The 2023 Holiday Trend Report

Welcome to the latest edition of the Holiday Trend Report, a guide where we break down the data on Poshmark to give you what’s trending among shoppers so that you can be well-informed when sourcing for your closet during the holiday season. From the crazy pop culture moments that defined 2023, to sustainable brands that have dominated the market, we’re covering all the hottest brands and styles across each department. 

Get ready to deck your closets, holiday spending and gift shopping has already begun. With budgets tighter than ever this year (thanks inflation), shoppers are looking for more convenient and meaningful ways to spend their money by shopping smarter, shopping smaller, and shopping more sustainable. 

We know the holidays can be stressful, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Use this guide to stock your closets and cash in on the biggest shopping season of the year.

Holiday Market Opportunities: Ecommerce, Secondhand Steals, & Luxury Deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and shoppers are gearing up to shop big, spending a projected estimated total of $1.3 trillion worth of gifts for loved ones and themselves this holiday season1. As we get back to pre-pandemic normalcy, many people don’t have time to head to stores to shop. This results in an estimated 10.3%-12.8% increase in ecommerce sales as shoppers look to online retailers for their shopping needs. 

More and more shoppers are embracing sustainable gifts, as secondhand continues to be a promising option for their loved ones2. Legacy designer brands are also on the top of everyone’s wishlist this year, with consumers turning to secondhand to snag the best deals on luxury items.

Search Demand: On the Up & Up: Cozy and Luxury are on the Rise

As the holidays and a new season approaches, shoppers are looking to shop for themselves, and their loved ones—so what’s trending right now? We’ve compiled the top-searched terms that have been popping up this past month.

Quiet luxury has taken 2023 by storm, with an increased interest in more deluxe materials such as 100% cashmere and 14K gold jewelry, who have seen a +151% and +142% growth YoY (year-over-year). Luxury and legacy brand, Coach, continues to stay on the pulse of trends. Their hobo bag rose to popularity, propelling the more-practical, sack-like bag into in-demand status with a +65% increase in growth. But the desire for “stealth wealth” doesn’t stop there—preppy is back and has reinvented itself. The brand Rowing Blazers has attracted shoppers with their colorful and playful take on classic Americana styles. Shoppers are turning to Poshmark to keep up with these trends and snag a good deal on luxe styles.

Winter is coming, and shoppers are looking to keep warm without sacrificing style. Merino wool sweaters, Acne Studio scarves, and Hunter rain and snow boots have seen a spike in searches as shoppers hunt for their new-season wardrobe.

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer. The halls are being decked and houses are being filled with Christmas village sets and advent calendars galore.

Women’s Top Categories + Brands: Sustainable Minimalism & Easy Dressing Blossoms 

Sustainable brands are top-of-mind for most shoppers as the effects of climate change become more and more apparent each year. Minimalistic and eco-conscious brand Quince, who’s mission is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices, dominated the charts this year with a staggering +1100% increase in YoY growth. 

Athleisure continues to be a staple for most women, with brands like FP Movement by Free People (+1056%), Halara (+335%), Hoka (+148%), and Vuori (+145%) all showing impressive YoY growths. In fact, the line between athleisure and casual has officially been blurred, with women across the country mixing their casual pieces with athletic wear for a more easy and comfortable take on fashion. Gone are the days of suffering through hours wearing heels—women are now pairing their dresses with sneakers thanks to brands like Veja (+47%) that offer stylish yet comfortable shoe options. Additionally, form-fitting pants are no longer the top dog, as shoppers opt for a more relaxed silhouette like flared, wide-legged, and straight-legged denim (growing +24% and +19%) for a more vintage-inspired look.

What’s more merry and bright than unwrapping something that’s glistening this holiday season. Jewelry is always a crowd-pleaser and comes at no surprise that it’s at the top of everyone’s wishlist this year, showing the most growth at +30% YoY.

Men’s Top Categories + Brands: Tailored Ease for Indoors & Out

2020 may be behind us, but dressing in comfort is still a top priority for most shoppers. Work from home shifted the way many people dress and view office attire, and it’s not something that shoppers want to give up. Enter brands like Cuts Clothing, who provide clothing that helps bridge the gap between comfort and professionalism, grew +130% YoY.

Tailored outdoor-inspired looks really made a statement this year, with the function-meets-style aesthetic ruling runways and social media feeds. Brands like Johnnie-O (+55%) and Barbour (+61%) blend high-quality heritage and utilitarian styles, while brands like Faherty (+83%) and Taylor Stitch (+96%) give options for those looking for conscious and well-constructed clothing that’ll stand the test of time.

2023 was the year of traveling and we saw considerable growth in luggage, travel bags, and duffle bags as shoppers become more comfortable traveling again, with growth up +35% and +19% YoY.

With budgets tighter than ever, finding gifts that don’t break the bank are on everyone’s mind. Grooming tools, casual socks, and key and card holders are small everyday essentials that can make a big difference in your loved ones’ lives.

