Understanding Your Performance

During beta, we’re continually iterating to provide reporting capabilities that meet the needs of our sellers. Stay on top of the latest feature updates here.

Knowing how shoppers are interacting with your promoted listings unlocks opportunities to make streamlined and informed decisions. Read on to become familiar with the metrics. 

First, let’s get familiar with your Promoted Closet performance by heading to My Promoted Closet > Overview. Once your listings start promoting, your performance data populates here. 


The total amount of shopper clicks on your promoted listings from Search and Brand pages. When a shopper clicks on one of your promoted listings, they are taken to that listing’s detail page. 

Listings Sold

The total number of new orders made on your promoted listings. When a shopper clicks on and buys your promoted listing within 14 days, we consider it a sale influenced by the promotion—including sales made through offers or Buy Now. 


The total dollar amount for all of your promoted listings sold, based on the price you sold the item for. 


ROAS, or Return on Ad Spend, is a metric that helps sellers understand how much they are getting back by investing a certain dollar amount to promote their listings. Campaigns are billed on a weekly basis and charged as your listings are shown to interested shoppers. 

When a seller makes a sale through Promoted Closet, we will calculate the ROAS from that sale. That formula is:

ROAS = Total Sales ÷ Total Amount Billed

Because looking at just the number of listings sold doesn’t provide a full picture, ROAS tells sellers how much they are getting back for every dollar they put in to promote their listings. In other words, this is the additional amount in sales made as a direct result of promoting.

Example: Let’s say that you made $100 in sales from Promoted Closet one week and spent $20 of your weekly budget for that given week. When you divide $100 by 20, you’ll find your ROAS for that week was 5. This means that for every $20 you spent promoting your listings, you earned 5x more, or $100.


Every time one of your promoted listings is shown to a shopper on a search or brand page, we consider that an impression. Because your listings will only be shown to shoppers who are searching for items similar to yours, you can consider this as the total reach of your listings. It is important to remember that impressions do not equal clicks—they are simply the amount of times your promoted listings have been viewed by shoppers.

Have questions about your Promoted Closet performance? Reach out to Team Posh on Slack and we will respond as soon as possible. For order-related and customer support inquiries please reach out to support@poshmark.com.