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Get to know the growing Poshmark Canada community of inspiring side-hustlers, full-fledged business owners and those who simply love shopping and selling secondhand. Read up on the stories and tips from different #PoshBosses across Canada below!

Hi my name is Réjeanne (but everyone calls me Ré). I live in Mississauga, ON and I’ve been a Posher since September 2019. I am currently running two Poshmark closets! Items from my personal wardrobe are in my @call_me_carrie closet; all vintage items are in my @cureted_vintage closet. When I started on Poshing, it was a side-hustle/way to clear out my closet and make some extra money.

How has Poshmark impacted you and your family’s lives?

As a single mom, Poshmark gave me a way to earn extra cash to cover everything from school supplies to Christmas gifts! I was able to pay for my daughters 7th birthday party using my first Posh proceeds. Last year, my world was turned upside down. Not only did I lose my 9-5 job, I was also diagnosed with cancer.

Having my Poshmark closet meant that I was able to keep money coming in while looking after my family and my health. Now that I am cancer free, I’m focused on turning my side-hustle into full time income.

What’s one thing about motherhood that you unexpectedly love?

The best thing about being a mom is that it forces you to slow down, both physically and mentally. I always have a running mental “to-do” list, but if my daughter wants to watch that Disney movie (for the 10th time) the laundry can wait a couple hours. It sounds morbid but no one is going to be talking about how clean your house was at your funeral, or the fact that you folded a mean sweater… what they will remember is the time spent together, and the memories made. Take nothing for granted.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give to a Mom trying to balance motherhood and Poshing?

Some advice I would give to a mom trying to balance motherhood and Poshing is:

1) Try to get as much work done as you can while they’re sleeping

2) Invest in a good ring light or editing app

3) Set realistic goals for yourself.

I did most of my photography at night once my daughter went to bed so I missed out on any natural light that was available. I started using an app (recommended by a Posher on YouTube) and its all I use to this day to re-light my photos. It’s so important not to get caught up in the comparison game. Everyones story is different, everyone has a different reason for being on Poshmark, everyone will try to give you their best advice… run your own race! Stay true to yourself and most of all, have fun!

Connect with Ré! Instagram: @rae.pur.pose, Poshmark: @call_me_carrie / @cureted_vintage

Hey my name is Kanah (@kdotsnobb), I am a Poshmark Ambassador and I’ve have been both selling and shopping here on Poshmark since August of 2019, so nearly two years now! I operate a Poshmark closet where I sell clothing and shoes that have mainly come from my personal closet in order for me to maintain a revolving closet of sorts. On top of that, my brother Malachi and I started another Poshmark closet together called @kmcustoms where we sell custom tie-dyed and bleached clothing, a small business we started in the midst of the pandemic.

How has Poshmark helped you maintain a sustainability-focused lifestyle?

I’m someone who loves to shop and am constantly finding new and interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe, and so, using Poshmark has allowed me to maintain a revolving closet where I can welcome in items new to me from the app while also saying goodbye to some of my older pieces. This way, instead of purchasing new goods directly from stores and participating in overconsumption, I can purchase secondhand goods and participate in the more sustainable circular economy.

Share the importance of upcycling and what it means to you.

To me, upcycling is kind of like the saying that goes, “one persons trash is another persons treasure”. I don’t think I can stress enough just how much I LOVE shopping, and you can tell just by looking at my closet because there’s so much stuff in there; a lot of which ends up neglected when I don’t wear items regularly. These are the items I salvage from my closet to put up onto Poshmark, knowing that it will go to someone else who treats it as if it were a treasure rather than collecting dust in my closet or even more cringeworthy, throwing it out.

So upcycling is of very high importance to me in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle where I try my best to use all things to their end of life point and repurpose or re-home things I don’t use.

What are some of your favourite Poshmark features/tools to help you find trends and items you’re on the hunt for?

One of my favourite features for refining my search for items is the “My Size” filter. I love this option because I can search for items within a range of pre-set sizes that are all tailored for my body.

Sometimes searching for items can be a difficult task on your own, so something that I’ve done a few times is creating an unavailable listing of the item you want and getting the Poshmark community involved in your search for the item. I’ve seen many Poshers use this method to help each other search on the app and tag one another once listings are found of the item they were in search of.