Kid’s Top Brands + Categories: Stuffies + Pajamas for an Oh So Silent Night

Bedtime can be difficult, just ask any parent, which is why bedtime-made-easy styles are at the top of parents’ lists. Brands like Little Sleepies and Kyte Baby have seen significant growth (growing +124% and +89% YoY), offering thoughtfully designed pajama sets and sleep sacks that feature fun and festive prints. Comfy nightgowns (+22%) and stuffed animals (+44%) are sure to keep your kids cozy during bedtime while putting a smile on their face. Cult favorite stuffed animal brand, Squishmallows, continue to top the charts year after year with a growth of +145%, remaining a highly collectable plush toy for kids and adults alike. 

Parents are more conscious than ever, stressing the importance of safe fabrications and quality garments. Magnetic and Me focuses on providing all-organic cotton and natural fiber clothing for babies, giving parents a peace of mind. The Beaufort Bonnet Company offers a selection of upscale classic and holiday styles for parents looking for timeless outfits for the season, and has seen a +134% in growth compared to last year.

Home Top Brands + Categories: From Nostalgic Decor to One-of-a-Kind Finds

Fandoms took over this year, where brands like Hello Kitty and Peanuts leaned into the growing nostalgia of Gen X and Millennials and collaborated with homegoods retailers. This resulted in a boom of sold-out Hello Kitty and Snoopy home decor that shoppers were eager to get their hands on, and a +235% and +69% increase in growth on Poshmark.

Water bottles are one way many people chose to be sustainable, and it’s become a unique way shoppers can show their self-expression. From Stanley to Hydro Flask to the rapidly-growing Owala, water bottles remain as the must-have item of the year with a +34% increase in orders.

Home is where the handcraft is—not to mention where it can shine the best. One-of-a-kind finds from local artisans and craft makers are up +43% compared to last year, and serve as the perfect conversation starter for all your holiday hosting engagements.

Electronics Top-Selling Brands: The Age of Throwback Digital Cameras

Shoppers are turning to Poshmark for the best deals on modern electronics like Apple and Nintendo gadgets, and on the hunt for classic throwback products like Y2K digital cameras. Gen Z is a huge consumer of secondhand goods, and also at the heart of what’s trending. Gen Z and content creators alike are setting aside their smartphones in exchange for vintage digital cameras and camcorders from brands like Canon, Sony, and Samsung.

Luxury Top-Selling Brands: Classic Luxury Never Fades & TikTok Takes it Viral

Legacy luxury brands are here to stay—from Louis Vuitton and their Neverfull Tote to Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag and Slingback Heels. We can’t talk about luxury and not talk about Dior’s Lady Dior Bag, a Princess Diana staple and recently dubbed as one of the best investment bags to buy.

Tiffany & Co.’s new and old items have propelled them back into popularity. Their new lock bracelet followed the footsteps of Cartier, while vintage Elsa Peretti pendant necklaces have gained the attention of younger generations.

Thanks to the world of TikTok, luxury shopping has reached new heights. A scroll on #luxurytok will make it feel like you’re the only one without a Hermès Birkin Bag or the viral Celine Triomphe Sunnies. Shoppers paid homage to the late Jane Birkin, who passed this year, by snapping up the namesake bag. Rather than lining up in front of luxury brick and mortar stores, shoppers are turning to Poshmark to get their hands on these must-have and hard-to-find styles, with sales for Hermès up +75% and Celine +52% YoY.

It’s not all Classic Flaps and Lady Dior’s. Chanel Tote Bags reigned supreme this year, seeing an impressive growth of +1010% YoY in sales, with trendier tote styles like the Chanel 22 Bag topping shopper demand. It’s no surprise that the controversial bag (some critics have said it looks like a chic trash bag) took some warming up to, as shoppers took their time to pull the trigger on purchasing.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are some bag styles that are here to stay, whether it’s a Louis Vuitton Key + Card Holder, or a Fendi bag perfect for your essentials. Made famous in the mid-to-late nineties, the Fendi Baguette Bag, which saw a +97% YoY growth , has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past 3 years as younger generations adopt Y2K style. Afterall, who doesn’t want to channel Carrie Bradshaw?

Sustainability-Driven Top-Selling Brands: Shopping With a Purpose

In 2023, the rise of sustainability-driven brands has proven that shoppers aren’t messing around when it comes to supporting companies with a purpose. This year, Baggu saw a +241% YoY growth, thanks to their top-selling product, The Baggu Reusable Tote, which has become a symbol of conscious consumerism. This eco-friendly tote is not just a bag—it’s a statement of environmental responsibility, showcasing that your grocery bags can be both sustainable and playfully designed.

Minimalist brands like Pact (+73%), Veja (+47%), and Everlane (+30%) all had significant year-over-year growth due to the intersection of Gen Z and Millennial loyalty to sustainability-driven brands and to the increase in popularity of the “Plain Girl Chic” aesthetic, where consciously less is more.

Outside Influences: The Year of Girl Power

This year, one movement made waves bigger than the rest, and that was girl power. In 2023 Swifties rejoiced as the Era’s Tour kicked off and securing an outfit for the tour reached viral heights. From sequin jackets to glitter cowboy boots and lavender haze dresses, concert goers were on the hunt for the perfect ‘fit, where searches for “Taylor Swift concert outfit” saw a  +1556% increase YoY. Fans that didn’t secure a ticket turned to Poshmark to scoop up the highly-covetable merch, resulting in searches +1279% for “Taylor Swift poster” and +554% for ”Taylor Swift Eras tour hoodie.” 

