Posh Tip: How to Switch Between Countries on Poshmark

Want to connect with Poshers across the globe? Welcoming and connecting with new Poshers worldwide has never been easier. Use this guide to switch between countries, find new Poshers, and spread the #PoshLove.

How to Switch Between Countries:

  1. Tap the menu on the top left of the app. 
  2. Tap on the flag and select the country you’d like to switch to. 
  3. Voila! You just traveled the globe in a couple taps. 

How to Find New People:

  1. Tap the People Finder icon at the top right of the Feed.
  2. Tap on New People to see Poshers who have recently joined. 
  3. You can also connect with Posh Ambassadors in that country by scrolling down and tapping through their closet names. 

Once you find a new Posher, write them a welcome note on their Meet the Posher listing. Extra kudos if you share your favorite Posh Tip for getting started on Poshmark. 

Ready to start connecting? Head over to the Feed in the app now.

Check out our Community Toolkit for more ways to connect with the community.

Policy Update: Introducing Pet Care on Poshmark

It’s official—Poshmark is now your destination for pet care items. Now you can buy and sell a variety of stylish and functional supplies and accessories for all your furry, feathery, and scaly friends. Check out the full list of items included below. 

P.S. We can’t wait to see your new #PoshPets finds! Tag us on social and follow along @poshmark and @poshmarkcanada

Questions? Head to the Support Center for U.S. and Canada for full details on our updated policy.

Please note, we do not condone the buying and selling of live animals or pet food. All used pet care items must be thoroughly sanitized prior to shipping. If you receive an item that is not as described, please visit My Purchases > Problems/Order Inquiry.

The Poshmark Trend Report – Issue #3 | Winter 2021

The Poshmark Trend Report is back and better than ever! Your go-to guide for seasonal data and insights includes a NEW section, ‘Trending Search Terms’ that will further inform you into what buyers are actively searching for on Poshmark. Use this and the rest of the report data to help make informed business decisions when it comes to sourcing inventory and trend knowledge. 

The Trend Report is based on order volume featuring trending brands and categories, department highlights, trending search terms, #PoshStyle straight from you (our community), and so much more. In Issue #3, we’re highlighting winter trends and data from December 2020. Click the download button below to access the full report.

Trending Categories & Brands

High-growth categories in December 2020 are defined by the percentage growth in order volume compared to the previous month.

High-growth brands in December 2020 are defined by the percentage growth in order volume compared to the previous month

Trending Search Terms

Have you ever wondered what other people are searching for when shopping on Poshmark? Well you’ve come to the right place. These trending search terms are here to help you get one step closer to identifying what new trends are on the rise and which products are in demand. 

Trending search terms from December 9th, 2020 to January 9th, 2021 are defined by the percentage growth MoM.


Coat Check!
Winter is in full swing, which means it’s time to bundle up with our favorite staple piece of the season—coats! We definitely have major coat envy after seeing different styles appear on celebs like Hailey Bieber with her collection of North Face puffers, or Nicole Kidman’s variety of iconic trench coats that made a notable appearance on the cult-favorite TV series, The Undoing. From winter must-haves like snow jackets and trench coats, to trendy cold-weather styles like varsity jackets and puffers, coats are definitely on every shopper’s mind.

Accessorize Your Life
The best things come in small packages, but this next trend is sure to make a big statement. Small leather goods including wallets and belts and jewelry accessories like rings and bracelets are bound to elevate any outfit.

See what other trends you need to know about this winter season—check out the full report now!

Posh N Coffee 2021: RSVP To An Upcoming Event Today!

New year, new us! We’re excited to announce updates to our Posh N Coffee series, making it even easier to connect. This series of educational events is hosted by Posh Ambassadors and are geared toward helping YOU build your business. Here’s what’s changed:

More flexibility to attend events at times that work best for your schedule. 
Quarterly themes with monthly topics focused on growing your business throughout the year.

Start the new year on a high note by connecting with the community across the U.S. and Canada for mentorship and guidance, growing your business, and expanding your Poshmark network

Find An Event Now

P.S. Spread the #PoshLove by encouraging your friends to join even if they aren’t on Poshmark and share your experience on social media by using #PoshNCoffee.

Today, We Ring the Bell with You

In 2011, Poshmark’s co-founders Manish, Tracy, Chetan, and Gautam set out on a mission to put people at the heart of commerce. They envisioned a future where technology could reinvent shopping by connecting and empowering everyday people. A future where anyone could make money selling their style, simply with their phone. One that could give a second life to millions of items, helping to fuel a more sustainable future.

Today, there are millions of people on Poshmark from across the U.S. and Canada, sanning age groups and backgrounds. Together, we’ve created a marketplace and community that embraces individuality, provides support, fuels circularity, and encourages dream chasing. Together, we are proving that style can be sustainable and shopping can have a soul. And we’re just getting started.

As we begin our journey today as a public company, our promise is to relentlessly serve you, to constantly innovate, and to dedicate ourselves to creating the very best experience for our sellers and shoppers. 

Thank you for choosing Poshmark as a place to shop, a place to sell, and a place to thrive.
Today, we ring the bell with you.