Your Guide to Posh Shows: Pre-Show

Click here to download a checklist to help you prep for your first show

Scheduling Your Show

Here’s how to schedule or update a Posh Show:

  1. Head to My Seller Tools by selecting the tools icon in the top right-hand corner of your closet. From there, select My Posh Shows and tap Create
  2. Fill out your details, add a Covershot, and pick your start time and duration to schedule. 
  3. Add up to 3 suggested or custom tags to increase discoverability. Custom tags can be 3-13 characters long.
  4. Select show type as Live Show or Silent Show.
    • When you start a Silent Show, your camera and microphone will default to off.
  5. It’s showtime! Start your Posh Show during the scheduled time and bring your best self. You must go LIVE from the Poshmark app and cannot start your show on the desktop web version of Poshmark. You will have the ability to do everything else on web including responding to comments, featuring listings, and running an auction.

Shoppers can save upcoming shows to get automatic reminders once your show starts. To do so, they can tap the save icon next to the show on the All Posh Shows page, or the three-dot icon in the waiting room. Shoppers will be able to check out all of their saved shows by tapping on the bookmark icon in the top right-hand corner of the All Posh Shows page, which will take them to their My Saved Shows page.

Shoppers will also see a banner in your closet when you have an upcoming show and can tap to learn timing details, save the show, or add it to their calendar.

Adding Listings From Your Closet 

When creating a Posh Show, you can choose how many listings you want to add, with a max of up to 50 items. 

To add listings when scheduling or updating your Posh Show, tap Add Listing from your Posh Shows Details page. Please note that added listings will go to the bottom of your listings tray. The listings you add will be available to auction during the show—where you can pick and choose which items to feature. Here are some key things to keep in mind when adding your listings: 

  • Add the listings you want to sell to your Posh Show when scheduling, so shoppers can preview them in the waiting room before the show. 
  • Once you have your listings added, you can add auction details. Determine your start price and auction duration before you go live so when you’re ready to auction your item, the information is already added in for you.
  • You can add more listings during your show from a second device. 
  • You can add any of your own listings to a show. 
  • Available, Not For Sale, and Dropping Soon listings are eligible to auction in a show. 
  • Sold listings are not eligible for auction. 

Quick List Items + Add to Your Show

Ever wished you could quickly list a new item and add it to your Posh Show? Now you can! Follow these simple steps to ‘Quick List’ an item before your show starts or from a second device during your show.

  • Once you create your Posh Show, tap Add Listing to quickly list your item before the show. 
  • To ‘Quick List’ an item during your LIVE, use a secondary device. 
    • To quick list, go to your show from My Posh Shows and tap Add Listings > Quick List an Item.  
    • Next you will be prompted to enter in your listing details. The only required pieces of information for Quick List are the title, category, and size. No listing photo required! This will help you add this listing on the fly.
    • After entering the details, tap List. This listing will automatically be marked as ‘Not For Sale’ so that you can feature it during your show. Please note, that this listing will have a default Poshmark image, since listing photos are not required.
      • #POSHTIP: If this listing does not sell during your show, we recommend going to your closet and replacing the default image with your own images of the listing and entering in more specific details. That way, shoppers can decide to purchase your listing via Buy Now or by making an offer! 

Editing or Canceling your Posh Show

You’re welcome to edit or cancel your show before you go live. You can do so by going to your My Posh Shows page in your account tab and select the show you’d like to make changes to. Everything can be modified. You can change the date, time, add or remove listings, edit the title, change out the show tags, and more.

While you’re editing your show, you can also add a preview video. Preview videos are a fun way to get your shoppers excited for your show. You can also leverage this same video to promote your show on your social media channels. Keep in mind that your preview video must be in portrait format and from 3-15 seconds long.

Adding Listings From Another Seller’s Closet 

With Posh Shows, we want to empower the entire community to shop and sell together. Now as a host, you can request to add listings from another seller’s closet to be auctioned during your Posh Show. We’re excited for hosts to experience this new feature, designed to support, partner up, and have fun with the entire seller community. Here are some key things to keep in mind when adding listings from another seller’s closet:

  • Go to a fellow Posher’s closet and find the listing(s) you want to feature in your Posh Show.
  • In the right corner of the listing, select the Share icon.
  • You will then see your Posh Show(s), where you can select Add next to the show you wish to feature the listing. 
  • A success screen that says ‘Added’ will then show.

