How Budgets Work

During beta, we are offering sellers a free trial of Promoted Closet at a set weekly budget. 

Understanding your weekly budget is key to ensuring that you are taking the right actions to reach your sales goals. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with how budgets work and key factors to consider when choosing the right budget for your closet size.

Your Weekly Budget is the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend in a given week. 

Your Weekly Budget Used shows how much of your budget has been spent in a given billing cycle. You are only charged when a shopper clicks on your listing. This information updates frequently, and you will be charged at the end of each billing cycle.

Customize your budget anytime after your free trial by taking the steps below. Changes that are made take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. The budget you set applies to future billing cycles until you choose to change it. 

  1. Go to My Promoted Closet > Manage > Manage Promotion
  2. Choose your budget. We recommend one based on your closet size, slide the scale to increase or decrease from there.
  3. Click Update > Confirm

Your weekly budget is a key component to your success with Promoted Closet. Your budget directly impacts the visibility of your listings—the more you invest, the more visibility you’ll get. 


Your weekly budget determines how often your listings should be shown to shoppers searching for similar items. We continuously promote your listings throughout the week until you accumulate enough clicks to reach your max budget. The more budget to work with, the further we can stretch it across your closet to get more of your listings in front of interested shoppers. Check out Getting to Know Promotions for more information on how promoted listings appear. 

Keep in Mind 

  • Once your trial ends, you’re in control of your spend. We never charge you more than your maximum budget. 
  • Your budget is only used to promote ‘For Sale’ listings. We never use your budget to promote listings after they’ve sold or listings that are marked ‘Not For Sale.’ 
  • You may not always be charged your full budget—since you’re only charged when a shopper clicks on one of your promoted listings (offers and likes are free!). 

How much do clicks cost? 

The actual cost for each click varies based on a shopper’s search and your weekly budget. 

How is my weekly budget spent across a campaign?

Your weekly budget is spread across the entire week. Instead of evenly distributing your budget each day, Poshmark will find the best times to show your ads to shoppers based on what they are searching for.

For example, let’s say your closet only has one listing, a blue shirt. If 3 shoppers search for a blue shirt on Monday but nobody searches for a blue shirt on Tuesday, we may show your blue shirt 3 times on Monday and zero times on Tuesday. This is why some days may have higher activity than others.

How do I update my weekly budget?

You can update your budget at any time after your free trial by heading to Account > My Promoted Closet > Manage > Manage Promotion. Any changes to the budget are not immediate and take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. We offer a range of budgets to choose from based on your closet size.

Example: If you start promoting at $20 a week on Sunday and increase your budget to $30 midweek, the new $30 budget will take into effect the next Sunday, when your billing cycle renews. 

Promoted Closet and associated transactions are subject to Poshmark’s Promoted Closet Terms of Service. For order-related and customer support inquiries please reach out to