue 1, we’re highlighting summer trends and data from August 2020.

The Trend Report was designed to help you make informative business decisions while sourcing inventory for your closet and broaden your knowledge of trending items and styles. It has everything you need to know and more!

Popular & Trending Categories

Top-selling categories in August 2020. Top sellers are defined by order volume.

High-growth categories in August 2020 is defined by the percentage growth in order volume compared to the previous year.

Popular & Trending Brands

Top-selling brands in August 2020 is defined by order volume.

High-growth brands in August 2020 is defined by the percentage growth in order volume compared to the previous year.


Home-Court Advantage
With the much anticipated return of sports, we are seeing a rise of popular fan apparel across basketball, baseball, and football. Fans can’t wait to rep their favorite teams in apparel like shirts, shorts, and hats, even if they’re cheering on their teams from home.

’90s Nostalgia

‘90s Nostalgia takes us back to the days of music television and watching TRL after school. From staples like track pants, cargo shorts, and overalls, we’re living for this throwback…someone tag us in your Dior Saddlebags on Poshmark, we love them!

See what other trends you need to know about—check out the full report now! 

PoshFest 2020: From IRL to URL | Dates, Tickets, & More

PoshFest 2020 is coming to a couch near you.

Our annual conference looks a little different this year but our goal remains the same—to connect and inspire our community. For this reason, in addition to our paid premium access tickets, we’ll be livestreaming all main sessions for free on our YouTube page.

Get ready for the annual keynote speech from our CEO, sneak peeks into new app features, and more! You’ll also learn business growth tips from top Seller Stylists, network with the community, and celebrate all things Poshmark from the comfort of your home (yes, you can wear your PJs). 

Don’t miss out on all the exclusive perks—snag your premium access ticket now!

P.S. Posh Ambassadors—are you interested in sharing your story at PoshFest? Learn more about speaking opportunities here.

Questions? Visit the official website for full details.