Posh for the Planet: Invest in Secondhand, Invest in Your Future

Together, we’re reimagining the future of shopping by putting sustainability, circularity, and connection at the heart of everything we do.

This Earth Week, we’re celebrating and spotlighting you, and the impact this community has on shaping the sustainable, secondhand fashion industry.

From using eco-friendly packaging and upcycling, to keeping vintage and unique clothing in circulation, to building awareness for sustainable brands and using the Reposh feature, the Poshmark community puts sustainability at the forefront and redefines what the fashion industry could be. 

Can you guess how many items have been Reposhed since this powerful tool launched? Or what items are the most popular to Reposh? We’re reflecting and celebrating the impact of the Poshmark community (aka all of you!) has made in fueling the circular economy and reducing fashion’s footprint in this special Earth Month Data roundup!

Community Secondhand Style ‘Zine 

Our community is made up of secondhand sellers, fashion gurus, creatives, thrifters and upcyclers with a passion for sustainability. 

Meet some members of the Poshmark community that #PoshForThePlanet through their amazing secondhand style, and head to the caption below to explore their Instagram and Poshmark profiles.

Meet these Poshers (from left to right!): @VintijMarqui of @style_marqui, @gardenvintageshop of @gardenvintage, @missmadisonlynn of @missminniemuse, @alexisamundson of @shop_relovely, @aresellerspassion of @ireworkedit & @aresellerspassn, @th3ymak3m3smil3 of @th3ymak3m3smil3, @infinitelyposhla of @infinitelyposh, @brittzacko of @brittzacko, @akdkasana of @ak_poshmama, @betweenthebells of @aprilstyle4, @nicoleeremy of @nicoleeremy

How to Celebrate Earth Week with Poshmark

Sustainability is always something to celebrate. Join us all week long for livestreams, in-app Posh Parties and more this Earth Week.

4/18 Community Sustainability Insights Report | Click here to check it out.

4/19 Sustainable Brands Posh Party & Instagram Live | Join  sustainably-minded community members hosting the in-app Sustainable Brands Posh Party, for an IG Live talking about all things sustainable fashion with an added bonus – giving out host picks to those who join! 

4/20 Community Style ‘Zine | Celebrate the community’s secondhand style with a special #PoshForThePlanet Style ‘Zine. Poshers will be featured in Posh Stories, PM_Editor and across social media, rocking their perfect #PoshStyle. Be sure to show them all the love!

4/21 We love to see your sustainable #PoshPackages tips! How do you keep things eco-friendly when shipping out your packages? Check back on 4/21 on @poshmark’s Instagram for community tips on recycled Posh packages.

4/22 Happy Earth Day! Thank you for Poshing for the planet not just today, but everyday. Keep the sustainability celebration going with us on Instagram.

Catch it all on social media.

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Spring Into Poshmark: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Closet Into Cash

Spring is here—whether it’s your annual tradition or simply time to say goodbye to the pieces that no longer serve you, this season is all about renewal. According to a recent Poshmark study* on spring cleaning habits, we found that 78% of people wear less than half of the clothes in their wardrobe on a regular basis. That’s an untapped opportunity to free up precious closet space and earn some extra cash—all while doing your part to help promote more sustainable shopping.

Your closet is a treasure trove and shoppers are looking for hot buys at great prices. We’re here to help our community members make the most of this season by turning their closet into cash. 

We’ve pulled together some of our top findings about spring cleaners and what they plan to buy and sell, along with key insights to give you some inspiration on what to list. 

Spring Cleaning Survey Highlights:

  • Among the general population, about 3 in 4 consumers (74%) plan to participate in spring cleaning this year.
  • Among those who plan to participate in spring cleaning, over half (56%) want to clean out their closets to get rid of ill-fitting clothing. 
    • Nearly two-thirds of spring cleaners (59%) claim to have experienced a weight change in the past year and want more comfortable-fitting clothing.
  • Nearly a quarter of spring cleaners (24%) plan to refill their closets with at least some secondhand items.
    • Vintage clothing appears to be popular among Gen Zers in particular, as they are more likely than other generations to refill their wardrobe with secondhand items (40%). 
  • About 1 in 4 spring cleaners (27%) say they are extremely or very likely to resell the items they clear out of their closet.
    • The younger generation of spring cleaners—namely Gen Zers (44%) and Millennials (35%)—and those with higher incomes of $100K+ (34%) are more likely to resell their items, highlighting key reseller audiences to keep an eye on.
    • About 1 in 4 Gen Zers (24%) who plan to resell their items want to clean out their closet for bolder and brighter clothing, showing how this generation is still experimenting with their style to find what suits them best.
  • Among all spring cleaners, only 5% plan to clean out the outfits they wore for Zoom meetings (mix of business on top and casual on the bottom) and only 10% plan to clean out the staples that got them through the pandemic.

Keep reading for a few helpful tips for Poshers looking for how to get the most cash out of their closet this spring cleaning season. 

