A Message From Our CEO: COVID-19 and the Poshmark Community

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Today, our Founder and CEO, Manish Chandra, sent the following letter to the Poshmark community about the COVID-19 pandemic and steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of the community:

Dear Poshmark Community,

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Poshmark and with growing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that the health and safety of the Poshmark community, including our team, is our top priority. Our operations are running strong to support everyone on the Poshmark platform, with many of our employees now working from home. 

As we monitor this evolving situation, we wanted to share an update on some of the ways we are protecting the Poshmark community. 

Listening to the Experts: We are closely monitoring the guidance from local and federal authorities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to safeguard our employees and community. We encourage you to do the same and stay informed. 

 Supporting You: We know that millions of Poshers across the US and a growing number in Canada look to Poshmark as a place to earn or save money, build their brands, and support their families and livelihoods as small business owners. We work hard every day to keep our operations running smoothly for you and to ensure we will not let you down. We’ll use our blog to share key updates with you throughout this time and we’ll continue to keep Poshers front and center as we think about ways to make your experience as safe and sustainable as possible.

Continuing to Foster Connections: Human connection is essential to daily life. Every like and share on Poshmark is an act of support and encouragement, and a small way to show compassion for each other. For the safety of our community, we have postponed all in-person events. We know how important it is for Poshers to gather, so we’re working to create virtual events to help foster this connection. More details will be communicated soon. If you’re interested in hosting or attending a virtual event, please contact us at hosting@poshmark.com

There is nothing more powerful and resilient than our amazing community—we want to thank you for showing your love and being a part of Poshmark. Stay well.


Manish Chandra

Founder and CEO, Poshmark

Get to know Posher and Interior Decorator @chelseamohrman

Growing up, many of us dream about building our dream home and that’s exactly what Chelsea Mohrman did with her own in Worthington, Ohio. We asked Chelsea all about her amazing #PoshHome closet, interior design expertise and tips for those starting out with home listings. Read on to learn more about her unique home listings.

When did your passion for interior design begin?
Both of my aunts and my mother are interior designers so my passion pretty much started when I came out of the womb! I remember being a toddler going to model homes before they were open to the public with my aunts on design trips. Or browsing through paint chips and fabric swatches in the basement. When I was in elementary school I would rip apart my mom’s catalogs and magazines and created a giant “paper doll house” in 2D that would be “my future house” with clippings of bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

How would you describe your home interior style?
I like to think of it as “comfortable chic.” I love vintage and modern items. I also love some very intricate feminine touches here and there. But most of all I want my home to feel comfortable and inviting. I like cozy textures and warm neutrals but also love a pop of color here and there.

How did you get started on Poshmark?
I’ve been selling vintage home goods in person for some time and a lot of my Instagram followers were asking if/when I would start selling online. Poshmark was the perfect opportunity to trial online sales. It has worked out really well for me and I usually upload new items weekly!

Who are your inspirations inside the interior design world?
I love Emily Henderson and Leanne Ford for sure. But one of my favorite ways of gaining inspiration is to visit creative spots around my city. Sometimes nothing beats the feel of an amazingly well designed coffee shop or cute boutique.

What are 3 interior design tips you can share?

  1. Take your time when decorating. It is a process and you should enjoy the process of finding the right pieces, not rushing to “get it done.”
  2. Buy secondhand first! I am a big proponent of this. First off, it’s environmentally friendly but second off it’s cheaper and you often find pieces that will last longer with much more character!
  3. If you love it, leave it. If there is something you are absolutely in love with, decorate around that object. Figure out a way to keep it. If you don’t love it, don’t bother with it. Life is too busy to have items taking up space that you don’t love!

What’s the most treasured piece of decor in your home?
My vintage rugs. I have a red one that I scored for $20 at a local estate sale and it has amazing texture and patina. I often use it in my kitchen as a runner but every now and then I move it around. I just love it so much, I don’t know that I will ever be able to let go of it!

“Buy second hand first! I am a big proponent of this. First off, it’s environmentally friendly but second off it’s cheaper and you often find pieces that will last longer with much more character!”

What is one home piece you think is worth the investment?
A quality sofa. It needs to look nice as the focal point of the room and also provide comfort since it’s where we might spend a few hours each day. I also feel the same about a great bed/mattress!

What tips do you have for someone that wants to sell home items on Poshmark?
Curate a good collection of useful yet beautiful pieces. Function makes a big difference in sales. If it’s pretty to look at but an item is just a knick knack then it’s less likely to sell. I love selling vintage kitchen tools, storage items, etc. that provide beautiful form and function.

What tips do you have in styling home decor items images for Poshmark listings?
Start with a white airy background, add some greenery and keep the item you’re selling the focal point of the shoot.

Shop Chelsea’s Posh Home Closet
For more tips of listing photography head to our “How to Take Your Home Covershots to the Next Level” blog post.

Poshmark’s 2020 Social Commerce Report

Our 2020 social commerce report is now live—uncovering the impacts social shopping and resale have on the retail industry. Find out what generational trends have been influencing shoppers this past year and other insights that shape the way we buy, sell, and connect. 

Learn why 2020 is the year of social shopping—check out the full report now!
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The Revival of Iconic Handbags

Among the many trends that have resurfaced from the late ’90s and early ’00s, designer logo shoulder bags have arguably made one of the biggest comebacks. Lucky for us, these nostalgic must-have accessories are back at the forefront of fashion and have reignited an obsession. An added bonus, shopping original designer handbags along with their reissued counterparts on Poshmark is a breeze. Read on for our flashback faves:

You could say the Fendi Baguette is where it all started. The OG ‘It’ bag was first introduced in 1997 and quickly became a cult favorite after it was seen on the arm of fashionista Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. More than 20 years later, the classic two-tone canvas baguette, featuring the infamous Zucca ‘FF’ logo, has rightfully reclaimed its title as it has evolved and added modern elements like embossed leather, bright colors, and a variety of sizes.

