Posh N Sip

Posh N Sip  \ pɑʃ ɛn sɪp \  noun:

Meet other Poshers IRL or introduce Poshmark to your community!

  1. Intimate gathering: Get together with family and friends to introduce Poshmark.
  2. Listing party: Help each other get fresh listings and share covershot tips and tricks.
  3. Social: Go out with your PFFs for sourcing, brunch or coffee.
  4. Seminar: Teach new Poshers the ins and outs of Poshmark—guest speaker optional!

We send hosts Poshmark branded swag to help spread the #PoshLove, and every Posh N Sip hosted within a calendar year has the potential to earn Milestones!

What are the Posh N Sip Milestones?

The Posh N Sip Milestone program is our way of saying thank you to Poshers who host multiple Posh N Sips throughout the current calendar year. Here’s what you receive with each milestone!

Posh N Sip map.png

Find a Posh N Sip hosted by fellow Poshers near you! For more details, click on the images below. Don’t see a Posh N Sip in your area? Why not plan one? Fill out our form HERE for more information on how we can support your future Posh N Sip!

Upcoming Posh N Sips: 






poshnsippicMarch 21

Charleston, SC hosted by @thrifty_cactus

University Place, WA hosted by @wickedrosevtg, @sfmvintage, @moderngal, and @blancheaux

Westminster, CO hosted by @hititupchels

Houston, TX hosted by @joyfullycurated, and @kenzarenz 

Sterling, IL hosted by @macyk2112

Newport Beach, CA hosted by @jill555 and @preluvdshop

Atlanta, GA hosted by @chichi_rosegold






poshnsippic5 1.42.13 PMMarch 22

Fort Myers, FL hosted by @2ndchancegypsy, and @dizzyangie










poshnsippic6March 25 

Bethlehem, GA hosted by @javamomscorner










blogpostnew20March 28 

Biloxi, MS hosted by @retrospectives, @murrayedlife@jacksgirls, and @gaelab

Chicago, IL hosted by @bree_luxe

Philadelphia, PA hosted by @mizpiere and @skirtssewpretty









poshnsippic5March 29 

Somers Point, NJ hosted by @abconsignment and @lfdimples 

Jersey City, NJ hosted by @maryfashionista@biancacosmetics, and @debalina23








*Only the main host, who is in coordination with Team Posh will qualify for the milestone reward.
**Only the first 10 Posh N Sip hosts to complete their 4th Milestone Posh N Sip will be eligible to apply for Team Posh attendance at their 5th Milestone