Your Guide to Posh Shows: Post-Show

Ending your show

When you are ready to end your Posh Show, simply tap the ‘X’ in the top-left corner and confirm that you would like to end your show. You can end a show whenever you want, unless there is a live auction in progress. Once you end the show you won’t be able to restart it. 

Support fellow Poshers by sending shoppers to another show once yours ends. Here’s how:

  • Tap on the ‘X’ in the top-left corner and confirm that you would like to Send Shoppers to Another Posh Show.
  • Select another seller’s show from the queue. 
  • Tap End Show and head to the Poshers’ show if you’d like. 

Congratulations on completing your Posh Show! Whether you attracted some new shoppers, made some new PFFs, sold some items, or all of the above—it’s time to celebrate. You will see any sales from your Posh Show on your My Sales page alongside all your Poshmark orders. 

Want some inspiration for your next show? 

  • Tap All Posh Shows on the Feed or Shop tab to check out upcoming Posh Shows and get some inspiration 
  • Host shows in more categories to expand your reach
  • Host a Sell Together show to feature other Posher’s listings, expand your audience of shoppers, and support the Posh community
  • Package similar listings to create themed show content that tells a story to potential shoppers
  • Host shows to connect with the community, sell together, and exchange tips and tricks
  • Create recurring shows at consistent times so shoppers can look forward to connecting 

For any issues with your sales, please contact
If you have questions about Posh Shows, please reach out to us at  For Posh Shows Canada, please email