However, Taylor’s not the only blonde megastar to take over 2023. The highly-anticipated premiere of the Barbie movie in July sparked a shopping frenzy. Not only did the Mattel brand manage to do a collab with every brand in the book, but shoppers also wanted to dress in the hottest pink styles, which was dubbed “Barbiecore” and had a +628% YoY increase in searches. Barbie undoubtedly had the biggest comeback of the year (dare we say decade), resulting in a +197% YoY increase in “vintage barbie” and +172% in “barbie doll” searches.


All data is based on the shopping behavior of Poshmark’s 80M+ members.

  1. Deloitte, “Holiday Retail Sales Expected to Increase 3.5-4.6%” ↩︎
  2. Independent research commissioned by Poshmark and conducted by Morning Consult ↩︎

A New Chapter: Navigating Your Transition

At Poshmark, our community has always been at the heart of everything we do. As we prepare to wind down Poshmark UK, Poshmark Australia, and Poshmark India, we want to ensure that your passion, dedication, and unique style find a new place to shine.

To this end, we’d like to offer some tips on navigating this transition.

  • Relocating Your Closet: Want to take your Poshmark content with you? Download your inventory report, which captures details of your active listings. This can be particularly useful if you’re looking to bulk upload items to another platform. Please ensure this is completed before November 2, 2023.
  • Exclusive Incentives from Other Platforms: As a token of appreciation for our community, several marketplaces are rolling out special offers for Poshmark sellers:
    • Depop: Benefit from zero selling fees for new users based in Australia, starting from 31st October and running through the end of 2023.
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Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to new beginnings, and to a community that never stops shining.

A Letter from the CEO: An Update on International Marketplaces

Dear Poshmark Community,

Our mission has always been to put people at the heart of commerce. From the start, we envisioned a vibrant community that would share their style and create the largest network of shoppable closets across the world.

And while our ambition to connect as many closets as possible remains the same, I’m sad to share that we’ve made the tough decision to close three of our expansion marketplaces: Poshmark UK, Poshmark Australia, and Poshmark India, effective October 26, 2023. I know this is especially hard news for those of you across the globe who have come to know and love Poshmark—please know that I’m incredibly grateful for you and for the community that we’ve built together. We hope to be back at some point in the future.

This move, while difficult, will allow us to focus our energy and increase our investments in our core markets, the U.S. and Canada.

For additional information please see our FAQs and thank you for your continued support of Poshmark. 

With gratitude,

Manish Chandra
Founder and CEO, Poshmark

ICYMI: PoshFest 2023 Features Announcement

Whether you’re a full-time seller or listing to make room for next season’s styles, there are so many ways to cash in on Poshmark. At PoshFest 2023, we announced another round of exciting features for sellers of all types, so that you can continue to sell, shop, and connect with one another.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, don’t worry! Watch this year’s main stage sessions covering the latest feature announcements and seller insights on YouTube:

The State of the Posh Union
Founder and CEO Manish Chandra shared an exciting new vision for the future of Poshmark, with a focus on recent innovations designed to empower our community.

Hackathon Feature Reveal
Members of Poshmark’s product and engineering team took to the stage to share a demo of Posh Party LIVE and gave the community a sneak peek into the newest features that are coming soon.

Let’s get the Posh Party started in a whole new way! Posh Party LIVE combines the magic of Posh Shows with parties, giving you more ways to discover your favorite styles and sellers, connect and expand your network, and drive more traffic to your coset. We’ll be testing this next evolution of Posh Parties in the US and Canada. We invite everyone to come shop, share, and sell during this new party time happening throughout each week! 

Earlier this year, we began beta testing Promoted Closet Beta in the US to increase the visibility of their listings to millions of shoppers on Poshmark. This beta program is a part of our ongoing efforts to empower sellers with more tools to make sales and grow their businesses.

Since launch, beta sellers using Promoted Closet experience an average of 80% increase in total listing views. That means more shoppers are seeing and engaging with listings and as a result, that’s more shoppers to close a sale with!

Interested in the beta? We’re inviting all US sellers to join the waitlist now!

Gift Cards (US only)
Coming soon by popular demand: send and receive Poshmark gift cards to make gifting and purchasing your next favorite find even easier.

Multi-Label Shipping (US only)
We’ve simplified the process for splitting bundled orders while giving you a more cost-effective way to ship multiple packages by allowing sellers to purchase additional standard shipping labels.

Host Summary Report
Posh Show hosts now can see a summary of their show performance with a list of key metrics across viewership, engagement, and sales.

Take a picture of an item and auto-generate listing details

Closet Redesign
We’re reimagining the closet as a destination for shopper discovery. We’ll be releasing changes over time but you can expect to see an updated interface soon.

Your feedback continues to fuel the future of Poshmark and as Manish shared in The State of the Posh Union, we are in the business of empowering you.