Boxing Week Closet Prep


Boxing Week is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you are ready for major sales ahead this post-holiday! To help you prep your closets for this busy shopping week and drive attention to your closet, we’ve compiled all the best tips. Time to prep your closet so you can truly relax (and make tons of sales) this holiday season and into the new year!


#PoshTip: Shoppers will be looking for major deals on winter essentials! Think winter coats, boots, gloves, and toques. Have any winter inventory? Now’s the perfect time to list! 

Want more inspo of what to list to make major sales this Boxing Week? Check out our most recent Trend Report to know what’s trending and selling on Poshmark this season.


Looking to clear out your Poshmark closet to start with fresh inventory for the new year? Hosting an exclusive Boxing Week Closet Sale is a great way to drive traffic to your closet. We’ve created Listing Templates that you can use to host your own closet sale! 

P.S. You can also promote your sale with these templates by sharing it on Instagram, don’t forget to tag @poshmarkcanada!


Utilize Poshmark’s features and tools to help drive sales to your closet this Boxing Week!

  • Drops Soon: Give your shoppers a sneak peek of your items that will be available during Boxing Week by using this exciting feature! It’s a great way to gain exposure to your items, so that customers can “Like” their favourite items in advance and be notified when it drops in your closet.
  • Offer to Likers: Buyers will be looking for deals, deals, deals this Boxing Week! Offer them a private discount they can’t refuse.
  • Closet Clearout: Drop your listing’s price by at least 10% and discounted shipping is on us. Win-win for you and your buyer!
  • Bundle for Buyers: Any potential buyers “Liking” multiple listings? Bundle their likes and offer the buyer an exclusive deal. This is also a great way to start a conversation with your potential buyer and answer any questions they may have. 
  • Share, share, share: Check out the lineup for Boxing Week Style Posh Parties, which will be live during peak shopping times throughout the week on Poshmark. Share your on-theme items to these Posh Parties for extra visibility.

We hope you found these resources and tips useful to help prepare you for the busy Boxing Week shopping season! Now what are you waiting for? Time to prep those closets for major sales. Happy Poshing!