Your Guide to Posh Shows: Feature Updates

Check out the newest Posh Shows features and announcements below. We’re continuously launching new features, so be sure to check back for the latest updates. Be sure to also have the latest app downloaded!



Sell Together On-Screen

A feature that takes the magic of Sell Together to the next level. Now, you’ll be able to invite fellow Poshers to join you on-screen during your Posh Show!


  • Tap the Posher’s @closetname from the chat or next to their shared listing you’re featuring to send them an invite. 
  • Invite them to join on-screen from the menu. 
  • Await their response and welcome them if they accept your invitation to join.  Keep in mind that Poshers joining you on-screen can do many of the same things you can as a host, like feature listings, add listings to the show, and more! 

For more information on this feature, please visit Your Guide to Posh Shows: Sell

Sell Together:

Accept Shared Listings 

To allow sellers to share listings directly to your show, toggle on Accept Shared Listings found in the new settings icon in your show. Plus, your show will be featured in the Sell Together section of the All Posh Shows page. 

Add Listings From a Second Device 

Sellers can share listings to your show. Select which ones you’d like to feature from a second device.

Request to Auction

Tap Request to Auction on the listing you’d like to add to your show. Once the auction details have been entered, the auction can begin! #PoshTip: Shared listings with a green dot next to it indicate that the seller is in the show and ready. 

Learn more about selling together on Posh Shows here!

Explore the newest way to connect with your shoppers, gather feedback, and bring your personality to life! Once you start your show, tap the three-dot icon to create a poll for your shoppers.

Curious about what items, brands, sizes, or styles shoppers are searching for? Now you can easily ask. Plus, this is a great way to bring some fun energy to your show!

Clearing the Chat

To give you even more control and ensure you feel supported, you can now clear your show’s chat, should you ever need to. 

To do so, you would start by muting a comment in the show’s chat, and then you will be prompted with the option to clear all comments in the chat.

Popular Shows

Shoppers can quickly discover shows that have the highest number of views. Share your show with the community to drive more viewers, so that your show can be part of the Popular Shows section of the All Posh Shows page.

Show Type Dropdown Menu

When creating your show, you will now see a required field for Show Type.

  • A live show is the most interactive way to feature your listings, start live auctions, connect with shoppers, and bring your personal brand to life through video and sound. Shoppers love the real-time connection and close up details that hosts can share through live shows. 
  • A silent show allows you to auction listings, which will show listing images on the screen for shoppers to view. Shoppers can ask questions via the chat, and you can only respond via chat as there is no sound or video.

Our current data shows that live shows drive significantly more sales and shoppers per show than silent shows. This difference is likely because of the more interactive and visual experience that live shows provide. As always, we will continue to learn and adapt, to create the most optimal seller and shopper experience!

Live shows and silent shows will now be in their own designated areas, allowing shoppers to choose their own preference. We want to support all types of Posh Shows, while also ensuring that shoppers can easily locate the type of show they’d like to view.

Show Tags – Update

Popular Show Tags will now be found at the top of the All Posh Shows page and  will evolve over time. Make sure to add yours when creating your show!

Viewing Your Upcoming Shows

Your upcoming shows will now be found in one location through the dotted icon in your show’s waiting room. Schedule ahead so that you can capture your shopper’s attention to explore all your upcoming shows!

Sharing Your Show to Instagram

Drive more shoppers to your show by sharing to Instagram where all of your Posh Show details will now automatically populate. Plus, your personal show link will automatically appear by tapping Paste. Tap the share icon in your show’s waiting room to get started.

Show Tags

Make your show more discoverable and reach an even wider audience of shoppers with Show Tags! Show Tags lets you describe what you plan to showcase like theme, style, and brand and shoppers will be able to explore what interests them most.

Add up to 3 suggested or custom tags when creating your show. Already scheduled a show? Tap the dotted icon in your show’s waiting room, select Edit Show, and add your tags.

Custom tags can be 3-25 characters and can be modified before you go live, but cannot be changed during your show. Be on the lookout for more Show Tag features launching soon!

Preview Video

Catch the attention of even more shoppers by adding a preview, an optional, 15-second video that will play for shoppers in your show waiting room. Give shoppers a sneak peek into what you’re selling in your show to drive interest. Once you create your show, tap the dotted icon in your show waiting room and select Add Preview to record your video. If you recorded your video on your phone, you can easily upload it to your Posh Show. If you create your preview through the app, the video will automatically be saved to your phone. 

#POSHTIP: Leverage this same video to promote your show on your social media channels!

Things to keep in mind

  • The video format is portrait view: 9:16 (just like listing video).
  • The video must be a minimum of 3 seconds and maximum of 15 seconds.
  • You can choose to have audio playing or muted.

Bundled Shipping

Bundled shipping automatically applies when a shopper purchases multiple items from the same seller in a Posh Show. When a shopper wins an auction, they will be shown the following message, encouraging them to make an additional purchase with you during your show!

Here are a few important notes and reminders about bundled shipping:

  • Bundled shipping supports packages up to 5 lbs (US) and 2.5 kg (Canada). If your shopper’s bundled package weighs more than 5 lbs or 2.5 kg, you will need to pay to upgrade your shipping label.
  • Bundles will automatically happen as soon as your show ends. Once you end your show, your bundled order shipping label will be created and your shopper’s payment will be processed.
  • You will be notified if a buyer’s payment has failed. If a buyer has a payment failure after your show has ended, they will be notified and informed of the next steps they can take. As a seller, you will also be notified by email and in-app newsfeed notification. Shoppers will then see your listing(s) in their original listing state.

Send Viewers to Another Show

When you’re about to end your show, you can send your shoppers to support another show! This is a great way to spread the #PoshLove and support the community.

  • Tap on the ‘X’ in the top-left corner and confirm that you would like to send shoppers to another Posh Show.
  • Select another seller’s show from the queue. 
  • A confirmation screen will appear, with details of the show you’re sending your shoppers to.