Get ready to sell together and feature your fellow Posher’s listing(s)! It’s important to understand these steps:

  • When you’re ready to feature the listing during your Posh Show, follow the usual steps of selecting it from the list. #POSHTIP: Look for the other seller’s username next to their listing in your list! 
  • Tap to feature their listing. 
  • Tap Request to Auction
    • If the seller is already in your show, they will see the ‘Auction Details’ screen where they will enter in their starting price and auction duration. The other seller will then start the auction for their listing. 
    • If the seller is not in your show, they will receive a push notification asking them to join the show, enter auction details, and start the auction for their listings.  From there, the auction will begin! 
      • #POSHTIP: Encourage the other seller to attend your show, so that they are ready to start the auction of their item! 
  • We recommend being patient and giving the other seller a few minutes to start their auction, especially if it’s their first time! If you’re no longer featuring their listing in your show, they will be unable to begin the auction. 

Here’s how to start your Posh Show:

  1. Tap to your upcoming Posh Shows Details from My Posh Shows. 
  2. At showtime, tap Enter Show from Posh Shows Details to do any final checks before starting your show. Use the checklist below to make sure you’re all set! 
    • Tap the share icon and share to your social channels to increase engagement
    • Double-check you are in a well lit space with the camera flipped towards you 
    • Test your mic by muting and unmuting to make sure your audio is working  
    • Make sure you’ve added all of the items you want to sell
  3. When the countdown ends, tap Start Show.


Posh Shows Disclaimer: Please note, this feature is currently still in beta. Since new Posh Shows features are continually rolling out, we will work to update these videos as new product iterations are made.

  • Click below to download templates to announce your show on social and be sure to tag us @poshmark
  • Create an informational listing in your closet with your Posh Show details to share to your followers.
  • When you start your Posh Show, your shoppers following your closet will receive a push notification encouraging them to come join your show now! When your followers tap on that push notification, they will be brought directly to your show.  


  • Use a clear Covershot and descriptive title when creating your show to let shoppers know what to expect. 
  • Set your listing availability to ‘Not For Sale’ for all of the listings you want to sell to ensure they’re available for auction during the show. 
  • Make sure your descriptions, prices, images, etc. are up to date. Record your auction starting price for each listing.
  • Prep your merchandise. 
    • Try lining up your listings in the order you’ll be featuring them in your show.
    • Steam, iron, or lint roll your item so that it’s in its best shape to attract shoppers.
  • Stylize your merchandise. 
    • Here’s how you can help your items shine during your show:
      • Display your items hung on a clothing rack.
      • Use jewelry or acrylic displays for smaller items like accessories. 
      • Try a shoe rack, table, or raised displays to showcase shoes.
    • Don’t overcrowd your area, and make sure each item gets their own focus.


  • Have a second device nearby so you can add and feature more listings to your show and respond to comments once you go LIVE. 
  • Focus on lighting.
    • Natural lighting is best. We recommend a day-light light bulb!
    • Artificial lighting (ring light, fluorescent, etc.) works well as a backup. Point the light towards you to highlight you and your items. 
  • Charge your device battery fully.
  • Try a tripod or stand for your device to free your hands for showing off your items.
  • Double-check that shoppers can see you and your items in the frame.


  • Get a notepad ready to take notes during your show, or invite a friend to help out.
    • You won’t have access to the comments or questions from shoppers once the show is over, so be sure to jot down any important details as you go. 
  • Have a game plan.
    • Outline the items you want to sell and have those descriptions and a measuring tape ready in case shoppers have questions. 
    • Prep some fun facts or topics to discuss to make your show more interactive.
  • Share interesting details about your products.
    • If there’s a story behind the item, let your shoppers know! Did you wear it to a wedding? Was it gifted by a friend? Will it give someone good luck? It’s time to show and tell! It’ll help you personally connect with your shoppers.
    • Share all the item details, material, or imperfections. Offer to answer questions like measurements, fabric content, and anything else prior to starting your auction.
    • Does your item pair well with something else? Suggest styling tips or items that accompany what you’re selling.
  • Engage with your shoppers.
    • Talk with your shoppers the way you would chat with friends. Try asking them where they’re tuning in from, their favorite styles, or their favorite items you’ve featured.
    • Respond to comments and reactions as they happen. Read comments and questions out loud so others know which question you’re addressing.
    • Ask if anyone has questions. Sometimes, shoppers may want to see an item again. Let them know you can go over your items now or after you’ve gone through everything.

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