Any words of wisdom for someone wanting to start shopping secondhand?

If you’re looking to get started on your secondhand shopping journey I would actually suggest you start selling first. Seize the day and clear out your closet to get rid of the stuff you neglect or can live without, this way you can make room for some of those secondhand items coming your way. One of the more difficult aspects of secondhand shopping would be that unlike typical retail shopping, many items are photographed just as is, rather than fully styled with pages of recommendations of other items that would pair well it.

So, a word to the wise would be to keep an open mind when shopping secondhand and try to use your imagination to see how particular items will work with the other pieces you have. The great thing about Poshmark is that you can talk with the sellers, so take advantage of that and ask sellers to post photos of them wearing what they’re selling or even how they would recommend styling it.

Stay connected with Kanah! Instagram: @k.snobb, Poshmark: @kdotsnobb

I am a Business and Sustainability Masters student and also, a content creator on Instagram (@sarahrosein_ott). I consider myself a “midsize” fashion blogger, which is someone who falls in between standard and plus sizing.

Most midsize girls wear the largest size offered in standard clothing stores, and the smallest size offered in plus size stores, and we can be a bit of a forgotten group! I love inspiring my followers to dress in a way that serves them; that brings them joy, makes them feel confident and beautiful, all regardless of their size.

Poshmark is where I purchase a lot of the clothing I feature on my fashion account and has been integral to me for creating a revolving closet! I have been a Posher since July of 2019, and I both buy and sell on the platform!

How has Poshmark helped you maintain a sustainability-focused lifestyle?

In my Masters program, we discuss quite often how companies can improve their sustainability practices and how they can take responsibility for their own impacts environmentally and socially. I personally believe though, that everyone, not just the big companies, has a role to play in creating a sustainable world that meets today’s needs, without preventing future generations from meeting their own.

For me to live a sustainability-focused lifestyle, I need to put my values into practice, and put my money where my mouth is! If everyone chose to make small, imperfect changes to their lifestyle, to be more sustainable, think of the impact that could make? I encourage people to make the changes that fit their lives and their means. That could be a variety of things, including recycling and reusing more items, refusing single use plastics, supporting local farmers, or buying clothing secondhand!

For myself, I am never going to give up fashion, so I focus on secondhand so I can be more sustainable with my obsession!

Share the importance of shopping secondhand and what it means to you.

I love fashion. It is something that I consider central to my self expression, my self confidence, even my very understanding of who I am as a person. But I don’t love the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment, nor how the average garment worker is treated. I deeply care about sustainability issues and I understand how purchasing fast fashion doesn’t line up with those values that I hold.

Being able to buy secondhand on Poshmark has made it so I can still love fashion and “buy something new” often, but without having to support companies that I don’t necessarily share values with. It allows me to combine two passions and stay true to myself!

What are some of your favourite Poshmark features/tools to help you find trends and items you’re on the hunt for?

Being a bigger girl and also very particular with what I want, I love the filter tools on Poshmark! Every time I browse on the platform, I filter by size depending on the fit I want for that item. Shopping second hand in a midsize body can be really frustrating because depending on body proportions, you may need plus sizing for certain items and brands, and standard sizing for others!

For example, I usually wear a size US 14/16 in bottoms, but a size L/XL in tops. Dresses are a whole other ball game! If I am looking for something to fit looser, I can specifically select the category that I’m looking in, and then select multiple standard and plus sizes to find exactly what I am looking for!

Any words of wisdom for someone wanting to start shopping secondhand?

It takes time to find really good second hand pieces and can be frustrating as a result, since there is a lot of not so great pieces you have to sort through in the average thrift store. But, tools like Poshmark make it easier! I consider Poshmark to be like a “curated thrift store,” where items in good condition are sold and filter tools allow you to get through the large amount items a little faster. It does still take time though, and so my advice is to enjoy the process! Think of it like a treasure hunt, and then finding that perfect item is so much more rewarding!

Also, consider learning some basic sewing! Knowing how to take in a garment or hem something is game changing!!!

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