Tip 1: Get Ahead of Popular Trends

With a new season comes new trends. For the 2022 spring cleaning season, vacation wear, dopamine dressing (bold and vibrant colors), occasion wear (bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses), and homeware are the top trends you’ll see consumers looking to shop secondhand this year. We made a few predictions for spring trends in 2022 based on top trending brands and categories to spark inspiration on what to list ahead of spring cleaning. 

  • With summer and swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that ‘Swim’ was the second top-trending category in February based on year-over-year order volume growth. Not only are shoppers gearing up for long-awaited vacays, but they’re also preparing for the return of live events with more interest in festival wear and occasion wear.
  • In terms of color palette, consumers are getting bolder and brighter than ever with ‘dopamine dressing‘. Think the brighter the color, the better. We predict that saffron and marigold among other warm hues will be the trending colors of spring. 
  • Textures are at the forefront of our spring 2022 trend predictions with fabrics, specifically terry cloth and padded pieces, increasing in popularity. 
  • We’re also seeing the return of two unique styles: modern preppy (gingham, pearls, sweater sets, ultra-high platform shoes, etc.) and new bohemian (crochet tops, maxi skirts, espadrilles, etc.).

We also expect Home, Art, and Design to be some of the most popular spring cleaning categories again this year. As people begin returning to the IRL office, it’s a great time to reevaluate your home office setup and declutter your space. 

If you need further inspiration, here are the top-trending brands and categories that have historically driven year-over-year order volume on Poshmark: 

Note: Based on 2021 data

Tip 2: Maximize Sales

There are a few key steps you can take to optimize your Poshmark closet and maximize sales, including taking quality photos and providing detailed item descriptions. Attractive photos will help capture buyers’ attention. Check out the guides below for helpful tips on listing photos and merchandising:

Tip 3: Connect with the Community

The Poshmark community helps make selling and shopping simple, social, and sustainable. Being active within the community is the best way to make more sales this spring season. 

Don’t shy away from joining Posh Parties, too! During these real-time virtual shopping events, Poshers meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, share, and sell clothing and accessories. This is a great way to build your network, followers, and ultimately your sales. You might even make a new PFF (Posh Friend Forever). Check out more information on Posh Parties and connecting with your community:

We hope these survey highlights and tips help you have the most successful spring clean yet!

*Survey conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by Poshmark

An Update on Search

We’ve been hard at work iterating on our search experience to help buyers more easily find what they’re shopping for while driving more traffic to listings and increasing sales for our sellers. Recent tests centered around this have shown an increase in sales, likes, and traffic to listings across the board. With these results and your valued feedback in mind, we have moved back to an optimized version of just shared as the default sort for all users. 

Our commitment to you is to honor what makes Poshmark unique as a social-marketplace: our community. We want to connect shoppers with the most relevant inventory to their searches and in turn, reward sellers for the effort they’ve put into marketing and crafting quality listings, with an increase in sales and visibility. We encourage sellers to continue leveraging the power of sharing and to enrich listings with titles, descriptions, style tags, and multiple photos to help match their listings to the most interested and relevant buyers.

Through ongoing testing, we will continue optimizing to drive more traffic and orders to your listings. Stay tuned, as we will be offering education for Posh Ambassadors focused on how they can improve the discoverability of their listings. As always, we are here to listen! Please comment below to share feedback and we appreciate your patience as we monitor. 

For more information on our recent search updates, see here.

A message from our SVP of Seller Experience.

Dear Poshmark Community,

As you may know, we recently rolled out a new default sort option for search to launch a more relevant search experience for all Poshers. Recommended sort takes into account sharing as well as a number of other aspects. Since rollout, we’ve seen huge improvement in the buyer experience and seller sales across the board. But we have heard your feedback. This new sort order is simply not working for many of you.

As a result, today, we will be switching back to just shared as the default sort option for most users. We will continue to improve our search to provide a better experience for shoppers and help sellers get more exposure via sharing and relevance. We will re-release a new version after further test and iteration.

In closing, I value your partnership in creating a space fueled by the voices of our community and propelled by the work of our team. Please comment below to share feedback. We will be monitoring and actioning them, we are here to listen.


Tracy Sun
SVP of Seller Experience, Poshmark

Poshmark’s 10th Birthday Recap: A Decade of #PoshLove!

This year, we celebrated a major milestone—a DECADE of Poshmark! From our community-hosted Posh N Sips, to a global virtual celebration, and even an IRL event at PMHQ, you all made this monumental birthday extra special. 

We are so grateful for our community who has been with us since the very beginning. Thank you so much to every single Posher who has made this decade absolutely amazing. The best is yet to come! 

Check out what happened behind the scenes at some of our birthday bash activities:

We’re also sending a huge thanks to all the Posh N Sip hosts who helped bring our community together from around the globe.


Had a great time attending a Posh N Sip? Tell us about your experience.