Poshmark System Status

Updated as of 2/23, 11:30am PT

Serving our community is our number one priority and we are always making sure you are protected.

Have you recently experienced being locked out of your Poshmark account?
If so, Poshmark has proactively detected suspicious activity on your account, or you have notified us that you did not make a change on your account.  As a result, your account has been locked down for your protection and your account is safe.  No one can access your account and no activity can occur until you have taken the required steps to re-secure your account.  If your account has been locked down, please check your email with instructions on how to re-gain access.

Have you noticed any unusual activity or other changes on your account?
Don’t worry, we have your back!  Whenever you make a change on your account, we will proactively notify you through your newsfeed.  If this activity was not made by you, you have the ability to notify us immediately and secure your own account by clicking through the newsfeed.  This is the fastest way to self-secure your account.  If for some reason you cannot access this, you can also email us.

Want to check the current status of your account?
Don’t worry, we have a handy tool to help! Our Account Change Verifier gives you the ability to double check that only you have made important changes to your account..Follow the simple prompts and voila- account verified. ✅

What can you do to keep your accounts secure & protected?
For your security, you should always use a unique password for your Poshmark account, to decrease the risk of it being compromised in the event someone obtains your login information via external websites.

As reported by various news outlets, there have been some significant data breaches of other websites throughout the past few years. Account data from some of the major breaches have become available on the web in recent months, affecting individuals on many websites.

What are we doing to help?
Poshmark takes account security very seriously. In an effort to help protect our community, we have various systems in place that help us identify accounts who might be targeted. In the event we detect a suspicious login attempt, we will proactively contact you at the email account associated with your Poshmark account informing you of the event, and assist you with regaining account control as needed.

And as always, if you believe your account has been accessed by someone else, you should contact us. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.