Introducing Love Notes!

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Poshmark is more than just a place for women to buy the best brands at amazing prices and sell fashion from their closet. It’s an exciting community where women come together and make friends, express their personal style and even fulfill dreams of starting a fashion boutique. It’s these deep connections that are at the heart of our newest feature, Love Notes.

Since introducing our ratings system, we’ve seen that 90% of purchases have been rated with five stars. This overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the unmatchable Poshmark shopping experience. Starting today, comments on five-star ratings will be featured in each closet’s About page. These Love Notes don’t just display bonds between Poshers, but they also highlight and promote good work by sellers across the platform.

So head to the app to see your Love Notes and use the feature to help you discover new closets from stellar sellers.

Love Notes FAQs

How do I add Love Notes to my closet? Love Notes are automatically added to a closet’s About page when that user receives or gives a five-star rating with a comment on a purchase.

What should I write in a Love Note? Sellers love to hear that you’ve enjoyed the service they provided. This is the time to not only thank your seller, but to also let other future buyers know that you enjoyed buying from this seller. Whether it’s the item itself that you loved, the gorgeous packaging, the quick shipping, or the overall interaction with the seller – let it be known!

Why can’t I see Love Notes on the web? Right now, Love Notes are visible on mobile only, but it’s coming to the web soon. So stay tuned!

How do I add a Love Note? Next time you receive stellar service on a Posh purchase, be sure to give the seller a five-star rating with a comment. That comment will then show up on the seller’s Love Notes section, as well as your own.

How can I remove a Love Note from my closet? Love Notes can be removed from public view but the removal is permanent and there is no way to bring it back. It is removed from both the buyer’s and seller’s About pages.  To remove a Love Note go to your Account Tab → My Purchases or My Sales → Tap on your item → Problems/Order Inquiry → Remove Love Note.

Why is my Love Note not showing up? A Love Note is hidden if either the buyer or seller removes it. It is then removed from both buyer and seller’s About pages. All removals are permanent and cannot be undone.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

26 thoughts on “Introducing Love Notes!

  1. as a seller. how do you give a love note. I can’t seem to find the option anywhere on my sales.0

  2. The best part of Poshmark is the PoshTeam and how they make a person feel special. Now that they have installed the Poshlove notes, I have the opportunity to share them to other Poshetts. I have made more purchases than I have sold in the years I’ve been with Poshmark. It’s fun to open my purchase & sometimes I’ll let my little doggy named Chanel open them and post it in my closet as a PM crush. Now I have the opportunity to send a love note too. ❌⭕️✌️

  3. Finally! I think I understand why closet stats were kept private (you want to celebrate your top PM users, but you don’t want newer users to be discouraged that they won’t make any sales unless they’re at the top), but I’m glad that the “love” that users do get from buyers, can be put on display! I love Poshmark!

  4. AWSOME FEATURE!!! My question in if the old comments that has bean add already is going to be showing as well ?
    Thank you

  5. I’ve had nothing but an amazing experince from all the closets that I”ve bought from. Keep up the good work Posh. 😄😍👍👍👆

  6. I absolutely love this idea!!! Great job poshmark! I feel this allows buyers to feel at ease and confident when purchasing from our closets. It’s great exposure and fun to read all the wonderful love notes the buyer’s have left. I just love how poshmark keeps improving and adding new features that makes selling and buying more productive but most of all super fun!! Much appreciated poshmark team!!

  7. brilliant! It’s a great way to share the love! Now we just need to add the ability to “like” a comment. thanks!

  8. Love seeing the feedback before making a purchase. And hope that this inspires Poshers to provide amazing service to their buyers!

  9. You guys need to hide the purchases. Display the five-star notes, but not our purchases. Not sure if everyone likes having their buys displayed for the world to see when it was kept secret for so long.

    1. Hmmm, Krystal you have a point. I love this feature, and was hoping for it, but I didn’t think about making your purchases public…. I like that sellers can see how you treat other sellers, but yeah, maybe the sales should be kept private after all…

    2. Hi, Krystal – thanks for your feedback. If you’d like to hide a Love Note (whether received or given): Go to your account tab > go to purchases or sales > find the item > tap on Problems/Inquiry > tap Remove Love Note. Please note that the removal is permanent.

      If you have any other questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know: Thanks!

  10. I love this new addition to Poshmark. It brings out the best in each closet!! Great job! Thanks for listening to suggestions and comments!

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