Pick 1
Pick 2
Pick 3

Pick 1
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In 2018, Dior traveled back in time and reissued one of their most beloved accessories, the Saddle Bag. Originally designed by John Galliano, the iconic kidney-shaped silhouette that fits perfectly snug under the arm hasn’t altered much from when it was first shown in 1999. The reissue still includes Dior’s “Diorissimo” logo print, however, the updated look now comes in various sizes, colors, and materials with an option to purchase a trendy detachable shoulder strap.

Pick 1
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Pick 1
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Prada’s signature nylon collection was at the top of luxury wish lists back in the early 2000s. Today, this classic Prada style has emerged from the archives with the release of the Re-Edition. This revamp of Prada classics, including the 2000 Nylon Bag and the Bandoliera Tessuto aka the 2005 Nylon Shoulder Bag, has restored designs with a modern flair. These updated designs include new colorways and come with a coin purse attached to an adjustable strap but still feature Prada’s diamond shaped logo and nylon fabric, making it an effortless accessory that’s easy to maintain.

Pick 1
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Pick 1
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Louis Vuitton’s renowned Monogram print has withstood the test of time and to this day remains a coveted fashion piece. The Pochette, a permanent collectors’ item, has become one of their most popular styles and has gone through many variations of designs throughout the years. Marc Jacobs, LV’s artistic director from 1997-2014, pioneered the idea of collaborating with esteemed artists like Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murkami to create unique pieces including (the Pochette) that shoppers would treasure. This customizable handbag has many detachable elements, including a mini Pochette with a chain, a coin purse, and an adjustable strap.

Pick 1
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Pick 1
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Posh N Sip January Recap

Even though it may have felt like January lasted roughly 74 days, our Posh N Sip hosts kicked off the year strong! Thank you to everyone who took the chance to host their first-ever Posh N Sip. To our veteran hosts, you’re all such an integral part of our community and we are always amazed by you! Check out a recap of this month’s events below.



These Poshers are spreading the word about Poshmark while earning referral credits, becoming Poshmark influencers, and, of course, exclusive Posh swag–including a special host thank you gift!

Interested in hosting your own Posh N Sip? Apply HERE!

Posh Fixings Design Contest Winners

We were absolutely blown away by all of the heartfelt and creative submissions to the Posh Fixings Design Contest. Congratulations to @412to407, @nnlin, @mirrorrorrim, @rahawk, and @julesxkim—your designs will be featured as buttons and thank you cards in a drop coming soon! These designs will be featured in the Posh Fixings closet, so stay tuned! 

See their awesome, winning designs below:

Posh Party LIVE | Houston & Sacramento Recap

We felt the #PoshLove in Houston and Sacramento! ❤️️ Thank you to all the Seller Stylists who joined us for the first Posh Party LIVE of 2020! Couldn’t make it this time around? Check out all the highlights below.

Highlights from Houston

On sourcing tips:
“I source on Poshmark because it’s open 24/7. I can shop at 11am or at 2am to see what’s out there that I can pick up. Sourcing on Poshmark will save you a lot of time, which I value most in my life. I would rather spend the money so that I can save time.” – @al4everal

On brands that sell:
“Torrid sells in 5 minutes when you list it! I noticed that any plus size brands like Lane Bryant and ASOS will also sell fast. You just have to price them at the right price, and they will flip really fast.” – @poshingwithmona

On listing:
“It’s so easy to have a couple of days where you don’t list, and then you get kind of down. But I noticed that when I have consistent sales it’s because I’m consistently listing. The bottom line is that you have to put in the work.” – @lastquartershop


Highlights from Sacramento

On what feature has been a game changer. 
“Drafts! I save my drafts for the next morning and submit the next day to space out in-between.” – @jacklag 

On one #PoshTip people need to know: 
“I take advantage of leaving notes in bundles. I shoot them a friendly message like “Hi, I’ve seen you like these two options, thought I’d send you a free shipping offer along with a bundle discount.” – @poppyandvine

On how to increase your closet’s visibility: 
“I search for items that are like mine and following the likers of those products then share directly to them.” – @sole_obsession


Straight from the Attendees

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P͓̽O͓̽S͓̽H͓̽ P͓̽A͓̽R͓̽T͓̽Y͓̽ L͓̽I͓̽V͓̽E͓̽ H͓̽O͓̽U͓̽S͓̽T͓̽O͓̽N͓̽ Had the pleasure of meeting the CEO and Co-Founder of Poshmark Manish Chandra! It was a great night for Networking and meeting other Poshers in our city! Leave a comment if you attended and share an inside tip you learned! @poshmark . . . . . #poshmarkparty #resellercommunity #poshmarkstyle #poshmarklove #poshmarkfashion #poshlove #poshmarklivehouston #poshmarkseller #poshfest #poshnsip #poshmarklife #poshmarkapp #poshboss #poshstyle #fashion #poshmarksales #poshpartylive #grandhyatthotel #poshmarkambassador #poshmarkcloset #poshmarktips #poshmark #pff #poshmarkboss #ootd #poshaffiliate #shopmycloset #poshmarkcommunity

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Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? Stay tuned for where we’ll be heading to next!