Payment Methods: FAQs

The frequently asked questions about Payment Methods.

Q. What’s included in this new feature?
A. New payment methods! You can now pay by: PayPal, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. You can also store multiple credit cards.

Q. How can I manage my payment options?
A. Simply head to the Account Tab → My Payment Methods. Here, you can update/delete a stored credit card, or add a new payment method, including the ones mentioned above. Apple Pay and Android Pay will only be shown as an option if it is already set up on your device.

Q.Since you accept Paypal, does this mean you now support offline transactions?
A. No, sending payments outside of Poshmark checkout (whether by PayPal or any other means) is still a violation of Poshmark policy — we want to make sure your purchases are fully protected with the Posh Protect guarantee!

This new addition simply means that you can checkout with PayPal after you click “Buy Now.”

Q. Will PayPal buyer protection affect the release of my funds as a seller?
A. PayPal buyer protection will not affect the release of your funds. All orders paid using PayPal will follow the current Poshmark process, including return requests. Specifically, any claim a buyer makes through PayPal will be handled by Poshmark as part of our service and seller protection. Poshmark will handle all claims directly, so that you can breathe easy.

Q. As a buyer using PayPal, how does Posh Protect work?
A: All purchases made on Poshmark are covered by Posh Protect, this includes purchases made via the PayPal checkout option. All Poshmark policies and procedures, including our refund policy, apply.

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