The Wholesale Market: For Brands


The Wholesale Market on Poshmark is a place where you can connect with boutique owners across the United States and sell inventory. Not sure where to start? Learn more below!

What are the perks of selling inventory on the Wholesale Market?

Whether you’re looking for another way to sell your inventory, or trying to ditch trade shows, the Wholesale Market is the easiest way to grow your business. With Poshmark, you have access to hundreds of thousands of boutiques, 24 hours a day—right at your fingertips.

How does it work?
Once you list inventory on Poshmark, our users can purchase it right from the Wholesale Market.

Ok so how do I list my inventory in the Market?
Check out our a step-by-step guide on how to list your inventory!

What happens after someone purchases my inventory?
Once you make a sale, a prepaid USPS shipping label will be sent directly to the email address associated with your account. Simply attach the shipping label and drop your package off at any USPS location or blue USPS mailbox.

How many pounds does prepaid shipping label cover?

You’re covered for packages up to 5 pounds!

What if I need additional labels?
If your package is more than 5 pounds, you can create multiple labels with different weights by simply going to Account Tab > My Sales > Need New Shipping Label > Need Additional Labels. 

When can I redeem my earnings?
Once the buyer receives their order, the funds will be made available! You can redeem your earnings via check or direct deposit, but we highly recommend Direct Deposit as the quickest way to get your cash. Simply go to: Account Tab > Redeemable > Direct Deposit.

How do I communicate with potential buyers?
You can chat directly with your buyers by tagging them (i.e. using the @ sign followed by their username) on a listing or Bundle!

I have questions on an existing order, who do I contact?
Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Please email us at—including screenshots is always helpful.

Ready to join?
Simply fill out an application and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Got more questions? Head over to the Support Center for more information or feel free email

Questions? Check our FAQs for more information.

Leverage these features to make more sales and connect with your buyers!

  • Listing on the web: Upload multiple photos at once!
  • My Sales Report: Track your earnings, figure out your top-selling categories, and so much more!
  • Offer to Likers: Hold your own private flash sales.
  • Posh Bundle: Chat directly with your buyer’s, learn more about their style, and send them private offers to seal the deal.
  • Share: Get your inventory in front of potential buyer’s.
  • My Drafts: Save a draft to list later!

Curious about our policies? Check out our inventory guidelines!


  • Minimum 3 units of depth per SKU (style x color).
  • All listings must include the inventory quantity in the description (i.e. 2S-2M-2L).
  • For all apparel, images should be modeled or styled on a mannequin.
  • Listings should be actively shared at minimum every month.
  • Images must be owned or authorized for use by owner of images.
  • Listing description must state the brand name that is tagged on the merchandise.
  • Orders must be shipped within 7 days of purchase.