Your Guide to Posh Shows: Showtime

Posh Shows Disclaimer: Please note, this feature is currently still in beta. Since new Posh Shows features are continually rolling out, we will work to update these videos as new product iterations are made.

When your Posh Show is LIVE, shoppers can join at any time. During your show, you’ll be able to see new shoppers as they join and the total number of Poshers viewing your show. 

On your screen you will also see: 

  • Comments, questions, and emojis from shoppers that are engaging with you
  • A comment box to type responses (or you can respond out loud)
  • Now, you will see those usernames of shoppers joining your show at the top left-hand corner of your screen so you can follow along with questions and comments in the chat! 

Shoppers who join your show will be able to:

  • Comment, ask a question, or react with emojis  
  • Follow your closet
  • Preview your featured listings 
  • View a slideshow of photos from your featured listings on a Silent Show
  • Search your show listings for items they’re shopping for
  • Share your Posh Show to their social 
  • Shoppers can watch your show outside of the Poshmark app! 

When auctioning your items, shoppers can:

  • View the highest bid and the auction countdown
  • Bid on the listing with a suggested bid price or customize their own bid
  • Win the auction and purchase the item with the highest bid
  • Preview your featured listings

Once the auction ends, you can feature another listing. You can auction listings as many times as you’d like until it sells. 

Multi-size and multi-quantity listings are eligible to auction in a show. Here’s how it works:

  • Auctioning listings with multiple sizes works almost the same as a single item listing. Before setting auction parameters, simply tap the size you wish to auction first.
  • You can continue auctioning the listing until all quantities and sizes are sold.

Bundled shipping will automatically apply when a shopper purchases multiple items from the same seller in a Posh Show.

When a shopper wins an auction, they will be shown the following message, encouraging them to make an additional purchase with you during your show!

Here are a few important notes and reminders about bundled shipping:

  • Bundled shipping supports packages up to 5 lbs (US) and 2.5 kg (Canada). If your shopper’s bundled package weighs more than 5 lbs or 2.5 kg, you will need to pay to upgrade your shipping label.
  • Bundles will automatically happen as soon as your show ends. Once you end your show, your bundled order shipping label will be created and your shopper’s payment will be processed. 
  • You will be notified if a buyer’s payment has failed. If a buyer has a payment failure after your show has ended, they will be notified and informed of the next steps they can take. As a seller, you will also be notified by email and in-app newsfeed notification. Shoppers will then see your listing(s) in their original listing state.

Let’s talk about your featured listings—AKA your queue of listings to sell in a show. Shoppers can view your featured listings during the show and may ask you to auction certain items next! Once LIVE, you can always add more featured listings from your own Closet, another seller’s Closet, or you can quick list and create a listing on the spot from a second device!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap the featured listing icon and select a listing to feature
  2. If auctioning an item, tap Auction Item, set a Starting Price and Auction Duration,if you haven’t done so already pre-show, then tap Start Auction
  3. Shoppers will have the option to bid on your listing


  • Welcome your shoppers.
    • When starting your show, take the first minute to welcome everyone and introduce yourself. Say hello to Poshers as they enter, give an overview of what to expect.
  • Bring the vibes with some soft background music. 
  • Repeat important information. 
    • Shoppers will join at various times, so feel free to reintroduce yourself, welcome new people as they come in, and briefly remind shoppers of the items you’ve already covered. 
  • Be as descriptive as possible.
    • If there are any flaws or defects to your item, be sure to let your viewers know to avoid any return cases.
    • Take your time showcasing the item. Avoid moving too fast or standing too far away from the camera where viewers can’t see your item clearly.

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